The Plejaren

The Plejaren is a name that is used to refer to people of the star system or group Plejares otherwise known as Plejara. It also refers to the people of the Plejaren Federation.

Do we and the Plejaren have a common ancestry?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

The Plejaren claim a common ancestry with us namely the Lyra-Vega system. Does this mean that before they migrated to the Plejares, and before we came to the Sol system, that we were generally, on about the same spiritual level or the same age in spirit? If so, then what primary factors have contributed to their evolutionary advancements?

ANSWER: Hi Lonnie,

They made a greater effort than we. Besides they have made peace among themselves about 50,000 years ago, which means they didn't have wars since then. In contrast, we on Earth are still fighting and killing each other, and more than once civilization had to start from the ashes again.[1]

Do the Plejaren have the capability to grow a third set of teeth?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Do [Plejaren] change their teeth more than one time? Or they just like Earth human beings changing the teeth only once when they are young?

ANSWER: Hi Hampton Chiu,

A funny, but very "close" question. :-)

They only change once, like here on Earth. However they would [utilise] the means (technically) to let grow a third generation if the need arises. But since their teeth are in good health ...

Btw: Billy once tasted their teeth-cleaning means, something like a chewing-gum. It tasted deliciously, somewhat sour, and you could get addicted to the flavor of it, he said.[2]

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  3. Note: Ezekeel was Sfath's father so Keridwena is Ptaah's “great aunt”.
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