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Also referred to as Incarnation.

Remembering past lives

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

This refers to the science and knowledge of reincarnation: was there any specific spiritual Science which dealt and showed humans or for that matter Plejaren the ways of remembering reincarnated past lives to develop in each new life when becoming physical again, is it a possibility?

The reason for the question is because in my outside readings there has been claim of such Science but through Vatican/Christian laws or otherwise, they have either destroyed the books for the sake of taking this power away from humans.

ANSWER: Such science was never present or taught on Earth. Such claims most probably are simply based on new-age nonsense.

Of course, the functioning of reincarnation is a part of the spiritual teachings (and is explained within it).

However, on other planets there certainly may be teachings/science regarding remembrance of reincarnations.[1]

Pure spirit forms

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

As I understand it, once a person dies on a planet, he will then reincarnate on this same planet.

For beings that have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies are they also obligated to stay in the region of their homeworlds, or do they have the choice to move throughout the universe?

ANSWER: Hi Scott,

The beings you mentioned are pure spirit forms (Reingeistformen). Their realm is extended throughout the Universe. (Arahat Athersata is the lowest of those realms.) They are not bound to a system or planet anymore.[2]

Reincarnating onto star ships

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

If a slow moving (primitive) space ship takes several generations to reach it's destination planet, and during this journey babies are born in this ship (therefor increasing it's population), where would the spirit forms come from?

ANSWER: Hi Jean Pierre,

The spirit forms would come from the nearest planet that is inhabited by human beings (where the people are at least as highly developed/evolved as the people in the space ship).[3]

Length of time required in the Beyond

For approximately every 100 years of life you live out on earth, the spiritform needs about 152 years in the beyond. [4] As a result of overpopulation, a new consciousness and new personality can incarnate with the reincarnation of the spiritform a short time after death, for example a half an hour later. Such cases are very rare, even with overpopulation, however it bears mentioning that in such cases the new personality has to cope with the chronicles from the storage banks, because such individuals receive strong impulses of remembrances of the earlier personality. This happens because there wasn't enough time in between incarnations, and there is still a strong connection to the material existence.[5]

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • After death, the material consciousness is deleted, erased, lost upon death and the Fluidal Force is much too weak. So for an individual looking to store something, perhaps burying it in a sealed container for finding, using, discovering in a future incarnation to get a clue, inkling, suggestion, indication even to initialise the search let alone then reading into the discovered written text to then develop the cognitions that were intended by a personality in a previous life. Its not something that can happen.[6]
  • There is a real story of Merlin available.[8]
    By its very inclusion itself indicates we don't necessarily incarnate in the same place, family, community, culture etc.
  • The relative stability of the class system of the 19th century has given way in the overpopulated 21st century to utter bedlam, mayhem and random increasingly unpredictable actions and decisions by individuals.[citation needed]
    There are many little trinkets, pieces, dimes, pearls and tidbits not included in the cannon, yet lovingly incorporated in the foundational basics of the essential premise of the so called 'meier case' information itself, inside the basic composition with a small filament of separation. Which traditionally has been frowned upon in discussion due to not being considered important or interesting enough yet freely, accessible, openly available due to its presence in this basic compound, attained after just a year of reading.[citation needed]
    Former kings of entire nations, Pharaohs, celebrated authors, celebrities and historically influential personalities, in past lives, today during their present incarnation may well for example work down at the local fast-food take-away as a calm manager or down at the local department store as their reasonable supervisor. They may be found as the business owner of a successful cleaning company. Work as project manager of road vehicles at the local sewage treatment plant. Died on the Titanic ocean liner or past in the testing of a medicine we use today.[citation needed]
    What we have done in previous lives generally aligns to our present lives but not necessarily neatly and a local economy is not always particularly supportive of a similar layup of exchanges, aside the fact that we had already done that in previous life so need not repeat it. We may have been famous, rich, pioneering in a past life, may be so in a future life, but in this life we may be recognised more for simplicity, the interesting ways in which is goes.[citation needed]
    The theoretical injustice of it all is overrided by a natural law that prevents remembering previous lives.[citation needed]

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