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Parviz Nazem said ...

I am writing this about 5:00 am when ordinarily I am asleep. Around 3:00 am I woke up with this strong urge to get and read Billy's Wikipedia. And guess what; finally after 12 years I see my story is translated in English and I can read it. I am the Iranian officer who reported the mass abduction story. With all due respect for Petahh and Billy, they are wrong in his case. I was no place to have been exposed to any chemical at first hours of war in Tehran many hundreds of miles away from the Iran-Ira

--Parviz Nazem 10:58, 18 April 2010 (BST)

Parviz Nazem said ...

Iran-Iraq border. The Iraqees acquire these chemicals about 4 years into the war and by then I was no longer involved in the war. I have found my answers to my mysterious event, or I think I have found the answers to this mysterious story. It has happened regardless of my hulocanation theory presented by Petahh. The army headquarters, or as Americans call it " Chief of Staff" which was located in Tehran and about 40 Km away from the location of this event, released a press release independant from me, or any others who is lucky enough to have been allowed by the Aliens to remember any of this event, describing the crafts as "objects that are ususally seen in the sky of cities through out the world". My point is that they, the Chief of Staff guys, were not supposedly hallucinating due to exposure and yet they officially admited the incidence. They were located on the other side of huge city of Tehran as compared to my location. The war had just started at the border and Tehran is far away from the border. Sadam was still testing the waters and had no intention to use his chemicals. He had none at that time now we know. Any how the answer is that these Aliens are acting on Earth without worrying or caring about Petahh and his freinds and allies. I have noticed in Billy's articles that such entity exists and Petahh's group are not permited to contact them. In my opinion they are the original creators of the Earth. The Earth and everything on it is their handywork. I now must thank them for giving me strange abilities to see/predict life threatening situations while I was in battle fronts and come back home alive. Guys I could see bullets coming towards my neck in the dark/light of sunset in the "Dashteh Abaass" area. Nobody has reported this ability to the best of my knowledge. By the way, I sent my letter to Billy from America not from Iran, as it is mentioned in the translation of my story. I have been living in America since 1984 and have never gone back to Iran. It has been a great life experience for me living in America. I read anything and everything without fear of being arrested or being imprisoned as it was and it is always the case in Iran. I learned a lot about religions, God, gods, and extraterrestrials. This was not possible in Iran had I stayed there to waste my life. Billy's articles and materials have been a good source of information for me and I have learened a lot from him, but guys, I quarantee you, my case of mass abduction by no means was due to hallucination. The army press release still exists. Petahh is also a humanbeing and could be wrong. He also tends to act politically correct, so he could be refraining from telling the truth for some reasons. I have also noticed this behaviour in both billy and his extraterrestrial friends. However guys, I wished I could rememeber what went on between me and these Aliens who abducted me for 3 and half hours. Boy they are clever!!!! and their ships were pretty from the bottom when I dared to look at them for a few second before I jumped into the foxhole. May all of you have a long and healthy life. Thank you Billy for giving all this information to us. However, I wished you had told these things to humanity when you were born and acted as Muhammad.

--Parviz Nazem 11:59, 18 April 2010 (BST)

Jamesm said ...

Parviz, thanks for your comments. Your opinion about this does open up new questions about the event in my opinion. We know that Ptaah has been wrong before and he can be wrong again. He is only human after all and is not perfect. I don't like the fact they also withhold top secret information about our own degenerate governments and military establishments on the grounds of interfering with our civilisation. The truth in all matters should be set free, if they know the truth, regardless of the consequences, in my opinion. They can protect Meier from any backlash anyway, just as they have been doing so all this time. They should also protect FIGU members in the same manner. They have the resources it seems, judging by their past actions e.g. conducting a massive search for the last remnant of The Bafath who were on planet Saban.

At least you know now that whatever the occupants of these craft intended, you now have access to great knowledge, courtesy of Meier et al., and that they probably were there to warn mankind that war is one of our big problems we have yet to overcome.

--Jamesm 12:44, 18 April 2010 (BST)

Jamesm said ...

Dear Parviz Nazem,

Your inquiry was submitted to Christian of FIGU Core Group and his answer is as follows:

From: Nicholas
To: Adam; James; Stephen; Mark
Subject: RE: Inquiry
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 10:13:24 +0200

Hi Everyone,

Here is the answer from Christian:

"Hoi Nicolas,

Nun, die Plejaren haben Parvis Nazem selbst ja nicht überprüft, sondern lediglich dessen Geschichte bzw. die damit zusammenhängenden Kriegsgeschehen. Somit bleibt sein Fall ungeklärt. Die von Ptaah aufgeführte Erklärung ist sehr wahrscheinlich, aber nicht absolut zutreffend. Was aber sicher gesagt werden kann ist, dass in diesem Krieg Dinge geschehen sind, von welchen einfache Soldaten oder deren Offiziere nichts mitbekommen haben, oder erst später.

