Attack by Morrison & Foerster?
(excerpted from Michael Horn's March/April 2006 Newsletter)


I should mention that the Above Top Secret (ATS) forum thread, ( ) in which all of the hot and heavy debating has gone on, was initiated by one Wayne C. Jaeschke, Jr., an attorney ( with the prestigious and powerful Morrison & Foerster law firm. Jaeschke initially started the thread in response to my being interviewed on WTOP news radio in Washington, D.C. and then, in a relatively short time, he suddenly accused me of not having been interviewed on the show and of submitting false proof that I was! Jaeschke went so far as to slander/libel me in an email to WTOP radio host David Burd claiming that I had “…quite a long track record of fabricating evidence, witnesses, and stories.”

(I was kicked off of the forum after I published Jaeschke’s email, with his real name and contact information there, just as he included it in his email to Burd. I didn’t know at the time that it was unacceptable but even if I had I would have still outted a slime ball who hides behind an anonymous name and slanders me, apparently with the blessing of the ATS forum itself.)

Of course, being the competent professional that he apparently is, Jaeschke failed to provide one bit of substantiation for his charges. I inquired of ATS if Jaeschke represented them in any legal capacity but they failed to reply. It appears then that, for some unknown reason, Morrison & Foerster has some interest in attempting to discredit me regarding the Meier case. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the interests of any of their rather impressive corporate clients ( or if it’s just a case of a guy, who should be working in the law firm’s mailroom (if at all), getting a little crazy on company time.

Michael Horn is the authorized U.S. representative of the Billy Meier contacts.

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