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Please note: Several errors of fact were subsequently identified in this preliminary edition of the Contact notes by FIGU, and have been amended here.


Message From The Pleiades: The contact notes of Eduard Albert Meier; Book 3. Edited by Wendelle Stevens


CONTACT #70, Thursday January 6, 1977; 00:01h


This was another cold winter night, one minute past midnight, and Meier is again driven to the contact site by friends who wait in the car for him. The discussion turned to Earth social history and its different gods who have come and gone over time. This time Meier opened the conversation as he met Semjase in her craft. These are physical face-to-face meetings in full objective reality.


Meier- Today I have some questions you did already answer before. But we all would desire you to answer them again in spite of that, and that coherently, and if possible, in some more detail. This deals with the earthly mankind, a part of its history, and with the different gods who functioned in our world in connection with it. Can you give me once some more coherent explanations about that?



Semjase- Yes, I do; at which events should I start?


Meier- Start there, when the earliest ancestors were still in their original homeworld. Tell the time when they first came to Earth, etc.,etc.


Semjase- As you want. Well, already at the beginning of our contacts I told thoroughly of the history of destruction and rebuilding of the ancient homeworlds of the......


Meier- Excuse it, you talk of the destruction of the world by the Destroyer-Comet? What actually happened there?


Semjase - Surely, i speak of this.


The ancient homeworlds were planets within the constellation of stars known to you as "LYRA" and near the "VEGA" constellation. Few of the worlds there are still today inhabited by different races, which all belong to our federation. Our then early ancestors mastered spaceflight already more than 22 million years ago, and performed expeditions reaching far into the cosmos on exploration flights, and already then came to Earth the first time. But she still lay deeply in early developments, and in consequence lay further for her time of development. But nevertheless the Earth was often visited again to set out the punished elements who were evil in the homeworlds. But this lasted only a few milleniums, and then once left the Earth by unknown means, and left this world in calm again, for many million years, while the already developing Earth life of all kinds could develop further on in natural order, when we abstract from that, that the set-out (exiled) human beings mixed themselves with the already human-like creatures. Millions of years passed, while the ancient races spread far over the cosmos, also developing themselves spiritually and gathering great power. But this power still not controllably mastered, was used for wicked purposes and for mischief on many worlds. Meanwhile the catastrophes caused by the "Destroyer" damaged much of the ancient homeworlds and killed up to two-thirds of the then mankind. But through hardness and lots of privation, they soon found a new beginning, by which they built up after nine centuries, a new civilization and culture. By common work and research, they created a very high technology, which reached further than all had been hitherto. In parallel, they also developed their spirit, whose forces they still could not master. So the time came when they constructed flightmachines again, by which they could hurry through the free cosmic space. These flightmachines were of saucer-like form and had beamdrive (raydrive). By these means they flew out to the widths of the universe, towards other sun-systems and planets, which they expeditioned and colonized, either by peaceful means or by murderous wars.


Often by evil power, they produced new possibilities for living and new space for life, as they needed this for the prevailing number of human beings of their nations. There were especially the scientists, who explored space for more and more new worlds and solar systems, and to perform this was no problem for them, because their ships were equipped with all technical means, which made them absolutely powerful masters. Their weapons were of great power and fighting efficiency, in consequence of which, fights against whole nations of strange worlds were short and one-sided, in advantage for the conquerors. Especially the scientists recognized in the run of time, the unlimited possibilities of the spiritual forces, thus they sponsored these by the collection of immense knowledge, and developed them until they became a matter or course for them, by which they rose still higher aloft, and soon became absolute masters of their nations. For their great knowledge, they were call ed IHWH, having the same meaning as "God", to use terms known to you, meaning then again "Kings Of Wisdom". The IHWH's, much superior than their nations, because of their knowledge and abilities, subjected all forms of life below them under their rule and governed them by dictatorial force. For a time of several centuries, exactly 864 years of your present earthly time calculation, the nations were opposed by an, at first secretly glowing revolution, but which doings led to the IHWH's seizing by violent means and trying to stifle all of that in its bud, but wherein they did not completely succeed. By the ambitious ones, innumerable human beings were killed or just simply eliminated by horrible weapons, thus no dustpiece remained of them.


