The Great Pyramid

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If Billy has presented anything about the past i.e. prehistory, then for all intents and purposes, compared to any other information source in the world, it's related to the pyramids, because no other such specially framed information about the subject [anything prehistory] exists as it does with the FIGU, how could it. The Plejaren's story of our past which Billy has passed along and to us, is different in some particular, very interesting, ways. Their story of Earths past is so complicated that few have ever dared to delve right down deeply into it, mostly because of the shear volume of the information presented by them, but it is followable for a shallow ephemeral reading of the situation.

Ptaah, Semjase, and Asket explained to Eduard that about the Egyptian pyramids, the first pyramids were built around 73,300 years ago or so, but later dismantled again because they fell to decay, namely through rotting in the interior as well as through the weather. In particular, this refers to the Pyramids of Giza but also to many other pyramids all over the world. [continue reading]

Afterwards, everything was rebuilt, which should have happened around 10,800 or 11,000 years ago. At this time, about 300 years before the Great Flood, a certain king Sahluk was the person of power, who ordered the dismantling and alteration of the Great Pyramid of Giza and allowed this to be carried out. But again, everything mouldered over the course of the following millennia and fell to decay, so about 4,500 years ago,[1] an enormous pyramid work resulted once more, as everything that was mouldering and decaying was torn away, removed, and replaced; thus, accordingly, new stone blocks were cut and then dragged and set up by human power. At the same time, the main pyramid completely lost its internal structure and organization, and it was built anew under the strict power of Cheops[2] and completely revamped. Therefore, one can very well say that the current pyramid of Giza can actually also be called the Pyramid of Cheops, even though its actual origin traces back to other and partly Earth-foreign builders from the constellation of Orion, and indeed, to a time of two stellar ages ago, one of which is reckoned as around 36,650 years, and thus, in a 2-times form, yields a time of 73,300 years, whereby this time must be set before the Islamic Hegira,[3] however. And when we speak of the Pyramid of Giza, we always speak of the pyramid that must be seen as the original pyramid, even if today, the new production is addressed, which is, of course, already about 4,500 years old and is exposed to rotting and decay, and which also no longer exhibits its original measure of 152.5 meters in height but only 146 or 148 meters. This great pyramid, together with the others, is aligned in its formatting to the constellation of Orion, while the Khafre structure, I mean the Sphinx structure, was aligned to the constellation of Leo. The new pyramid, as well as all the others and the Sphinx structure, were built in more recent times, so about 4,500 years ago, solely by Earth people, by their own forces. The builders were early Egyptians, like also the largest part of the workers, who were free people and artisans to a certain part, while many others, who came in small numbers as slaves from other countries, had to perform their hard work, together with a small number of domestic slaves. That majority of the workers, however, was based on free Egyptians. For the purpose of the nourishment of all workforces, a veritable industrial food-city was built near the pyramid, and also mass campsites were provided for resting and sleeping, as well as tombs for the many deceased, who were at work there.[4]

"You wonder about the age of the pyramid. In truth its history is somewhat confused, because its origins lead back to very early times. Were I to tell it to you now, the meaning and the history of its origin would lead back much too far. So I will only tell you the required data, according to which you can form a picture for yourself. This, and also a few other pyramids on the Earth, was constructed when the constellation of Lyra was positioned in the sign of Cancer..."
Asket's Explanations - Part 4

Ancient Egypt FAQ and Q&A [Show/Hide]

Q: When did Billy Meier go to the Egyptian pyramids in a flying saucer to see an ancient buried flying saucer?

A: Asket's Acquaintanceship.

Q: Was the Schist Disc or Schist Wheel an ornate fruit salad dressing bowl and if not what?

A: We don’t know if this has been discussed.

Q: How were the giant Luxor statues and obelisk cut from a single stone and moved?

A: Only a very small part of the work was done with the aid of telekinetic devices / forces. Most of the work was conducted by about 200,000 slaves (plus animals) over a time period of many decades. A huge number of the slaves died during this process. The Megaliths were also constructed by human being's hand labour.

Q: Do you know of any Egyptologists who are willing to approach it in this mildly controversial, marginally conspiratorial way, but who are reasoning intellectually and therefore worth listening to i.e. my time?

A: These individuals have apparently conducted a good quantity of study in that way and can be found on Youtube: Bryan Foerster, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, Christopher Dunn, Robert Schoch. Apparently these individuals allow their brains to be picked and have a brain worth picking, there is probably many more. But you are right that Egyptology (and any other ancient historical discipline / study) generally are absolutely against any extraterrestrial theory. There is many areas where academics have cut themselves short and are sitting on something to be discovered, absolutely. There was a prehistory globalisation, we are confident about that. Atlantis and Mu is another area, which generally covers Egypt. Egypt is not particularly interesting comparatively, because Atlantis moves into all the different available histories of the world, difficult to develop clear perspective on it when all taken together because it’s layered on top and evolved into of what we have today.

