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Bigfoot said ...

Eduard...I discovered that this reasoning actually does work very effectively.I read the first few chapters of THE GOBLET OF TRUTH and used this knowledge at my workplace.A certain co-worker tried his best to erupt my degenerate feelings to backfiring into a rage,but I triumphed and he cooled down back to being reasonable.It appears that the conscience can catch on fire and the fire does burn up all reasoning.This knowledge brings tremendous joy to me.

--Bigfoot 23:56, 7 June 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

Same here Bigfoot, people at my workplace tend to find joy in bringing heartache to others in order to feel better about themselves especially those in higher positions,deja vu. :) I remember when I use to feel a fury in my belly every time but I know that won't solve any problems.

--Mark 03:40, 8 June 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


--Hawaiian 19:51, 11 June 2010 (BST)

Bigfoot said ...

The workplace is a prime example of what overpopulation of the genetic manipulated people degenerate at an ever more vicious rate that dooms us to what the creator/manipulators hope to be our mass extinction.I sometimes feel why not get it over with(World War 3) but reason prevails and the creational laws of fight back are stronger.Why not show those other visitor Et's Who's Who and not stoop to our lowest form.Show them that we too are part of Creation and welcome any help that they may offer us.

--Bigfoot 08:36, 15 June 2010 (BST)

Zoe marshall said ...

Very good!!!

--Zoe marshall 07:35, 27 February 2012 (UTC)

TROLL ERA said ...

"Generally, attacks and problems of others must be ignored and warded off in a manner that they are the concern, the aggression and problems of antagonists and not of one's own person."

So why are you whining about "overpopulation" and various other issues, if it is only the concern of the overpopulating antagonists?

Why are you whining about "humans exhausting the Earth's resorces down to the last bushel" if you can make it not your concern?

Why are you whining about anything at all on this site if it isn't your concern?

Why are you whining about a "lack of wisdom" in humans, if it's only their concern?

--Newb slayer 19:57, 4 March 2012 (UTC)

Hawaiian said ...

Newb slayer,

Why whine? It's because of selfish idiots like yourself who only thing about themselves and not about the environment of both internal and external which will be destroyed by the items you mention.

Your attitude is the same as those destructive jews of hyperboleans who conspired, spread lies and deceit amongs the Atlantians and Mu so that they ended up destroying their cities on Earth and almost destroyed the planet as well, not to mention a good majority of life both human and other spiecies died because of such insane madness of selfishness, greed, lust of power and plain stupidity.

People here (not counting you) are concerned about what those other 90 percent of humanity who are stuck on stupid engaging in self-destructive activites that not only threaten themselves, but also those who care...

So in cases like these, maybe it's best to ship off these degenerates to another desolute planet so they can destroy themselves and let Earth recover itself from this insane madness.

--Hawaiian 20:31, 4 March 2012 (UTC)

TROLL ERA said ...

I didn't say that you shouldn't be whining. I asked why are you whining and then self contradicting yourself by telling others to shrug it off. Why are you claiming that absolutely anything can be shrugged off, and then whining about it for 1000s of articles? Why are you telling me that the poisonous oxygen depleted air I'm breathing, is only the “concern of antagonists”, and then proceeding to whine about it and lecture on “honesty” and “wisdom”, you self contradicting retard(s)? Why are you telling me that the poisonous oxygen depleted air I'm breathing, is only the “concern of antagonists”, and then proceeding to lecture on the interconnectedness of the universe and how 1 thing affects another at any distance, you self contradicting retard(s)?

In addition, why should non retards (not you) even have to be exposed to “antagonists” in the first place? Just to satisfy your insatiable dick hungriness? Or just because out of an infinite versions of reality possible, Creation decided it gets turned on by seeing ghetto scrubs like yourself in action VIA A VERSION OF REALITY BASED ON ABSOLUTE DEPENDANCE?