Mit anderen Worten: Der Fall bleibt ungeklärt. Was aber sicher ist: Dass diese Ausserirdischen die Erde erschaffen haben sollen, ist absolut unmöglich.

Danke und Salome Christian"

So the Plejaren did not check this person, but only these happenings and his story. It is still unclear also to them. What can be surely said, is that during that war things happened, of which the normal/regular soldiers and officers had no clue or about which they knew only later.

The explanation from Ptaah is very probable but not 100% accurate.

Christian also added, that it is sure that the assumption/suggestion/idea, that these extraterrestrials created earth is impossible.



--Jamesm 18:05, 21 April 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


It appears that Ptaah mentioned the incident at the airbase was some Earth foreign intelligences not of their federation, nor do they have contact with them. Similar to the intelligences responsible for the Roswell incident, whose bio-genetic androids are currently with the Americans, thus it would only be logical to assume the military have some contact with the creators of these androids.

Now, to your case, who knows, maybe these intelligences are the former benevolent turned malevolent (turned curious?) counter-parts of the Creator Overlords who fled to Earth, Mars and Malona with the DNA manipulated human warriors? Or they could be someone else from the former ET colony that was situated in past times in Iran?

The Plejarens also mentioned that out of the three foreign visitors to Earth, only one remained unreachable, due to its hull absorbing all types of communications attempts including moonlight, which is converted to energy. There is more than a few intelligences showing interests in events currently unfolding on Earth, maybe they have some vested interests here or some agenda even the Plejarens are not aware of or refuse to discuss it openly?

Just remember what Jmmanuel told Billy when the two met that BEAM is responsible for ALL dimensions in the DERN universe and that the Plejarens, as far as I can recall, has stated they are only responsible for 3 dimensions. Thus there are allot of unanswered questions or possibilities regarding the Special cases of Earth's historical pass, current and future avenues...the key to these dilemmas are coded in each individual and associated with the Codex of the OM.

As events pan out on Earth, so do the inner connections of the appropriate attributes amongst the relevant entities of the prospective dimensions, thus it is inter-dimensional in scope, a fluid Cause and Effect relationship of sorts.

--Hawaiian 03:49, 22 April 2010 (BST)

Neckel said ...

Hi James,

First true reason and knowledge has to develop inside mankind, before some information can be set free, or else we would even make a bigger chaos than it already is. We would try to correct one mistake with an other, as it is regularly done. The Plejaren are surely not perfect but much smarter and wiser than we.

Adult = Plejaren, 9 Month old = earth humans :))

Salome Nicolas

--Neckel 10:39, 22 April 2010 (BST)

Zameen said ...

i read all o f this before but i just got lost in it. amazing:D

--Zameen 23:04, 10 September 2010 (BST)

Markvd said ...

Let me get this straight there are multiple groups interested in the outcome of our future. This could only mean one thing that they don't want us around, want us around but completely controlled, shape the world in there own vision, or let the people of Earth create there own identity in the universe. I'm beginning to think these malevolent ET's are outcasts in there far reaching territories or are completrly lost in there purpose. I think they need to read some contact reports for positive motivating factors. My final possible conclusion is the Creator Overlords have grown wise as time passed and wish to correct the error of there ways, at least I hope so.:)

--Markvd 23:39, 10 September 2010 (BST)

Zameen said ...

as i understand the originators of the Giza were themselves ancient power seeking barbarous backgrounds and were descendants of many others such as Ashtar Sherans descendants.and I think this is a part of the history of errors that the plejarans past descendants are guilty of.

--Zameen 00:07, 11 September 2010 (BST)

Markvd said ...

I believe you are correct Zameen I also remember reading how the Creator Overlords perceived themselves above creation and thus the cycle of destruction came to be. Every race of people has it's lost souls. If the Plejaren are as advanced as they are said to be i would hate to witness a troubled malevent turn rogue version of there people. I am surprised how easily Ashtar was able to gain so much knowledge. I guess the strength and greatest weakness of free will universe is the greatest possible creative mind can be realized but to balance that out there are those that choose destruction and can be quite a headache.

--Markvd 00:36, 11 September 2010 (BST)

Zameen said ...

What I dont understand is that when Ashtar Sheran decided to learn the truth he flipped back again and attacked askets people.

