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Mrnorm said ...

there is no resistance to a spaceship as a beamship do to the ship repells pressures such as air and water, there fore theres no fricion...(line 67, 68...)are it would burn up on entry into earths atmosphere,the ship repells every thing like bullets are even a persons touch ...But this doesnt meen that the ship cant have a crash of some kind...the ship can be a box shape and fly though space without any atmaspherect to the manipulation of adams...and i beleave this is done by sound waves that we cant hear...thanks to there science....dont ya think? (line 72... talk about radiation shield,is this a radiation sound wave? and this is why when we see a ship it looks like its vibebrading...Lets say, you make every thing negative the ship, earth, moon, Gravitational pull... so now you levatate and now you want to move your ship to what ever direction you want to go... you flip a switch are a joy stick are a touch pap and that makes what ever your aiming at a positive source and Zoooom your off at a vary high rate of speed- up too 5000 mph are faster...

--Mrnorm 18:10, 2 September 2011 (BST)