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'''Ptaah:'''<br>The following is to be said about this: Probably in the year 2029 there will be an extensive reduction of all of us [[Plejara]], after which only sporadically the events on Earth will be observed. As a result of the disinterest of mankind on Earth in the truth of all things, in the right way of life, with regards to real love, real peace, real freedom and real justice, thereby what follows is the disregard with regards to learning, recognising and following the ‘teachings of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life’, caused by the tremendous religious sectarianism, the faith connection to the integrated false superiors, the faith connection of the world...
'''Ptaah:'''<br>The following is to be said about this: Probably in the year 2029 there will be an extensive reduction of all of us [[Plejara]], after which only sporadic Earth events will be observed. As a result of the disinterest of mankind on Earth in the truth of all things, in the right way of life, with regards to real love, real peace, real freedom and real justice, thereby what follows is the disregard with regards to learning, recognising and following the ‘teachings of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life’, caused by the tremendous religious sectarianism, the faith connection to the integrated false superiors, the faith connection of the world...

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Similar page Plejaren Federation and see Earth.


Plejaren is the word and name that is used to refer to folks of the star system or star grouping (from Earths perspective) Plejares otherwise known as Plejara (Plejaden, Plejadisch, Plejarische among others, in German). Plejaren may also occasionally be used to refer to the folks of the wider Plejaren Federation, which is where the word then looses certain values associated with that area of space. [continue reading]

An interesting feature of our humanities relationship is that many of the oldest books, stories and myths found on Earth, have been discovered and demonstrated to connect with them, and their historical relationship with Earth, in some way, form or another, see Ageing.

The humans who live there are in a time-shifted dimension which has nothing to do with the space in which we live in terms of naming regimen, it is purely an Earth designation.

The word folk is used instead of people because it shares etymology with the German word volk; and because the word people in Sarat has a meaning similar to vertebrate scavenging behaviour, which doesn't translate well.

As explained extensively they don't intervene, at least in the most conventional sense of the meaning of intervention. And couldn't, they're human and we're human.

If there is a major world changing event, invention or discovery, then the Plejaren may be watching and reporting it to the wider Plejaren Federation too, and/or probably already watched or forecasted it thousands of years ago (but not everything), as outlandishly preposterous and highly fictional as that may seem. To them just a couple of dozen generations ago Earth had a cataclysmic catastrophe, to us we don’t know what happened hundreds of generations ago because we have no records of it. The Earth human is a genetically modified human being in ways the Plejaren are not, despite sharing ancestors, our ageing genetics are different, effects the consciousness evolution development, so they monitor Earth.

Description caption from the Wendelle Stevens book Message from the Pleiades.


The Plejaren

Source: https://www.figu.org/ch/ufologie/die-plejaren and https://creationaltruth.org/FIGU/UFOlogy/The-Plejaren

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

The Plejaren

Die Plejaren

The Pleiades visible from Earth, is an open cluster of stars in the constellation of the bull. By the naked eye of our planet, about seven of the 300 or so Pleiades stars can be seen in the centre of the constellation. In total, the constellation has a diameter of about seven light-years, at a distance from Earth of about 385 light years. The Pleiades stars have a relatively young age, 62 million years according to Plejaren data. Bei den von der Erde aus sichtbaren Plejaden handelt es sich um einen offenen Sternhaufen im Sternbild des Stieres. Von blossem Auge sind von unserem Planeten aus bei sehr guter Sicht ca. sieben der etwa 300 Plejadengestirne zu sehen, die sich im Zentrumbereich befinden. Gesamthaft weist das Bild einen Durchmesser von etwa sieben Lichtjahren auf, bei einer Entfernung von der Erde aus, die mit rund 385 Lichtjahren zu rechnen ist. Die Plejadengestirne weisen ein relativ junges Alter auf, das gemäss plejadisch-plejarischen Angaben 62 Millionen Jahre beträgt.
The stars aren't orbited by habitable planets, therefore there is no suitability for carrying any life forms, no matter which form they might take. So there are neither any plants or animals, nor humans or spirit forms etc., there. The few existing planetary formations around some of the Pleiades stars are as inhospitable, hostile to life and even half suns, as the mother celestial bodies themselves. The mother celestial bodies are hot, blue stars or suns, which, as I said, are all still very young and do not reach old age either, because they will disappear again after a short period of time. Around the Pleiades stars are the remains of those formative gas clouds, which still can be seen, from which they originated millions of years ago. The constellation of Bull / Taurus itself covers a huge area, and it is one of those constellations in the starry sky that was one of the first to be given a name by Earth folks. Die Gestirne werden nicht von bewohnbaren Planeten umkreist, folglich also keinerlei Eignung zum Tragen irgendwelcher Lebensformen besteht, ganz egal welcher Form diese auch immer sein würden. Also existieren dort weder irgendwelche Pflanzen oder Tiere, noch Menschen oder Geistformen usw. Die wenigen vorhandenen Planetengebilde rund um einige der Plejadengestirne sind derart unwirtlich, lebensfeindlich und selbst noch halbe Sonnen, wie die Muttergestirne selbst. Die Muttergestirne sind heisse, blaue Sterne resp. Sonnen, die wie gesagt alle noch sehr jung sind und die auch kein hohes Alter erreichen, weil sie schon nach kurzer Dauer wieder vergehen werden. Um die Plejadengestirne sind noch die Reste jener Gaswolken zu erkennen, aus denen sie vor Millionen von Jahren entstanden sind. Das Sternbild Stier/Taurus selbst umfasst ein riesiges Gebiet, und es ist eines jener Bilder am Sternenhimmel, das als eines der ersten von den Erdenmenschen mit einem Namen versehen wurde.
The constellation is reminiscent of one of man's oldest domestic animals, cattle. More than 5000 years ago, this constellation had a very special meaning on Earth, because of the vernal equinox that was to be found there. Both the constellation and the bull as an animal were worshipped in almost every known high culture before that turn of time. The constellation contains probably the most known stars of all, just like the Plejades, the Hyades and the Crab Nebula[1] (cancer nebula), whereby the constellation name is probably holds a very worthy emphasis for this special region of sky. Das Sternbild erinnert an eines der ältesten Haustiere des Menschen, das Rind. Vor mehr als 5000 Jahren hatte dieses Sternbild auf der Erde eine ganz besondere Bedeutung, und zwar des Frühlingspunktes wegen, der dort zu suchen war. Sowohl das Sternbild als auch der Stier als Tier wurden nahezu in jeder bekannten Hochkultur vor der Zeitenwende verehrt und angebetet. Das Sternbild enthält wohl die bekanntesten Sterne überhaupt, wie eben die Plejaden, die Hyaden und den Crabnebel (Krebsnebel), wobei der Sternbildname wohl eine sehr würdige Hervorhebung dieser besonderen Himmelregion ist.

