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Storage Banks has the same value meaning as Akashic Records. The term Akashic Records was used in the earlier Contact Reports interchangeably with Storage Banks for explanations given.

Interwoven in all of Billy's German texts is a CODE. This code is fully effective only when every word of the text is in its correct place, and written free of errors from beginning to end.

The code elicits impulses from the spiritual realm (Storage Banks) which then touch the reader and begin to become active from within. This process is Subconscious. The result is obtained when someone reads the German text, even though that person may not even have to master the German language. It matters little whether the text is read silently or aloud, or whether one-person reads it to another.

The German language originated from the old Lyran and has the same amount of characters per word, e.g., Salome = Friede (Peace),Urda = Erde (Earth) because Billy is not completely fluent in any other language spoken on earth, he finds it impossible to incorporate the code into the translations into other languages.

One has to take into account also that many words in German do not exist in other languages, resulting in translations that reproduce only in part the meaning of the German original. For these reasons each translation of Billy's texts into a foreign language will have the original German text attached.[1][2]

Every human being's thoughts, articulations, feelings or emotions, stirrings, impulses and the like, are deposited in the Storage Banks, the storage area in a terrestrial hyperspace. Anyone who can generate the frequencies identical to those of the deposited information with his or her thoughts, consciousness or some technology, will also be able to summon these frequencies.

This implies that information that belongs to living individuals, may be retrieved from the stored records as long as the person finds the specific frequencies of the other individuals. It is even conceivable that a form of logical communication can be initiated with stored impulses and information in the Storage Banks.[3]

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