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Markvd said ...

Guard that apple well Guido for many might try to find out if it has some special ET juice from it. I would put armed guards and a force field around it to make sure or just borrow Billy`s arsenal of gear to protect it. :)

--Markvd 01:17, 20 October 2010 (BST)

Newinitiation said ...

Ptaah: Ptaah: 123. But of course. 123. Aber natürlich. 124. All equipment and the ship were completely eliminated by us. 124. Sämtliche Geräte und das Schiff wurden von uns total eliminiert. 125. As well as the buildings that were erected in the rooms. 125. So auch die in den Räumlichkeiten errichteten Bauten. 126. The rooms themselves were then filled with solid matter, namely with rock and other matter. 126. Die Räume selbst wurden anschliessend mit fester Materie, und zwar mit Felsgestein und sonstigem angefüllt. 127. This was done on the technological basis of the de- and re-materialization. 127. Das geschah auf der technischen Basis der Ent- und Rematerialisation. Billy: Billy: Then today, practically nothing points to the former existence of these things anymore? Dann weist heute praktisch nichts mehr auf die ehemalige Existenz dieser Dinge hin? Ptaah: Ptaah: 128. No, for it had to be. 128. Nein, denn es musste sein. Billy: Billy: I understand. But did you also fill in all the other corridors and rooms? Ich verstehe. Doch habt ihr auch alle anderen Gänge und Räume nach oben hin verschüttet? Ptaah: Ptaah: 129. No, we let these remain, of course. 129. Nein, diese liessen wir selbstverständlich bestehen. 130. Only everything that was necessary was destroyed.

This appears to be what colin andrews found in egypt's underground passageways

--Newinitiation 01:54, 22 October 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian 00:18, 23 October 2010 (UTC)Newinitiation, have you ever wondered why the Plejarens conducted such thorough elimination of the Giza former presence under the pyramid? Could it be to completely eradicate their negative "essence" which are similar to those found in the walls and items of church dwellings, thus preventing any types of "connections" being re-established by other evil forces including those previously Giza or their ancestors that died here on Earth?

I just wonder if it's related somewhat to what the Sirian commandos did to installations on Mars when they arrested the MIB? There are hints that allude to these assumptions in FIGU Special Bulletin 038 and scattered throughout other Contact Reports. Peace-Hawaiian

Natdrip said ...

This is pretty cool,

49. The value of a spiritual leadership, however, lies in the fact that only teaching and advice-giving occur in one's performance of duty, without any ambition toward commands, so exercised and given in authoritative modesty.

I recently tried to ask this question in the forum over at figu and the answer was here all along.

a good word to remember is proselytizing as I think over time with my own experience people have said to me many times, "You think you are always right" now I think that it was because I was in a way proselytizing and therefor causing a suffocation of there belief system.

I will remember this and try to become a better teacher.

--Natdrip 21:34, 25 October 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

“Beliefs” or other “absolute” terminology words/phrases are dangerous concepts that “locks” one into hopeless situations that often lead to self-destruction instead of further evolution, since a superior complex more often than not, results of such thinking.

Spiritual leadership must encompass ALL relevant attributes and connections in order to be adequately “administered” as to maintain a balance or harmony amongst the inter-related parties at hand. Line 49 interpretation is valid for creational situations that follow some “normal” creational environment where evolution is not hampered or interfered with.

However, I have reservations on its “without any ambitions toward commands” in cases regarding other advanced ET’s ambition of power over less developed entities, derived through terror and Uncreational methods of oppression, existing at the expense of others including religions to keep the masses in servitude in order to justify their “absoluteness”.

There lies a philosophical dilemma in determining whether to be neutral or not, knowingly full well the resulting negative consequences for BOTH the victims and benefactors if allowed to proceed without intervention, which in some cases border on the fringes of being part of the problem not the solution. The Plejarens have the technological means to adequately forecast such endeavors utilizing in one case, programmed androids similar to Quetzal’s experiment to represent a dysfunctional group and BEAM. The logical conclusion was total destruction of two non-spiritual androids and a beamship, not an entire planet with millions of Beings.

I can understand the concept of “free will” in regards to advanced ET’s including their cohorts destroying themselves in their mad quest for absoluteness, but certainly not the victims under their tyrant control. Sometimes logical compassion and humane reasoning supersedes free will, especially in special cases which are thoroughly investigated accordingly to its respective appropriate inter-related connections and attributes for both sides of the “equation” between the have and have nots.

One can be amazingly surprised on how beautiful a flower will become, once the necessary nurture contributions are induced into its hostile environment. All it takes is a little water in one hand for the plant and a big stick in the other to keep the parasites at bay so that both can evolve in their own realms of reality without destroying everything.

--Hawaiian 03:46, 26 October 2010 (BST)

Robert1957 said ...

I believe the verb in the english sentence 51 "is given" should be "gives", this corresponds better to the german text. 51. In her work area, it should be such that neither a male nor a female life form is given her specifications but rather that she is decisive in every respect, unless you, as the first and last authority, make additional or other arrangements.

--Robert1957 05:58, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

Robert1957 said ...

And also I believe "is given his specifications" in sentence 56 should be "gives him specifications. This makes more sense in regard to the work of Jacobus. 56. In his work area, it should be such that neither a male nor a female life form is given his specifications but rather that he is decisive in every respect, unless you, as the first and last authority, make additional or other arrangements.

--Robert1957 06:10, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

Robert1957 said ...

After sentence 132 of Ptaah follows Billy's reply "The devil knows that something crooked must constantly run, but it probably can't be any different." I believe, after reading the german text again, that it should be translated like this "The devil knows something will always go wrong, but it probably can't be any different."

--Robert1957 08:21, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

Alive said ...

"The Devil and Satan" would be more accurate.

---- M -- 04:52, 22 March 2012 (UTC)