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I think it's VERY admirable and intelligent of these highly spiritually advanced extraterrestrials to initiate contact in a secondary language, so the truth can seep gently into the English-speaking world without ignorant panic.

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For more than 25 years, the Billy Meier case has been reviewed by expert researchers, scientists and journalists worldwide. Their conclusions are all the same: Billy Meier is having contacts with extraterrestrials. Austrian author, Guido Moosbrugger, has been following the case for more than 20 years and has detailed his findings in "And Yet They Fly!". In this captivating book, Guido describes the extraterrestrials with whom Billy is having contact, as well as their technology, culture, home planet and reasons for visiting Earth. "And Yet They Fly!" also contains more than 75 color photographs documenting the case. Among them, the color, daytime photos of extraterrestrial spacecraft are unsurpassed in their quality and clarity and are the best UFO pictures ever taken. No other UFO case is as richly documented with eyewitness accounts, photographic evidence, metal sample analysis, sound-recordings and spacecraft landing tracks, just to name a few. If you ever had a question about the Billy Meier contacts or are new to the subject, "And Yet They Fly!" is the most comprehensive and well-documented book ever released on this world-renown UFO case.

Excerpts scanned from “And Yet ... They Fly!” by Guido Moosbrugger © 2001

(Translated from the German edition, 1991) www.steelmarkonline.com & www.theyfly.com

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All Types of [UFO] Fraud

This ranges from simple photomontages and diverse trick photography of presumable spacecraft to fantastic descriptions of contacts or space flights with extraterrestrials, and are basically nothing more than pure figments of the imagination. Those responsible for such intrigues are usually notorious liars and swindlers who talk big to attract attention, compensate for an inferiority complex or create a sensation, among other motives, in order to obtain wide public recognition and admiration.

Occasionally, adolescents, mentally disturbed persons or practical jokers deliberately spread untrue UFO stories to really "pull one off" on their fellow man and royally amuse themselves if they succeed in doing so.


Unconscious Deception Through Suggestion from an Outer Source

This is evoked through the use of spiritual forces with or without the aid of appropriate implements, and is yet another example of how inauthentic UFO sightings can be initiated. The persons affected are firmly convinced that they have sensed or personally experienced something, which in no way conforms to the actual facts. These unsuspecting people have reported extraterrestrial encounters of the first, second or third kind, trips into outer space, and other similar stories. In reality, they were led to believe this entire hocus-pocus by unknown persons (i.e., by way of teleprojection or real vision)* in such a convincing manner that they, unfortunately, were unable to recognize the unreality at the bottom of it all. Of course, it would not be fair to label such people as liars. They are completely unaware that unknown forces are misusing them for some reason or another.

*Real visions are controllable visions (illusions) that, depending on the wish of the perpetrator, convey certain impressions or experiences to other persons (unaware of this for the most part). The entire incident appears in the form of illusions that are just as real and just as lasting as they would be in reality. As a rule, the real vision cannot be distinguished from reality.


Subconscious Deception Through Subjective Autosuggestion

This may be evoked by all kinds of fantasies in a normal state of consciousness or in a trance. People in this state often tell the craziest stories about encounters with extraterrestrials and about giants in outer space with such persuasion that even recognized ufologists fall prey to the stories and write thick books about them based on the statements of these pseudo-contactees. In principle, we ought not to accuse such pitiable people of dishonesty, since they are unaware that their alleged experiences were by no means genuine. They have merely fallen prey to a subconscious self-deception.


Schizophrenic Trance

For quite some time now, more and more people are capable of placing themselves into a schizophrenic trance and have been appearing in public to presumably let foreign beings, the deceased or ufonauts speak through them. This type of trance is evoked in either an unconscious form through misguided psychic factors, or in a fully conscious form that would indicate deliberate deception. This procedure is very popular at the present time and is practiced worldwide under the catchword channeling.



Genuine Spacecraft

In view of what we have now learned, the impression may have been given that UFOs do not exist at all or only in the fantasy of ufologists and esoteric practitioners. This is not the case. Consequently, we have finally arrived at the question of main importance and relevance today, which is, what do these unknown spacecraft really and truly represent? To answer this, the following categories are among the genuine spacecraft known at the present time.


Physical Spacecraft of Earthly origin

Yes, that is right -- physical spacecraft of earthly origin! These are nothing more than advanced development of the German and Canadian flying disks which were designed and partially tested as Hitler’s secret wonder weapons during World War II but were not ultimately used at the front. East of Leipzig in the vicinity of Prague, fundamental plans for the development of completely new flying machines were worked out in the BMW factory there and in Breslau, as well as in Vienna and other places. It eventually led to the construction of fireballs as well as flying disks (flying gyros) with a fantastic and unprecedented flight technology. The persons primarily involved in the basic research and further development of these machines were the Austrian natural scientist Viktor Schauberger (a genuine UFO contactee), the German experts and flight captains Miethe, Schriever and Habermohl, the Italian researcher Bellonzo, and many others. The disk-shaped spacecraft operated with conventional beam-powered propulsion systems or possibly, new types of propulsion systems.