The main star of the constallation is Aldebaran, a giant at about 68 light-years distance, which is described as long-periodically variable and is about 36 times the diameter of our sun. The Crab Nebula consists of the remains of a stellar explosion that was observed on Earth in 1054 CE but took place 4442 years ago, backdated from 1996. The Hyades have an age of about 500 million years and are therefore uninhabitable stars, like the Pleiades.

Der Hauptstern des Bildes ist Aldebaran, ein Riese in rund 68 Lichtjahren Entfernung, der als langperiodisch Veränderlicher bezeichnet wird und etwa 36 mal den Durchmesser unserer Sonne aufweist. Der Crabnebel besteht als Überrest einer Sternexplosion, die auf der Erde anno 1054 n.Chr. beobachtet wurde, die jedoch bereits vor 4442 Jahren stattgefunden hat, zurückgerechnet vom Jahr 1996. Die Hyaden weisen ein Alter von rund 500 Millionen Jahren auf und sind also ebenfalls unbewohnbare Sterne, wie das die Plejaden sind.
The motion of the central core of the star cluster of the Pleiades, moves through space at a speed of 144,000 kilometres per hour, which corresponds to a speed of 40 kilometres per second. The silvery blue diffuse gas of the Pleiades and the nebular matter surrounding it, practically receives all its light from the stars behind them, which is then reflected, which is why we speak of a reflection nebula. Der Bewegungssternhaufen der Plejaden im zentralen Kern bewegt sich mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 144 000 Stundenkilometern durch den Weltenraum, was einer Fortbewegung von 40 Kilometern pro Sekunde entspricht. Die silbrig-blauen diffusen Gas- und Materienebel umgeben praktisch alle Plejadengestirne und erhalten ihr Licht von dahinterliegenden Gestirnen, das dann reflektiert wird, weshalb man von einem Reflexionsnebel spricht.

The home stars and home planets of the Plejaren / Plejares, has already been explained, it doesn't lie in or near the Pleiades stars as seen from the Earth and would thus be in our space-time structure, but instead they lie beyond these stars, still a further 80 light years beyond, consequently the distance from the Earth amounts to round 500 light years.

Die Heimatgestirne und Heimatplaneten der Plejadier/Plejaren, das wurde bereits erklärt, liegen nicht in oder bei den Plejadengestirnen, die von der Erde aus gesehen werden können und sich also in unserem Raum-Zeit-Gefüge befinden, sondern sie liegen jenseits dieser Gestirne noch weitere 80 Lichtjahre weiter entfernt, folglich die Distanz von der Erde aus runde 500 Lichtjahre beträgt.

In addition, the plejadisch-plejarischen homeland stars and homeworlds exist in a dimension that is shifted by a fraction of a second in space and time to that of our plane of existence; in the slight future. In this other space-time level there exists a star cluster with different habitable planets, namely 10 of them in number, of which four are inhabited in the star system Tayget by humans, who call themselves as well as their star cluster 'Plejaren' i.e 'Plejares' and 'Pleiades', because they are located not far from those Pleiades stars which are located in our space-time-structure. They've retained this naming regime, as has all other Henok / Henoch lineage descendants for the other constellations and for certain planets in their differently dimensioned habitats etc. So at least those stars i.e suns, in the star cluster of the Pleiades are named after the names of those suns, as this applies to the Pleiades stars in our dimension. With regards to the the Pleiades of their space-time shifted dimension, in their Plejares; the most Earth-like planet is named Erra, which incidentally is the home of Semjase, Quetzal, Pleija and Ptaah, as well as being the actual administration planet of the Plejaren Federation itself, whose allies are to be found up to 6 thousand million light years away.

Zudem existieren die plejadisch-plejarischen Heimatgestirne und Heimatwelten in einer Dimension, die zu unserer Existenzebene um einen Sekundenbruchteil raum- und zeiverschoben in der Zukunft liegt. In dieser anderen Raum-Zeit-Ebene existiert ein Sternhaufen mit verschiedenen bewohnbaren Planeten, und zwar deren 10 an der Zahl, wovon deren vier im Sonnensystem Tayget von Menschen bewohnt werden, die sich als auch ihren Sternhaufen Plejaren nennen resp. Plejaden und Plejadier, weil sie unweit jener Plejadengestirne angesiedelt sind, die sich in unserem Raum-Zeit-Gefüge befinden. Diese Namensbenennung behalten sie als auch alle anderen Henoklinie-Abkömmlinge für andere Sternbilder usw. und für gewisse Planeten bei in ihren andersdimensionierten Lebensräumen. So sind zumindest die Sterne resp. Sonnen im Sternhaufen der Plejaren nach den Namen jener Sonnen benannt, wie dies für die Plejadengestirne in unserer Dimension zutrifft. Auf den Plejaden/Plejaren der raum-zeit-verschobenen Dimension der Plejadier/Plejaren wird der erdähnlichste Planet Erra genannt, der zugleich die Heimat von Semjase, Quetzal, Pleija und Ptaah ist sowie der eigentliche Verwaltungsplanet der Plejadisch-Plejarischen Föderation, deren Verbündete bis in 6 Milliarden Lichtjahren Entfernung zu finden sind.

