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  • #REDIRECT [[Moon (Earth)]]
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  • The '''Moon''', '''Earth's Moon''', which has the latin name '''Luna'''. Is the Earth's only satellite, but ...he sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art, and mythology.
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  • * Desom's moon is four times larger than our moon. * Desom's moon will rush into the system's giant star in 3200 years time.
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  • #REDIRECT [[Moon (Earth)]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Moon (Earth)]]
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  • File:2 moons over Prehistoric Earth.jpg
    The moon we have today is another one
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  • Was earthls moon colonise by exter terrestrials of any sort? Was earth;s moon once like earth, with bright blue sky forest, people and animals and citys ...eation of love ? are is it to each there own...and the answer is -- no the moon was not ever like earth and or ever colonized and there is truely never a r
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  • * The giant moon of these sister planets is nearly 520 times larger than the [[Earth]].
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  • File:Billy and a Plejaren person.jpg
    As it turns out, it was from a 1963 movie called "The Mouse On The Moon", free to watch here:
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  • ...escribes the knowledge [ FIGU] members had of the faked Moon landings and the risk from covert government or military agents that public ...article prior to this one for greater clarity on the facts surrounding the Moon landings.
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  • ...its vibebrading...Lets say, you make every thing negative the ship, earth, moon, Gravitational pull... so now you levatate and now you want to move your s
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  • ...t the majority ruled corrupt governments at that time, no chance in a blue moon did the wise people have of changing the minds of our world. Theres always
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  • form, not a a fake spirit form. It doesn't matter if you are 1st to the moon or the champion of the world. People work hard sometimes and are nearly the
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  • the entire night sky, and it covers a mere 1/30th the area of the full moon. The fact that at least 1500 galaxies could be photographically captured, i
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  • ...pinion that a swindle is completely impossible, because the aforementioned Moon-landing project had employed at least 100,000 humans, who most certainly ha | 1. As we have already explained several times, the Americans' Apollo-11 Moon-landing on the 20th of July 1969 did not take place, because everything was
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  • ...pyramidal like structures nearby, calling one of them "The Pyramid of the Moon". He seems to also have evidence of heiroglypics and stone molds of hand to
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  • ...sun. Orbiting it every 224.7 [[Earth]] days. It has no natural satellite (moon) though the asteroid 2002 VE68 presently maintains a quasi-orbital relation After Earth's Moon, it is the brightest natural object in the night sky (of Earth), reaching a
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  • ...t was not securely fixed to the planet would suddenly be sucked off to the moon!
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  • The '''Moon''', '''Earth's Moon''', which has the latin name '''Luna'''. Is the Earth's only satellite, but ...he sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art, and mythology.
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  • close-point to the matter of the 'Destroyer' and gathers a particle- and moon-ring around moon-ring existing already for approximately four billion years, into which the
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  • [[Meier Encyclopedia]] page(s):<br><small>[[The High Council]]<br>[[Moon (Earth)]]</small> Synopsis:<br><small>The NASA moon landings all happened after Apollo 11.</small>
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  • ...e developed into the Moon. But in contrast, you explained that the Earth’s moon penetrated from your space-time configuration into ours and then into the S ...cientists do not correspond to the truth because the origin of the Earth’s moon does not trace back to the Earth and, thus, also not to a collision or such
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  • ...disaster ever seen by the current United Nations General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon.
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  • ...over the oceans are under oceans are under ground are in space are on the moon are two mile tall buildings... its called imagination...if authors want to
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  • ...t was entrapped by Earth's influence and has circled the blue planet, as a moon, ever since. The Kinten and Niiper space travellers, totalling nearly 680,0
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  • ...ust a little wisdom in their consciousness, they will grow like the waxing moon during the first half of the lunar month.
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  • Jupiter. While as an adjective it was used to describe the sun and the moon. In some accounts the planet referred to by this name is not Jupiter but Sa
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  • ...s said their planet Janos was destroyed by metoer shower or a astriod or a moon named Saton (pronounce as Zaton). Are there tall greys in Betelgeuse? Are t
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  • ...d.I would demand more schools and less prisons and then I would fly to the moon and take a break.Man I wish I was superduperman.