At any rate, the prototypes were successfully tested for the first time toward the end of World War II and gave commendable performances for that period of time. For example, in mid-February of 1945 in Prague, a flying disk ascended to a height of 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) within three minutes and almost reached twice the speed of sound in horizontal flight. The flying disk was able to hover like a helicopter and perform other similar maneuvers.

At the end of the war, all existent flying disks, as well as their instrumentation and construction plans were to be completely destroyed to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. This project was not carried out in its entirety. Some of the plans and instrumentation were intentionally (or unintentionally) overlooked during the elimination and promptly fell into the wrong hands. One possible explanation for this is that the occupying forces may have confiscated these valuable documents. Whether or not this was actually the case is beyond my knowledge. According to the Pleiadians, however, secret Nazi groups escaped to safety toward the end of World War II, acquired the confiscated material and continued to develop these new types of flying disks -- naturally under a strict oath of secrecy.

The Pleiadians verified back in 1976 that the largest diameter craft was as much as 100 meters (330 ft.) in length. By continually improving the propulsion, its performance greatly increased as time went on. Judging from appearance alone, these terrestrial flying disks are very similar to the disk-shaped spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin and can easily be confused with them. From the standpoint of performance, they were naturally no match for the exceedingly superior extraterrestrial spacecraft, not even with the most modern systems of propulsion.

Since these terrestrial flying disks do indeed exist and are occasionally sighted, two contrary and equally false opinions have been formed:

Those who are aware of the existence of the terrestrial flying disks are under the false impression that all such objects are either of earthly origin or can be traced back to deceit and fraud, and that extraterrestrial spacecraft are unreal and nothing more than mere fantasy.

Others mistakenly view all disk-shaped spacecraft as extraterrestrial. They have absolutely no knowledge of terrestrial flying disks or simply do not want to admit they exist.


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Cosmic Alliances and Organisations for Public Order

The Pleiadians are affiliated with a cosmic alliance -- a League of Nations consisting of 127 billion people that extends far into the cosmos and to which many planetary systems belong. They all have an allegiance to the High Council in the Andromeda Galaxy. Of course, other similar types of alliances also exist in the universe, but we have no detailed information on them. Because other races exist which are in different phases of development from the peace-loving human races, some type of cosmic organization is urgently needed to maintain peace and harmony.

With this in mind, I would like to quote Semjase's father, Ptaah, once again.

PTAAH "In the entire universe, space travel is practiced by many various life forms ranging from humanoid to non-humanoid races. For the most part, similar or like-minded life forms always come together and form alliances with one another. Their values are based on mutual support of every kind and in all matters of evolutionary interest. These combined efforts in all aspects of life are, needless to say, wonderful and even transcend the boundaries of other universes such as the Dal Universe. The objective of all alliances, whether they be universal, inter-universal, galactic or intergalactic, is peace and progress in all physical aspects of life and spiritual evolution."

The allied partners maintain organizations that guard the entire universal realm and beyond. These organizations may extend over galaxies separated by extremely vast distances. For such a far-reaching and difficult task, only the large spacecraft are suitable and are equipped with all imaginable technical possibilities and armed to meet all situations. Fighting cannot be ruled out when non-human life forms attempt to appease their greed for power. Whether we like it or not, they must be confronted since confrontation is an inseparable part of human life.

Basically, the intentions of all highly developed life forms are to peacefully work on their spiritual evolution. The universe is inhabited by such diverse life forms that a conflict is often unavoidable. Nevertheless, the Pleiadians attempt to settle all disputes, if possible, through reasonable arbitration before they revert to other measures. Only when no agreement can be reached or the adversaries come up with some type of trick do they resort to the use of force as the last alternative. They then drive away the scoundrels or take them prisoner and ban them to desolate islands or planets. Only in an extreme emergency do they resort to the elimination of persons and material since all species are in need of evolution and basically this always takes the same course in its evolutionary phases.

One more word from Ptaah

PTAAH "Our very early ancestors, who are also actually the forefathers of the Earth human, were once just as low in their spiritual evolution as today's Earth human, as are many other life forms in the innumerable universes."

These cosmic organizing forces normally do not intervene in pure planetary affairs unless acts of war threaten the structure of universal space by endangering other planetary systems. In such extreme cases, and when there is simply no other alternative, the obstructionists are brought to reason by force.

