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Sweet6b9 said ...

Peace in Wisdom Billy. May we be responsible for our own actions and step up against those Dark Ones that are now in control in our Worlds Governments. They can be known as NWO, Illuminati, VRIL Society, Skull & Bones, and they convene at Bohemian Grove!! I have seen evidence to support all that you have given, here in the USA in the Government where I have worked. I am aware that the Plajaren came and offered their help but were treated poorly and turned away. Now the Dark Ones and the Grey are in control of our Navy & Airforce & Secret Intelligence Agencies. The Army is ill equiped to defend against their technology. My spirit is awake and I fight for my life, they steel my sleep and push dreams on me and they have implanted my body to try to prevent me from meditation. I have seen things all my life but tell no one until now. Billy, I need to let you know what is going to happen the way I see it. See YouTube for video "NASA Sun Objects", they seem to be destroying the sun. Is it possible the sun will turn Red and the Moon? The HAARP weapon has depleated our ionosphere. The ones in charge think they will live deep within the earth and on the Moon and Mars where we now have military forces. They are unaware that they are being deceived even though they have been lied to over and over. I tell them again and again but they do not care what I say.

Peace in wisdom Billy, You are a HERO in my book always and your message has saved my life so far! I have made mistakes but I try still. I fear Ptaah has been taken to Aldeberan for helping me. Something about violating the Covenant?? But I called to him to ask for help for the innocent that are being taken. You need not reply to that. I only hope I have the strength you had in the past to face my challenge ahead. You should know that the Black Delta ships are back and they are making more in Dulce NM in the USA close to a place called Area 51. Peace in Wisdom, Kevin

--Sweet6b9 23:40, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Samari said ...

Can you help me with a land mark proximity of the 3rd Nuclear Facility in Iran!! Please..

--Samari 07:12, 21 March 2011 (UTC)

Sweet6b9 said ...

Sorry, I am unfamiliar with any land marks in Iran. My appologies. Peace in Wisdom

--Sweet6b9 07:07, 3 June 2011 (BST)