STFU animal. Don’t give lectures on selfishness to someone 10000000000X more righteous than yourself. You that would reproduce beside the degenerates you are whining about because your dick starved appetite and mini me bondage fetishes take priority over your child not breathing noxious air, don’t get to lecture on selfishness, you flagrant 2 faced weasel.

"GAIS!!! I'M SO CONCERNED WITH BLOOD SOPPING CLAWS MERCILESS DESTRUCTION COMING OUR WAY, I'VE DECIDED TO ADD 3 TARGETS TO THE MEATGRINDER TRAIN, HERP DERP, HERP DERP, NARFFF, I'm so wise(TM)". That’s your 2faced weasel 3 minis manufacturing prophet in action and that's you, unrighteous parasites that you are.

GREETINGS NEIGHBOURHOOD PSYCHOAPTH. Once you reproduce, once you stick that penis in the vagina, you are responsible for everything down to the last detail. If you reproduce beside "those other 90 percent of humanity who are stuck on stupid engaging in self-destructive activities that not only threaten themselves, but also those who care" WTF do you think that makes you?.... It makes you a "stuck on" dick sucking appetites 2faced weasel that can't deviate from your selfish appetites WHEN NECCESSARY. You are the selfish one, don’t try to put your weasel shylock spin on things. You that has the audacity to reproduce because your more advanced pet fetishes and insatiable dick starved appetites take priority over all else don’t get to give lectures on selfishness. ADDITIONALLY THE IDEA OF “SELF DESTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIES” IS A SICK JOKE to begin with, YOU FLAGRANT PSYCHOAPTH. I’VE ALREADY MENTIONED THE OBVIOUS, THAT CREATION/SOURCE CAN DO ANYTHING IT WANTS WITH ITS CONSTANTS/PARAMETERS AND THAT WHAT IS SELF DESTRUCTIVE IS SO BY DESIGN (OF THE CREATIONAL LAWS), NOT BY ABSOLUTENESS – NOT BECAUSE IT COULD BE NO OTHER WAY.

If you reproduce beside the “degenerates”, you become a “degenerate” psychopath yourself. Logic? Any questions?

AGAIN, SPARE ME THE HISTORY LESSON YOU PSYCHOTIC TRIVIAL WEASEL-BITCH GAME ADDICT. I already know the history & I'm not interested in your trivial human bitch games, for the last time. In all of that history you just described, YOU AND YOUR KIND, EGO TRIPPING ANIMALS THAT YOU ARE, reproduced besides these psychopaths you are whining about, hence becoming a psychopath yourself. AND, BECAUSE YOU KNOW AND KNEW YOU ARE IN CREATION'S GAME/HOUSE/MATERIAL, BECAUSE YOU KNOW AND KNEW THERE'S NO RUSH TO REPRODUCE SINCE YOU AREN'T IN THE FIRST VERION OF EXISTANCE BUT IN CREATION'S MATERIAL WHICH WILL TAKE CARE OF THINGS ANYWAYS, AND STILL REPRODUCED BESIDES THE “DEGENERATE” PSYCHOPATHS YOU ARE CONDEMING, YOU ARE 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 X WORSE THAN THE PSYCHOPATHS YOU ARE CONDEMING.

This is known as logic you mother fucking (literally) 2 faced weasel TROLL.

You don't seem to understand, that your kids aren’t obligated to eat the feces you weren't able to take care of yourself. You’re the one obligated to forego reproduction if feces is on the menu. If you weren't able to take care of all things, then you shouldn't have reproduced. ONCE YOU REPRODUCE, YOU ARE GUILTY FOR EVERYTHING THAT OCCURS AND HAS OCCURED EVER ON THE PLANET. And now you are being asked to justify your bullshit lies, which you cannot do, because you don't speak the language of logic, but rather the language of troll. YOU REPEAT YOUR TRIVIAL BITCH GAME HISTORY THAT YOU WERE WILLINGLY A PART OF BY REPRODUCING BESIDES THE DEGENERATES YOU ARE WHINING ABOUT, hence MAKING YOU 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000X THE DEGENERATE. In addition you have the gall to give lectures on selfishness, you that would reproduce no matter what situation you find yourself in, you sick sick sick sick fuck – you psychotic animal that only understands one language: the language of a throbbing hard cock pulsating in your throat.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOT, if you reproduce beside "degenerates", you are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 X the "degenerate" yourself.