But by this rancor of the crowd increased, and they steadfastly and secretly prepared for flight. For four long centuries the secret preparations lasted, for breaking out by a sudden blow in a far reaching and open war for liberation, which spread over many worlds of the Lyra and Vega Systems, and lasted there. More than 60 percent of all culture was damaged and completely destroyed. Some races were completely harassed, while others only by very narrow escape were able to survive. Three worlds of the Lyra-System were simply eliminated and dissolved to energy by a new process, which meanwhile on the Earth is already in the beginning of its development. The Earth human being is already calling this delusional weapon "over-kill" for its deadly effect. Still as a product of fantasy about an improved technology, this weapon is in research and construction by the scientists as a weapon for total elimination, and it already finds entrance in the books of different authors, who describe this most cruel of weapons in their science fiction works, to preserve the earthhuman beings from the last delusion. In Earth chronology, the outbreak of the liberation war in the Lyra and Vega systems was around 230,000 years ago. The high commander of the terrorizing armies was an IHWH by the name of ASAEL, who, when he saw the hopelessness of the fight, withdrew himself in a fast escape from the victorious and vengeful nations. He secretly succeeded in occupying a powerful fleet of 183 great-spacer ships (mother-ships) and 253 space reconnaissance ships with a total crew of 360,000 people, and fled the heaviest fighting. They quickly left their home systems, to go astray in the cosmos for many restless years, until they one day found a great star system which offered the necessary space for living, far removed from their original home system.


The new star system was comprised of 254 still young and because of that blue-white stars, which already had separate systems of a few colonizable planets. According to the leader of the escape fleet, the whole star system was named for him, this by your words value as ASAEL-SYSTEM.