Q: When were they built?

The first pyramids were built around 73,300 years ago or so, but later dismantled again because they fell to decay, namely through rotting in the interior as well as through the weather. In particular, this refers to the Pyramids of Giza but also to many other pyramids all over the world. Afterwards, everything was rebuilt, which should have happened around 10,800 or 11,000 years ago. About 300 years before the Great Flood. It’s in Contact Report 222. In Contact Report 625 it’s reiterated that the construction 4,500 years ago where the pyramids and the Sphinx were built, was solely by human beings of the Earth, whereas in the first construction 73,300 years ago, non-terrestrials were also involved, and partly using telekinetic powers during that time.

Q: Which material is from 73,300 years ago, which is 10,800 years old and which is 4,500 years old?

A: We have not investigated this, a dating method would need to be implemented, however in Contact Report 182 Part2 it’s explained that even the best methods can be up to 2,000 years older or younger than can be analysed.

The ancient sites should be very carefully studied by persons who have conducted study in these subject sphere areas for decades, because the ancient sites have history on top of history on top of history, very complicated.

Q: The ornate quartzite, curiously burned stone with drill holed pieces, what was it, how was it made?

A: It may have been mentioned in a conversation that a variety of tools were at their disposal, we have not checked.

Q: The Osireion in Abydos has large granite blocks about 60,000 kg a piece, but nearest granite is in Aswan hundreds of miles away; where know why and how did do?

A: It was a combination of normal human labour, sweating it out in a team and if the object is about 73,300 years old or so, non-terrestrials may have been involved, and then partly the use of telekinetic powers may have been used. Telekinetic devices (technology) and telekinesis (brain) is described somewhere (check for a reference) that it was like a cushion of air, that lifted up, levitated, sound waves, hummed, and was advanced technology we didn’t have later in history (farsight institute has conducted a remote viewing session on this). Presumably when it was rebuilt the builders were in disbelief (as we are today) and tried to compete using the methods they knew, and so ‘found a way’ even if it meant thousands of men dragging a block of stone etc. Normally builders don’t attempt to build with materials that are ridiculous to move, but fueled by the belief their ancestors found a way, they got it done somehow. This is where the normal scientific theories come into play where an army of craftsmen, helped by slaves, built a town nearby and moved the blocks by levers and pulling etc.

Q: The Dendera light motif, carved stone relief superficially resembling modern electric lighting devices in the Hathor temple, did Egyptians have electricity and if so which batch of Egyptians had it, or is this misinterpreted and something else?

A: We don’t know if they have had a conversation about this.

Q: What can you tell us about the flat wall at the Aswan quarry, site of where they cut the obelisks out of the bedrock?

A: We don’t know if they have had a conversation about this.

Q: Curse of the Pharaohs?

A: There isn’t a curse of the Pharaohs, this is a story concocted by individuals caught up in too much of their religious fantasy. The deaths are attributed to accidents and to protection measures of the ancient Pharaohs and priests, perfectly aware of the upcoming tomb robberies. They collected hair-spines from the fruits of the ficus-indica cactus, poisoned them with millennia-durable deadly poison, then embalmed the bandages of the deceased Pharaohs with it. In Contact Report 52

Q: What do you know about the so-called Rosetta stone i.e. the Egyptian granodiorite stele?

A: We don’t know. Perhaps there are some untranslated Contact Reports or archived FIGU Forum Q&A with Billy Meier about it. It appears to be a decree in three scripts: the upper text in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion in Demotic script and lowest in ancient Greek. It therefore provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Q: Who burned the Library at Alexandria, when and why?

