The Plejaren

Plejaren is the word and name that is used to refer to folks of the star system or star grouping (from Earths perspective) Plejares otherwise known as Plejara. Plejadisch and Plejarische in German. The humans who live there are in a time-shifted dimension which has nothing to do with the space in which we live in terms of naming regimen, it is purely an Earth designation. Plejaren may also occasionally be used to refer to the folks of the Plejaren Federation, which is where the word then looses certain values associated with that area of space. The word folk is used instead of people because it has a closer heredity with the German word volk, and because the word people in Sarat has a meaning similar to vertebrate scavenging behaviour which doesn't translate well.

Another interesting feature of the relationship is that most of the oldest books, stories and myths that can be found on Earth have been discovered to connect with them in some way or another. See Ageing

Do we and the Plejaren have a common ancestry?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

The Plejaren claim common ancestry with some of the Earth humans in terms of reincarnation and in Spirit Teaching terms, namely long ago a world in what we've today designated the Lyra-Vega star system. This means that the ancestral link is from before they migrated to the Plejares, and thus before we came to the Sol system, and that we were generally, on about the same spiritual level and of the same age in spirit?
Q: What are the primary factors that have contributed to their evolutionary advancements?

ANSWER: Hi Lonnie,

They made a greater effort than we. Besides that they made peace among themselves about 50,000 years ago, which means they haven't had wars and conflicts since then.

In contrast, we on Earth are still fighting and killing each other, and on top of that Earth more than once has had its civilization have to start from the ashes again and again.[1]

See Atlantis

Do the Plejaren have the capability to grow a third set of teeth?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Do [Plejaren] change their teeth more than one time? Or they just like Earth human beings changing the teeth only once when they are young?

ANSWER: Hi Hampton Chiu,

A funny, close, personal and intimate question.

They change only once as it is here on Earth. However they would utilise the technical means to grow a third generation of teeth were the need to arise. However since their teeth are in good health the need doesn't.

Note: Billy once tasted their teeth-cleaning fluids and remarked that it tasted similar to one of our chewing-gum or bubble-gum flavours. Apparently it tasted delicious, was somewhat sour, and that you could get addicted to the flavour of it, he said.[2]


Plejaren Alphabets.jpg
  • There is some overlap between Plejaren Federation languages and Earth languages. For this reason this section is a to and fro; a back-and-forth pendulum, between reference to Plejaren and Earth designated information.

  • Sarat; The single uniform language (lingua franca/common language) spoken over the entire planet of Erra is called Sarat.
  • Kosan; They can also speak a common language with other races and peoples from other planets that belong to the their federation. The language is called Kosan and is considered an inter-cosmic language that has even extended beyond the borders of our galaxy.
  • Regarding learning Sarat or Kosan.
The Sarat (Plejaren) alphabet is useless with out a dictionary.
We (Earth researchers) don't know the proper spoken sound of the Sarat letters and words to put together complete sentences.

FIGU Forum comment. General summary translation
This information came with a disclaimer that these language groupings are only broad classifications and nothing fine grained.

According to the Plejaren, the first protolanguage on Earth was called BRO. This developed over time to GLOS and went on to be known as GLOSIA. Finally, the original BRO protolanguage after going through several modifications became known as JSBRON and JSBRONA. BRO was the original earth language from which all earth language developed. BRO underwent modification and was greatly enhanced by the 7 old Lyren languages, already highly developed. These seven Lyren languages enriched BRO and produced a host of earth languages:

1) WESTAN - All African languages
2) TRJDJN - All Indian languages as well as languages of the southern and central hemisphere Islanders.
3) ARJN - All Germanic, Indo-European, Latin and English, Celtic etc.
4) HEBRJN - Assyrian, Arabic, Hebrew, Babylonian, Aramaic languages.
5) KJDAN - Chinese and Japanese.
6) BAMAR - Australian, Ottoman and Middle Eastern languages.
7) SUMAN - Minoan (from which ancient Greek was founded), Atlantean, Sumerian, etc.[3][4]

Contact Report 471

Our main language leads back to the old Arjn language, from which on Earth the old German languages have come forth, and from which the German in use today developed, through which everything can be expressed just as precisely as in our language.

We can, therefore, translate your works precisely into our languages.