In order for the Plejaren to find their way into our dimension, their distant ancestors created a so-called dimension gate about 52,000 years ago, into the Plejares regions of what is our dimension, which since that time has enabled them to change dimensions at will. However, this dimensional gate is additionally used as a communication channel, enabling the Pleiadians / Plejaren to maintain communication between the two dimensions at any time, without any loss of time, because their communication signals are transmitted and carried on an artificially-technical usable level of spiritual energy, which sets practically no limits to the speed of the transmission, a signal can reach a destination thousands of millions of light years away at the very moment it is transmitted. The same communication system exists for all members of the Federation, in all other foreign dimensions, as well as to Askets folk in the DAL universe and other folks living there who are allies or friends with the Plejaren. For this purpose, another dimensional gate was created between the two sister universes themselves, which found its existence back about 50,000 years ago.[2]

Damit die Plejadier/Plejaren in unsere Dimension hineinfinden können, wurde von ihren fernen Vorfahren vor rund 52000 Jahren in den Plejadengebieten unserer Dimension ein sogenanntes Dimensionentor erschaffen, das ihnen seither ermöglicht, je nach Belieben die Dimensionen zu wechseln. Dieses Dimensionentor wird aber auch als Nachrichtenübermittlungskanal benutzt, wodurch es den Plejadiern/Plejaren jederzeit möglich ist, zwischen den beiden Dimensionen ihre Kommunikation aufrechtzuerhalten, und zwar ohne Zeitverlust, weil ihre Kommunikationssignale auf einer künstlich-technisch nutzbar gemachten Ebene geistiger Energieträger übermittelt werden, wodurch der Übermittlungsgeschwindigkeit praktisch keine Grenzen gesetzt sind und ein Signal ein Milliarden Lichtjahre entferntes Ziel in dem Augenblick erreicht, in dem es ausgesandt wird. Das gleiche Kommunikationssystem existiert auch zu allen Föderationsangehörigen in anderen fremden Dimensionen sowie auch zu Askets Volk im DAL-Universum und einigen anderen dort lebenden Völkern, die mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren verbündet oder befreundet sind. Zu diesem Zweck wurde zwischen den beiden Schwesteruniversen ebenfalls ein Dimensionentor erschaffen, das seine Existenz ebenfalls vor rund 50 000 Jahren fand.

Withdrawal of the Pleiadians / Plejaren

Source: FIGU Bulletin 1 (Excerpt)

During the nights of the 2nd and 3rd of February 1995, the Pleiadians / Plejaren left the Earth for good. This action was planned at the time when the contacts began, but couldn't be openly revealed by Billy for certain unofficial reasons. However the Pleiadian / Plejaren withdrawal doesn't signify that the contacts have now ended definitively, only the official contacts have terminated, while contacts on a private level will continue intermittently.

With the 'Pleiadians' withdrawal, the secret can now be revealed that they do not refer to themselves as Pleiadians, but as Plejaren, a name taken from the Plejares star system, which isn't within our space-time dimension configuration, but in one that deviates from ours by a mere fraction of a second. The Plejares are beyond the Pleiades star cluster, where a dimension opening 'gate' was created to allow the Plejaren to traverse between the two different space-time configurations.

The Pleiades i.e. the celestial bodies and planets of the Pleiades star cluster, are uninhabited, indeed uninhabitable in every way, for they're far too young for that preliminary formation and establishment of any life form. This fact alone subsequently withdraws the wind out from the sails of every crook, fraud and liar who has ever claimed to have maintained any form of physical or telepathic communication with a 'Pleiadian' since the time when Meier made his initial Pleiadian / Plejaren contact information public. Truthfully, Pleiadians simply don't exist, only Plejaren!

This information was kept secret throughout the entire period of communication between them for the specific purpose of exposing each and every hoaxer, liar, charlatan and crook up to the time when the Plejaren withdrew from Earth.

With their complete withdrawal, the Plejaren have allowed Billy to reveal longer-term predictions for planet Earth and its humankind. To this end, Billy produced 23 closely-spaced, typewritten pages that contain ancient predictions that extend far out into the future. They additionally provided information about our Sun being a dying star, and that mankind will inevitably leave Earth at some point in time. The pages also contain ancient information about Earth's humanity and its former existence in the Sirius regions; the genetic manipulations performed on our forefathers and their prehistoric origins before the Old Lyrians / Lyran came to the Sol star system and to Malona, Mars and Earth; as well as the fact that this genetic manipulation can and will be reversed etc. Some passages from these predictions will be published in the 'Wassermann', if possible, and they most certainly will be published in a 'Semjase Contact Report'. The date for their publication will depend largely on the speed at which the subsequent contact reports can be published. Furthermore, these predictions will be incorporated into the latest edition of 'Prophetien', which is currently being revised and may be available for purchase in its new, book bound form in the autumn of 1996.


(FOM Note: The 23 closely-spaced, typewritten pages were included with Contact Report 251. It's become clearer and clearer here in 2020 hasn't it, that there was no 'withdrawal' at all, in fact they apparently ramped up the gain on their involvement instead and unlike any other time in recorded history - it was a strategic tactic to have us sit up and be more attentive, as well as a deliberate ploy to differentiate their behaviour from that of the Giza Intelligences, since' arrested and deported - who they knew about for up to 90,000 years i.e. since the destruction of Malona, but couldn't explain to us nor disturb. This excerpt has been included here in keeping with the historical perspective and 'mixed variety' of the page.)

Second round of withdrawal 2019

Source: Contact Report 711 (Excerpt), FIGU Bulletin 104..., creationaltruth.org FIGU Bulletin 104...

The following is to be said about this: Probably in the year 2029 there will be an extensive reduction of all of us Plejara, after which only sporadic Earth events will be observed. As a result of the disinterest of mankind on Earth in the truth of all things, in the right way of life, with regards to real love, real peace, real freedom and real justice, thereby what follows is the disregard with regards to learning, recognising and following the ‘teachings of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life’, caused by the tremendous religious sectarianism, the faith connection to the integrated false superiors, the faith connection of the world...

(FOM Note: The real truth is that the only circumstances the Plejaren Federation will ever leave us alone at any time, whether in any one history or another, on any world at any stage of evolution etc., is if they were to have a disaster of some form or another which meant they no longer were technically able to do so.)

FIGU Forum, Questions Answered by Billy

Source: forum.figu.org: Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (External)

Do we and the Plejaren have a common ancestry?