A: The new Christian Church eliminated everything that could not be reconciled with their Christian belief-delusion. Which included the libraries in Asia Minor, direct Roman Empire and in Greece etc. Even private homes were searched by the Christian henchmen, and if any scrolls were found during the search they were burned publicly. It happened in the 4th century, 367 AD in Alexandria, when the local bishop Athanasius ordered raids, and on houses, where bloody punishments were carried out for non-Christian owners of written works. Again in 391 A.D. And in the year 409 A.D. Emperor Constantine issued a decree by which mathematical scientists were punished with death by incineration if they did not themselves publicly burn their mathematical notes and they did not renounce mathematics. In the year 642 AD, when Alexandria was conquered by the Orient, after Islam had emerged, then all still findable writings of the antique knowledge were safeguarded; studied and evaluated throughout the Orient, consequently a tremendous developmental boost emerged. The knowledge of the Orient for that reason for centuries exceeded that of Europeans by far. It was no earlier than the Crusades, Crusaders who were then able to get hold of the antique knowledge again and unstoppably brought it to back to Europe as knowledge forbidden by the Church, partly together with what had already been common in Rome and Greece but was destroyed by the Christian belief-delusion of the Church-mighty. What was lost back in the original 4th century delusional destruction included 1,341,700 natural science scrolls with medical cognition’s and techniques, besides actual technical inventions, and 2,828,300 scrolls of political, literary and poetic written works, which were either eliminated or stolen and incorporated into the new Christian Church. If these records and plans had been preserved, it would have led to the human beings of Earth conquering outer space and settling on other planets already more than 200 years ago. Ultimately, only a few writings were preserved that were well hidden at the risk of the owners' lives, rediscovered in the 15th century then as mentioned moved over to the Orient to then return later. Living alongside religion is by no means harmless, be warned. You can read more about it in Contact Report 498.

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Make your own way.

FIGU Forum: Questions Answered by Billy

How was the Great Pyramid built?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

I hope you have been well.

This may seem mundane to you.
There is still much controversy & uncertainty on how the Great Pyramid was built.
Could you please shed some light on exactly how the Great Pyramid was built.(i understand it was built aprox 73,000 years ago)
Were other Megaliths constructed using the same methods ?

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Only a very small part of the work was done with the aid of telekinetic devices/forces. Most of the work was executed by about 200,000 slaves (plus animals) over a time period of many decades. A huge number of the slaves died during this process. (Altogether a very impressive work!)

The Megaliths were also constructed by human being's hand labor.[5]

Why were the Egyptian pyramids built?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

For what purpose or purposes was the Great Pyramid built for and who actually created the design & wanted it built ?

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

The pyramids were built for protection reasons (to give shelter from a prophesied catastrophe). Beside this, astronomical information was interwoven into the construction.[6]

The sites through Meiers socio-cultural context

The history of these sites is somewhat confused, complicated and unsettling. The origins lead back to very early times and therefore the history in entirety would lead much too far and be far too exhausting. So here are some selected facts from Billy Meier's many years of passing information onto us from the Plejaren.

  • The Egyptian and also a few other pyramids on Earth, were constructed when the constellation of Lyra (Lyre)[7] was positioned in the sign of Cancer.[8]
  • Construction time: You must calculate 2 x 36,650 years back from the time of the Hegira in order for you to obtain the correct figure. Originally the pyramids and their construction lead back to the sons of heaven - those who travel among the stars - those who were actually the original settlers of this world.[9]
  • The Great Deluge in about 9,545 BCE, the pyramids here in this land remained abandoned to their fate and nobody bothered anymore about them. They acquired a significance again 300 years before the great deluge. The comet just like on all the other occasions turned the Earth, flipped it's dipoles, flooded it with all the bodies of water and destroyed and annihilated everything which was at its mercy. Only a few masses of humans and animals of all kinds survived without the constructions for their protection and once again Earth humanity had to find a new start after this catastrophe, as had already repeatedly been the case in earlier times. [10]
  • King SAHLUK: lived about 300 years before the great deluge and his son had visions of the seven impacting comets in advance, this was The Destroyer comet not Atlantis though there is nearish timing they are separate events. They conducted a difficult and extensive investigation with a written record and therefore expected the catastrophe, King Sahluk ordered that the already existing pyramids be prepared as protection stations and survival stations for the humans of the still distant future, including underground villages and stores of goods be established and non-perishable food be stowed in the pyramids and underground villages. His descendent's as well as the later rulers of the land were faithful to these directions.[11]
  • Recoating the pyramids: Over that following three hundred years the pyramids were maintained and their outer sides were covered with very thick layers of lime in order to keep the water out. In the writing of that time they also fabricated signs in the layer of lime which told of the coming events so that they would not be forgotten by anybody.[12]
  • The Ark Deluge: different, occurred nearly 100,000 years ago.[13]
  • Atlantis and its destruction is the significant event before the events of the pyramids that investigators should be focusing on, not the pyramids, because Atlantis was the high civilisation, particularly advanced, globalisation, had their own Beamships and all that other stuff, later after the destruction of them and yet another civilisation restart then the people who remained in these various places were not the original people who made these ancient sites, and most were completely ruined by the deluge events anyway, and later the new inhabitants with all their religious beliefs and confusion picked away at the remaining features and use it for construction materials etc.[citation needed]
  • The people of Egypt today have virtually no connection whatsoever to the original inhabitants who actually built, maintained, recoated the pyramids, they are apparently Arabs who live there today and have nothing to do with the original settlers. Apparently those who survived the events and remaining moved to the todays Nigeria area of Africa, but in terms of incarnation you're more likely to find a former Egyptian spirit-form in a north America black person (but there is no rule to this observation).[citation needed]

