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Markvd said ...

A lot of people in my family dye their hair, I just think it's a waste of time. I guess it's an image consciousness eveolution of hair development. :) I once shaved as close to my head as possible just so I wouldn't have to spend hours trying to perfect hair style, but the cold weather has somehow forced me to grow my hair once again, I find a little white hairs here and there but I just think of them as advanced receptors that are near there end dangling on my head. I think that's why I notice that people that dye there hair tend to be very aggressive. I don't know if it's the cancer or pain they might feel but there are just so many unnatural products in our civilization. Everyone wants to strike it rich rather than preserving all of mankind and reach a higher evolution of thought where all can succeed.

--Markvd 20:29, 30 March 2012 (BST)