Photo analysis report, Davis, Neil M., published in Stevens' 1982 book, March 1978

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 Preliminary Photo Analysis
 Subject 3" X 4,5" color print of UFO submitted for analysis by W.C. Stevens  
 Supporting Information supplied by W.C. Stevens
 Location of scene --- East of Lake Zurich, Switzerland in rolling hills. 
                       Nearest town is Hinwil.
 Date and time --- 3 August 1975 1720 local time.
 Camera --- Olympus ECR 35 mm, S/N 200519, 42mm focal length Rokker lens. 
 Camera setting --- 1/100 second, F/2.8 
 Film --- Kodak 18 DIN negative film. 
 Number of Photos taken --- 6 
 Photographer's estimate of object diameter --- 7 meters.
 Test results 
     The print was visually examined microscopically to qualitatively 
 evaluate the sharpness of the image of the object and of the scene. 
 There is no discernable difference in image sharpness.
     Color separation black and white negatives were made at mag-
 nifications of 1 and 10. The resulting negatives were processed  by 
 a scanning microdensitometer yielding density contour plots. Exam- 
 ination of these plots did not reveal any details which would cast
 doubt upon the authencity of the photograph.
     The print, color copy negatives, and color separation black 
 and white negatives were carefully examined for evidence of double exposure,
 photo paste up, model at short range suspended on a string, etc. 
 Nothing was found to indicate a hoax.
     Exmination of the location of the shadows and highlights 
 in the photograph verifies that the object and the scene was apparantly
 taken under the same conditions of illumination.
                         DESIGN TECHNOLOGY 
             P.O. BOX 611     POWAY, CALIFORNIA 92064    
     Many small black specks, apparently caused by dirt on the previous, 
 positive were found on the print. Their presence indicates that this 
 print is either a 2nd generation print from a color negative original
 or that the original is a positive transparency not a negative as was
 stated in the supporting data.
 Nothing was found in the examination of the print which 
 could cause me to believe that the object in the photos is anything
 other than a large object photographed a distance from the camera.
 1. These results are preliminary and qualitative in nature because
 of the unknown processing history of the print, and its presumed
 inferior quality to the original negative. A more detailed, quanti-   
 tative analysis of this photo can only properly be made on the 
 original film. It is most desirable that all 6 photos be examined. It is
 possible to optically or digitally superimpose the several images of
 the object resulting in an image with increased ressolution.
 2. With the original photo available it should be possible to compute
 the distance from the camera to the object using the decrease in
 contrast due to hase at greater distances. To perform this calculation
 it is necessary to know the distance from the camera to features 
 in the scene such as the near trees and the increasingly distant hills. 
 If it is not possible to obtain these measurements at the site then  
 an aerial photograph or topographic map with those features identified
 would be needed. 
                                                Analysis performed by 
                                                Neil. M. Davis
                                                13 March 1978