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  • ...ion), which further means for the Islam believer that he should trust that Allah exists. ...ür den Islamgläubigen weiter bedeutet, dass er darauf vertrauen soll, dass Allah existiert.
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  • is right and refuse that which is wrong; and you believe in the laws of Allah and Creation" (actual teachings = falsified in the Koran).</em></div><br /> ...sdom due to his vast knowledge, thus "Jshwjsh" in the Lyrian language and "Allah" in Arabic. To this end, these actions had been predetermined for Mohammed,
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  • ...t circumcision, in diverse regions and countries, promote the opinion that Allah allegedly had demanded this “purification” and the prophet had also mad
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  • ...slamistic terrorists, murder and destruction is carried out in the name of Allah, as well as in the name of the “šari’a” (Shari’ah) which is basica | This is to do with this: that the administration of law (huda) which Allah is supposed to have given the human being, indeed through the Qur'an and th
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  •; they believe in a creator-god, in Jesus Christ and diverse saints; in Allah, in Shiva and Brahma – or whatever they are all called – in nature gods Ahmad Ibn Hanbal is quoted as saying: The Prophet Mohammed said "Allah will bring out from concealment al-Mahdi from my lineage and just before th
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  • ...ed in Medina</td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td></tr><tr><td>Allah<br>Ishwisch</td><td></td><td>Erra/Plejaren</td><td>6.5.574 A.D. to 8.6.632 ...en in Medina</td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td></tr><tr><td>Allah<br>Ischwisch</td><td></td><td>Erra/Plejaren</td><td>6.5.574 nach Chr. bis 8
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  • ...pray to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and to God the Father; the Muslims pray to Allah; others follow the commandments of the Torah or strive for an end of their ...risten beten zu Jesus, dem Heiligen Geist und zu Gottvater, die Muslime zu Allah, andere folgen den Geboten der Thora oder streben nach einem Ende ihrer Wie
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  • ...res of the human brain or refer to extraterrestrials [Plejars, JHWH Gospod/Allah] with whom Mohammed also had contact). Here Mohammed is actually portrayed ...hen Gehirns sind, oder sich aber auf Ausserirdische [Plejaren, JHWH Gospod/Allah] beziehen, mit denen auch Mohammed Kontakt hatte.) Hier wird Mohammed doch
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  • ...s man, and who told me at the time that he himself would kneel down before Allah for the sake of appearances before the people if this were to serve to real ...und der mir seinerzeit sagte, dass er selbst zum Scheine vor dem Volke vor Allah auf die Knie fallen werde, wenn das zur Verwirklichung seiner politischen P
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  • is directed against religion, personal faith, the Prophet, the Quran or Allah in a disastrous way. But if this is done nevertheless, then the religious f Religion, den persönlichen Glauben, den Propheten, den Quran oder gegen Allah gerichtet wird. Wird das aber trotzdem getan, dann wird die in der christli
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  • ...e the Muslims advanced in the near East and brought their religion, Islam, Allah's religion, there. ...cefully lost in 1965, because, as it was written in an Islamic newspaper: "Allah was with his people, and he led them to victory against the idolaters who w
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  • ...Now as for the Prophet Muhammad, respectively Abdul Kasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah, as his correct name was, his lineage did not trace back to your lineage, b nun den Propheten Mohammed betrifft, resp. Abdul Kasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah, wie sein richtiger Name lautete, so führte seine Stammbaumlinie nicht auf
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  • ...en if only a day remains for Qiyamah (means, the End of Days) to come, yet Allah will surely send a man from my lineage who will fill this world with such j ...lbst wenn nur ein Tag für die Qiyamah (Endtage) übrig bleiben sollte, wird Allah bestimmt einen Mann von meiner Abstammung senden, der diese Welt mit solche
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  • "Men are above the women, because Allah has given the one part a superiority above the other."
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  • order to be pleasing to God. The point is that the guidance (huda) that Allah is said to have given to human beings, precisely through the Koran and thro ...ttgefällig zu sein. Dabei geht es darum, dass die Rechtleitung (huda), die Allah den Menschen gegeben haben soll, eben durch den Koran und durch das Vorbild
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  • ...d, through which bloody wars arose, as well as special rites of worship of Allah, whereby special features were also included in the prayers. This belief in ...schon die Christen seit einigen Jahrhunderten taten, nur wurde er im Islam Allah genannt. Der Prophet kämpfte Zeit seines Lebens lang dagegen an, doch blie
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  • ...ot promise you luxury, security and relaxation; instead I promise you what Allah has promised his true believers." At the same time he called on the Sunnis Luxus, Sicherheit und Entspannung, stattdessen verspreche ich euch, was Allah seinen wahren Gläubigen versprochen hat.» Gleichzeitig rief er die Sunnit
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  • ...have the only correct god, it is all the same if he is named Shiva, God or Allah, so, in some places, the Earth will become a battlefield when Islamists, Ch
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  • ..., teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life' -, with Islam then Allah. There are other female and male deities existing today in faith and fantas ...Lehre der Schöpfungsenergie, Lehre des Lebens› brachte –, beim Islam dann Allah. Es sind noch weitere heute im Glauben und in der Phantasie existierende we
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  • ...liever wants to have the only true God, whether he is called Shiva, God or Allah; so the earth will become a battlefield in some places, when Christians, Is ...en einzigen richtigen Gott haben, ganz gleich, ob er nun Schiwa, Gott oder Allah genannt wird; so wird die Erde mancherorts zum Schlachtfeld werden, wenn Ch
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  • ...e blatant forms and will claim many human lives, for in the name of God or Allah, etc. many murders should be committed and many wars should be conducted. T | 154. And all this in the name of God, Allah, Jesus Christ, and love and justice.
