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These passages are true to those human or other beings that are developing naturally by itself without interferences but do not address circumstances for those that have been interfered with or those that benefited from violating the creation laws. One can make the distinction between the Plejarens who developed without interferences for 50,000 years (no wars) and their high level of technological/spiritual development. But they still have much to learn from those that were interfered with.

Then compare that to Earth humans, the manipulated DNA creation of the creator overlords who violated both ends of the creational equation and benefited in the process. They manipulated their genes to accelerate their spiritual development and loss the ability to defend them from aggression. Therefore created other (earth) humans to do their dirty work of fighting, in addition, made them much more aggressive, shorten their natural life spans of 350-450 to 100 years in the hope that they are denied the ability to get the necessary experience and knowledge in order to remain under the control of these human parasites called the creator overlords.

So now we have a combination of sorts, Earth humans are a mixture of different races, the benevolent creator overlords that fled with them, along with humans from Mars and Malona, and the 144,000 ring leaders now re-incarnated on Earth. Even more so for those with different ethnic backgrounds with whites that further exploited other races on Earth, to also include the Asians who came 26,000 years ago. So yes we have a "unique" characteristic situation when applying the current Creation Laws to Earth humans.

Now one wonders, if creation laws have another "option" to address these circumstances where one advanced human race was "allowed" to exist at the expense of another? Because now there is a "cause and effect" situation where Earth humans are at a very disadvantaged stage, yet the creation laws listed remain steadfast "cast in stone"? In FIGU Special Bulletin 38 it lists the interconnections between all course and fine matter and in the center lays the human element. The "options" are within these parameters and have been accessed by well trained Earth humans to a certain degree, all without the necessary technological means available to more advanced human races.

Like any development, there lies the danger of positive or negative uses and careful considerations or assistance must be addressed at the highest levels to prevent abuses of power, which appears rampart throughout history has been shown. Creation laws need to also "evolve" at a higher frequency in order to remain creative; otherwise it no longer is creative. Federations or alliances consists of various types of intelligences that developed and evolved as single entities to contribute its uniqueness to this composite group formed to promote harmony in the universe.

However, none has the unique composition, experiences, varied negative/positive influences including numerous interferences from both earth bound and ET's, reincarnated on a single planet that still struggles from a much disadvantaged prospective brought on by manipulated creation of pass violations by more advanced intelligences along with religious teachings. Take this and other factors into consideration and it poses a different "solution" outside of the "normal" creation or spiritual realms of evolution. Simply for the fact, that Earth humans was not afforded the privilege of developing "normally" as other ET's have.

Therefore the "key" to this resolution lies within the benevolent Earth human’s ability to "interface" into the fine and course material realms and evolve spiritually as well as technologically. ET's can be a partner in this development, providing the necessary assistance or remain "on the fence" and face the consequences of imbalances should that occur. Case in point, tapping into Mr. G's subconscious almost cost the life of BEAM and Semjase.