After occupying this young star system, where different planets were made inhabitable in a run of three hundred years by the titan-sized deserters, and a new mankind was generated, they newly started in great cohorts, to go exploring through the space for new room for living. On the three colonized worlds, different expedition ships were equipped, with which the titans then flew out to the widths of the universe, to reach 17 years later their preconceived aim and to take possession of it. This had been the stars known to you as the HESPERIDIES, which have their own worlds rotation around them and were little inhabited by human forms of life, who were subjected by the conquerors. Over a few centuries, a new culture was generated in the HESPERIDIES worlds, then inhabited by the emigrants from the ASAEL-System. Seventy years later Asael walked the way of all perishable things- he died. He was succeeded by his daughter Pleja, an IHWH, in which consequence the home system was changed in name from Asael to the Pleja-System, because for the then human beings, who were Titans, the symbolization was still of much value, like still today for the human being of the Earth, corresponding to degenerate logic. Under the command of the new leader Pleja, further expeditions were prepared, which would explore a very remote and outlying solar system, which according to all calculations must have gained possession of a part of a planet form the Lyra-System, when many million years ago they Destroyer had killed the original homeworlds. According to the calculations, the Destroyer itself must have taken the same course, in consequence of which it had been changed in its course by the sun of that remote system and was diverted into an always returning course through this system. These calculations gave a hint to the Titans, why they started towards this far away system, not knowing that millions of years ago their great-great ancestors had flown to this remote system and had set out unwelcome elements on a world there, which was on the Earth, your homeworld. So they started newly in their expeditions ships and reached after long years to the SOL-System, where they brought three different planets under their power and started to build a new culture. These planets were Mars, the Earth, and Malona, but they were still desolate and life-threatening, thus the crews of the expedition fleet left these worlds again after a few years, while a few remained back, and slowly grew savage as they mingled themselves with the animal-like and uncultivated descendents of the sooner millions of years ago outset humans. Those scientists of the Pleja-Systems left the Earth, as their earlier forefathers did, to its natural further development, and only performed here and there exploring and controlling visits, and in the further run of time, left the meanwhile completely grown savage and existing there human beings to their hard fate. This lasted for many tenthousands of years. Then the leader Pleja died and the idolism in the Pleja-System passed, while on Earth a new intelligence developed from the descendents of the savage ones left behind, which caused the inhabitants of the Pleja-System who were constantly watching the Earth, to send new expeditions toward the Earth, which again constructed up a new culture, synchronous with the erection of a culture on the fourth planet, which was on the world called Malona. But still very barbarous in character, there rose after less than 3,000 years, fights for government again with the new colonizers, which led to an order that the Earth be evacuated by force to the home systems. Malona on the contrary remained colonized, because the people there remained peaceful. But this lasted only for a narrow forty years, then also there the thirst for power rose between the two different nations, and before this could be settled by orders from the home systems, the Malonians destroyed one another mutually and destroyed their whole world. Scattered to thousands of small pieces by an immense explosion, the remnants of that then beautiful planet, since then, rotate around the sun between Mars and Jupiter, being an everlasting memorial to human delusion. From the homeworlds the development of the Earth was constantly watched, and year after year expeditions were sent out to her. Always repeatedly it was tried as well, to colonize anew this very beautiful world, but which goal failed miserably always again in a run of more than 80,000 years. Several kinds of creatures were deported to the Earth, as well such ones, which you would call prisoners, simply to set them out there and to leave them to their fate. Deprived of all technology, it could not fail, that they degenerated and grew savage and mixed with the savage grown descendents of earlier elements, and became bestial. But then finally the time came when the great plan was finally started. In several hundred greatspacer and smaller ships, the Earth was again approached and occupied. A great culture was erected, which remained for 6,000 years, until once more the thirst for power increased among the highaiming scientists which led to horrible war activities and once more all was destroyed to the last piece. In this way, the Earth fell again into its earlier state, where all forms of life existing thereon grew savage. For 4,000 years, the Earth remained completely ignored and left in peace, until it was again flown to. But for this time an expedition was not the reason, but again an escape. In the home worlds of the Pleja-Systems war broke out once more between the highminded scientists with their unbridled thirst for command, and the people, who they subjected by their terrible weapons and other things. But while the wicked destructive raged in all three homeworlds, a great group of otherwise-thinking scientists bound themselves together under the leadership of a certain PELEGON, who had himself already attain ed the level of IHWH. Under his leadership, 70,000 human beings, among them many scientists, working together, took command of different space-ships, and escaped from the Pleja-System. According to the coordinates of the old registers, the refugees reached the SOL-System, and by this once more the Earth, where the Titans then settled once more. In Earth chronology, this happened about 50,000 years ago.