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  • ...loration project with 'Apollo 13', which was the second big scam after the moon landing scam of the 20th of July 1969. I thought that I would publish the r ...rounded plane full of impact craters. There must be a reason for this. The Moon is not from the Earth, as our scientists claim, but from your space-time st
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  • ...d Military Bases or in Area 51 or S4, and also those that have been to the Moon and Mars Bases that were built by Humans Long before Recorded History. Thi ...d Military Bases or in Area 51 or S4, and also those that have been to the Moon and Mars Bases that were built by Humans Long before Recorded History. Thi
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  • ...heard some strange sounds along the wooded hillside. Although there was a moon in the sky that weakly illuminated the parking lot and both Silvano and me,
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  • ...The ones in charge think they will live deep within the earth and on the Moon and Mars where we now have military forces. They are unaware that they are ...ep sending billion dollar probes/rovers to dessert regions of mars and the moon for the public to see nothing!
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  • 44. "Soon after the misery of that faraway time, sun and moon will lose their luster, comets will fall from the sky and the powers of the
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  • that time— wreaked system-wide destruction and had brought the earthly Moon on that course which led it to SOL System and to the Earth.
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  • ...I was meant to see it, and no other. Not a star, not an airplane, not the moon or any planet, but that single ball of light. It was white and did not flic
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  • ...ding on the 20th of July 1969 was faked, NASA actually carried out several moon flights afterwards, Apollo 17 being the last one so far, it is said. ...moon landing on the 20th of July 1969 by NASA, five moon flights and also moon landings took place after all, that is true, or?
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  • ...uld be cult leaders such as billy graham, ron hubbard, jim jones, reverend moon, Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1928-1985) among sco
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  • apparent lightness of weight in the world dream, in free fall or on the moon is explained by Earthly scientists as weightlessness or weight reduction, w ...that this is actually the case, as you say, it can also be proven on Earth Moon, because there is no uniform gravitational force there, but it varies great
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  • ...Earth. But now, I would like to ask you: Why does the density ratio of the Moon on the front and the back vary so much? This has to have its particular rea | 64. Through the Earth’s attractive force, the Moon, during the course of its existence as an Earth satellite, has shifted the
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  • moon, and glowed brightly. The object traveled across the sky in a southerly dir ...the publisher of Fred Steckling's classic ''Extraterrestrial Bases on the Moon'', one of the best books in the world of UFO literature (yes, you can quote
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  • ...s funds will never change the Church's mind. They need a special planet or moon in which to develop there incorrect thinking methods supplied by ET's that
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  • ...nformation back to Earth. When shown the evidence that Meier described the moon Io as being the most volcanically active body in the solar system, prior to
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  • after the solar system's birth, a monumental meteorite shower struck the Moon, causing Scientists assert that the Earth, Mars, Venus, our Moon, other SOL planets, as well as
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  • ...Ptaah, do you know anything about the fact that NASA has been missing its moon landing video for a year now and is desperately looking for it? | 23. We know about the truth that the story about the first moon landing is a tremendous hoax, and that is enough for us, so we don't have t
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  • 62. The earthly moon, which is originated from a 4.5 million years older small planet, than the 122. Since then he circles as Moon around the Earth; 4.5 million years older, than his motherly star.
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  • *From 220th contact: talk of how earth’s gravitational pull distorted moon.
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  • ...try to attack us. They are centered near the Nations capital. They use a moon base to transmit negative thoughts to all of us to promote caos. They use
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  • ...he came from Germany like Werner von Braun. First he wanted to dispute the Moon swindle, but Semjase's irrefutable presence with her ship and her explanati
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  • ...the sphinxcter of the bottomless pyramids. Shame on you dear Aqurius with Moon in Scorpio. One simply must update to better technology from NASA if they c
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  • Purportedly, our dear old moon will be pushed aside whereupon it will drift beyond recall ...outer space, while Mars, supposedly, will approach Earth to become its new moon.
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  • ...y talked about it several times before, and it was also explained that the moon contains a lot of water in the form of ice, especially at the poles. ...ave the necessary explanations that there is a lot of water on the Earth's moon.
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  • ...(5) manned moon landings will take place through the U.S.A., while a sixth moon landing* - supposedly the first - on August 20th, 1969 will rest only on a
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  • ...21 or so. The reason for the Earth's long-term deceleration was and is the Moon, but I no longer know exactly how the whole thing fits together. Please, ca ...used by the interaction of the gravitational forces between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, as well as by the centrifugal forces caused by the movements o
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  • ...mileage counter, he also invented a gear-wheel-timer and a gear wheel-sun-moon-clock and many other technical, mechanical and mathematical things. Today,
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  • Third Phase of the Moon
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  • ...once every 243 Earth days, additionally having its own natural satellite (moon).<ref></ref><ref>[[Venus]]< ...s composition which is why it didn't make sense after we realised what the moon actually was.
