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These passages are true to those human or other beings that are developing naturally by itself without interferences but do not address circumstances for those that have been interfered with or those that benefited from violating the creation laws. One can make the distinction between the Plejarens who developed without interferences for 50,000 years (no wars) and their high level of technological/spiritual development. But they still have much to learn from those that were interfered with.

Then compare that to Earth humans, the manipulated DNA creation of the creator overlords who violated both ends of the creational equation and benefited in the process. They manipulated their genes to accelerate their spiritual development and loss the ability to defend them from aggression. Therefore created other (earth) humans to do their dirty work of fighting, in addition, made them much more aggressive, shorten their natural life spans of 350-450 to 100 years in the hope that they are denied the ability to get the necessary experience and knowledge in order to remain under the control of these human parasites called the creator overlords.

So now we have a combination of sorts, Earth humans are a mixture of different races, the benevolent creator overlords that fled with them, along with humans from Mars and Malona, and the 144,000 ring leaders now re-incarnated on Earth. Even more so for those with different ethnic backgrounds with whites that further exploited other races on Earth, to also include the Asians who came 26,000 years ago. So yes we have a "unique" characteristic situation when applying the current Creation Laws to Earth humans.

Now one wonders, if creation laws have another "option" to address these circumstances where one advanced human race was "allowed" to exist at the expense of another? Because now there is a "cause and effect" situation where Earth humans are at a very disadvantaged stage, yet the creation laws listed remain steadfast "cast in stone"? In FIGU Special Bulletin 38 it lists the interconnections between all course and fine matter and in the center lays the human element. The "options" are within these parameters and have been accessed by well trained Earth humans to a certain degree, all without the necessary technological means available to more advanced human races.

Like any development, there lies the danger of positive or negative uses and careful considerations or assistance must be addressed at the highest levels to prevent abuses of power, which appears rampart throughout history has been shown. Creation laws need to also "evolve" at a higher frequency in order to remain creative; otherwise it no longer is creative. Federations or alliances consists of various types of intelligences that developed and evolved as single entities to contribute its uniqueness to this composite group formed to promote harmony in the universe.

However, none has the unique composition, experiences, varied negative/positive influences including numerous interferences from both earth bound and ET's, reincarnated on a single planet that still struggles from a much disadvantaged prospective brought on by manipulated creation of pass violations by more advanced intelligences along with religious teachings. Take this and other factors into consideration and it poses a different "solution" outside of the "normal" creation or spiritual realms of evolution. Simply for the fact, that Earth humans was not afforded the privilege of developing "normally" as other ET's have.

Therefore the "key" to this resolution lies within the benevolent Earth human’s ability to "interface" into the fine and course material realms and evolve spiritually as well as technologically. ET's can be a partner in this development, providing the necessary assistance or remain "on the fence" and face the consequences of imbalances should that occur. Case in point, tapping into Mr. G's subconscious almost cost the life of BEAM and Semjase.

Bigfoot said ...

The unfair human being who wrote the above, must be trying to start a religion.

--Bigfoot 18:16, 11 November 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian 06:28, 12 November 2010 (UTC)Please elaborate more than just some shallow opinion which contributes practically nothing of value? The Truth can only be administered through logical reasoning based on humane experiences, which if lacking, should be viewed from the oppressed prospective. Like the elements of nature, each uniquely created and evolving accordingly to its own environment, universal in nature, but at the same time separate in development.

Any ties or linkages to these events must also be considered when contemplating such endeavors to balance the positive and negative elements which are attributed to such a complex set of circumstances that are inter-connected through time, space, dimensions, personalities, incarnations and finally no where else in the DERN universe (as far as I know of), the interface amongst all relevant parties, the incorporation between a BEING/Being.

The incarnation of a formerly pure spiritual BEING of the Arahat Athersata level into a material Being is of immense proportions, often beyond these written words to comprehend its true meanings and intentions that require intensive energy tapped amongst a multitude of sources that are evolving as we speak. Such is the reason why BEAM is here and his incarnated spirit of Nokodemjion has many more mysteries to be discovered.

And finally, the article main objective was to condense a brief summary derived from various sources in order to bring awareness to the truth, which often invokes guilt for those that are responsible of such endeavors. Such emotion can be a catalyst for proper resolution or balance of events that when administered humanely and logically, are mutually beneficial for both the oppressor and victims of oppression. Both are inter-connected and thus falls into the category of the Cause and Effect relationship, their evolution are interconnected and related. Guilt although bitter tasting, is good medicine when positive endeavors are invoked for those responsible for bad deeds.

However, there MAY be other avenues of evolution for those not properly addressed beyond the “normal” Creational mechanisms at hand since this whole episode of events was anything but “normal”, which can be answered by BEAM himself.

Markvd said ...