On the homeplanets, the wicked war was fought until its bitter end, and the scientists got challenged. Their kind of government was removed and given into the hands of spiritual leaders, who announced the long forgotten spiritual lessons anew and educated the nations. These recognized the value of the lessons, appropriated them, and lived accordingly since that time, from which they found the final peace and lived since then under the law and order of absolute determination, which conditions are preserved until today and will never change. In the run of the next 8,000 years, the Pleja nations developed themselves up to a very high spiritual level, in result of which, they made alliances with every possible similar and other strange nations of nearby and far-away systems, and unanimously lived for evolution. In this way then together developed another great alliance, in the cause of which they performed new expeditions, and found in 1951, years ago in Earth chronology, a semi-spiritual world in the Andromeda Star System, which was inhabited by semi-spiritual creatures, an already extremely high developed form of life, which still existed semi-materially, but as well semi-spiritually, too. By agreement among these forms of life, they all decided that in the future, these beings in Andromeda should guide and govern, by their gigantic knowledge and wisdom, the fates of their nations and their great alliance, which plan was welcomed joyfully by all nations. In consequence it was decided by agreement of the spiritual leaders, who were human creatures and spiritual teachers, that all fates should be in the future be guided by the, now best friends, semi-spiritual creatures. The manner of guidance should be that one of a council from the side of the higher spiritual level, in consequence of which this control and guidance was called the "High Council", and is maintained this way until today, and will never change. Since then, all nations of all races allied to us remain under the guidance of the "High Council", which never orders any commands, but only offers a "high advice", the observance of which is at the disposal of each single form of life, and which normally is observed, too, without exception. The refuged to the Earth humans at first know nothing about the end of the wars. In delight over their new won liberty, they gladly subjected themselves to the straight regime of Pelegon, who had chosen two-hundred scientists for his sub-leaders, and arranged them in order according to their fields of knowledge. Under their leadership there rose on Earth on all the continents, large cities and other colonized regions of a very high culture. For around 10,000 years peace and concord reigned, but then a new IHWH by the name JESAS came up, who murdered the follower of Pelegon and took the command to himself, above all the then united nations and races. But already twenty years later, the people rose up against Jesas and a horrible and worldwide war broke out again upon the Earth. Many hundreds of thousands of people fled in great and small spaceships to the free cosmos, escaped and settled on Beta-Centaurus, which you know as Barnard's-Star. Some few million beings remained back on the Earth, where everything that had been constructed by human beings had been completely destroyed. The remaining people, now deprived of all technical and other cultural possibilities, because of the total destruction, fell more and more into a miserable lethargy degenerated and became wild beings with an evil barbarism. For 7,000 years, the Earth was simply avoided, before the descendents of the refugees started once again to colonize the beautiful blue world. This happened 33,000 years ago in your chronology. The returning human beings were guided by an IHWH by the name of ATLANT, married to an IHWH by the name of KARYATIDE. Under the guidance of Atlant, the city and continent of Atlantis was built and made habitable, while under the command of his wife Karyatide, the Smaller Atlantis came into existence, at the same time her father MURAS built the gigantic city of MU. The reason for the construction of these cities so far apart in distance was, that the human beings had become more wise from all the wars, and expected peace from the far distance between the cities, if all people remained confined within their regions. This way all flourished well for a whole 18,000 years. And then once more, some scientists claimed up, incited by passions for might, and tried to seize hold of the sovereignty. But this time they had not calculated the memories about wars which had been transmitted through the milleniums by the people. And before the scientists could try to snatch up power, the people rose up against them. Through accomplices the scientists obtained possession of some spaceships and vanished to the regions of Beta-Centarus. This occurred 15,000 Earth years ago. After 2,000 years, within which the evil- minded refugees created once again a high technical standard and many descendents, hatefilled, they returned to the Earth, after they had increased their hate immeasurably against the earth-inhabitants, and were able within their own ranks to preserve order by the most terrible punishments. Incited by their tremendous hate, they increased by research and extended knowledge, their span of life up to some thousand years. Their only desire was to gain command over the Earth, for which reason every single one was taught wicked intrigues and war treatment. After 2,000 years, this hate-suckled nation had reached a position where she could make the try of attacking the Earth, for which reason they manned their ships and came anew to the Earth, and that under the command of the IHWH ARUS, the barbarian. This happened 13,000 years ago. Arus was extremely bestial and barbarous of mind, and his power was much feared. Like Pelegon already many thousands of years ago, Arus also kept 200 scientists with him, of high-grade, who he called sub-leaders. In a flash they fell upon the Earth, robbing, murdering, and taking possession of the land. In the main, they conquered the far region of the northern lands, where the climate was modest and very good. These were those regions, which are tradicted to you as "Hyperborea", and which were far in the north, before a turn of the Earth changed its axis, by which result the then regions are there today where you call the land "Florida". Coming from the north, the Son of Arus, Arus the 2nd, started a war and attacked those lands which you call today India, Pakistan, Persia, ect., where they met with the Sumerians, who, peaceloving, fled and vanished so far to the south, a nation of dark colored skin, but by your terms, not negroid, but Europid and of tall growth, risen from a race of Sirians, who had settled on the Earth some 33,000 years ago, synchronous with the refugees from the Pleja-System. From the name of Arus 2, the present India was called ARYA, which split off from Hyperborea after a few centuries, exactly after 210 years, and made alliance with the inhabitants of MU and AGHARTA, while from Hyperborea, Arus 1 constantly troubled MU and Greater Atlantis by wicked war activities, to gain sovereignty over them. During around two thousand years, or told very exactly, during 1,502 years, those war machinations lasted, until the meanwhile becoming old and weak ARUS 1, succeeded in diverting wicked elements of the hater human beings into the leading ranks of Atlantis and Mu, who incited hate and power secretly for such a long time until Mu and Atlantis were completely destroyed by endless intrigues, and the few survivors were taken into bondage. But the great scientists, in knowledge of the coming events and conscious of their powerlessness, vanished in their spaceships and escaped towards the early homeworlds in the Pleja-System, where they were kindly welcomed. I likely have nothing else to say about the destruction of Atlantis and Mu, for you will find this as separate notifications in the explanations already given to you. So it only remains for me to say that Arus 1 was murdered in his old age, and after the destruction of Mu and Atlantis, by his thirdborn son JEHOVAN, while this one then seized command of the hater-men, to command these and three Earthly nations and the Hyperboreans themselves.