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  • ...ther the official claims are true or not, also regarding the alleged first moon landing of the US-Americans in 1969. ..., as is the story based on lies about the alleged first manned US-American moon landing on the 20th of July 1969 with the Apollo 11 space capsule.
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  • | Your acquaintance also pleases me – and since the moon shines so brightly, we can also take a good look at each other. But may I a
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  • | 22. Some pictures we will allow you also of the moon.
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  • ...hem what they see in the great work of the Creation: in the Sun and in the Moon, in the blinking stars of the firmament, in the comets and meteors, in the
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  • | 22. Some pictures we will allow you also of the moon.
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  • <br> '''Selenology''' - the study of the moon * [[Moon (Earth)]]
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  • Experts claim this cosmic vagabond is twice the size of our Moon and weighs an been repeatedly sighted in front of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and in front
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  • ...that's what I meant. How far away from Earth are we now? That's where the moon is, and it is big.
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  • ...esponding facts were also created with regard to objects and traces on the moon. | This is familiar to me, because they came to the SOL system because of the Moon, whose path they followed when it blasted out of their space-time structure
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  • ...destroy five Reptoid mother ships, each, per the ETs/EDs, “the size of the Moon.” The enemy vessels were consumed in a “nuclear-enhanced solar flare”, each ~1/4 the size of the Moon, at ~1/2 the distance from here to our Moon, would’ve, per the ETs/EDs, put unbearable strain on the planet, unleashi
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  • ...affects not only the Sun itself and its activity, but also the Earth, its moon, and the whole SOL system. | 59. Like the Sun, the Moon dies too and collapses to a certain extent.
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  • ...some kind of vapours – real steam fountains – escaped from funnels on the moon's surface and then evaporated at a higher altitude. Now I no longer know wh ...ure, it is claimed that the Earth was part of a planet Tiamat and that our moon was once the largest of the Tiamat. The last passage through the SOL-system
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  • the size of the moon. It then shrinks and again enlarges itself. Then above a hill another ...>Description: Freddy Kropf is on the center ground when he photographs the moon in the night sky.
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  • ...lies were probably only created by the Americans, with their made-up first Moon-landing, as well as those through which religions and sects were created.<b
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  • ...this comet so fateful for the Earth, which also brought the satellite, the Moon over here – the fragment of a small planet from a very distant solar syst | 65. The Earth's moon, which originates from a small planet 4.5 million years older than the Eart
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  • | <br>31. '''Conspiracy theories on the moon landing:''' The moon landings between 1969 and 1972 by NASA allegedly never took place and were ...participated under hypnosis and were deceived, all other moon flights and moon landings actually took place.'''
    95 KB (14,426 words) - 19:08, 15 May 2022
  • ...y come from the inner ring of the asteroid belt and contain a lot of iron. Moon rocks and Mars rocks are also among them. | Some meteoroids also originate from Mars or the Moon. They were ejected from the surface in collisions with larger asteroids.
    79 KB (12,771 words) - 18:42, 4 August 2022
  • ...proached him, hearing noises twice on the wooded uphill side. Although the moon was in the sky and dimly illuminated the car park and Silvano and I, we wer Although the moon was in the sky and dimly illuminated the car park and the two of us, we wer
    54 KB (8,917 words) - 12:45, 8 June 2022
  • | 122. As an example, do not use the Earth moon as Venus's moon, because if you look at it, you do not have the image of Venus in any manne, especially when he worked with telescopes and was able to use the moon as a background.
    65 KB (10,331 words) - 17:40, 9 May 2022
  • ...ctica and also goes far up the globe. On the one hand, the rotation of the moon and the earth, and on the other, the earth's magnetism, its swinging waves,
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  • ...epths of the universe, as well as in and under the waters of Earth, on the moon and in Earth orbit. And this will therefore also be the time that you human
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  • ...r's orbit by the Destroyer and hurled out into space. Actually, this small moon should have concerned a comet captured by Jupiter. This should now be whizz | 177. The small moon mentioned by Quetzal and you actually was, at a very early time, a comet, w
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  • ...ion only leads me to some worlds of your system and to your satellite, the moon.