When inhabitants of a planet are headed on the fastest course to knocking each others' brains out and ultimately destroying one another, as the case is on Earth, then the extraterrestrial life forms try to render useful help in the form of teachings and inspirations. Those concerned must decide entirely on their own whether to accept, ignore or reject this help because free will must be upheld at all times and all places. Therefore, it is never within the Pleiadian scope of duty to intervene and force other people to avoid acts of war on their respective planets. The extraterrestrials only intervene if inhabitants of other planets are endangered by the war actions of their neighbors.

Based on a Creational Law, it is not possible that even one single Earth person will be evacuated by an extraterrestrial rescue action if we actually go so far as to transform our earthly globe into a deadly inferno. It is our decision, alone, to comply with, process and act according to the valuable teachings which the Pleiadians have let us receive and which we must consider with an open mind. Only in this will we be able to halt the threatening danger of total destruction and to finally obtain a peaceful existence worth living.




The Hard Language of Truth

With the regular repetition of a striking clock, the harsh and rough-hewn language in Billy's scripts is rejected. A large number of readers are bothered by this fact and prefer to turn to other books whose contents do not attack their psyche so fiercely but instead, soothe it like oil and balsam. Their thoughts can continue along the same old track without having to seek new ways through toilsome efforts. Above all, it is much easier to hang on to traditional ideas than to be faced with completely new facts that can also be very painful every now and then. It must be clear that the truth always sounds hard to a person who finds it annoying and even offensive, so that they feel personally attacked. It also sounds hard because the mirror of their own faultiness and shortcomings is often held before their very noses, although they assess themselves as being almost faultless. Furthermore, the teachings of the spirit require a completely different interpretation. This just so happens to be the way it is found in the nature of the matter. There is no further development if a person thinks the same way in spiritual matters as in physical matters. The language of diplomacy, as commonly used among us on Earth, serves primarily as a means of gaining some type of advantage at the cost of others. The realities are usually improperly and falsely rendered with this form of language and they degenerate into deadly misunderstandings. The truth may never be spread in a diplomatic form. Truth must call the facts by name, as they really are, straightforwardly without belittlement or misappropriation. According to the words of Semjase, paraphrasing and sweet-talking give false impressions with the result that everything is misinterpreted and inappropriately spread, which can lead to renewed false teachings. The language of truth has always been very hard and wherever the attempt was made to paraphrase it, it has been distorted beyond recognition and the real sense was lost. In bearing witness to the truth, a falsification may not occur under any circumstance, as it is a question of the Creational Laws and Directives, which are unwaveringly and forever valid hitherto into all eternity and are in no need of change.

We should thus bear in mind that truth might may not be set forth with fine tongues and soft words. People who are far enough in their spiritual development to understand and grapple the hard language do not take account at Billy's writing style. Naturally, the same fact can be depicted for the reader in various ways, made palatable so that his or her appetite is not spoiled. But Billy makes use of his hard style with full intent because most of our contemporaries are only roused to their own thoughts in this manner.

According to the Pleiadians, it will not be easy to make this clear to the people of Earth in their present stage of development. They are already too softened and have strayed from the knowledge of truth to the point that they energetically resist everything that sounds like the hard truth.

Hence, know thyself. He who bears the hard, undiplomatic language of truth and acknowledges its worth will find himself on the right path of veritable evolution. Otherwise, for the time being, this way will remain barred to him through hindrances that he must clear away.

(Please read a bit more about how the truth must be delivered.)


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Who are the Giza Intelligences? 

The "Giza Intelligences" -- so named for the location of their hideout -- had been a constant thorn in Billy's side, as well as the cause of many unsavory global intrigues for several millenniums. These people of ill intent are actually distant descendants of the ancient Lyrian and Vegan races who visited Earth and colonized it many times over the last 22 million years.

The Pleiadians share the same Lyrian/Vegan ancestry, as do the Giza Intelligences. However, the Pleiadians have developed and maintained a unified and peaceful culture far away in their home world star system for almost 50,000 years. The Pleiadians are a marked contrast, as you will see, to their Earth-bound brethren, the Giza Intelligences.