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  • ...oday.''' Truly, peace in Islam is a fundamental pillar, and in the name of Allah there is no injustice, no murder, no terrorism, and no suicidal or other as
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  • ...igions and sects with their gods – such as god the father of Christianity; Allah of Islam and Sikhism; Ahura Mazda of Zoroastrianism; Adonai-Eleohim-El-Yahw ...ionen und Sekten mit ihren Göttern – wie Gott, der Vater des Christentums; Allah des Islam und Sikhismus; Ahura Mazda des Zoroastrismus; Adonai-Eleohim-El-J
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  • ...will become Jews, and from them 12 tribes will branch off as believers in Allah. ...ill come a Christian cult, and both this and the Jews and the believers in Allah will not cease to war with each other until the third millennium after Jmma
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  • and pay the Zakat (tax for the poor), then grant them their way. Truly, Allah is all-forgiving, benevolent.” ...ten sie das Gebet und zahlen die Zakät, dann gebt ihnen den Weg. Wahrlich, Allah ist allverzeihend, barmherzig.»
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  • ...ritten articles etc., like e.g. in Arabic language and writing a prayer to Allah, although I have no Arabic characters in my computer. And this has happened ...l usw. eingesetzt, wie z.B. in arabischer Sprache und Schrift ein Gebet an Allah, obwohl ich in meinem Computer keine arabische Schriftzeichen habe. Und die
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  • ...en if only a day remains for Qiyamah (means, the End of Days) to come, yet Allah will surely send a man from my lineage who will fill this world with such j
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  • ...ll and exterminate those of other beliefs. Thus, mainly the Arab belief in Allah will be misused for religious hatred against the Christians and the Jews, b ...dersgläubige zu töten und auszurotten. So wird hauptsächlich die arabische Allah-Gläubigkeit zum Religionshass gegen die Christen und die Juden missbraucht
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  • ...bout circumcision in various regions and countries are of the opinion that Allah has allegedly demanded this 'purification' and that the Prophet has also ma ...ische ‹Geistliche› in diversen Gegenden und Ländern die Meinung vertreten, Allah habe diese ‹Reinigung› angeblich verlangt und der Prophet habe das auch
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  • 'surrender' or 'to give oneself', which actually means 'to surrender to Allah', which can also be understood as surrender, devotion and submission. ...n› oder ‹sich hingeben› bedeutet, wobei damit eigentlich gemeint ist ‹sich Allah ergeben›, was auch als Ergebung, Hingabe und Unterwerfung verstanden werd
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  • the Creation is delusionally referred to as God and God the Father – as Allah, Theós, Parameshvar, Shiva, Chodā, Shén or Kami, etc. – corresponds to die Schöpfung wahngläubig als Gott und Gott-Vater bezeichnet wird – als Allah, Theós, Parameshvar, Shiva, Chodā, Shén oder Kami usw. –, das entspric
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  • ...d so to this day. Marrakesh or Marrakech means something like 'The Land of Allah' in Arabic to my knowledge, but it is also known to me as 'Red City', respe
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  • ...eing himself is master of all things, that there is no God and Saviour, no Allah, no Shiva, Krishna, neither Hera, Juno, Poseidon, Thanatos nor a Manjushri ...r der Mensch selbst Herr aller Dinge ist, dass kein Gott und Heiland, kein Allah, kein Shiva, Krishna, weder Hera, Juno, Poseidon, Thanatos noch ein Manjush
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  • ...ion, i.e. flight, of the prophet Muhammed (aka Abul Qasim Muhammad ibn Abd-Allah = Mohammed, Arabic “The Praised One,” born in Mecca around A.D. 570, di ...resp. Flucht des Propheten Muhammed (eigentl. Abul Kasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah = Mohammed arab. ‹der Gepriesene›, geb. in Mekka um 570 n.Chr., gest. i
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  • ...adh/Saudi Arabia, who did the translation and which reads: "In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful." It's just strange how you can penetrate my co
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  • ...Father' and 'God the Creator', in 'Jesus Christ' as the 'Son of God', in 'Allah' or in 'Shiva' etc. until one day it is proven that it was all just a crazy› und ‹Gott-Schöpfer›, an ‹Jesus Christus› als ‹Gottes-Sohn›, an ‹Allah› oder an ‹Shiva› usw. geglaubt, bis eines Tages bewiesen wird, dass a
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  • ...elusionists of all faiths, be they believers in Christianity, believers in Allah in Islam, believers in Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Hinduism
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  • | <br>In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
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