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  • | A woman can become pregnant in the cycle of the moon phases, and therefore only every 28 days. This 28-day period is called the ...v class="thumbcaption">The beamship of the Plejaren Gaudon before the full moon. Freddy did not notice the ship while photographing.<br>Date: 25th October
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  • ...hed until 150 years had passed. But now, at least with regard to the bogus moon landing, there is a lot of conversation going on around the world. Should w
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  • ...nst the wall of the house, and which father had built. I could not see the moon, however, the sky was clear and wrapped in velvety black, and millions of s
    31 KB (5,245 words) - 19:02, 9 May 2022
  • ...evertheless, could it not be that this cloud not only comes from Jupiter’s moon Io but that it has also mixed with the substances of some volcanic eruption ...d of dust could be hurled so far from the gravitational field of Jupiter’s moon Io that it was able to go away from it and drift toward the Earth.
    60 KB (9,845 words) - 17:33, 9 May 2022
  • |Apollo 11 [[Moon_(Earth)|Moon]] landing hoax :::and Semjase visit moon of 'future Earth'
    264 KB (29,347 words) - 17:58, 10 July 2022
  • ...epths of the universe, as well as in and under the waters of Earth, on the moon and in Earth orbit. And this will therefore also be the time that you human
    43 KB (7,524 words) - 00:59, 1 August 2012
  • ...ber that moves over one hundred, while objects that can really be called a moon are only a smaller number.
    30 KB (4,854 words) - 19:14, 15 May 2022
  • | 23. Even though he/she has reached the moon with rockets, he/she still hasn't reached the outer space yet.
    34 KB (5,655 words) - 18:09, 9 May 2022
  • ...>Description: Freddy Kropf is on the center ground when he photographs the moon in the night sky.
    119 KB (15,603 words) - 12:17, 22 July 2021
  • ...nearer and further surroundings of the Earth, but I saw nothing of another moon. The two of them only let me see one other planet, but this always only rem
    64 KB (10,367 words) - 05:54, 24 May 2022
  • Astronauts report that during flights into space, to the Moon or simply around the Earth,
    40 KB (6,508 words) - 11:53, 8 March 2022
  • ..., there originated Re, the sun god of the Egyptians, Thoth, the god of the moon, Agni, the fire god of the Hindus, and Indra, the god of the rain, and so o
    36 KB (6,025 words) - 09:21, 27 August 2018
  • ...k from the Earth, and thus, the object passes closer to the Earth than the Moon. ...make these ones talk by truth serums, nevertheless, and could uncover the Moon landing lie that fools the world.
    128 KB (20,689 words) - 03:34, 4 August 2022
  • and watched the approaching Semjase ship, which shone like a small full moon. On the streets in the neighbourhood, various groups of people stood and st
    40 KB (6,749 words) - 12:44, 8 June 2022
  • ...oon landings will take place by the USA until the year 1972, while a sixth moon landing – the alleged first one – on the 20th of July 1969 will be base
    140 KB (23,873 words) - 10:01, 4 August 2022
  • ...cle around with the ship, but unfortunately, only around the Earth and the Moon, which, to me, are things that are always in the way.) use my film camera to film a satellite and the Earth and maybe even the Moon.
    239 KB (40,104 words) - 05:16, 4 August 2022
  • ...s or astrological table was used, in which the daily positions of the sun, moon and planets were recorded. Also the so-called house tables were used to cal ...ments of the celestial bodies on human beings and the Earth as well as its moon and earthly nature, thus also on the human community and the human beings t
    121 KB (20,017 words) - 19:02, 9 May 2022
  • ...olcanic openings and also falls on the plains and mountains, so that this moon, in contrast to the other Jupiter moons, does not have too large a crater l ...icken egg, is only about 200 kilometers in length. I think it was the next moon of Jupiter, whose name I no longer remember.