Why have the Lyran that went that way made more progress than the Lyran that went the other way? and How much of a booster have the 144,000 been to Earth evolution? and Has the ageing genetic modification that exists in all Earth humans' rapidly accelerated our evolutionary advancement through time and history?

The Plejaren claim common ancestry with some of the Earth humans in terms of reincarnation and in Spirit Teaching terms, namely long ago a world in what we've today designated the Lyra-Vega star system. This means that the ancestral link is from before they migrated to the Plejares, and thus before we came to the Sol star system, and that we were generally, on about the same spiritual level and of the same age in spirit?
Q: What are the primary factors that have contributed to their evolutionary advancements?

ANSWER: Hi Lonnie,

They made a greater effort than we. Besides that they made peace among themselves about 50,000 years ago, which means they haven't had wars and conflicts since then.

In contrast, we on Earth are still fighting and killing each other, and on top of that Earth more than once has had its civilization have to start from the ashes again and again.[3]

(FOM Note: See Atlantis)

Do the Plejaren have the capability to grow a third set of teeth?

What information about Plejaren dentistry do you have? and What does Plejaren mouth-wash taste like?

Do [Plejaren] change their teeth more than one time? Or they just like Earth human beings changing the teeth only once when they are young?

ANSWER: Hi Hampton Chiu,

A funny, close, personal and intimate question.

They change only once as it is here on Earth. However they would utilise the technical means to grow a third generation of teeth were the need to arise. However since their teeth are in good health the need doesn't.

Note: Billy once tasted their teeth-cleaning fluids and remarked that it tasted similar to one of our chewing-gum or bubble-gum flavours. Apparently it tasted delicious, was somewhat sour, and that you could get addicted to the flavour of it, he said.[4]


See in preparation the various ancient cataclysms i.e. civilisation-restarters, such as Atlantis, The Great Deluge etc. and of course Evolution, if you want to preamble your Ratio, optional.

Sarat and Kosan languages

Plejaren Alphabets.jpg

See Plejaren and Hebrew Alphabet Comparison

There is overlap between Plejaren Federation languages and Earth languages.

  • Sarat; The single uniform language (lingua franca/common language) spoken over the entire planet of Erra is called Sarat.
  • Kosan; They can also speak a common language with other races and peoples from other planets that belong to the their federation. The language is called Kosan and is considered an inter-cosmic language that has even extended beyond the borders of our galaxy.
  • Regarding learning Sarat or Kosan.
The Sarat (Plejaren) alphabet is useless with out a dictionary.
We (Earth researchers) don't know the proper spoken sound of the Sarat letters and words to put together complete sentences.

Plejaren words

See Plejaren and Hebrew Alphabet Comparison

Variously sourced from either Billy Meier texts or from the FIGU forum which has sourced from Billy Meier texts.

Plejarisches Aleph Beth.jpg

"mata" - eye
"granisa" - grandmother
"gross-rama" - great-spacer (large ship)
"arimo" - stop, halt, cease, hold on or hold up
"odur" - hour
"musal" - day
"asar" - month (13 in a year on Erra)
"elo" - demi, partial or semi
"Kosan" - intergalactic dialect
"Jschrjsch" - JSCHRJSCH is another spelling (and/or pronounciation) for JSHRJSH.
"Jschwjsch" - (or JHWH/IHWH) a human being that has attained the evolutionary level of a King of Wisdom (Earth term for this is "God", which has erroneously been attributed to Creation itself over the years).
"Urda" - German: Erde - Earth
"Salome" - Peace in Love and Wisdom
"jaunes" - rogue, the implication of the word is not to insinuate a scoundrel but as to refer to one who is wise with people; one who holds back excesses of information, stealthy in the ways of human nature.
"krall" - A grouping of homes on a property. The word sounds like the North American old west English word "corral" which is another word for a ranch, or a part of a ranch.

Contact Report 009

147. Semjasa called his son "Adam", which was a word in his language which meant "Earth human being".

Contact Report 004

12. Just like human beings on Earth, we also have to learn a language.

13. Yet this is much easier for us and presents less trouble.

14. We possess all Earth languages that were ever spoken in ancient times or are currently used.

15. That is to say, we have detailed recordings of them in the most diverse formats.

16. Language training courses, as you would call them, were compiled from them.

17. This work is performed by language scientists and machines similar to what you call computers.

18. Further machines of a similar type serve to transmit the desired language and instil it in us.

19. This means we are connected to such a machine or apparatus, which then transmits the desired language.

20. This occurs during a machine-induced, hypnotic-like state.

21. In this way, the definitions and meanings of the language become implanted and registered.

22. This process takes 21 days.

23. Then we require another 9–10 days in order to also speak the language correctly.

24. This means that we must practice its correct application and pronunciation with the help of machines and the language scientists.

25. In this manner it takes us about 30 to 31 days to learn a language.

26. People on Earth are already operating in a similar fashion by using tape recorders in their language courses, particularly at so-called language institutes.

27. This is already the first step toward constructing and using apparatuses and machines such as ours.

28. In various parts of the world, work is being done on such computers.

Bro, Glos, Glosia, Jsbron and Jsbrona languages

FIGU Forum comment. General summary translation
This information came with a disclaimer that these language groupings are only broad classifications and nothing fine grained.

According to the Plejaren, the first protolanguage on Earth was called BRO. This developed over time to GLOS and went on to be known as GLOSIA. Finally, the original BRO protolanguage after going through several modifications became known as JSBRON and JSBRONA. BRO was the original earth language from which all earth language developed. BRO underwent modification and was greatly enhanced by the 7 old Lyren languages, already highly developed. These seven Lyren languages enriched BRO and produced a host of earth languages:

Westan, Trjdjn, Arjn, Hebrjn, Kjdan, Bamar and Suman lanaguages

1) WESTAN - All African languages
2) TRJDJN - All Indian languages as well as languages of the southern and central hemisphere Islanders.
3) ARJN - All Germanic, Indo-European, Latin and English, Celtic etc.
4) HEBRJN - Assyrian, Arabic, Hebrew, Babylonian, Aramaic languages.
5) KJDAN - Chinese and Japanese.
6) BAMAR - Australian, Ottoman and Middle Eastern languages.
7) SUMAN - Minoan (from which ancient Greek was founded), Atlantean, Sumerian, etc.[5][6]

There are contact reports that deal with this that have not yet been translated.

