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Sweet6b9 said ...

I know that the Mission is real. I cannot say how I know this, but be aware. The Dark Ones have Brain monitoring devices, they give to the secret US Government. They are real, they put them in with Transporter technology. They used it to see my thoughts, scan my brain, they tried to hurt me many times now, tried to stop my heart, even make me sick. It will not work. The Pleadians must know of this technology and that they use it against us and them. They saw through my eyes a Pleadian ship and I fear Patel has been destroyed. It is dangerous here, I am in the USA in Virginia, very close to the Heart of Darkness. I have had visions of Patel since then fighting the Dark ones. I do not know if he is Ok or not. I fear he is angry with me for not having more control when the Dark ones had their device in me. He helped me break it but now they have newer devices that see through our eyes. I have awoken my Kundalini, my spirit inside with Pleadian help and I fight still to spread the word of the Kabal & Illuminati. God Help us AlL, God Bless Billy & his Family, God Bless us ALL. Love, Kevin Gaylord

--Sweet6b9 20:47, 12 October 2010 (BST)