The one Earth nation was made up of the descendents of the ARMUS people, who were placed there, where today are the regions of Armenia. These were the descendents of the IHWH ARMUS, who settled there with his race 33,000 years ago, after he had emigrated from the Pleja-system. The second Earth nation subjugated by the government of Jehavon, were the Aryans, who meanwhile had mingled themselves with the still rather subdeveloped and lethargic native people, after the Sumerians were expelled. (See the Sumerian flood story, Enlil orders a flood after seeing his children acting as Gods to enslave people in ancient Egypt and Sumer) The third Earth nation was none in itself, because it treated of a worldwide spread alliance of gipsies, which was interspersed by spies and saboteurs of Jehavon, who with the gipsies caused dissention everywhere, greedily drawing everything to themselves and always were always eager to rob, burn and murder, for which reason one called them the HEBREWS, by the ancient language of our forefathers the HEBRAONS and later then the HEBRONS. These names are equivalent to GIPSIES, DREGS OF SOCIETY and OUTCAST in the meaning of the ancient language, which has not gotten transferred to your present languages, for the meaning of your present term for gipsies is the wanderers, travelling people, and the unsettled ones. By that should be cleared up, the present people of the gipsies have nothing at all in common with the then Hebraons, who proclaimed themselves the first born people and the chosen ones, as their descendents, the Jews of today, still dare to pretend this. In truth, the Hebraons had been the real dregs of society and outcasts of earthman-kind, because they constantly incited fights and quarrels within the whole world, which is still maintained until the present. Peace on Earth will finally be then when, this might-thirsty and murderous self-called Hebraon race-connection has become completely scattered. Jehavon governed around 7,000 years ago, until he was maliciously murdered by his only son JEHAV, who then snatched up the government, some 3,400 years ago. Jehav ruled wickedly, always crying for blood and revenge, until 3,320 years ago in your chronology, by which time he had created three sons, who were ARUSSEM, PTAAH and SALAM. Megalomaniac like his father Jehavon, he let himself be called creator, and was celebrated as such, and like his father, he caused cruel vastations among the three human races, and he demanded blood and death. Thirsty for power like his father Jehav, as well was his firstborn son ARUSSEM, who constantly sought to seize the power from his father. So he murdered his father Jehav, and sought to snatch up the power. But this doing failed completely, because his younger brother Ptaah and his youngest brother Salam opposed him, and expelled him into exile, having become tired of the constant wars, struggles for might and bloodshed, and Ptaah and Salam troubled themselves for many decades for humane forms of living. Therefore for a long time, they assembled like-minded people around them, with whose help they seized control of Arussem and 72,000 of his followers, and expelled them. But Arussem secretly returned to Earth, and settled down with army in the old cubical buildings of Egypt, which had existed there unused for more than 70,000 years. Deep inside the ground and deep below the pyramids, they established their residence, while they appropriated the rooms and buildings deep below the present Gizeh-pyramid, as a center for their wicked aims, from where they further tried to realize their plans for world control, but without remarkable success hitherto, through their way of reaching their goal was that of lying, deceit, and intrigues, of wrong teaching and the leading astray of the earthhuman beings by religious lectures o f delusion and cults, and many other miserable machinations. But by their being expelled they had forfeited much for themselves, because all chances for technical and otherwise scientific further development was cut off for them, and like this, all their research as well, ect., which fact cause their age to soon decrease, and today still amounts to 94 years, being just about 20 years higher than the average for European regions. This means that for the so-called Gizeh-Intelligence deserters they are slowly dieing out, and today are less than only 2,100 in number. Fully isolated from the free universe, these remaining ones will no more be after less than three decades, because they are all old already and no more able for begetting. But nevertheless they still keep on with their might thirsty wicked plans, and they don't think themselves as losers.