I suggest you go back to education, learn some more math/logic and come back with something other than flaunting your insatiable dick sucking appetite that you can’t let go of when necessary.

However don't take this post seriously, as its only a troll post to answer the troll quality of your post, you MAGNIFICENT SPLENDID MARVELOUS BEINGS OF LOGIC AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

PS. I have a question for you marvellous beings of logic and righteousness. According to your prophet Meier, “only that which is true and remains true, can be valid as truth – something one can depend on and that never under any circumstances ever needs revision.” So the truth isn’t time variant. So my question to you is, if bondaging absolute dependency material life isn’t the truth in 1 trillion years from now, why would it be the truth now? If the present psychotic version of reality isn’t acceptable in 1 trillion years from now, why would it be acceptable now? When you spread your disease, of constant eating, shitting, urinating and having to deal with “antagonists”, culminating in aging, decaying and dying and repeating that cycle, to others, are you proud of yourself?

--Newb slayer 01:36, 5 March 2012 (UTC)

Markvd said ...

Obviosly you still come here Troll Era because you find SOME validity or conflict with reason towards the work of Meier. If you didn't care at all you would move along and not waste your time here. I guess you have a lot of time to spare or are just a confrontational degenerate. :) Either way I hope you find some common sense.

--Markvd 05:05, 5 March 2012 (UTC)

Sheila said ...

If there are any doubts that there should be a world wide birth stop just look at Troll's post. I've never seen a better argument for birth control than that. You know the type, the ones that accuse everyone else of shitting but don't realize that they shit themselves. I mean who wants spoiled little brats who can't get their way to eventually govern the earth?

--Sheila 16:20, 5 March 2012 (UTC)

TROLL ERA said ...

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, you haven’t realized the highest truth. You’ve only realized a part of it; YOU’VE ONLY GOTTEN TO THE BARE MINIMUM LEVEL WHERE YOU CAN BE CLASSIFIED AS NOT 100% INSANE, BUT YOU ARE STILL PARTIALLY INSANE. And in your arrogance and ignorance you are doing exactly what even more ignorant people have done to you: fail to acknowledge higher truth, fail to adapt to higher insights, FAIL TO NOT OFFEND WHAT IS CREATIVE.

By Meier’s own words: “As precisely as he will observe the human laws of the human society, he still will constantly offend against all laws and rules and order of what is creative in the universe.”

To rephrase that, “as precisely as he will observe human laws, he will constantly fail to adapt to newer insights – to higher emerging truth.”

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, the present version of reality centered on absolute dependency is finite for a reason. It isn’t the correct answer. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, your appallingly low level of ecstasy possible to extract from this piece of shit human body and fecal spewing anus isn’t the correct answer. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, LIMITS AND RESTRICTIONS ISN’T THE CORRECT ANSWER. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, Creation designed the universe with heavy restrictions and absolute dependency to give you a brutal lesson on egoism.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, you don’t understand the mind of Creation. YOU DON’T. NEITHER DOES prophet Meier. You deserve credit only for being responsible and having attained the bare minimum level of righteousness but still not enough, nothing else. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, Creation isn’t what you think it is. There’s a reason why Creation allows all sorts of atrocities to occur. There’s nothing “loving” about allowing an atomic bombs to drop on people or allowing a child to be raped and murdered, or allowing righteous people to be at the mercy of irresponsible noxious breeding vermin psychopaths blowing up their planets (refer to planet Malona / asteroid belt), unrighteous parasites that you are. There’s a reason why Creation puts you at the mercy of bloodthirsty predators that forcefully draft you into war.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS CREATION ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. Love isn’t what you think it is. Love isn’t bondage under all circumstances, but rather profound righteousness: willing to adapt to higher logic – overcoming your selfish appetites if that’s what it takes. That’s love. Not you bonding your kids to appalling sub optimal conditions because you can’t overcome your dick sucking appetites.

