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Mark said ...

It's kind of cool when Billy goes on those ships for lengthy discussions they feed him. I wonder what spirits have in there food storage council ship. I bet they have the good stuff.

--Mark 20:20, 3 July 2010 (BST)

aernest tree said ...


--aernest tree 23:50, 3 July 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Actually I assume the High Council are half physical half spiritual and not yet evolved into the pure spiritual level of Arahat Athersata level where Nokodemjion came out of and into the material world to bring order to the DERN universe.

Incidentally, I have recently conferred with a colleague who has close ties with the inner circle, mentioned that Nokodemjion has done these types of intervention not once, but currently a 4th time!

Thus if true, then one can logically imply that certainly some or most of these pure spiritual BEINGS as well as the High Council and other material Beings in the DERN universe have benefited by his most honorable sacrifice! These highly evolved “entities” were certainly at one time, material beings like ourselves going through the painful process, maybe not as severe as Earth humans, but none-the-less, owe much to his sacrifice.

Then of course, one should analyze the progressiveness of Creational attributes in itself alone as being further evolved by Nokodemjion's presence, otherwise his intervention would not have been necessary in the first or for that matter, 4 separate times! That spirit is currently reincarnated into Billy who is responsible for ALL dimensions of the DERN universe, certainly a very tall order for a physical human being, thus in my opinion, we may be witness to a evolution of a unified BEING/Being!


--Hawaiian 08:36, 4 July 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

Hawaiian I find it quite funny that Billy pulled out his Earth weapons on his old buds when hearing the ship at night time. They must have been thinking, Billy sure has taken to his character of Billy the Kid name. :)

--Mark 15:42, 4 July 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


Paath and Quetzal once took Billy's 44 magnum pistol along with 240 rounds of ammo for some fun shooting on a distant planet! They wanted to experience Billy's sense of adventure which is a lost emotional response for most Plejarens, thus they "borrowed" it without BEAM's knowledge.

Only when Billy noticed it under a couch, rusting after they beamed it down, did Billy ask Paath about it. Only goes to confirm that higher evolved entities being actively involved with other honorable human beings is beneficial for both.

Especially so when one lacks either experience and/or knowledge in which both can benefit spiritually as well as in experience and knowledge, thus both evolution has the potential to accelerate beyond the "normal" progressive levels.

Which leads to the previous statement, if indeed true that Nokodemjion is currently on his 4th transformation from a purely spiritual to material being, a vast array of attributes incorporating both the BEING and Being into a physical body with a spirit that is responsible for countless evolution of others.

Spiritual evolution under the "current" Creational guidelines are progressive in nature, but Nokodemjion presence has incorporated self sacrifice and honor into this "equation", for the sake of others.

Too bad the other BEINGS that have benefited from his sacrifice remain in silence, their potentials can be of assistance too, if logically applied in the same honor which already has a foundation laid by Nokodemjion himself!

Every single event whether positive or negative, Cause and Effect, No Cause and No Effect are linked to those responsible whether they are material or non-material, their evolution or rate of evolution are tied to these links, because others have been affected especially in cases of negative results in which an obligation occurs to resolve this in an honorable fashion.

Thus if those responsible for such uncreational links do not make amends, then the option with Nokodemjion may address this problem in which the oppressed will accelerate proportionally and exponentially beyond the progressive rate of those responsible for such ills.

--Hawaiian 20:45, 4 July 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

Hawaiinan Uh oh possibly confirmed proof of stealing or as you say "borrowed" by King of Wisdom appointees. Can I "BORROW" a beam ship? I wonder what the penalty is for that. :) Thank goodness Billy didn't send the entire Robo army to search for his lost belongings. It's nice to know people are beginning to realize there are other possibilies out there and that they don't have to be blinded by most religious groups. I can't believe he has come back 4 times, that must be a record. I hope he finds that Earth is worthy of his attention and is heading in the right direction.

--Mark 22:19, 4 July 2010 (BST)

Bigfoot said ...

Hawaiian I doubt that it was a "sacrifice" because that term belongs to the Aztecs and Religious and military and goes against what BEAM teaches. Sacrifice goes against what The Goblet of Truth teaches also. Throwing people into an active volcano is a sacrifice/murder and this goes against the true teachings.