Contact Report 471

Our main language leads back to the old Arjn language, from which on Earth the old German languages have come forth, and from which the German in use today developed, through which everything can be expressed just as precisely as in our language.

We can, therefore, translate your works precisely into our languages.

The language-branch that German, Swiss German, English, Dutch and Danish etc., languages stem from. Regarding this question when asked of Ptaah by Billy in Contact Report 488, Ptaah explained the following:

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

From the 488th contact between Ptaah and Billy,
Monday, 22nd February 2010, 14:47:

Aus 488. Kontakt zwischen Ptaah und Billy,
Montag, 22. Februar 2010, 14.47 h:

Ptaah: Ptaah:
The information from our language experts which was given to me, informs us that the Deutsche language and Schweizerdeutsch, stem from the ancient language-branch "ARJN", from which all Germanic, Indo-Germanic, Latin, and Celtic languages and dialects have subsequently came forth; unfortunately also the inadequate English language, which essentially corresponds to an auxiliary language. Fundamentally as explained to me, German and Swiss German with their own dialects, are different languages, but do exhibit certain relationships. Each language, German and Swiss German, have independent dialect, just as is evident with the main and principle auxiliary languages. Therefore, those terrestrials versed in the knowledge of linguistics make assumptions upon completely wrong premises concerning connections between languages and dialects, as they often do with regards to the etymology of words and terms. They often live within assumptions and suppositions concerning them, without fundamentally possessing real knowledge. Therefore Swiss German is erroneously called German, though it's an independent language. Die mir gegebene Information der Sprachenkundigen lautet, dass die eigentliche deutsche Sprache sowie das Schweizerdeutsch dem uralten Sprachstamm ‹ARJN› entstammen, aus dem alle germanischen, indogermanischen, lateinischen und keltischen Sprachen und Dialekte hervorgegangen sind, leider dann auch die sehr mangelhafte englische Sprache, die eigentlich nur einer Hilfssprache entspricht. Grundsätzlich aber, so wurde mir erklärt, sind Deutsch und Schweizerdeutsch mit ihren ihnen je eigenen Dialekten zwei verschiedene eigenständige Sprachen, die jedoch eine gewisse Verwandtschaft aufweisen. Jede Sprache, Deutsch und Schweizerdeutsch, hat eigene Dialekte, wie das eben nur bei den Hauptsprachen und Haupthilfssprachen in Erscheinung tritt. Die irdischen Sprachenkundigen gehen also von völlig falschen Voraussetzungen aus in bezug auf die Zusammenhänge der Sprachen und Dialekte, wie auch sehr häufig hinsichtlich der ursprünglichen Herkunft der Worte und Begriffe. Sie leben diesbezüglich vielfach in Annahmen und Vermutungen, ohne grundlegend wirkliches Wissen zu besitzen. Daher wird irrtümlich das Schweizerdeutsch auch als Deutsch bezeichnet, obwohl es sich um zwei verschiedene Sprachen handelt.

(FOM Note: This explanation from Ptaah unfortunately makes Schweizerdeutsch even less relevant than we already thought it might be, at 5 million speakers.)

Lyran / Lyren / lyranisch / weganisch language

Lyran language script, see Contact Report 117
Colour version, Image #1059, Photo Inventarium 2014

The picture appears in Meier’s Photo Index as Photo # 1059, along with an explanation. According to Christian Frehner of FIGU Switzerland, the English translation of the explanation reads as follows:

"A Mr. Jim Crowley from England secretly photographed an ancient document (that is in possession) of a noble private collector, and he sent Billy photos and negatives and asked him, whether he, Billy, or the Pleiadians/Plejaren could decipher the letters. According to his information, the noble Englishman purchased the partially burnt document -- together with other specimens -- in Egypt decades ago. Billy immediately recognized the Old-Lyran script, which he still was able to master rather well and, therefore, could translate the document into German with Ptaah's help. According to Ptaah, the original document is more than 8,000 years old.”

Eduard Meier's German translation of this document is as follows:

Es ist gesagt im prophetischen Satz des Künders Henoch: Er in seiner Mission als Prophet wird wieder sein in Wiederleben in mehrfacher Wiedergeburt als wichtigster Künder der Lehren des Geistes, wie sie sind gegeben in den Gesetzen der Schöpfung, und dem Erdenmenschen dargebracht und gekündet von den Wächterengeln von den Gestirnen der Lyra und der Wega, zum Planeten Terra. Der Künder Henoch sagt: Ich bin der Künder der Wahrheit, und in dieser Mission werde ich wieder sein unter wichtigen Malen mit der Benennung: Elia, Jesaia, Jeremia, Jmmanuel, Muhammed, Billy, so ich unter sieben Malen als Prophet werde den Menschen dienlich sein, ehe sich in deren Gesinnung der Wandel vollziehet zur Befolgung der Gesetze und Gebote der Schöpfung. So werde ich sein in Wiedergeburt zur Neuzeit, da der Weltenraum wird erobert, und da die Wächterengel fremder Gestirne abermals in Erscheinung treten. Meine Wiedergeburt zu jener Zeit wird sein als Billy und mit dem Namen Eduard Meier, der ich wohnen werde in einem Friedenslande des Nordens, das da genannt sein wird Schweiz. Der Mensch möge dann hören auf meine Stimme, so er geführet werde in das Licht der Lehren des Geistes.

Christian Frehner's English translation of the above, which was made in 2007, is as follows:

It has been said in the prophetic sentence of the herald Henoch: He in his mission as prophet will be (live) again in repeated lives in multiple reincarnations as most important herald of the teachings of the spirit, as they are given in the laws of creation, and brought and announced to the Earth human on Terra by the guardian angels from the stars of Lyra and Vega. The herald Henoch says: I am the herald of truth, and in this mission I will be (live) again in important times by the names: Elia, Jesaia, Jeremia, Jmmanuel, Muhammed, Billy, (and) so I will serve the human beings as a prophet among seven times, before the change for the compliance with the laws and commandments of creation will take place in their thinking (convictions). So I will be (live) in reincarnation in the new time when space will be conquered, and when the guardian angels from foreign stars will appear once again. My reincarnation in that time will be as Billy and with the name Eduard Meier, and I will dwell in a land of peace in the North, which will be called Schweiz (Switzerland). The human being then may listen to my voice, so he may be led into the light of the teaching of the spirit.

