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The Semjase Silver Star Centre

The Semjase Silver Star Centre in Switzerland is the world headquarters of the FIGU, and is by its members and volunteers constantly maintained and updated. In the early years (see Photo Gallery) there was the construction work on the various buildings of importance. Over time, the environment of the centre has been transformed into a small paradise of tranquillity, peace, contemplation and beauty. Due to this long term careful management of the environment compared to the surrounding farmlands and towns, where refraint has been exercised from using petrol machinery and chemicals where possible and tending the gardens by hand; a variety of particularly rare species of animal, insect and plant have made the grounds their home. Forget Ufology for a moment and for naturalists, botanists, bird watchers, biologists, and anyone who appreciates wildlife and nature it may even be shocking to some visitors to see such rare varieties and in such health perhaps never seen before because such good care is taken of the life on the grounds where there is a culture of matured wisdom about ecological systems and natural cycles and natural rhythms and the humans impact on life and of a deep appreciation of life, preserving life, cherishing it and allowing it to flourish - mostly lead and influenced by Billy and his attitudes.

The centre, with all its facilities and amenities, facilitates the learning and teaching of creational laws and commandments as well as the spiritual teachings. Folks from all over the world visit the centre, to work, to learn, to communicate with like minded peers and to find rest and relaxation in the surrounding nature.

The centre publishes at irregular sporadic intervals throughout the month and year. However a date very close to the start of every month is a reasonably consistent constant to look for. There are plenty of photos of Centre related activities in their photo gallery and available on associated websites, photo websites and community groups.

Visiting, volunteering and all other enquiries such as camping in a tent in the designated camping area is all arranged directly and personally with them through their website, by phone and email. They prefer to communicate in the German language even if these speaking abilities are still basic because it is the language spoken by them and in this country, Switzerland. However communication in English and other languages is possible with many individuals who are bilingual or multilingual. Giving plenty of notice of plans to visit is appreciated as indicated on their website and because it allows them to plan their own visits and their own schedules.

The best time of year to visit is during the summer months for the weather.

It is possible to take public transport up to a short walking distance of the centre from anywhere in the world without any or little prior transport planning or lengthy schedule preparations, if you are brave and relaxed enough, however check the schedule if it is a Sunday. A confirmation of arrival is needed from the centre if you intend to enter the grounds.

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