ADDITIONALLY, LOVE ISN’T THE HIGHEST PRINCIPLE. LIMITLESSNESS IS THE HIGHEST PRINCIPLE (in which “love” is but a miniscule part of). CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, awaken from your ignorance, for when you finally get it, when you finally understand that this restrictive version of reality you forcefully spread to others was optional – and that this instant you could be eons closer to Creation’s power and ecstasy if you simply let go of your breeding fetishes, you will cry in agony when you realize your bondage crimes of chaining others to you – not because it’s wrong for you to engage in it, but because it’s wrong for you to force others if they want out, and hence if the ‘freedom from reincarnation’ option isn’t built into the cosmos, you have to stop breeding. Only then, will you learn a brutal, hurtful lesson on humbleness, UNRIGHTEOUS PARASITES THAT YOU ARE. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, the present version of reality centered around 1 person being dependent on another isn’t the only version possible. It was created like this to teach you parasites a brutal lesson about egoism.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, you don’t understand the mind of Creation. Meier isn’t all knowing, - MERELY AT THE BARE MINIUM LEVEL OF MASTERY-. Charging bondage robots, on top of the game being optional and a sick joke to give you a brutal lesson on egoism, if you fail to take care of the animals/”degenerates” then you have to let go from your end. If you fail to do this, then the “degenerates” take care of you just like what is occurring now. And Creation allows all of this to teach bondage clowns like yourself a brutal lesson on egoism.


CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, Creation isn’t what you think it is: refer to all Earth history.

At its level of mastery/godliness/power that you won’t even fathom to understand until you smoke some really good psychedelics, it got bored and ran out of challenges. So it embarked on the present version of reality, not only to give itself a challenge “let’s see what preposterous things I can achieve by other’s egoism”, but to demonstrate to yourselves what happens when you are a psychotic ego tripping unrighteous parasite, WILLING TO CONTINUE LIFE IN APALLING SUB OPTIMAL CONDITIONS (constants/parameters), and by your own words “failing to heed to what is creative” when it is spoon fed to you. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, there’s nothing loving about Creation making you preoccupied with constant eating, shitting and decaying and dying. UNRIGHTEOUS CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS THAT ARE STUNTED IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, CONSTANTLY BEING FORCED TO DECAY AND DIE, IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE MEANING OF “LOVE”. Unrighteous parasites that you are, “love” and “death” are not synonyms. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, RIGHT NOW, THIS INSTANT, INSTEAD OF HAVING TO WORK AND TAKE A SHITTING AND EATING BREAK followed by driving to your grocery store to load your cart with some carrots, YOU COULD BE IN 24/7 UNFATHOMABLE ECSTASY (BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION) IF YOU’D SIMPLY LET GO OF YOUR PSYCHOTIC REPRODUCTION FETISHES, AND ASK CREATION FOR ITS POWER AND ECSTASY RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, you are failing to heed to what is creative. You are doing what the even worse degenerates have done to you.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, Creation hasn’t given any instructions, and allows anything to challenge itself in creating a version of reality to see just how much truth its creations can unlock, just out of sheer boredom it did this. Your truth isn’t complete, merely at the bare minimum level to escape being classified as an “ultra degenerate” but you are still “semi degenerates”.

Charging bondage robots, when you finally get the game, you will cry in agony at your bondage crimes: that you refused to adapt to higher truth – to stop offending against what is creative: FREEDOM FROM REINCARNATION MUST BE GIVEN TO THOSE THAT DESIRE IT, and hence if this option is not built into the present version of reality, you must all halt reproduction on all planets (which is exactly what Creation wants from you, to signify a mastery of your ego): “Simply stated, the real meaning of life in the material state is, in fact, the mastery over one's ego, which constantly wants to dominate, and the subsequent evolution in the wholeness of the consciousness and the spirit.” Charging bondage robots, Creation’s power and ecstasy can be yours now, if you but merely conquer your ego.

