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Sweet6b9 said ...

I now know that the Empire of Destruction that works to destroy the truth, which cannot ever happen, have a technology known as Synthetic Telepathy Implants. I know that these are Nano-Implants and that they connect directly to our brain. These implants are capable of locating and destroying brain cells that contain certain memories and when this celular attack is taking place the body exibits signs of Flu like symptoms, including hot and cold sweats as the body attempts to kill any virus that might be causing this problem in the brain. They have used this technology to wipe out memories of Government employee's that exposed or were working in areas where advanced and Interdimensional technology is being developed to assist in the total domination of the Human Race of Earth and in cloning facilities in Deep Undergroung Military Bases all over the world. It should be known that these Humans and Non-Human life forms are a part of a Vast Empire that is truely only interested in the perversion and destruction of all natural life in the Light Universe that we live in. Earth is not the only planet they are attacking. It would appear that the Plejaren Federation would be a very wise choice for the Earth Human to learn from when the option is an empire the is 1000 times worse than the empire in the famous movie Star Wars.

We are in deep trouble. People are being fed drugs in the water, food, and now Aluminum is being sprayed into the sky to assist in the destruction of natural plant food sources and to block out the light of our Star. The Star Light of our sun, much like the light of the Candle flame is very important to our survival. I have been using the Meditation Exercise that Billy teaches and have advanced to meditate on the sunlight now. I use a convex mirror lense and stare at the reflection of the sun during the meditation and this is having an enormous and positive effect on my meditation exercise.

I try to teach others but I am innundated by Occult members of the Secret Intelligence Agencies and Police departments in my area. They know that I know the truth and they attack me just like they attack Billy Meiers. I am lucky to have found the truth. I try to share it but I am having much difficulty doing so with so many attacks. I will continue to focus on the Meditation Exercise and to try to teach others. The planes are constantly spraying what are dubbed Chemtrails over America which will also effect the rest of the world, not unlike the use of the Harp Weapon. Those that use this attack against us do not care about anyone else and they plan to continue until the planet is barron and all human life has been destroyed. I am sad to see so many people that have joined the Occult here in America. I see how the sheeple are hypnotized by the TV, drugs in the water and food, and all other forms of thought manupulation including Synthetic Telepathy Implants that are used for Hypnosis Programming during the sleep dream stage at night. The Meditation exercise can expose these implants, or just looking to the side of the sun either in reflection of a mirror or at Sunrise or Sunset and one will see a dark DOT that seems to flash like a strobe light, form over the Sun in their vision. This is the simple way to detect the Implant Technology. If you see the Dot form and appear to wiggle around or flash like a strobe light or computer projection then you have an implant. I believe that these implants have been used on Humans of Earth to keep us enslaved for much longer than Human Records exist. I am also trying to warn people about the Pole Shifts but again, Secret Intelligence Agents swarm on me and use the implant technology and other implants throughout my body to track my location and keep an eye on me and they will come directly to me and try to convince me that I am wrong, or will interupt any conversation I am having when someone is actualy listening and learning. When people listen, In swarm the Secret Intelligence and Occult members to discredit me or to distract me. Happens every time now. I have even caught them following me in my car or flying close by in a Helicopter. My family is implanted and are being programmed with the implants to doubt me and continue to try to tell me that I should just sign the Top Secret Papers and keep my mouth shut. Even my own dad asked me how did I know that the New World Order wasnt a good thing? I said, they Kill People and they implanted us!!

Thats No Good!!

I am not a violent person and violence is never the solution so I do not attack these occultists buty I will probably loose everything I own and end up living in the woods or worse. My Health is good because I eat healthy (Vegitarian) and I meditate and try to exercise for health.

Much Love, Peace in Wisdom, Kevin Gaylord

--Sweet6b9 (talk), Woodbridge VA, USA, 21:08, 22 February 2013 (GMT)