--Zameen 01:01, 11 September 2010 (BST)

Markvd said ...

Ashtar obviously couldn't handle the truth or driven by his own intent and purpose didn't want to accept it. Ego or some form of hate had to form his personality to go out all the way and attack the DAL. My guess he detected Asket and Billy on his ship which he thought waa unpenetrable underground and had the case of unsecure rage. Road rage on Earth,cosmic rage out there. I wonder if he had to go through that slide that Billy had to or was it a portal. i would have set a trap for Ashtar there and send him straight to the prison planet. He must have been one hell of a villian if they had to completely destroy him.

--Markvd 01:48, 11 September 2010 (BST)

Niceguy said ...

Hello Hawaiine, Thanks for the intelligent and substantive reply. I am not totally into allowing my imagination go wild or based my opinion on assumptions and things that cannot be proved both logically and scientifically. I am a mathematician turned sociologist, thanks to my destiny. Also I have lived a good portion of my life thinking that there is no other world but our own tangible world that is run based on certain laws; meaning, I violently refused to believe in existence of any methaphysical realm and domain. And in the climax of this state of mind, where and when my world had become divided into two groups of believers and non-believers (due to our Islamic government) I witnessed this mass abduction that shattered all my philosophical beliefs. It took me a long time to find the needed vocabulary to be able to explained, partially, what could have happen to me that night in Farah Abad military base South East of Tehran. The reason why I contacted Billy’s group was two things; a picture Billy had taken of his extraterrestrial friends in the sky of India, and the fact that Petaah appeared to be wasting his technology and time traveling back to time and working around unimportant issues with consequences, in my opinion much less important than the notion of “abduction”, and in my case an extremely unknown mass abduction event with potential s to reveal numerous secrets. I expected him to bother a minute and travel back to history and see who is picking up humans in thousands with such ease and “at will”. The picture showed space ships in the sky having the same triangular formation as the space ships I had seen. In my letter to Billy I mentioned 9 objects in the sky with every 3 constructing a triangle. Anyway, I was told a “swamp gas “story by Petaah and sent away for 12 years and another look at Billy’s picture tells me that the formation is not triangular after all. The formation of the ships in Billy’s picture and some other concerns made me suspect that Petaah’s group is doing this abduction for good reason not bad reason and hiding it from humanity. I was allowed to leave Iran in August 1984 for continuing my education. It was my first flight with an airplane and I fell asleep a few minutes after we boarded and when I opened my eyes we were over Alpine region. Immediately a feeling was built in me telling me I have seen this view some times ago. I could never understand why I had that feeling, unless the Plejaiens had brought me there few years before. After all I now know their base was in a tunnel somewhere there. I have gone through hypnosis to remember my abduction event but my subconscious, or whatever layer it is under me, told me it will not allow me to remember the event for sake of my health (whatever that means). However, it allowed me to remember a few things. First I was beamed down in an underground facility, second three very tall human –like beings greeted me, I boarded a train like transportation means to be taken to another part of the facility through an endless tunnel; long long long tunnel, third a non-human being who had a very gracious body language (like respectful body language of yellow race) did some questioning or performed some testing on me. That is all I have been allowed to remember. I do know that when I was put down in my foxhole my body jittered for a bit before it stabilized. It was not the same foxhole I took sheltered in at the time of the incident. A series of thought began in my head to encourage me to leave the foxhole. I did not want to. I was waiting to hear some explosion due to aerial bombardment. After a minute or so I came out to search for my friends. Dozens of foxholes around me and all empty. My wrist watch showing a time too late for military daily routine.

I should have been in bed with light off by then (I was off by 1 hour and half I think). It was my turn to wash the dishes in the kitchen, which I did not do it and did not get punish the next day. I did go towards the kitchen to finish the job but a few yards before I reached the kitchen a series of thoughts  in my head started telling  me ( let it be, after all, tonight has been a screwy one anyway); a clear case of mind control. I have no doubt at the time I was released on the base, the kitchen was a mess and the Aliens did not want me to see it. It would have been a confirmation for my abduction. Because there was a team of us responsible for that night to clean up and wash and put things away. And nobody from my cleaning team was in sight. They had not been beamed down yet. I checked on several other barracks all empty and the gun rooms very dangerously left alone with doors open. All beds were empty at 10:00 pm. All were filled up the next morning. Nobody wanted to talk about the last night event. Nobody remembered anything anyway.  I wished somehow somebody could help me remember more, or telling me why all of this happen. What did they gain by abducting so many people?

--Niceguy 17:38, 11 September 2010 (BST)