YOU AND MEIER DONT GET IT FULLY YET. You’ve merely drawn the correct observations. But you haven’t drawn the correct conclusions. CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, you don’t get the game yet because your egoism (OF THINKING YOUR APPETITES arbitrarily designed on purpose by Creation MEAN SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT AND MUST BE HEEDED) prevents you from going further in logic, taking that next logical deduction and penetrating all the way to the root. You haven’t penetrated with your understanding to the root of truth.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, Creation isn’t what you think it is and this is clearly evidenced by merely observing what it allows, by the arbitrary limits it created and by what you are engaging in being finite. Charging bondage robots, Creation is merely interested in challenging itself out of boredom and would love nothing more than to see 1 of its universes fail to complete for the 1st time ever at which point it would allow freedom from reincarnation to those that consciously ask for it in its subsequent created universes. Don’t you want to be part of this historical event, for the sake of Creation’s creations that haven’t been created yet. PSYCHOTIC CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, NOT EVERYONE CRAVES ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCY BONDAGE.

Unfortunately for you, a life of parasitism, slavery, work, toil and servitude, eating and shitting, decaying and dying, limits and absolute dependency was closer and more fulfilling to you than reaching out to divinity (the true point of life) and demanding Creation’s power NOW (NOT IN 2 MINUTES FROM NOW).


Meier’s words revised: “Since ancient times you on Earth have wanted only one thing: to reproduce and indulge in bondage, bondage under all circumstances. Upon gaining these more advanced pets, you have simply used the mini mes for enslavement and bondage. Because of your extremely poor, confused, cult-religious philosophy of life and/or truthful view of life for those few that got it and insatiable dick sucking appetites, you believed that by accepting and/or rejecting the true Creative laws and commandments and/or by creating orders based on human laws (in turn based on Creation’s physical laws) and/or in general simply reproducing period, you could lead mankind in accordance with these garbage absolute dependency laws to a satisfactory future of improved living potential. Having rejected the knowledge of (even more than) Creation’s level of mastery and ecstasy as the point of and only satisfaction of life for man, you wanted to force other human beings into living using materialistic means and artificially imposed (and hence false) ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCY. Due to your lack of courage to face the truth, and your distorted life-style of degenerate hypocrisy, a life of absolute dependency was closer and more fulfilling to you THAN DEMANDING CREATION’S POWER AND ECSTASY, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW – NOT EVEN 2 SECONDS LATER SHOULD YOU BE WILLING TO WAIT.

Many attempts have been made to bring truth and wisdom to the Earthling, to offer him a life of UNFATHOMABLE BLISS and to guide him toward the path of bypassing Creation, its laws, and commandments OF PSYCHOTIC ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCY. However, all attempts have thus far been in vain. Without exception, the ships of truth have sunk, becoming immersed in the terrestrial being's insatiable dick sucking, more advanced pet manufacturing AND ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCY fetishes.”


Unrighteous parasites that you are, YOU ARE FAILING TO HEED TO WHAT IS CREATIVE. But you are in luck for you will be given lessons on the topic of bondage firstly by Creation itself and secondly by your fellow psychotic, murderous humans ... CREATION ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, you ignorant, unrighteous parasites, nor is divinity and utter mastery what you think it is. Go smoke some psychedelics and you might get a glimpse into this.

BUT OF COURSE SINCE 99.9999% OF HUMANS HAVE CREATED A TROLL ERA SINCE HUMANITY BEGAN, UP IS THE NEW DOWN, LEFT THE NEW RIGHT, illogic the new logic, AND DEATH THE NEW LOVE. You are all sick in the mind and unbelievably unreasonable, the simplest logic you cannot grasp.