    229 KB (38,468 words) - 17:32, 9 May 2022
  • about staged photographs with light bodies, but also photographs of the moon etc. Then there are many more images that consist of various light paths, e
    39 KB (6,386 words) - 07:33, 21 July 2022
  • ...p at the object -- Semjase's spacecraft -- approaching shining like a full moon. There were still some people in the street, staring up at the ship floatin
    50 KB (9,081 words) - 10:09, 17 February 2019
  • ...rtial and total, have existed for millions of years, for as long as Earth, moon and sun have existed. And never did a solar eclipse have any influence on e
    40 KB (6,334 words) - 06:29, 4 August 2022
  • ...omes that s/he attains the necessary technology to fly not only to Earth's moon but to other planets, then s/he must not do so unweightedly and in the hope
    41 KB (6,448 words) - 17:35, 9 May 2022
  • For example, if person or thing "A" touches the surface of the Moon, and on "A's" return to the Earth, "B" touches "A" and, subsequently, "C" t
    49 KB (7,986 words) - 13:41, 20 June 2019
  • ...on Earth, but I never noticed anything similar to what I did on Jupiter's moon Io in 1947, in that very hot summer when 47 degrees Celsius were measured i
    87 KB (13,963 words) - 19:11, 15 May 2022
  • ...members are only planetary space pilots, even when they fly to the Earth's moon, which is moving in the Earth's gravitational field. | 36. Only far outside the Earth's moon the actual free space of the world begins, in which only the gravitational
    81 KB (13,060 words) - 14:21, 13 August 2022
  • 71) For ten moon-circlings deceptive peace lurks, then metallic harbingers of death crash do and the star in the half-moon will not be spared,
    437 KB (70,491 words) - 09:37, 4 May 2022
  • ...cised. Two prehistoric [[Moon (Earth)|Earth moons]] both now gone. Today's moon is the third. Taken by Billy during his [[Great Journey]] (see [[Contact Re | 1. As we have already explained several times, the Americans' Apollo-11 Moon-landing on 20th July 1969, did not take place, because everything was a gre
    147 KB (21,843 words) - 13:58, 16 May 2022
  • ...m stays in Earth orbit or when crossing the distance between Earth and the Moon.
    48 KB (7,609 words) - 15:20, 10 August 2022
  • | Here I have some internet excerpts concerning the moon landing faked by the Americans, if you still want to read them, please. I w
    49 KB (7,879 words) - 19:14, 15 May 2022
  • the ban holds no water because, for the faithful, a minaret with a half moon on the top is - like a church steeple - no more and no less a symbol of the
    48 KB (7,660 words) - 15:38, 13 June 2022
  • At breakneck speed the Moon will be conquered, and then quickly the neighbouring planets, in order to p
    67 KB (11,216 words) - 13:21, 27 December 2017
  • | The dear Earthlings make their stupid jokes about moon and Mars and other space people. They draw them as scale reinforced monster
    45 KB (7,409 words) - 17:42, 9 May 2022
  • ...he world, namely by faking a fictitious moon landing and a stepping on the moon's surface by 'astronauts', which, however, will be denied by America for al ...s will also be done by China, the new Russia and other countries, then the moon will serve as a starting station for flights to Earth's neighbouring planet
    238 KB (37,722 words) - 20:34, 24 May 2022
  • ...he question has arisen, whether Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins also got the moon landing experience hammered into them by hypnosis and whether the three of to myself, because the three men were firmly convinced of their alleged moon landing. But – the hypnotists, did they really keep their mouths shut?
    209 KB (33,158 words) - 04:19, 4 August 2022
  • ...into very dangerous proximity to the Earth, namely within the orbit of the Moon, at a distance to Earth of about 260,000 to 300,000 kilometres. ...r, very close, or even a more distant fly by is possible, whereby even the Moon could, perhaps, enter into the path of the asteroid.
    99 KB (16,213 words) - 07:24, 21 July 2022
  • ...been degraded to a dwarf object. Just because it is smaller than our Earth moon.
    49 KB (8,054 words) - 10:23, 4 August 2022
  • | We were just discussing whether we should shoot you off to the Moon.
    55 KB (9,427 words) - 20:40, 8 May 2022
  • .... It does not come from the Earth itself but from an active volcano on the moon Io, which orbits around Jupiter.
    53 KB (8,775 words) - 13:53, 13 August 2022
  • wilder natural catastrophes. Then something else: Regarding the alleged moon landings, you said that the 'astronauts' involved in the fraud were manipul
    51 KB (8,266 words) - 19:19, 15 May 2022
  • he was able to travel to the Jupiter moon Ganymede, where, according to his silly
    61 KB (9,665 words) - 20:06, 12 April 2022
  • ...llion kilometres, which corresponds to about four times the distance Earth-Moon. I also explained this to the frightened people who asked me about it and w
    50 KB (8,066 words) - 19:13, 15 May 2022
  • ...remaining ring matter finally evaporated, because it was attracted by the Moon and the Earth itself and was absorbed by these two bodies.
