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Sweet6b9 said ...

I know that the Mission is real. I cannot say how I know this, but be aware. The Dark Ones have Brain monitoring devices, they give to the secret US Government. They are real, they put them in with Transporter technology. They used it to see my thoughts, scan my brain, they tried to hurt me many times now, tried to stop my heart, even make me sick. It will not work. The Pleadians must know of this technology and that they use it against us and them. They saw through my eyes a Pleadian ship and I fear Patel has been destroyed. It is dangerous here, I am in the USA in Virginia, very close to the Heart of Darkness. I have had visions of Patel since then fighting the Dark ones. I do not know if he is Ok or not. I fear he is angry with me for not having more control when the Dark ones had their device in me. He helped me break it but now they have newer devices that see through our eyes. I have awoken my Kundalini, my spirit inside with Pleadian help and I fight still to spread the word of the Kabal & Illuminati. God Help us AlL, God Bless Billy & his Family, God Bless us ALL. Love, Kevin Gaylord

--Sweet6b9 20:47, 12 October 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


Who is Patel or Kundalini, something or someone that is real or imagined? Again you try to negatively influence BEAM and the Plejaren mission by introducing some fallacy "god" and religious nonsense whose very existence are the reasons why BEAM has been selected as the 7th prophet to bring Creational teachings to counter-act these evil concepts!

I don't enjoy "sticking" it to people like yourself, but it really hurts to see others injuring themselves from delusional manifestations of evil religious dogmas, much less for delusions that could be controlled by medication or hard self disciplined endeavors.

--Hawaiian 00:51, 14 October 2010 (BST)

Sweet6b9 said ...

Sorry, I did not have everything clear at the time, Patel = Paa Tel, The information about the brain monitoring devices is very real. I do not wish to tie BEAM or the Pleiadians to any religion. This has been made clear to me. Do not wory about sticking it to me. As I am not delusional. They may have manufactured the image of a ship for me to see, this is very true. I may not have connected with an actual Pleiadian when I tried to meditate and contact them. I am mildly telepathic as I have had many experiences in my life. I am unsure how many others can do this or have any experience with it. I have a long history of experiences in my life that stand out that I would not mind explaining however I needed to let them know about these brain monitoring devices. I do believe I am being assisted in some way, Kundalini is another way of expressing our spirit self, described as a coiled snake at the base of our spine. That is not important. I am not trying to relate them to any religion. Only wish to share the fact that their visits were REAL, that they are REAL and that our Spiritual Awakening is of the utmost importance as we approach 2012-2013. It that not true? I am aware that many of the pictures were exchanged by the MIB from the US, as these people work with the Grey/MEM/EBE's however you wish to call them. I know this without a doubt. They cannot see the Pleiadians and I am Super happy about this. Again, Not sure if the Pleiadians showed me a ship or if it was falsified by others wishing to promote their own selfish purpose. I try to listen to the message of the Pleiadians. To keep clear in my mind their intent and our destiny as Humans. I have asked them for help for out people. That we are under seige by the Grey & Draconan. This is factual. The brain monitoring device that causes me not to have normal dreams does not work on me. I awake from these dreams to know that they were manufactured. I believe they attempt to block me from meditating, from having prophetic dreams, from having focus, etc. I appologize if I upset you, I mean no disrespect. People must be woken up. Others have died to tell us the truth of our Government and Secret sects within our US Government that mean us harm. I try to share this and then to quel their fear with a message of peace and just direct people to listen to the videos and read the text available here. Can you answer for certain if the Galactic Federation of Light are related to Pleiadian Mission or BEAM?

--Sweet6b9 20:43, 22 October 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian 02:04, 26 October 2010 (BST)No need for apologies, I don’t believe the Galactic Federation of Light is the same as the Plejaren mission with BEAM. Research this website on Ashtar, dreams, greys and other topics you have mentioned regarding meditation and logical reasoning. Dreams are a learning tool, sometimes one has to use the same approach as in the waking state in order to properly analyze those dream characters. Look straight into their eyes and ask logical questions.

FIGU Bulletin 002 Anything pertaining to the "Little Greys" must be scrutinized with extreme caution, for too many fantasists, madmen, charlatans and delusionals are in the habit of jumping on the bandwagon. There are also the many infamous machinations going on within the secret forces, particularly in the USA, geared to induce fear and horror regarding the extraterrestrials in people, e.g., through animal mutilations and the brainwashing of humans into experiencing horrifying recollections of purported extraterrestrials. Hence, not everything a person sees, hears, feels or is told, is the actual reality. One must be conscious of this fact, especially regarding these "Little Greys". Billy

Markvd said ...