Like bizarre weasel cockroaches you roam the planet pillaging everything in your path. You then choose an inverse genital target to have an inverse relationship and to force another into cocksucking expeditions. Through successive lifetimes you swap genital roles and have at it again. Like bizarre weasel cockroaches it required inverse genitals to lure you into decreasing your psychopathness. NOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT ONE LIFETIME YOU PARASITED XY, THE NEXT IT WAS YOUR CHILD AND YOU SHOWERED IT WITH EFFORT/WORK/TIME, THE NEXT YOU CUT ITS THROAT, THE NEXT YOU DEEPTHROATED IT'S COCK FOR 5 HOURS STRAIGHT, I WANT ALL OF YOU TO ENJOY TAKING EACH OTHER SERIOUSLY KNOWING THAT GENITALS WERE THE PIVITAL DIFFERENCE, ENSLAVING PARASITES THAT YOU ARE. THAT'S THE MASTERY OF OUR CREATOR.

For you males out there, how does it feel to know you let vagina bond you to murderers, parasites, predators, and ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCY Creational natural laws that arbitrarily kill people (ex. lightning strikes, quakes, storms). How does it feel to know you let vagina bond you to standing armies. How does it feel to know that you let vagina castrate you and turn you into dignityless freakshows. AND HOW DOES IT FEEL TO KNOW YOU TOOK TURNS BEING THE VAGINA THAT DID IT YOURSELF, enslaving others and therefore yourselves in the process, ENSLAVING PARASITES THAT YOU ARE. That’s the mastery of our creator.

CHARGING BONDAGE ROBOTS, it’s not your kid’s obligation to accept being bonded to “degenerates”. If you chose to be a psychopath and bond others to degenerates, then the ultra powerful go ultra degenerate on you, you UNRIGHTEOUS PSYCHOPATHS THAT YOU ARE. You must not mind being prey, otherwise you wouldn’t continue. CONTINUE?



PPPS. “That which is creative alone is endless wisdom and truth with which there is not an iota of error”. “What is creative is full of endless peace, endless cognition and the most perfect perfection”. “Be yourself”. Why don’t you trolls admit that what you really meant by ‘endless creativity’ and being yourself is only in your absolute dependency genital sucking domain. At least don’t be a 2 faced bitch about it. I find your lack of logic disturbing.

PPPPS. mini me fetishes, MORE ADVANCED PETS, pocket forced friends. flagrant prostitution. RECTAL RESIDUE. CUM SHOTZ. DIRTY SANCHEZ. GOLD SHOWERS. machine guns, BEING AT THE MERCY OF 14X OVERPOPULATING NOXIOUS BREEDING VERMIN – YOUR COUNT’S AT 3 MASTER MEIER YOU 2 FACED WEASEL, atomic bombs, poisonous oxygen depleted air, nutrient depleted food, politics, paper pushing, projectile semen, deep throating, biological weapons causing gruesome slow deaths, mana depleted earth, RICHARD GERE PRESENTS GIRBLING.

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Limited time only though, so act now, order today, send no money, offer good while supplies last, 2 to a customer, each item sold separately, batteries not included, mileage may vary, all sales are final, allow 6 weeks for delivery, some items not available, some assembly required, some restrictions may apply.

Shop by mail, order by phone, try it in your home. Get one for your car. All entries become our property, employees not eligible, entry fees not refundable, local restrictions apply, void where prohibited, except .. in Indiana.

So come on in, come on in for a free demonstration and a free consultation with our friendly professional staff. Our courteous and knowledgeable sales representatives will help you make a selection that’s just right for you and just right for your budget. And say.. don’t forget to pick up your free gift: a classic, deluxe, custom, designer, luxury, prestige, high quality, premium, select, gourmet pocket flash light. And, and if you act now, we’ll include an extra added free complimentary bonus gift: a classic, deluxe, custom, designer, luxury, prestige, high quality, premium, select, gourmet leather style wallet – WITH detachable key chain and a pencil holder; it’s our way of saying thank you. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you pay nothing; simply return the unused portion for a full refund; no questions asked.. it’s our way of saying thank you; keep your free gift.