Arussem governed until about 3,010 of your chronology, until a powerful forced departure was prepared for him by a mutineer by the name of HENN, who was called JEHOVA by the Hebraons, and like that also within his own ranks gradually, too, while the surname THE CRUEL ONE was added.



In the year 2,080, old and weak already, he was displaced by his nephew KAMAGOL 1, who seized command of the evil Gizeh-Intelligences, to outbuild the center below the surface of the pyramid of Gizeh to a murderous center of great world power, with no chance anymore of being destroyed. Like no tyrant before, Kamagol 1 coerced all earthly religions into his control and demanded horrible human sacrifices and cults which are partly preserved even until the present. All efforts from outside were in vain, as his power thirst was unbreakable. But Kamagol was as well only a human being, by which his fate caught up with him from his own ranks, in the form of his own son, Kamagol 2, who overthrew him and snatched up his power, and let him die miserably in a deep dungeon. Kamagol 2 was more evil-minded in many ways than his father, which character he soon revealed after taking power, and that by starting the immense mass murder of earth human beings. As one of the last long-living people, Kamagol 2 reached an old age and died a natural death just a few days ago, which we only found out 2 days ago. He walked away from this world in the 27th of December 1976, thus around 10 days ago. The still remaining intelligences of Gizeh, old already and many of them weak, but still filled with hate and power hungry plans, don't give up yet. But their days are numbered, by which result they will no more exist in three more decades. Together with the heaven's sons, the Hyperboreans and the emigrants from the Pleja-System, the sons of the murdered Jehav, Ptaah and Salam, led the further government by common agreement. They governed and well created peace, and only occasionally interfered in the concerns of the Earth human beings. Ptaah was stricken by an unknown and malicious disease in his 93rd year of government, and he died a few days later, in which consequence his brother Salam continued alone with the government, until weakened by age, he handed over command to his son Plejos, 2,040 years ago, after he had taken up connections to the homeworlds already some centuries earlier and had subordinated himself and his people to that home form of government, which was the form of spiritual teachers. His son, Plejos was, like his father, a very wise and merciful governor, and when in 1,951 years of earthly chronology in the past, the homeworlds subjected themselves to the guidance of the "High Council", then he as well and his nation arranged themselves here in order. Regarding the teaching of the "High Council" and observing this, he prepared the long hoped for return to the homeworlds, which was then performed 1,944 years ago, by your chronology, after Jmmanuel had been procreated by order of Plejos, was educated for being a prophet and had become such for his mission. Then still to be mentioned, among the descendents of Arus, who had subjugated the lands in the north, there existed elements in great number, who preserved themselves as the Arusists until the time of Jehav. They, a group of 160,000 people, called the Great Aryans, because they still advocated the ideas of Arus 1, deserted the government of Jehav and wandered plundering through the lands from northwest to east, where they penetrated into that country where in earlier times Arus 2 had settled with his people and expelled the Sumerians, where meanwhile still the then Aryans had mingled themselves with the low native people and had forgotten their actual origin. Meanwhile the descendents of the Sumerians as well had returned to their old homeland, thus as well they became resident there again. But then the Great Aryans had penetrated the area between the Caspian Sea and the Arahat Mountain, and took possession of the clay-brick towns of the mixed-up nation, which had become prosperous by the recently penetrated Aryans and the returning descendants of the Sumerians. Their work was mainly in trad e and agriculture, which was well mastered by the Sumerians. In result, the outlook of these human beings and their buildings was very proper, and a severe discipline prevailed, even certain submissiveness before the highly developed Sumerian descendents, who were spiritually and worldly superior to the native people. And exactly this was attacked by the Aryans, drawing along for decades and deprived of all technology, coming from the north under bondage, and transformed and pressed into a new state of formation. Deprived of all technology, by the myrmidons of Jehav, the Aryans settled in the far away country, but in the run of time they degenerated and mingled with the natives, by which all knowledge and talent of higher level and of their origin disappeared into the darkness of forgetfulness.