That's not so bad 144,000 ring leaders vs. 7 billion people sounds like a win for the masses unless all 144,000 hold all the top positions in government, business, science.:) I would like to have a list of these clever yet troublesome foes and maybe they can be saved yet and deviate from the dark side of there consciousness. :)

--Markvd 16:59, 12 November 2010 (UTC)

Unfortunately the vast majority of Earth's 7 billion people are of new spirits with very little experience due to overpopulation and the 42 million plus of former ET's who are also re-incarnated are not evolved enough to make much of a difference. It is also ironic that some of these former degenerates who are responsible for much of the ills that still plague Earth are currently within the inner circle of BEAM!

Apparently the "normal" process of spiritual evolution has not produced the desired effect, there ought to be another options, if only the Plejarens and others apply themselves accordingly?

Bigfoot you say that many past troublesome people that brought this current reality are unworthy of redeeming there faults. I notice in many of the reports unreliable teammates on TEAM Billy however if one made a mess would you let someone clean it up for you or give those once delusioned minds a chance to help aid in fixing the current problems they created? It would be nice to have an absolutely flawless team but we are still young and if Billy the oldest human being spiritually can cope with incompetence and clumsiness once in a while then we should be mission request more Asketesque beings to maintain sanity at the center.:)

Hawaiian 09:47, 13 November 2010 (UTC)Markvd and others reading this should be aware that the “free will” evolution along with the “hands off” approach has failed repeatedly and miserably at best, often putting the mission in dire consequences that even the High Council considered abandoning its involvement once and for all.

However, one has to analyze this whole episode of events, not just the Earth human’s dilemma, but the Plejarens, High Council and others who influenced this from the beginning to the present, including the degenerate ET’s as well. Everyone involved, whether they like it or not, are either part of the solution or part of the problem, there is no “fence sitting”, one cannot only take part in what they consider “appropriate” and expect a solution to materialize “accordingly to Creational laws, since every element of this unfortunate episode are linked accordingly to FIGU special bulletin 038.

Because Creational attributes for Earth humans was and are certainly not “normal”, but a perverse prostitution of Creation itself, by higher so called Beings of advanced human races upon lesser developed fellow humans who are now in such degenerative states as a result of such negative “endeavors”. To expect some resolution to occur amongst these degenerates based on free will in accordance to Creational laws that worked for those advanced races that never experienced negative interferences and influences at the levels directed at us along with the capacity to escape into other dimensions or planets not bound to Earth (reincarnations), is in my opinion, unfair and unjust.

Some of you may not like what I’ve posted in the past and present, often holding the Plejarens in unquestionable esteem who are humans and in some matters, inexperienced who do make mistakes, which I have listed in other posts. Their life cycles are 10 times ours and have more than ample time to correct their mistakes, while ours are severely restricted if one compares the recent removal of the Giza intelligences in the 1970’s.

However the negative religious “residue” will linger for another 200 years or more, in other words, 2 to 3 life cycles and reincarnations if events remain stable, considering this is only one of many factors.

Remember the incident in Russia known as the Tunguska explosion, a lost spaceship with over 4 thousand ET’s condemned by their own race, forbidden to return home or being assisted, committed mass suicide and are now also subjected to shorten reincarnated life cycles on Earth. Instead they could have served as a buffer against the Giza intelligences, since religious beliefs originated from here was responsible for massive destruction in their home worlds done previously. A “hands off” approach was taken, when a more humane and reasonable endeavor could have been at least attempted.

More such examples have been recorded in history and these are what I consider “Equational Potentials”, weighing in ALL elements between the positive and negatives, the Cause and Effect along with the Not Cause and Not Effect relationship. Something that a member of FIGU inner circle rejects, I am curious of what BEAM actually thinks of this theory?

Markvd said ...

Hawaiian let`s say CURRENT Earth thought and mentality was granted an extended life span of 350 years. Inputting data into logic calculator = more overpopulated planet and possible destruction. I think with the short life spans science cannot reach a peak level of use to be of much danger but 350 years of current planetary mindset is negative on the logic calculator.:)I think once people start earning there way up the evolutionary path as a WHOLE then we will have better longer days ahead.

--Markvd 11:11, 13 November 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian 18:15, 13 November 2010 (UTC)Unfortunately you have NOT utilized your full awareness in this matter and not connected the past, its attributes, the Cause & Effect principle that leads into the current situation here on Earth as the result of one of the primary reasons humans of shorten life cycles are facing, which is the opportunity of a full life to develop spiritually as well as evolving.

Had the manipulated human warriors been given 350-450 instead of 100 years, they would have certainly started to question the insane “god divine” status of the Creator Overlords as well as the benevolent turned malevolent counter-parts that fled with them to Earth, Mars and Malona. Certainly if these degenerates were further “influenced” by benevolent Beings as were the case in Atlantis and other ET settlements with the backing of higher intelligences to counter-act the negative agendas of evil ET’s, this whole episode of not just Earth humans, but other benevolent ET’s would probably have endured to fruition status as well.