Read Contact Report 117 from Wednesday, November 29, 1978, 3:12 PM for more information.

See Contact Report 136 line 368 - has some conversation about the Lyran language, and Index.

Q: Which of the 7 lyran languages, WESTAN, TRJDJN, ARJN, HEBRJN, KJDAN, BAMAR or SUMAN is this script in?

A: We don't know, we have not looked into it, research it some more and check.

Q: How did this specimen originate in Egypt?

A: We don't know if it originated in Egypt, we only know it was obtained there, we have not looked into it, research it some more and check. The The Great Pyramid page hosts a collection of some of the links to related contact reports.

Q: Why do we in English translate it Vega i.e. Alpha Lyrae (fifth-brightest star in the night sky) and in German it's presented as Wega?

A: We don't know, there may be some significance to the Wega / Weganisch words in the original text, we have not looked into it, research it some more and check.

Language, in other texts

What is written and printed in some of the Books and Booklets

Interwoven in all of Billy's German texts is a CODE. This code is fully effective only when every word of the text is in its correct place, and written free of errors from beginning to end.
The code elicits impulses from the spiritual realm (Akashic Records) which then touch the reader and begin to become active from within. This process is subconscious. The same result is obtained when someone reads the German text, even though that person may not master the German language. It matters little whether the text is read silently or aloud, or whether one-person reads it to another.
The German language originated from the old Lyrian and has the same amount of characters per word, e.g., Salome = Friede (Peace),Urda = Erde (Earth) because Billy is not completely fluent in any other language spoken on earth, he finds it impossible to incorporate the code into the translations.
One has to take into account also that many words in German do not exist in other languages, resulting in translations that reproduce only in part the meaning of the German original. For these reasons each translation of Billy's texts into a foreign language will have the original German text attached."

"An Interview With A UFO Contactee" Page 51/11

Every human being's thoughts, articulations, feeings or emotions, stirrings, impulses and the like, are deposited in the Akashic Records, the storage area in a terrestrial hyperspace.
Anyone who can generate the frequencies identical to those of the deposited information with his or her thoughts, consciousness or some technology, will also be able to summon these frequencies.
This implies that information that belongs to living individuals, even those who are dead, may be retrieved from the stored records as long as the person finds the specific frequencies of the other individuals. It is even conceivable that a form of logical communication can be initiated with stored impulses and information in the Akashic Records.

Contact Report 002

10. You (Billy) really hardly lag behind us at all if we disregard what you call book or school learning.

11. As you yourself always say, this type of knowledge is not of great importance, but only spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom are the decisive ones, as you have already recognized long ago.

Samtee language

It has not been checked whether Samtee is the same as Sarat or Kosan. This information was retrieved from another source. See image below.

German text © FIGU 1996-2018, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Schmidrüti.
English translation from the original German text by Patrick McKnight and may contain errors - 7-Jul-2015
English translation © Creational Truth 2011-2018 source.

English German
On the home-planets of the Pleiadians / Plejaren, a unified language is spoken which is called Sarat. Other languages exist, naturally, as is also the case with different dialects etc. Therefore in order to make oneself understandable throughout the entire federation, a so-called universal-, i.e. federation-language was created, the so-called Samtee. This language is learned by every Pleiadian / Plejaren from childhood as a secondary native language. Both of these languages are supplementarily learned on top of the native language of the individual nation/group/territory. According to Ptaah's explanation the total number of theses native languages spoken within the federation is 127,603. Auf den Heimatplaneten der Plejadier/Plejaren wird eine einheitliche Sprache gesprochen, die Sarat genannt wird. Weitere Sprachen existieren natürlich, wie auch verschiedene Dialekte. Um sich in der gesamten Föderation verständlich zu machen, wurde eine sogenannte Universal- resp. Föderationssprache geschaffen, das sogenannte Samtee. Diese Sprache wird von jedem Plejadier/Plejaren bereits von Kindheit an als zweite Muttersprache erlernt. Diese beiden Sprachen werden nebst der eigentlichen Muttersprache des jeweiligen Volkes erlernt, wobei nach Ptaahs Erklärung sich die Gesamtzahl der in der Föderation gesprochenen Sprachen auf 127 603 beläuft.

(FOM Note: They're all bilingual but usually multilingual, with two or three mother tongues/mother languages i.e taught from childhood. 1: The local language to their geographical birth, probably steeped in heritage. 2: a world language and/or. 3: a federation language, so the worlds in the federation can work together. It's a system which allows the preservation of local history and cultural identity while allowing them to have a shared identity too)

Picture of Samtee source.


German and Swiss German language

Contact Report 241


144. ... already from the earliest time, it was recognised that the languages of the New Age would no longer allow themselves to be coded in the required form, it was therefore determined, at that time, that the mission of the New Age would be fulfilled through the German language and must be carried forth worldwide, whereby also your mother language, Swiss German, must play a noteworthy role.

145. A language that Sfath also perfectly mastered, as you know, and which he happily made use of if he was together with you.

146. Often he also spoke Swiss German with us, only half in fun, because none of us could understand this language.

147. Before the setting of the determination 13,500 years ago, it was already recognised that one day the High German language of the New Age must exist on the Earth, which alone would offer all possibilities of a perfect and all-expressive and all-explaining language.

148. And so it has also come about:

149. The German language is the only one of the Earth peoples that can fully extensively clarify and explain the comprehensive teachings of the spirit to the full extent with all required words and terms and word-combinations, as is possible in no other language of the Earth peoples.

150. The High German language is also the only language of the Earth peoples that can be coded according to the determination, as is applicable to your texts and books and other works written by you which stand in direct or indirect connection with the fulfilment of the mission.