Meier- Fantastic, there I am flat like a flounder. But what now is the name of the new utmost knave of the Gizeh-ones?


Semjase- According to our information, no new commander will come to appear. In the future, all decisions should be settled by common conclusion.


Meier- As well, okay, then the knaves will soon fall into dissention among themselves and eradicate one another.


Semjase- Surely, this may partly happen.


Meier- That is fine. Now yet still two questions, or three, concerning the Pleiades: So this name traces back to an IHWH. And the name was simply maintained later on Earth, or were these stars otherwise named here?


Semjase- This name was preserved, but went lost in the confusion of languages appearing on Earth, to other form, but then to find its way back in the run of time to its true original value, which fact traces back in the main to your mythologies.


Meier- This will be then as well mainly the ancient Greek ones, isn't it?


Semjase- Surely.


Meier- Okay, then i want to know what kind of chronology you use, at least on Erra. Do you count there as well by years, as we do?


Semjase- But certainly, because originally they are our forefathers who invented this chronology, and like it is on Earth, too.


Meier- I see, and since what time do you count? I mean, since what time or when did your chronology start?


Semjase- Since the beginning of the peace in our home systems, thus around 50,000 years ago.


Meier- Yes, and can you tell the exact date?


Semjase- We count today the year of 49,711.


Meier- Well, and now the question of, how Erra has received her name, and when?


Semjase- That's very easy. The system of the Pleiades' planets, which are much younger than the Earth, and their stars, too, than the Earth, were named only by numbers until the time when the "High Council" took over the guidance. But since then, by desire of the "High Council", one names our home worlds by well-sounding names, and like this as well Erra.


Meier- If I think right, this must have happened 1,951 years ago?


Semjase- Surely, you think correct. I still want to explain therefore, as well having established a new chronology since then, that in consequence we use two of them. The year 49,711, which reminds us of the final time for peace, and the year 1,951 which reveals the spiritual synchronization and harmonization.


Meier- I do understand this, but if it sounds a bit folly, I really do understand it. I regard the reasoning of your chronology better and besides that more worthy than the earthly, where one gets confronted by silly preventive creators and other knaves. Still now yet something else: Can you tell me some matters for the year 1977, about the coming events and about other plans you aim for? Different things you already told me among four eyes, but there will surely exist some matters which the other ones are allowed to know as well, aren't there?


Semjase- Surely, I am allowed to tell some; what do you want to know?


Meier- What is going on with the earthquakes and other nature catastrophes, and so on, whether you will still give some demonstrations - in spite of all, and whether there are ongoing any things in respect to unknown flying objects?