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Only a very small part of the work which was achieved on the Great Pyramids at Giza was accomplished with the aid of telekinetic devices/forces.
    Most of the work was conducted by around 200,000 human beings forced as slaves and thousands of animals, over a time period of many decades. A hideous number of the slaves died horribly during the process in deplorable conditions. They did achieve a great work together but this by no means justifies the criminal behaviour of their workers.
    The Megaliths were also constructed by human being's through the efforts and volition of their labour.[14][15][continue reading]
  • Billy must be on the alert that no group member divulges the pyramid data and must maintain an absolute necessary silence.[16]
  • These basic data formulas for these very specific calculations, would lead to tremendous inventions of all kinds and to enormous progress.[17]
  • Those who deal with these things reckon with completely incorrect data regarding the pyramid height, resulting in false conclusions and new, incorrect results. These things are much more widely branching than you might imagine at the moment.[18]
  • Multiplying the original height of the Giza Pyramid by how many elements there are in the universe, 280, in a unique sevenfold form produces the end result of the exact number of the present light constant, the speed of light.[19]
  • The original construction with the gold cap stone, precision cut sandstone finish, telekinetic (pillow of fine-material) effortless movement devices,[citations needed] laser precision cutting technologies,[citations needed] very special size and position calculations (see Science and Mathematics), army of subordinate subterranean gold mining slaves possibly androids (bio-organic humans with no creative spirit-form like the beings from the Roswell crash),[citations needed] anti-gravity flight devices,[citations needed] was 300 years[citation needed] after the destruction of Malona, with a more accurate date we might even call it coincidental and likely therefore inherently linked.[citations needed] When the area was surrounded by jungle[citations needed] before the polar axis moved again[citations needed] shifting the mass of the ocean to a different place exposing or sinking various different coastlines which are today only shown on marine maps.[citations needed] At a time when some of the humans who lived on Earth were genetically normal (see Ageing) i.e. lived for a normal amount of time, about a thousand years or so. The four species of yeti genetic experiments and various other things such as the genetic development of the avocado,[citations needed] and the movement of the hyperion/hipperiom (horse) over from its native what is today north America to what is to Europe[citations needed] came later and nearer the time of Atlantis, because the two different groups from two separate planets[citations needed] which later became the Chinese and Japanese arrived 36,650 years later[citations needed] and the 40cm tall dwarf beings who lived later in what is today Switzerland later still.[citations needed] This was about the time the Neanderthals were being killed and in some cases mated with,[citations needed] and much later the Plejaren established the heritage link more firmly by having offworlder fathers to their Earth children which is why Europeans and descendants look so anatomically modern beautiful today,[citations needed] because they [Plejaren] themselves genetically modified themselves,[citations needed] and why upto 7% of our DNA today is Neanderthal with other ancestral links,[citations needed] the dominant human species out of all the extraterrestrials which survived it all because of it.[citations needed]

Further Reading

  • Giza Intelligences
  • Graham Hancock - It's been highlighted that the author's specialisation in pseudoarchaeology, pseudoscientific theories involving ancient civilisations, stone monuments or megaliths, consciousness, ancient myths, and astronomical or astrological data from the past, investigations and findings may be of interest. The fact that Graham's works have neither been peer reviewed nor published in academic journals demonstrates that he's probably discovered something substantial and interesting. But apparently they are not the kinds of books that one might take to a desert island with them, Billy's are.


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    The propensity of moving in the same direction and the traditional compound of fear, anxiety, persecution, greater cause and perceived greater good, reinforced again by religious relics, traditions and a social fabric which defeated various further creative flexibilities.
    There was probably the traditional (historically well used) variable grade delusion composite, that they would be better received in the afterlife, with some additional fortifying layers.
    Besides all this, the construction effort may have added more value to their lives than they would have otherwise had access to, so that crucial voluntary element pervaded, that vital component for the henchmen to commit themselves to their deplorable actions.
    In the current time by example, national and international construction projects are rightly and wisely considered of tremendous value for all the various reasons, economic, financial, political, social. Same principles but without the slavery aspects. Valueful life purpose, greed, need, disadvantages, pulling in the same direction (community).
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