Contact Report 477

English German
From Contact 477, Monday, 23rd February, 2009, 12.37 am. Aus Kontakt 477, Montag, 23. Februar 2009, 00.37h
Florena: Florena:
... Earth human beings should insist on having the German language as the world language, because this is the most valuable one in use among all terrestrial languages. ... Die Erdenmenschen sollten sich die deutsche Sprache als Weltsprache ausbedingen, denn diese ist die wertvollste, die unter allen irdischen Sprachen in Gebrauch ist.
Billy: Billy:
Easily said, yet difficult to do, because everywhere in the world lousy and miserable English is used and spread, whereby there have already been especially serious efforts on the part of the USA for around 100 years to cause, of all things, the German language to vanish; a language which, in terms of its entire value, has no parallel in all other terrestrial languages. Schnell gesagt, doch schwer getan, denn überall auf der Welt wird das lausige und armselige Englisch gebraucht und verbreitet, wobei besonders von den USA schon seit rund 100 Jahren schwere Bemühungen bestehen, um ausgerechnet die deutsche Sprache zum Verschwinden zu bringen; eine Sprache, die in bezug auf ihren ganzen Wert in allen anderen irdischen Sprachen keine Parallelen findet.

English language

Contact Report 241


I was always very grieved to have to wade through the English translations and determine that many words and terms simply were always false and would not actually correspond to what was expressed in the original German text.
153. Many of our linguists also say the same or similar.
154 There are indeed those among them who express themselves in strong language like, "this English language has primitive means of understanding" and so forth.


Bad translation which has been modified slightly to make sense, corrections ends in the sentence before "The rule is thereby however that, which the individual human beings and peoples". This information was retrieved from another source.

German text © FIGU 1996-2018, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Schmidrüti.
English translation from the original German text by Patrick McKnight and may contain errors - 7-Jul-2015
English translation © Creational Truth 2011-2018 source.

English German
With Pleiadians / Plejaren and their allies of the federation, there is only a single state organization and a single government. It functions as a purveyor and intermediary power-order, in terms of the implementation of guidance given by the 'High Council'. This 'High Council' is not resident on a federation planet, but instead resides on a world of their own, approximately 2.2 million light-years away in the Andromeda-Region. The majority of these advisory individuals are half-spirit We-form (partially transparent). These half-spirit-forms of the 'High Council' have enormous knowledge and an appropriate essence of wisdom available to them. Which is why they were selected by the Pleiadians / Plejaren and their allies of the federation. There is an overall population of 127 thousand-million of these human beings, who offer the very highest form of guidance. Bei den Plejadiern/Plejaren sowie bei all ihren Verbündeten der Föderation existiert nur ein einziges Staatsgebilde und eine einzige Regierung, die als Ordnungs- und Ausführungskraft dessen fungiert, was der Hohe Rat als Ratgebung erteilt. Dieser Hohe Rat ist nicht auf einem Föderationsplaneten beheimatet, sondern lebt als Halbgeist-Wirform im ca. 2,2 Millionen Lichtjahre entfernten Andromeda-Gebiet. Die Halbgeistformen des Hohen Rates verfügen über ein enormes Wissen und über die entsprechende Weisheit, weshalb sie von den Plejadiern/Plejaren und ihren Verbündeten der Föderation mit einer Gesamtpopulation von 127 Milliarden Menschen als oberste Ratgebungsform ausgesucht wurde.
As the designation 'High Council' stipulates, they give only the most high-value pieces of advice and what's more give absolutely no commands. The pieces of advice which are relayed through the local Ischwisch, are then communicated to the assigned groups of folks and their governments, which is then subsequently submitted to the individual folks themselves down the chain. It is for them to individually and to freely decide the pieces of advice to live by and it's according to one's own choosing whether to follow it or not (end of corrections). The rule is thereby however that, which the individual human beings and peoples fully all around follow the pieces of advice of the 'High Council', in cognition of which, that these are high-value guidelines. This certainly presupposes, that the human beings are far evolved to such an extent, that they have learned and realized all creational-natural laws and recommendations and also like-mindedly live these. A fact, that for the present on the Earth still no realization can be found, because here still only through human laws and recommendations, decrees, regulations and determinations etc. can the order be preserved upright, therefore such a form of government as with Pleiadians/Plejaren and their allies for the earth-human being is still utopian and illusory. Und wie die Bezeichnung Hoher Rat schon darlegt, erteilt dieser nur äusserst hochwertige Ratschläge und keinerlei Befehle, wobei die Ratschläge durch die Ischwischs den jeweiligen Völkerregierungen mitgeteilt werden, welche dann alles den einzelnen Völkern unterbreiten, denen es freigestellt ist, die Ratschläge nach eigenem Ermessen zu befolgen oder nicht. Die Regel ist dabei jedoch die, dass die einzelnen Menschen und Völker die Ratschläge des Hohen Rates vollumfänglich befolgen, in der Erkenntnis dessen, dass diese hochwertige Leitfäden sind. Dies setzt allerdings voraus, dass die Menschen derart weit evolutioniert sind, dass sie alle schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote erlernt und erfasst haben und auch getreu diesen leben. Eine Tatsache, die vorderhand auf der Erde noch keineVerwirklichung finden kann, weil hier immer noch nur durch menschliche Gesetze und Gebote, Erlasse, Vorschriften und Bestimmungen usw. die Ordnung aufrecht erhalten werden kann, folglich eine solche Regierungsform wie bei den Plejadiern/Plejaren und ihren Verbündeten für den Erdenmenschen noch utopisch und illusorisch ist.
There are no parties and politicians in the sense of that of the earth-human beings, but rather only 2800 spiritual guides per planet, who form the central planet government and who stand in connection with the 'High Council' and also maintain contacts and tasks with peoples and governments of other worlds, who but also further 28,000 spiritual guides over all activities etc. as well as inform about the guidance of the 'High Council', who pass on their knowledge and their information in turn to a great number of further spiritual guides, who then directly stand in contact with the people and those inform, tutor and care for, etc. These themselves strive with all means available to them for utilization means also for this reason, to guarantee the spiritual and consciousness-based development of the human beings, whereby themselves practically in every case a whole people settles down approximately into the same evolution-level, whereby no more glaring evolutionary differences are given, as this is the case on the earth. This guarantees also, that the aforementioned form of government through the guidance of the 'High Council' overall effectively can be realized, without that cross-fighting and such things stepping into appearance, because everyone usually accepts and follows the guidance of the 'High Council' as a high advice, through their own decision. Parteien und Politiker im Sinne der Erdenmenschen gibt es nicht, sondern nur 2800 Geistführer pro Planet, welche die zentrale Planetenregierung bilden und die mit dem Hohen Rat in Verbindung stehen und auch Kontakte und Aufgaben mit Völkern und Regierungen anderer Welten pflegen, die aber auch weitere 28 000 Geistführer über alle Tätigkeiten usw. sowie über die Ratgebungen des Hohen Rates unterrichten, welche ihr Wissen und ihre Informationen wiederum weitergeben an eine grosse Anzahl weiterer Geistführer, die dann direkt mit dem Volke in Kontakt stehen und dieses unterrichten, belehren und betreuen usw. Diese bemühen sich mit allen ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln auch darum, die geistige und bewusstseinsmässige Fortentwicklung der Menschen zu gewährleisten, wodurch sich jeweils praktisch ein ganzes Volk annähernd in die gleiche Evolutionsstufe einpendelt, wodurch keine krassen Evolutionsunterschiede mehr gegeben sind, wie dies auf der Erde der Fall ist. Dies gewährleistet auch, dass die vorgenannte Regierungsform durch die Ratgebung des Hohen Rates überhaupt wirksam durchgeführt werden kann, ohne dass Querschlägereien und dergleichen in Erscheinung treten, weil alle in der Regel die Ratgebungen des Hohen Rates als hohen Rat akzeptieren und durch eigene Entscheidung befolgen.