Semjase- Some things I am allowed to tell you officially.


Meier- Okay, here i am interested to know, how many dead ones, and wounded people, there have been in the earthquake in China? Officially only quite unclear and deceptive information was given. But the prophecies given to me by Petale speak on the contrary of about one million dead bodies.


Semjase- This is correct. Our explorations found that 893,000 people were killed in the earthquakes in China. 208,000 people will bear heavy injuries for the rest of their


lives, while a further 811,000 persons have been more or less injured. The amount of missing people not found until today, who for the greatest part are deeply covered down below the ruined fields, is around 70,000 persons. But now I want to answer to you the other questions. The Earth will not find her tranquility, because still much worse earthquakes will shake her, than happened during the last year. But all these quakes may not be expected in this year. But they will be of such horrible power that countries and isles will sink. An extraordinary heavy dryness will attack the world, soon to be followed by floods of great measure. The airspace-drive will suffer heavy, very heavy loss by many events, like this the sea-drive, too. And violence and criminality will everywhere climb to giddy heights, and forceful causes of death will prevail among the human beings of all races. This all will be much worse than ever before.


Meier- Okay, this already suffices, but on what do you base your information?


Semjase- These are calculations of probability.


Meier- Yes, and what about a demonstration, etc.?


Semjase- This is still missing for you and promised. The time might be spring or summer, yet perhaps just the autumn. But from the other side, not from ours, will arise some surprises for the Earth human being, when certain things will come to appear by strange to Earth races, as I already explained to you in confidence and only for yourself.


I am not allowed to explain more about this, here.


Meier- That's well till now. I don't want to urge you. Just one thing is not evident to me. You previously told me once, that for months an extraterrestrial spaceship would fly in Earth space and search for contact with Earth humans, but do not dare to do so. From where is this ship coming, and why don't you start contact with it?


Semjase- It is very strange that, because until now, we have tried a lot of ways to get into contact with it, but in vain, and when we appear, then those ships disappear.


Meier- Why suddenly they?


Semjase - For they are several ones, as we have noticed. They are all of white-shining or green-shining color, which often draws behind them a strange orange-colored tail, which contains unknown and strange to us stuffs, which is being analyzed by our scientists. In respect to these objects, our reckonings of probability result in some undefinable surprises.


Meier- This is very interesting, but listen now, you have called me today until very far away. From Hinwil to here is 21 kilometers. Couldn't you fly me a bit back instead, maybe short to Hinwil?


Semjase- Surely, but what happens then to your followers?


Meier- Do know, I want to get a joke. I have the radio, and by it, I can call them an order to Wetzikon, around 20 kilometers away from there where they left me.


When then you set me down in a free field, and in consequence raises ones single foot-trace to the street, without one leading into the field, then the joke is improved.


Semjase- As you want.


Meier- Okay, then still one question as we hurry on: Couldn't you once speak a salutation to all our friends by radio? This is possible isn't it?


Semjase- I will deliberate on this, but think, I can respond to that, thus I will likely do so at some time, but this does not mean that this can be constantly repeated and i will exercise communication.


Meier- Of course not. Oh, Wetzikon already appears down there. Of that nobody spoke. You may set me down over there at Winkelriet, there in that meadow.


Yes, there it is okay. Can I go outside?


Semjase- Surely, fare well and be careful, for many things are not well-minded to you in the moment.


Meier- Don't fear. I already know to help myself. Goodbye, girl, goodbye...





Did you know that a formal approach to the government of the United States of America was made in 1979 by these highly advanced extraterrestrial humans, in order to implement a formal diplomatic collaboration?


It was, of course, the MOTHER of all missed opportunities for Earth people!



Now please read


Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts
by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silverman



Lots of interesting documentation has surfaced recently from the former U.S.S.R.


Have you seen the photographs and blueprints yet Hitler's flying saucers?





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