    57 KB (9,108 words) - 09:14, 18 May 2022
  • ...ns as well as the natural movements of the sea currents, geomagnetism, the Moon’s influences, like among other things the low and high tides, the natural ...ural climate changes and glacial changes, as well as the influences of the Moon, which causes both low and high tides but also influences the Earth's magne
    55 KB (8,679 words) - 17:33, 9 May 2022
  • | At breakneck speed the Moon will be conquered, and then quickly the neighbouring planets, in order to p
    54 KB (8,710 words) - 20:04, 12 April 2022
  • | 58. An additional role is played by the Moon, which also must be involved in these processes.
    56 KB (8,974 words) - 05:45, 24 May 2022
  • ...ughly equal to 3 mm at arm's length, or about 1/3 the angular width of the moon. I estimated its elevation angle to lie between 30 and 45 degrees. It soon
    57 KB (8,929 words) - 10:13, 28 November 2020
  • ...l mass of all asteroids together should be less than the total mass of our moon. So where is the rest of it?
    58 KB (9,443 words) - 16:18, 4 August 2022
  • ...observed with the naked eye in the bright evening sky in a size of about a moon diameter and with an approx. 25 metres long red-yellow-gold tail, which shi
    57 KB (9,283 words) - 19:03, 12 August 2022
  • ...must go to an elder bush on three Fridays in succession during the waning moon,''' but before sunrise, pluck off a leaf and rub the overleg with it.
    60 KB (8,996 words) - 10:32, 15 August 2022
  • ...lies were probably only created by the Americans, with their made-up first Moon-landing, as well as those through which religions and sects were created.
    59 KB (9,529 words) - 03:36, 4 August 2022
  • ...h each other in equal harmony.<br>The left side of the symbol appears as a moon-shaped structure, but different from the soul symbol on Earth. In a sense, ...four parts of your documentation.<br><br><u>1st part. "Origin of Venus and Moon".</u> You cite the Bode-Titius rule as proof that Venus (contrary to Semjas
    124 KB (20,159 words) - 12:46, 8 June 2022
  • ...' at that time wreaked system-wide destruction and had brought the earthly Moon on that course which led it to the SOL-System and to the Earth. | 475. The Earth's moon was torn loose by the Destroyer many millions of years ago as a fragment of
    326 KB (52,922 words) - 03:27, 4 August 2022
  • | If that is the case, you can send me to the Moon.
    69 KB (11,373 words) - 04:51, 4 August 2022
  • | Man, you are rushing outside, and there is the moon already. What are you going to do?
    66 KB (10,905 words) - 06:50, 4 August 2022
  • ...of the cat as the sun-eye of the sun-god Re also put it in relation to the moon, probably simply because the cat likes to hunt at night. Nevertheless, it h
    61 KB (10,069 words) - 19:11, 15 May 2022
  • ...h the earthly climatic conditions as well as the influences of the Sun and Moon.
    70 KB (11,352 words) - 04:28, 4 August 2022
  • ...insistently. Then it ascended again to the sky and disappeared behind the moon.
    136 KB (22,597 words) - 05:07, 4 August 2022
  • ...believe and set a false 'memory' that they had just made one orbit of the moon. ...need to talk about the faked moon landing and the alleged orbiting of the moon, I think that is correct. It just came to my mind because of the lying that
    292 KB (46,460 words) - 19:11, 15 May 2022
  • ...horizon that is visible from the Earth. Is this small planetoid the small moon mentioned by Quetzal, which went on a journey from Jupiter in the year 1338 | 16. This really is the small moon mentioned by Quetzal, which will arrive into the gravitational field of Jup
    219 KB (34,957 words) - 06:04, 4 August 2022
  • ...gin-left:13em">A bright wandering planet 1.4 times the size of the Earth's moon breaks into the SOL system. Of unknown origin, it comes in from space and b
    71 KB (11,924 words) - 17:42, 9 May 2022
  • | Of course. But tell me, some time ago a Saturn moon was discovered again that orbits the failed Small Sun at a distance of abou
    69 KB (11,367 words) - 15:25, 11 May 2022
  • ...cessor who will still assume his office this month, Pope John Paul I, the "Moon Face."