Deporting problem individuals

The Plejaren send criminals and problem individuals to another world which is not inhabited.[citation needed That isn’t an option for us on Earth obviously, but we could begin designating habitable islands and permanently deporting these individuals there instead.

Seattle is dying (Youtube external link) - documentary film.

The 100 persistently offending problem-individuals listed in this documentary would have been sent away from a Plejaren community for example. On Earth there would be protests by rights groups and charities visiting the theoretical ‘island’ to make those individuals dependant on aid and generous charitable donations etc., and causing an illogical political fuss about it. But the Plejaren would put them somewhere they would have to be self-sufficient and fend for themselves, far away enough that returning would be difficult; sort of like a prison where you’re free to look after yourself without the support of society. Even this has been on Earth very controversial in the past when it has been used to clear communities of a small number of problem-individuals who persistently cause problems for others and their communities, even though prosperity has tended to follow, because it all becomes a political argument with the tabloid newspapers clambering all over it. It is a very effective form of rehabilitation for some (small minority) individuals because it teaches them that they are not welcome in society whatsoever, under any circumstances, as a result of their behaviour. But teaches them that prison and being watched over all the time is wrong too, it teaches self-responsibility. It theoretically solves their addictions, problems, habits, gives them independence, doesn’t require enforcement officers or bureaucracy paperwork and frees their victims, their community, from their problems permanently and in a way which doesn’t require an expensive recurring administration fee - also is the natural way of delivering prison, or isolation if one prefers that wording.

In other words it’s the most humane of all possible solutions.

However on Earth even this, equitable as it may be, is not a possibility anymore because of Overpopulation, even if there was no applicable political correctness, equality-delusion, illogical protests, false-humanism or a political-economic need to gather money to justify funding prisons and the justice system.

Despite Overpopulation causing an inflation of all problems getting out of hand, it still remains important that governors and authorities never forget and are constantly reminded by their tax payer that they do indeed get paid that tax money because and as a result of dealing with that crime and those problem-individuals - that just because overpopulation means those things are becoming too difficult for them to deal with like they used to be able to, that it doesn’t under any circumstances mean they can allow it to run wild while they’re still being paid for it. Governors and authorities have to learn to plan ahead better and step aside if they’re incompetent, and citizens have to continue to remind them the money isn’t being paid unconditionally - wouldn’t take too much for the whole system to collapse frankly.

Politicians know about this very well too, prime minister of United Kingdom in 2019 said “We cannot simply arrest ourselves out of this problem“ - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47774435 - the article goes onto say ‘in recent years both the government and parents have tried to transfer their responsibilities "onto the shoulders of teachers"’


See Pleiadian


In the earlier years 1970's to early 2000's, they were referring to themselves as Pleiadian as a narrowing mechanism in order they say, to achieve both an exposure and enclosure for those perhaps disingenuous individuals who in those earlier years sought to paint and tarnish the information with a thick rich fantasy coating and glaze of disinformation. It was a simpler exercise than it may on the face of it appear, to create that separation, despite being some decades in the making. Pleiades is a well known catchphrase and buzzword for the cluster of stars in the nights sky and pleiadians would needless to say be a popular way of referring to them. To discover the word Plejaren and the other terms, a deeper reading into the information was necessary. This ensured the individuals were not just making stuff up and were actually reading the information and understanding it, from there the possibility has arisen for a world wide community who have been able to carefully study the explanations without being disturbed and have really learnt something. The separation is still however dependant upon individuals wanting the truth and always will be.

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • We are all on Earth fundamentally incompatible with the Plejaren and the Plejaren Federation members. They have a fundamentally different ideology, mentality and temperament for life and outlook, that we could not possibly compare to our own. They age roughly ten to twelve times slower than we do, or we age ten to twelve times more rapidly than is characteristic of a typical advanced civilization. The ageing differential is the fundamental and essential fact. The resulting longer life expectancy causes thus every stage of their life to proportionately be far longer in duration for them, with therefore allows for a much longer development, and learning terms.
  • They know most of everything there is to know about real life and reality. Knowing about us and our world, much more than we ourselves know.
  • Keridwena was the sister of Ptaahs grandfather Ezekeel[7] and was not an Jschrjsch. Keridwena is or is not NinianeTBC[8] who later became known as Nimue and later still the Lady of the Lake which we know today.

Further Reading

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