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Mrnorm said ...

Billy doesnt know...but it probaly is a e t from some where are some kind doing a Bar b Q ya think ?

--Mrnorm 18:32, 15 September 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Billy just stated that these cattle manipulations are not caused by ET's but rather Earthly sources and furthermore ANY governmental classified projects will not be discussed by him or the Plejarens as it would threaten himself, the SSSC group and the mission.

Notice that the Plejarens will only comment on topics that appear to fall in this category BUT has been exposed publicly by Earthly media like in the case of remote viewing scandals, but if one studies the printed documents (books) by those that were involved, their stories appear quite differently and if applied logically to some aspects in these materials can be quite dangerous if not carefully monitored.

It is the public perception that "determines" which should be filtered out as fantasy or fact and FEAR has always been the most influential parameter throughout the ages that will be overcome by logical scientific analysis which is severely lacking in today's ignorant society often dominated by religious stupidity and self-centered egos that are further eroded by subconscious manipulation technology through computer and television media. “The whole thing extends not only to the religions and sects, but also to the politics and economy, namely in the manner that vibration impulses are emitted by the manipulated devices and apparatuses which are taken up by the people subconsciously and influence them.” Ptaath: “Then I can talk openly thus: Zafenatpaneach explained again that on the Earth a religious-sectarian organisation works together with a certain secret service to manipulate the people via television, computers and the Internet as they wish.”

The fear of cattle manipulations by ET's and massive abductions are designed to label all things ET's and UFO’s including the Plejarens as evil. The only time it is spoken as benevolent is when it serves their sinister agendas usually within some religious content as most members absolutely FEAR the wrath of god!

--Hawaiian 00:10, 16 September 2011 (BST)

Sheila said ...

Does anyone find it strange that St. Paul is the closest town to the Cold Lake/Primrose Lake Air Weapons Range? I wonder what they're testing out there? And since the St. Paul incident I've personally heard about a cow, a bull and a horse. Here's what happened to the bull: "A few years back a friend of mine that lives 15 miles from Moose Jaw had a cattle mutilation over night.He showed me the bull the next morning.The heart was removed by a precise circular blood anywhere on the bull or beside it.The lower jaw was removed and left beside the head. It looked like the jaw was in the desert for a year ( skin cleaned off 100% ).Gotta be Aliens doing this....the vet had NO explanation." Although I don't agree with this persons assessment that it was aliens (and thank you Billy for clarifying that) it certainly gives you the heads up on the technology which will probably be forthcoming in a world war. Just like what we were warned about.

--Sheila 19:02, 11 January 2012 (UTC)

Markvd said ...

Of course our humanity would try to pull off some kind of mysterious hoax to rile the public. It's in there nature for drama. If they could control that disease then they would be normal human beings. :) I don't think most have FEAR that's why things are so bad right now. Who will stop them? Who will stand in there way? What punishment will be handed down that can't be overcome by material funds? I think most are FEARLESS that's why the times are as they are. If they knew that there actions would entail great punishment then they might.............. change there minds about being so forceful in nature.

--Markvd 19:28, 11 January 2012 (UTC)