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Hawaiian 04:44, 28 February 2009 (UTC)where did it go?

Hawaiian 22:44, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

I believe there is an updated Contact note to further clarify the bio-genetic androids, both living and deceased regarding the Roswell/Area 51 incident.

Contact Note 251 is one of the most important historical/genealogy bodies of facts concerning not only Earth humans, but all the other physical parties as well to include the Old Lyrians, Creator Overlords and their counter parts, Plejarens and others. So much information is presented, that it would be very helpful and more effective if some diagrams to represent these events are made showing the chronological along with Cause and Affect results.

Then, it would also be very helpful to include some footnotes to indicate further analysis is warranted on passages that have been updated before it was printed. It’s a daunting task to incorporate these events for those not familiar with BEAM’s mission, as well as those familiar with it.

The more one becomes versed of the various Contact Notes, the more one “sees” the inter-connections amongst it, because they are merging into a more “condensed” factor in which words become more clumberson in realizing what “Awareness” is all about. This is evolution within the boundaries of the Sevenfold Laws of Creation between the BEING and Being, symbols are representations of condensed words and/or thoughts, a much more effective way of communicating.

kendrick said ...

a man not trying to b rud man but i need to get up with yall man i dont no u billy and i dont no u ptaah but im asumming that u is from a nother planet(ptaah) i dont no where from but i jus wonted u 2 to no man i really beleave every thing u 2 is talking bout i dont no if u will get this but i want to no more about the planet u from and billy im jus 22 years old man and my mine is blon away cuz every sence i was a younger boy i wanted to no about life and other planets and people and now i have the chance man yall life is so fucked up haer man to its not funny for real like i cant tell yall how much i try to find informtion about alliens and i dont call them alliens cus they smarter then us if any thing we the alliens but ptaah man i stay heaar in south carolina and im n school im going for medical assisting cus i have a lil boy he is 5 mouths old nw and i lovve him so much. sorry for my bad words but i want to no so bad about u guys man its killing me to find out new things about life and i have to say it u 2 are smart is shit man im black and native not saying im not but the things u 2 talk about is some for real shit if u 2 want me to keep it a secreat i will i jus wish i could meet u 2 or atless b a frind im not the type to lie or still im on earth with a clean record im a good kid i must say yea i have a problem i smoke weed man not bad i jus do some time stress do it to u but man i dont no who yall is but im dieng to meet u man an ptaah u said u was leaving earth dame that sound crazy but i beleave u cus u never no what life hold but u is a bright person allien or not and u to billy i no im writing run alongs but jus feel me out im the youngest of four man and im jus hear on earth trying yall its real hard out hear for blacks such as my self but man i'd love to meet yall man and the others that came from the p planit cant spell the word but im guessing yall no what i mean billy u is the 6 person to meet with them and i want to b the 7 man im jus inlighted off of what im reading in u and ptaah writings i dnt no if he gone yet but if not man i want to c yall man for real i can b by my self when it happen no camers or nothen i can have sumthen to remember man cus all humans want to no is if there really is a god and alliens i beleave in both cus look how the human body is made thats a lot to creat and for a nother type of life to b out there it have to b a god but to keep it short yall i really want to meet yall u 2 or smart is shit excuss my bad words but dame the things u 2 was talking bout how the world losing sun light and its gone b other sun around the earth from alliens thats scary but i want to no about u guys im ok with it cus thats what i live for to find out new things man on sum real shit ill hold yall secreat man and im just a normal kid from the getto man tryna make it in this crazy world i jus wanted yall to no that i respect all forms of life man and that im willing to complete what ever mission is yall on yall can add me in only if its ok im right hear in south carolina man i go to centura college for medical look me up man im a nice guy and ptaah not to b rud but i bet u its sume nice gurls where u going back to jus playen but please add me in man i willing to face the future with u guys jus the 3 of us. my the god that made all things be with u and me peace my brothers

--kendrick 00:31, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian 00:34, 12 March 2010 (UTC)Kendrick, your quest to meet Ptaah or the other Plejarens is a noble request, but apparently it cannot be done, simply for the fact that only Eduard Meier represents humans on Earth. He is also spiritually evolved and a direct re-incarnated spirit of Nokodemjon, who created the Plejaren's ancestors many billions of years ago.

However, since you are black, you also have ancestors that came to Earth from the Sirius region, so in respect, have roots from an advanced human race! The world is crazy enough and would be advisable to stop smoking weed or taking any type of drugs to "escape" reality. The answers you seek are all within grasp, if you look inward into your intelligence and not depend on others to do so, it will only continue the path of servitude.

I do admit, interpertating BEAM's contact notes can be daunting, but it's a step in the right direction and soon enough, one will overcome the steep learning curve and begin to find the "connections" that lead you to the Awareness that overcomes all evil and destructive elements that have enslave us for so long. Use the Search function key to find answers to your concerns.

Nelram said ...

i belive. i would like to know more im very worry. but is there anyway i could join a group like Heidi and Bob and the small group gathered around them???? i live in the USA.

--Nelram 15:35, 21 May 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


Join the irc chat or voice chat rooms, where you can meet others who share the same concerns as yourself. You can find the links on this website under the NEWS section, right under Billy's picture. Both chat rooms have capacity for inputting typed messages.

The Discussion Tabs are usually for comments directly related to the Contact Notes.

--Hawaiian 23:15, 21 May 2010 (BST)

Vibka Wallder said ...

Where is the German original? Would be good to have them side by side. Salome, Vibka

--Vibka Wallder 08:37, 3 July 2010 (BST)

Vibka Wallder said ...

Where is the German original? Would be good to have them side by side. Salome, Vibka

--Vibka Wallder 08:38, 3 July 2010 (BST)

Bigfoot said ...

The Sirians of today are not responsible for the actions that were done thousands of years ago by their ancestors. The genetic manipulation must be corrected by our scientists, through our own research.

--Bigfoot 07:09, 4 August 2010 (BST)