Contact Report 004

12. Just like human beings on Earth, we also have to learn a language.

13. Yet this is much easier for us and presents less trouble.

14. We possess all Earth languages that were ever spoken in ancient times or are currently used.

15. That is to say, we have detailed recordings of them in the most diverse formats.

16. Language training courses, as you would call them, were compiled from them.

17. This work is performed by language scientists and machines similar to what you call computers.

18. Further machines of a similar type serve to transmit the desired language and instil it in us.

19. This means we are connected to such a machine or apparatus, which then transmits the desired language.

20. This occurs during a machine-induced, hypnotic-like state.

21. In this way, the definitions and meanings of the language become implanted and registered.

22. This process takes 21 days.

23. Then we require another 9–10 days in order to also speak the language correctly.

24. This means that we must practice its correct application and pronunciation with the help of machines and the language scientists.

25. In this manner it takes us about 30 to 31 days to learn a language.

26. People on Earth are already operating in a similar fashion by using tape recorders in their language courses, particularly at so-called language institutes.

27. This is already the first step toward constructing and using apparatuses and machines such as ours.

28. In various parts of the world, work is being done on such computers.

What is written and printed in some of the Books and Booklets

Interwoven in all of Billy's German texts is a CODE. This code is fully effective only when every word of the text is in its correct place, and written free of errors from beginning to end.
The code elicits impulses from the spiritual realm (Akashic Records) which then touch the reader and begin to become active from within. This process is subconscious. The same result is obtained when someone reads the German text, even though that person may not master the German language. It matters little whether the text is read silently or aloud, or whether one-person reads it to another.
The German language originated from the old Lyrian and has the same amount of characters per word, e.g., Salome = Friede (Peace),Urda = Erde (Earth) because Billy is not completely fluent in any other language spoken on earth, he finds it impossible to incorporate the code into the translations.
One has to take into account also that many words in German do not exist in other languages, resulting in translations that reproduce only in part the meaning of the German original. For these reasons each translation of Billy's texts into a foreign language will have the original German text attached."

"An Interview With A UFO Contactee" Page 51/11

Every human being's thoughts, articulations, feeings or emotions, stirrings, impulses and the like, are deposited in the Akashic Records, the storage area in a terrestrial hyperspace.
Anyone who can generate the frequencies identical to those of the deposited information with his or her thoughts, consciousness or some technology, will also be able to summon these frequencies.
This implies that information that belongs to living individuals, even those who are dead, may be retrieved from the stored records as long as the person finds the specific frequencies of the other individuals. It is even conceivable that a form of logical communication can be initiated with stored impulses and information in the Akashic Records.

Contact Report 241

144. ... already from the earliest time, it was recognised that the languages of the New Age would no longer allow themselves to be coded in the required form, it was therefore determined, at that time, that the mission of the New Age would be fulfilled through the German language and must be carried forth worldwide, whereby also your mother language, Swiss German, must play a noteworthy role.

145. A language that Sfath also perfectly mastered, as you know, and which he happily made use of if he was together with you.

146. Often he also spoke Swiss German with us, only half in fun, because none of us could understand this language.

147. Before the setting of the determination 13,500 years ago, it was already recognised that one day the High German language of the New Age must exist on the Earth, which alone would offer all possibilities of a perfect and all-expressive and all-explaining language.

148. And so it has also come about:

149. The German language is the only one of the Earth peoples that can fully extensively clarify and explain the comprehensive teachings of the spirit to the full extent with all required words and terms and word-combinations, as is possible in no other language of the Earth peoples.

150. The High German language is also the only language of the Earth peoples that can be coded according to the determination, as is applicable to your texts and books and other works written by you which stand in direct or indirect connection with the fulfilment of the mission.

Contact Report 002

10. You (Billy) really hardly lag behind us at all if we disregard what you call book or school learning.

11. As you yourself always say, this type of knowledge is not of great importance, but only spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom are the decisive ones, as you have already recognized long ago.

English Language
Contact Report 241

I was always very grieved to have to wade through the English translations and determine that many words and terms simply were always false and would not actually correspond to what was expressed in the original German text.
153. Many of our linguists also say the same or similar.
154 There are indeed those among them who express themselves in strong language like, "this English language has primitive means of understanding" and so forth.

Plejaren words.
Variously sourced from either Billy Meier texts or from the FIGU forum which has sourced from Billy Meier texts.