Sweet6b9, that meditation method you speak of utilizing the spine sounds interesting. Browsing youtube I stumbled upon some ladies that can bend and stretch there bodies known as contortion. I was wondering due to there flexibility due you get lots of babe traffic when meditating?

--Markvd 21:16, 22 October 2010 (BST)

Bigfoot said ...

--Bigfoot 04:30, 13 November 2010 (UTC)

Sweet6b9 said ...

Hawaiian, thank you for the clarification. I continue to share my story and of the Radio Frequency Detector that I used to discover that I have been marked whith tracking devices with others and of the message delivered by William Cooper, Phil Schneider, who both mention that an offer of help was extended to the USA but was refused because no technology was offered by the Plejaren. Then I direct people to the message of hope from Billy Meier and the links with the audio tapes released by Randolph Winters.. I still meditate and I slowly feel stronger spiritualy.

Markvd, Re the meditation with use of the spine.. I do not do anything with my spine, I believe I had a spontanious Kundalini Awakening which happened when I felt the presence of Ptaah. For about 3 weeks I had hot sweats, and did not sleep but for about 3 hours a night. As far as babes go, I do not try to impress anyone with this, nor do I even mention it. I leave it to others if they choose to meditate as it is a very personal choice and Involves a conscious choice to improve one's own life. I simply try to share what I have discovered via other people comming out with their stories, ie. William Cooper, Phil Schneider, Billy Meier and ask people to consider the message and meditation as it can help to heal the planet, our bodies, how long we live, and ultimately the future of mankind. I find it refreshing that the Plejaren are mentioned by William Cooper and Phil Schneider in their lectures but they do not call them by name. They simply refer to them as Humanoid Benevolent Race that offered us help with our spirituality but not technology, then in Billy's notes the Plejaren state that we already posessed a level of technology that was beyond our spiritual level of responsability.

Re my personal experience, I have seen first hand the Brain Implant technology, the black Delta shaped ships twice. They were not Hallucinations. The ship is covered in Quasicrystals and can change its color to blend into the sky day or night. Still many people around the world have seen them and caught them on film now, just search Black Triangle UFO on YouTube, or just Black Triangle and see the many videos. Also I have witnessed the Transporter technology they use to implant us with their mind control devices. This is part of the deal with the "Little Greys", as they wish to conceal their involvement with all this technology in an attempt to keep mankind blind to the truth.

Sincerely, Kevin

--Sweet6b9 19:01, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

Sweet6b9 said ...

One more note. I believe that as Ptaah stated in the contact notes, that there are actualy Secret Intelligence Agencies here in the USA that are hunting for the Plejaren. I believe they are working with the Baffath and that they have combined forces with the Reptilians. I have personaly met a Reptilian and have witnesses as this guy has the audacity to show up at a church, I was just visiting and I do not follow any particular religion as I saw issue with putting my future in the hands of a Higher Source only to be contradicted in the Bible by being told that we were given Free Will to be responsible for our own actions? So when I saw the info in the contact notes I understood the confusion and that this was a lie that was perpratrated through a Time War actualy. I have learned that the (Little Grey) posess time travel technology. Anyway, I know the name this Reptilian goes by and I was not surprised to see one in a church as I have been implanted with a brain scan device and I already knew that they like to move toward positions of power. Also Regarding the implant here are some links.. VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN QUALIFIES, AS FACT THAT IMPLANTS ARE AMONG US NOW!

Listen to this man talk about billions of these implantable chips being created and then disappearing..

See here how this technology is being displayed in its raw format without implant...

They have introduced a Bill in NY that litteraly gives Agencies the ability to implant us illegaly against our will with RFID chips and this Brain Scan technology.

Her is the Website:

Be assured, if they do it to us they plan to rule the world and do it to everyone. I have also communicated with a man in Germany who said that the BND are also using this technology against Germans. I fear History is repeating its-self.

In the Mean time my meditations are getting stronger and I will defeat this technology and move into a deep meditating state. That is my intent. Peace & Wisdom

--Sweet6b9 19:25, 3 March 2011 (UTC)