--Bigfoot 01:59, 5 July 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


"Sacrifice" for a better English word, "forfeiture of something highly valued for the sake of another" should have been replaced with a German meaning word. But that's the closest English equivalent, and besides people should know that the spirit (Nokodemjion) or yours can never be destroyed or "sacrificed". I was referring to "his or he" which technically speaking is a place holder of the spirit.

It just amazing how people "read" into words, but do not evaluate the supporting phrases that connect the whole meaning of what Nokodemjion did, to include committing his endeavors to this day, forfeiting his pure spiritual BEING evolution, not just once, but 4 times for the SAKE of others.

These are more important issues than a single word "sacrifice", which anyone of the moderators could have just replaced with a more accurate word, since you already know my views about BEAM's mission. Besides, it is noted in this site that submitting comments are subject to editing.

Now that this is clear, let's move to more important factors, like analyzing the reasons why Nokodemjion spirit is on Earth and re-incarnated into BEAM and what role does each Earth human as well as ET's play between the positive and negative factors that span many billions of years with Earth being one of the major focal points of the DERN universe.

As I have said before, Nokodemjion has laid down the foundations for addressing past and current abuses of creational laws which are evolving at the same time not just in the material worlds, but also in the purely spiritual ones as well.

Both of these realms are inter-connected by Nokodemjion and interfaced by certain Earthly individuals, especially noted in Billy as well as some 46 million plus former ET's that are currently reincarnated here on Earth. Why do I say this? Just look who are the most oppressed ones left, while others that could have assisted then are off on other worlds, safe from the brutal shorten life cycles better known as "programmed suicides", compliments of the Creator Overlords and others responsible for the evil religions.

From Earth, all these negative as well as some positive events are linked to those who are responsible, going back billions of years to also include those 46 million plus reincarnated spirits and their links back further still. Thus Earth is truly a very important place and the reason why Nokodemjion spirit is here, since the source of many problems can be traced back to Earth and linked back throughout the DERN universe.

There are much more inter-connected links to the Plejarens as well as the other 144,228 former religious ring leaders and others yet to be acknowledged.

--Hawaiian 20:33, 5 July 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

Hawaiian Where are you getting all this info? I never read this in ANY contact reports. You either have the updated or beyond contact report data. Are you an alien living in Hawaii? Upset a little bit over past failures and out to get the past residents to save our hides. If so and you keep on this course of blaming them them might feel a tad bit guilty. Then again with man still in it's early stage of development, well most anyway let's see what we are capable of achieving before throwing in the towel.

--Mark 05:41, 6 July 2010 (BST)

Bigfoot said ...

The federation/Plejaren saved us all from world war 3 on many occasions since the A-bomb was built. They have permission to meditate thoughts that creates unity with Earth people's negative thoughts. If it were not for them we all would be dead and perhaps our Sol system would already been destroyed years ago. It is a freewill universe but here on Earth we are losing our freedoms and our will because of overpopulation, Religious beliefs, government deceit/military control and our dullness to see this happening. The basic Idea is we help our neighbor. Ets are neighbors so are other universes. The Dal universe is a good example of people from there come here to help us. Beam helps Ets too and Ets return the thought.

--Bigfoot 18:23, 6 July 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Again, more "reading into words", show some intelligence and control your emotions as others are also reading these posts, at least for their sake, causing more confusion than necessary, besides if it offends other ET's, then let them express their opinions or better yet, resolve it with action not words!

Apparently some people are not analyzing the summaries posted and not applying their knowledge and experience in connecting such attributes to the creational directives, which are still evolving, if applied in a logical manner to address each particular case.

Getting emotional is not the solution and those responsible for ills are obligated to resolve them directly and should be held accountable. That being the case, one should go back and "discover" in the previous post "I" have just presented a workable solution to accelerate BEAM's mission.

Instead of transcribing word for word from High German to English, in which there are much more people speaking/reading English than German, what not just summarize major points and inject the proper German word where English fails to translate properly? Like in this case replace "sacrifice" with a proper German word.

Such an approach will significantly spread BEAM's message rather than expect Earth humans in their degenerative state to read and understand the massive volume of literature available both in English and much more in German.

We need to get the world's conscious level elevated ASAP.

--Hawaiian 19:56, 6 July 2010 (BST)