    78 KB (13,087 words) - 17:35, 9 May 2022
  • ...or a start, when space travel really begins and not just small hops to the moon become commonplace or flights to Mars become possible, then that is only re
    77 KB (12,491 words) - 17:00, 12 August 2022
  • ...all, rather only a part of a ball, because now it suddenly looked like the Moon when it was half full. | Luminous and as big as the Moon, I saw it suddenly emerge and plummet down.
    146 KB (25,131 words) - 14:52, 19 June 2022
  • | 5 Hasmodal = The Man Who Watches the Moon | 5 Hasmodala = The Woman Who Watches the Moon
    145 KB (22,524 words) - 17:34, 9 May 2022
  • ...n Roswell in June 1947 as well as the witnesses of the faked alleged first moon landing of the USA on the 20th of July in 1969. Witnesses of the fraudulent
    75 KB (12,328 words) - 12:45, 8 June 2022
  • ...however. Nonetheless, it causes a tremendous catastrophe by ramming Earth Moon, which shatters it and the destroyer himself into innumerable pieces that l ...e USA will send a probe to Titan only in three years and it will reach the moon only in the first days of January 2005.
    359 KB (58,332 words) - 06:17, 4 August 2022
  • | 34. First the sun and moon, fire and wind, and later idols and objects of all kinds, etc., were elevat
    79 KB (12,444 words) - 19:10, 15 May 2022
  • ...for which reason they begin a race in order to be the first to land on the Moon, to which end, to them, all means will be right.</td></tr></table> ...46.</td><td>In the year 1959 the Soviet Union will send a satellite to the Moon, while the USA will incorporate Alaska into the United States as the 49th F
    388 KB (62,950 words) - 17:57, 10 July 2022
  • ...the ground, when he walks in the dark night or in the bright light of the moon, when he walks through the desert or climbs the mountains, and he will let ...allowed to tell so far? Also, the information about Pluto having only one moon is not correct.
    526 KB (83,050 words) - 16:15, 11 June 2022
  • terrestrial astronomical science there is not a difference between the moon and the ruptured satellite.
    87 KB (14,233 words) - 19:06, 15 May 2022
  • ...rm surges. Large tidal waves are also caused by the combined action of the moon and sun. The sudden rise of the water level as an effect of the tide is kno
    86 KB (13,904 words) - 14:06, 13 August 2022
  • ...more interesting would be the answer to the question whether Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter, is inhabited and whether it is perhaps a spaceship?
    93 KB (15,434 words) - 17:38, 9 May 2022
  • ...talks. In 1975, however, you gave a more precise indication of how far the Moon moves away from the Earth each year. You also said that it would take billi
    159 KB (25,313 words) - 16:24, 4 August 2022
  • ...ot also at the South Pole resp. in the Antarctic or on the backside of the moon, where the Nazis – according to conspiracy theories – are also supposed
    80 KB (12,253 words) - 19:09, 15 May 2022
  •’s satellite, how big the projectile was, and where this occurred on our moon. ...the New Moon, and the impact happened on the upper eastern quarter of the Moon.
    315 KB (51,997 words) - 13:54, 13 August 2022
  • ...on Mercury or any other planet of the SOL system, or perhaps on the Earth Moon? | 151. Except on Earth and on the Earth Moon not, no.
    179 KB (28,935 words) - 04:25, 4 August 2022
  • case I must talk here on Earth of a far journey if someone flies to the Moon?
    102 KB (17,525 words) - 17:40, 9 May 2022
  • - UN and UN General Secretary, currently Mister Ban Ki-Moon:;;
    93 KB (11,468 words) - 09:45, 5 March 2013
  • ...d without luck. The USA itself will only undertake further efforts for new moon landings after the second decade of the new century, just as flights to the
    552 KB (88,314 words) - 15:15, 13 August 2022
  • ...ip, in order to fly with them around the Earth and also around the Earth's moon during a flight lasting several hours and to inform them about your mission ...DERN universe, where we observed a large dark spherical structure – a dark moon or small planet or something, he said – which, according to his calculati
    340 KB (53,462 words) - 16:49, 21 July 2022
  • ...and others, that he has contact with extraterrestrials and has been on the Moon. ...Then here’s the next question: the Moon’s distance from the Earth and the Moon’s orbit, are both actually stable?