"mata" - eye
"granisa" - grandmother
"gross-rama" - great-spacer (large ship)
"arimo" - stop, halt, cease, hold on or hold up
"odur" - hour
"musal" - day
"asar" - month (13 in a year on Erra)
"elo" - demi, partial or semi
"Kosan" - intergalactic dialect
"Jschrjsch" - JSCHRJSCH is another spelling (and/or pronounciation) for JSHRJSH.
"Jschwjsch" - (or JHWH/IHWH) a human being that has attained the evolutionary level of a King of Wisdom (Earth term for this is "God", which has erroneously been attributed to Creation itself over the years).
"Urda" - German: Erde - Earth
"Salome" - Peace in Love and Wisdom
"jaunes" - rogue, the implication of the word is not to insinuate a scoundrel but as to refer to one who is wise with people; one who holds back excesses of information, stealthy in the ways of human nature.
"krall" - A grouping of homes on a property. The word sounds like the North American old west English word "corral" which is another word for a ranch, or a part of a ranch.

Contact Report 009

147. Semjasa called his son "Adam", which was a word in his language which meant "Earth human being".


See Pleiadian

In the earlier years 1970's to early 2000's, they were referring to themselves as Pleiadian as a narrowing mechanism in order they say, to achieve both an exposure and enclosure for those perhaps disingenuous individuals who in those earlier years sought to paint and tarnish the information with a thick rich fantasy coating and glaze of disinformation. It was a simpler exercise than it may on the face of it appear, to create that separation, despite being some decades in the making. Pleiades is a well known catchphrase and buzzword for the cluster of stars in the nights sky and pleiadians would needless to say be a popular way of referring to them. To discover the word Plejaren and the other terms, a deeper reading into the information was necessary. This ensured the individuals were not just making stuff up and were actually reading the information and understanding it, from there the possibility has arisen for a world wide community who have been able to carefully study the explanations without being disturbed and have really learnt something. The separation is still however dependant upon individuals wanting the truth and always will be.

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • We are all on Earth fundamentally incompatible with the Plejaren and the Plejaren Federation members. They have a fundamentally different ideology, mentality and temperament for life and outlook, that we could not possibly compare to our own. They age roughly ten times slower than we do, which is the fundamental fact, and have a resulting longer life expectancy and thus every stage of their life is proportionately far longer in duration for them with therefore much longer development and learning terms.
  • They know most of everything there is to know about real life and reality. Knowing about us and our world, much more than we ourselves know.
  • Keridwena was the sister of Ptaahs grandfather Ezekeel[5] and was not an Jschrjsch. Keridwena is or is not NinianeTBC[6] who later became known as Nimue and later still the Lady of the Lake which we know today.
  • The Plejaren voice sound has been described by a few individuals; tending to differ in opinion and therefore being unreliable with no sound recording clips. The presumably young adult (Earth equivelent 18-34 – 150-300) Plejaren (not wider Plejaren Federation) individuals have a sort of high pitched fast delivery, compared to cartoon character Amy Wong voiced by Lauren Tom, stereotype Cantonese in terms of rate, speed, flow and pitch. However, appearing to use a Germanic sounding word bank and phrasing. A merge; an intellectual Chinese person speaking German phrases as if imitating a Chinese speaker, but obviously speaking Plejaren. It's therefore identifiably unique yet human in quality, connoting education, linguistic cultivation and refinement. The males slightly deeper but fitting the same description, which factors voice changes around puberty, presumably Plejaren children have an even higher pitch. Presumably older and other Plejaren individuals will have characteristics such as husk, hoarse, raspy, and airy qualities, on top of that description. The description of higher pitch seems to fit with their diet description; high vegetable, vitamin and fruit based diets tend to lead to higher pitch, more rapid velocity and quickening, while high meat concentration based diets including environmental toxic irritations, breathing style and specific atmospheric exposure, tends to lead to incredibly slow, low rumble sounding voices, Jeff Bridges for contrast. We have to be careful not to be too narrowing with descriptions because the Plejaren Federation is diverse. Leading out from the situation has interestingly been compared to the description of the Chinese and Japanese arriving 25 thousand years ago and constituting the latest migration to Earth, opinions have been drawn between higher civilizations in the universe generally and this higher pitch and rapid rate of communication, or whether these are just features of cultures with particularly complicated languages.
    The opportunity for the terminology 'pitch-perfect' then comes about.

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