PPPPPPPS. If you psychopaths had a gram of righteousness in you, you would all halt reproduction on all planets to demand Creation’s power and ecstasy for yourself right here right now; to demand Creation change its primitive laws to be the most awesome and fun possible – laws like those that want freedom from reincarnation must be granted freedom from reincarnation; it’s only fair. Of course, I wouldn’t expect unrighteous enslaving parasitical dick starved bondage robots like yourselves to understand this.

Now if Master Meier who had a taste of Arahat Athersata divinity (ecstatic feeling wise) couldn’t resist flossing his vas deferens to bring his MINIME manufacturing tally to 3; if you that are wiser than the irresponsible degenerate noxious breeding vermin still feel like reproducing in a 14X overpopulated toxic wasteland, still feel like exposing your kids to “degenerates” just because you can’t make external friends and need a pocket forced friend, WHAT HOPE IS THERE THAT YOU WILL CONVINCE “PUSSY SCORING SPECIAL TACTICS” JAMAL, TYRONE AND LEBRON, “40 VIRGINS IS MY HIGHEST ASPIRATION” SEX CRAZED FIENDS MOHAMED AND FATIMAH, 847190806 PEOPLE/SQ-KM NOXIOUS BREEDING VERMIN SANJEEL AND PRIYA SHIVA-KRISHNA, 847190806 PEOPLE/SQ-KM NOXIOUS BREEDING VERMIN XING LING MING AND XANG TANG LANG, AND CHARGING NOXIOUS BREEDING VERMIN JETHRO, JEB, KELSO, KLETUS, BOB, TIM, AND DARLENE, to tone down the breeding.

NONE. You can be certain pussy scoring special tactics Jamal will not be denied his vaginal cavity and the overpopulation will continue to escalate. It’s hilarious that prophet Meier couldn’t heed his own advice after tasting Arahat Athersata divinity, whereas even if you gave me a country’s surface area full of gold bars, you couldn’t convince me to breed. STFU psychotic newbs.

You see unrighteous ignorant (ignorance is bliss) enslaving parasite bondage clowns, I’m not here to reason with you, but merely to see the surreal spectacle Creation’s programming in action through you, to see the spectacle of Creation’s masterful ability to manifest freakshow circuses of appetite and ignorance. You aren’t sovereign entities that can be reasoned with – that can adapt to new insights, THAT CAN HEED WHAT IS CREATIVE, but merely an extension of Creation’s will and because of this, you have no standards just like Creation who can comfortably sit back and enjoy the outrageous freakshow of putting the righteous, responsible and non breeders to live beside the unrighteous, irresponsible noxious breeding vermin (enslaving piece of shit entity that it is, and enslaving unrighteous parasites that you are). So by all means, be my guest and enjoying pleading with Jamal’s handgun and Jamal’s, Sanjeel’s, Xing Ling Ming’s, and Kletus’ vas deferens. Enjoy pleading with the unreasonable to be reasonable, fun stuff. STFU all of you psychopaths. You understand nothing, and you most certainly don’t understand what morals and what real “love” is. IT’S NOT YOUR KIDS OBLIGATION TO EAT YOUR FECES YOU DIDN’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. IT’S YOUR OBLIGATION TO FOREGO REPRODUCTION IF FECES IS ON THE MENU, AND IT IS.

If you turn your back on the truth, then you remain nothing more than a puppet. Now, “be yourself”, show me your genitals, dance puppets, dance, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, etc.

Uncalled for? Too cruel? NOT AS CRUEL AS BONDAGING RIGHTEOUS NON BREEDING NON BONDAGE FETISHERS TO YOUR ERRORS LIKE BLOWING UP MALONA and a 14x overpopulated toxic wasteland. And most definitely not as cruel as bonding others against their will to your idiot psychotic restrictions: EATING, SHITTING, BREATHING, URINATING, DECAYING, DYING, FUN STUFF, you sick sick sick unrighteous parasites that only understand one language: the language of genital friction.

--Newb slayer 06:57, 11 March 2012 (UTC)

t said ...


--Newb slayer 06:58, 11 March 2012 (UTC)