    270 KB (43,678 words) - 14:04, 13 August 2022
  • ...ronomy, insolation simply means the radiation of the Sun on the Earth, the Moon and all celestial bodies in the SOL system. I also learned from your father
    111 KB (18,627 words) - 13:55, 16 May 2022
  • ...e telescope to describe the nature of the Milky Way and the surface of the moon. By chance, he also noticed that four 'stars' surrounding Jupiter were sudd
    334 KB (52,183 words) - 11:14, 24 July 2022
  • ...ce has assumed so far, which, incidentally, will also apply to the Earth's moon.
    126 KB (21,236 words) - 16:39, 3 August 2022
  • ...t space travel and space travellers when they shoot their rockets onto the moon or into an Earth orbit. But is it now what I assume? | Then the planet was about twice as big as our Earth's moon, or in other words, it was about half as big as the Earth.
    696 KB (113,329 words) - 20:56, 16 August 2022
  • ...r the cosmic order, such as the life of the ancestors or the course of the moon, the sun and the stars. This is also connected with the usually dominant at
    127 KB (20,571 words) - 19:12, 15 May 2022
  • ...s bare and lifeless, Semjase. However it does not look to me like a second moon, like many human beings on Earth constantly claim it is. ...written such things decades or even a century ago, also about Saturn, the moon and other planets, etc. Through Semjase, I was in the meantime able to expe
    877 KB (143,814 words) - 03:11, 12 August 2022
  • ...used for allegedly affected people, as it was the case with the fraudulent moon landing in 1969, should be absolutely clear for every reasonable person.
    154 KB (24,969 words) - 12:44, 8 June 2022
  • ...t it, rebel and wish the 'refugees' to the devil and to hell or behind the moon. The fact that racist elements can then come to the fore, new organizations
    138 KB (22,128 words) - 18:36, 18 July 2022
  • ...e actual origin of the fixed idea of extracting chemical elements from the moon, at least once on its reverse side. But this will only be the beginning, fo ...h to simply reach and possibly colonise the planets of the SOL system, the Moon and Mars as well as the moons of other planets – which will remain the pi
    637 KB (104,447 words) - 15:38, 13 June 2022
  • | Is a planetary moon a mandatory prerequisite for the formation of life on a planet? ...meval microorganisms of every animate planet as well as asteroids, comets, moon and meteors etc. and logically also all larger, large and gigantic life-for
    330 KB (51,098 words) - 19:12, 15 May 2022
  • ...d it will not be that the problem can be solved by wanting to colonise the Moon and Mars, for everything will turn out quite differently from what was wron
    194 KB (32,298 words) - 19:08, 15 May 2022
  • ...c material of the supposedly first, but imaginary, moon landing of the USA moon mission.
    343 KB (53,969 words) - 15:38, 13 June 2022
  • at first only regarded as a mirage, animal, object, sun, human being or moon, etc., but in later times as God, who is supposed to sit on a heavenly thro
    220 KB (34,724 words) - 20:43, 8 July 2022
  • ...universe, but also in and under the waters of the Earth as well as on the moon and in earthly orbit. And this is also the time when you human beings will
    217 KB (36,178 words) - 10:23, 4 August 2022
  • ...namely that natural scientists are also somehow digging around behind the moon and not dealing with what is actually fundamentally important. Although the
    210 KB (33,020 words) - 15:38, 13 June 2022
  • ...ion of the American president are removed again, the fraud with the 'first moon landing' will follow, about 22 years later, which will serve the fact that
    385 KB (62,205 words) - 15:39, 13 June 2022
  • ...nisations etc. This is the case, for example, with the faked alleged first moon landing by the USA, which was fabricated during the 'Cold War' in order to
    414 KB (65,900 words) - 18:17, 9 May 2022
  • | <br>'''Joshua 10:13:''' Then the sun stood still and the moon stood still until the people took vengeance on their enemies. This is writt
    438 KB (68,994 words) - 14:06, 3 August 2022
  • | 63. The dimensional gateway was discovered because a moon from our ANKAR universe that had drifted from an exploded planet entered th
    624 KB (97,384 words) - 19:16, 15 May 2022
  • ...s well as the influences on everything through the weather conditions, the moon, the sun and even the swinging waves and radiations from the universe. Unfo
    735 KB (116,738 words) - 19:18, 15 May 2022