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Markvd said ...

The problem with all religions is that it makes people feel a part of something which is good. I remember going to church and feeling great about seeing friends and such but the sermons although inspirational I found that people go and don't follow any of the rules they preach. Religion can subtly control aspects of the mind which can enslave the mind to agree with EVERYTHING each respective religion prophesizes. Once I heard a pastor approving war I knew this was a joke. This is a free will universe so no one should be binded by those that want to control and manipulate you. I took the good aspects I learned from church such as community but since then have left the Church and judge things on how I individually and uniquely see it. I say to those that are still in a tug of war in there minds about religion to ask themselves, Could the church be wrong at times? People seem to see them as the definitive answer for all problems. I think compromise is the key and religion does not allow that until there is news to report by media outlets about there extracarricular activities. Is it possible that since Creation is within all of us we are all capable of coming up with a solution?

--Markvd 00:16, 15 September 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Christianity is bipolar dis functional reasoning, why? It contradicts itself, first in the Old Testament states that the one and only prophet (5th one) is Jmmanuel. Then in the New Testament (created by the Giza SOB's) claim the prophet is now Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary (cutting off Gabriel's spirit, now incarnated in Quetzal)

Like the other religions, it is based on false perverted transgressions DESIGNED to deceive and distort the facts in order to manipulate, extort and enslave others from realizing their true potentials, which is greater than any god or gods.

The realizations of awareness is with held by those religious criminals in order to remain in power at the expense of others because they are insane and will destroy anything that gets in their way, even solar systems.

--Hawaiian 01:09, 15 September 2010 (BST)

Markvd said ...

Hawaiian It's unfortunate entire solar systems were destroyed because if like they say in the contact reports ET's came and brought religion from Earth to there home planets, they were only able to see the exterior properties of religion all would seem well but not looking deeper into it's purpose because every group or ideal has a plan whether it's wicked or kind. They did not find out until it was too late and wars destroyed them all because everyone claiming to be followers of the "correct" relgion would easily get into battles about who is right and wrong. I wonder if most of these folks realize that no genuine being has come to help aid any of these groups with kind intent speaking of religions. The deceptive ET's who want to control the outcome of the free will universe as they see fit would rather see it destroyed than let man grow strength in there own mind and conscience. Some people need to have the universal remote "outcome changer" at all times.:)

--Markvd 05:59, 15 September 2010 (BST)

Benjamin Stevens said ...

The writer of this article wrote: "There is no other source that mentions Abraham and all the other forebears of the Hebrews. Even Moses is not a name - it is a suffix added to the names of the Egyptian gods, Ra and Tuth. There is no evidence that the Hebrews were ever, as a large community, slaves in Egypt..."

In doing so, he reveals his ignorance and closed-mindedness on the subject, for one such document which reveals that non-biblical records once existed, verifying the existence of Moses and of Israel's slavery in Egypt, is that of Tatian, who, in the second century of the Common Era, wrote the following in his Address to the Greeks.

"Chapter 38 - The Egyptians Place Moses in the Reign of Inachus.

Of the Egyptians also there are accurate chronicles. Ptolemy, not the king, but a priest of Mendes, is the interpreter of their affairs. This writer, narrating the acts of the kings, says that the departure of the Jews from Egypt to the places whither they went occurred in the time of king Amosis, under the leadership of Moses. He thus speaks: "Amosis lived in the time of king Inachus." After him, Apion the grammarian, a man most highly esteemed, in the fourth book of his Ægyptiaca (there are five books of his), besides many other things, says that Amosis destroyed Avaris in the time of the Argive Inachus, as the Mendesian Ptolemy wrote in his annals. But the time from Inachus to the taking of Troy occupies twenty generations."

This is only one quote from several ancient authors that shows that ancient, non-biblical evidence of the existence of Moses was once easily accessible. Another writer whom I know of, who records such evidence, is Julius Africanus. The above also attests to Israel's slavery in Egypt, for Ptolemy could not write of the "departure of the Jews from Egypt" if they were not once, as a whole, held there.

Too often, those who want to discredit the existence of people and places in the Bible are quick to ignore all tertiary evidence that stands against them and are unwilling to allow for the fact that many ancient records that once existed are now lost, which should only be expected after so much time. In this case, however, the Plejarens and the Talmud Jmmanuel also stand as sources, which support the existence of Abraham and Moses.

--βενιαμιν 16:14, 15 September 2010 (BST)