However, we all know that it did not happen from those empowered to do so, yet we have a pure spiritual BEING that did intervene in times past that put a stop, although did not last for long and continues today. The foundation has already been laid down by Nokodemjion, yet others do not or will not see the logic of his endeavors done billions of years ago in which others have certainly benefited, yet remained “status quo”?

If one cannot or will not connect this historical fact of logical reasoning, then he or she should not try to pick and choice concepts/ideas to “fit” their own interpretation on how events relate to current situations. In this case, under the current conditions regarding overpopulation, certainly if the life cycle was 350-450 years, Earth would have long ago experienced a carbon dioxide melt down, but the point goes beyond this time frame.

However one must look beyond that premise, in other words, gather all the facts and elements, apply the Cause and Effect principle regarding the utilization of weighing on opposite sides, the positive/negative Causes and on the other side of this equation, the positive/negative Effect or results. Then to balance this, apply a Not Cause and Not Effect principle using the same elements of positive/negative attributes.

Depending on the circumstances and degree of humane/logical reasoning, along with the “intent” of Creational application, free will can also be included in this “Equational Potential” theory, although I have not seen this being applied that will certainly have a beneficial outcome even for evil personalities as in the case of the Giza intelligences. Who by the way have all passed away in 2006, their spirits locked into a banished planet to wait incarnation of uncertain status.

Yet, if such a principle was to be applied to them while still in the material form, their outcome could have been both beneficial for them as well as others. How one would ask? Simply by having them experience first hand the negative influences they have for so long done to others so that the personalities will have the necessary experiences in order to distinguish right from wrong with the hopes that guilt will run its course to rectify pass injustices into logical humane responses. We all know for a fact that bad personalities often reincarnate with the same attributes because they lacked the necessary experiences in their Conscious to be balanced. Unfortunately they cause others who follow the right path to stagnate, thus removal may be the only option.

If free will takes precedence, then the use of programmed androids will have to suffice in order to validate this theory as was done previously by Quetzal.

Markvd said ...

If you read all the contact reports it will be around the 4th millenium before the real awesome stuff begins and we would have lived many lives since then. Just be patient and help others around to slowly but surely find there way. If only the world leaders would hold a monthly meeting and straighten out all the worlds problems that scientifically can be done to preserve our existence responsibly then we might find a way to be far ahead of schedule and see the fruits of our labor bare fruit in the year 3999, 1 year ahead of schedule.:)

--Markvd 19:51, 13 November 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian 05:37, 14 November 2010 (UTC)Apparently you have not or will not conceive the importance of this exercise and react similarly as someone who is servitude to some religious dogmas, in this case the contact notes, because it points to better times in the far future. Yet Billy always mentions about taking action in the now and present, not something one plans for, but lives for in the moment of Truth.

With that type of thinking, one can clearly understand how limited and restricted your and the Plejaren approach are, depending on predictions, prophecies or other means of comprehensions in order to avoid the now and available means to make the necessary "adjustments" to correct the wrongs, which require immediate commitments based on solid historical events proven to work. It is an insult to those that stand for justice, bidding your time just because the Plejarens says events will occur 800 years from now, but are still uncertain such events will actually occur, mean while the carnage goes on unabated.

Others in their alliance may not adhere strictly to the directives and certainly those outside may intervene if circumstances prove to be "appropriate", depending on how issues pan out and their interests in these matters.

Dream on, the world leaders are corrupted, greedy and lustful for power in the realms of insanity, it will never happen in this life time or in the foreseeable future. These types of responses are not worth elaborating further, since apparently there are little or no motivation from those that can make a difference, but are more concerned about remaining in the “status quo”, go tell that to Nokodemjion whose honorable commitments are the reasons why each and everyone one of you are here in the first place.

So I will conclude this exercise and hope it brings into light, what “Korrektieren” is all about. I have said my piece of analysis and will not post again, since apparently its useless to continue because people accept their fate like defeated sheep being led to the slaughter house and refuse to acknowledge their links that span this universe as well as time, space and dimensions. Be in peace while the fires of injustice continues on. Saalome and Aloha…..Hawaiian

Markvd said ...

Hawaiian I understand your concern but you sound rather spoiled to expect things to just somehow come to you. If things were that way how would the development of consciousness evolve which is a main principal of growth as a material being. I think you need to look further than always begging and pleading for an extended life rather come up with a solution and become a scientist if your not one already. I think in the past they were to open in spreading knowledge thus many used it to there advantage which in sense is only human for bad purposes. I wish you well on your quest to be the oldest human being on Earth but I`m afraid you will have to aim for 2nd place behind Gilgamesh if he is considered human.:)

--Markvd 06:10, 14 November 2010 (UTC)