One of the more recent extraterrestrial colonizations occurred roughly 33,000 years ago, when various races, who were the descendants of Lyrians and Vegans, returned to Earth to establish peaceable settlements here. Peace on the Earth lasted for an impressive 18,000 years until power-hungry scientists attempted to seize al power for themselves, just as their warlike ancestors had done many times before in earlier epochs. Remembering the fate of their ancestors, the people saw through these plans early enough and rebelled. The scientists were left with no other alternative but to flee in their spacecraft into the wide expanse of outer space. Their exile took place about 15,000 years ago. The banished scientists settled down in the neighboring system of Beta Centauri, created many offspring and developed a technology with incredible capabilities. Their government used all available means to promote an insane hatred of Earth people, with the intent of returning to Earth as soon as possible to avenge their banishment and establish a supremacy of brutal force. The product of their single-mindedness was a people of malicious and bestial nature. Spurred on through inhumane hatred, they were even able to raise their average life span to several thousand years. Each and every individual was trained in a military profession and taught how to use intrigues to stir up discord and play one man against the other. Discipline within their own ranks could only be upheld through toilsome efforts and terrible punishments. After 2,000 years, they reached a point where they were able to attack Earth and 13,000 years ago, these people, being filled with so much hatred, returned to Earth in their large spacecraft under the leadership of Jschwjsch Arus I.

A scientist of extremely bestial mentality, Arus I was rightfully called "The Barbarian." To assist him in his plans of conquest, he had appointed two hundred scientists in various specialized fields as representatives and subordinates. In a lightning attack, they spread over the Earth and first conquered the country of Hyperborea, high up in North America, where a very mild climate prevailed at the time. (Incidentally, Hyperborea is now known as Florida, which assumed its present position after a polar shift.) From there, they acquired great power over the Earth. It would lead too far afield to mention the details in this connection, but the descendants of Arus I did lead a hardened regiment of enslaved Earth people. In their megalomania, the invaders let themselves be praised as God (in the sense of the Creator), demanded blood sacrifice and performed deadly retaliatory measures against the Earth people. They caused great disasters, privation and misery among many peoples of Earth.

Of the three sons of Arus I -- Arussem, Ptaah and Salam -- it was Arussem who murdered his father with the intention of continuing domination over the people in the same malicious style as did his father and the other predecessors. But his two well-meaning brothers, Ptaah and Salam stopped Arussem. They put an end to the bloodshed and all other grievances and ruled Earth in a just and humane manner. For Arussem and his followers, there was no place left on Earth to live. They were exiled from Earth 3,351 years ago. However, it was not too long before Arussem and his followers secretly returned to the Sol System and nestled deep inside the Earth beneath the Giza pyramids. Underground chambers were newly constructed into the main headquarters. There, they further developed their ingenious security systems. From that point on, we refer to this negative and ancient splinter group of the Pleiadians as the "Giza Intelligences." They were forced to work from their underground chambers using the most malicious methods and machinations. Their plans were composed of intrigues, lies, cheating, false doctrines, deception, negatively influenced states of consciousness, and much more.

They never gave up their goal of acquiring world power, and any means to that end was right and fair. From that time on, they spread false religious doctrines and selected certain Earth people as contactees who were then misled and misused as submissive servants. They did nor flinch from abducting individuals and, if need be, from murdering them.

A practical example of this is given in an excerpt from Contact Report #35 on September 16, 1975, which Semjase relayed to Billy telepathically.

SEMJASE "The Giza Intelligences, craving world power, are preparing a very malevolent crime to harm various other intelligences disinclined toward them and who question their credibility. They have put forth great effort in recent times to influence Earth people in a sectarian form in order to commit an extraordinary crime against human life, and by which the existence of extraterrestrials was also to be made preposterous and ridiculous.

"For quite some time, a human couple on Earth has been under the malicious influence of the Giza Intelligences to introduce criminal and disgraceful things into the world. The purpose of these intrigues was to misguide great numbers of Earth people with the false teaching that the Earth would no longer be inhabitable in about one decade. According to this false claim, Earth people would perish in great numbers and everything would fall prey to death. They were told that not all Earth people had to die. A

rescue action would subsequently be arranged by the extraterrestrials. Willing persons would then be picked up by extraterrestrial intelligences and brought to another better and more beautiful world where they would have a free and better life. This was announced through posters and other forms of advertisement. In order to recruit those who were willing, a gathering that served this malicious purpose was held last Sunday, September 14, 1975 in a place called Waldport in America. This is what happened

Those interested were told at the gathering that they could immediately be taken to a place where they would be prepared for their alleged flight into outer space in order to overcome the problems of space flight and to acquire the knowledge needed for their new life on the other, supposedly better, world, and adapt to their new lives there. The condition of this resettlement enterprise was only that all earthly goods would be sold or otherwise disposed of and that no children would be taken along. Unfortunately, more willing persons gathered for this malicious enterprise than had been foreseen. In a rush, many of them heeded the calls of the solicitors and followed them to await the supposed event in that camp. The consequences of this well thought out criminal enterprise are absolutely clear to us. Various futures were in store for these misguided people

· The entire enterprise was to be camouflaged in the form of a new sectarian religion, through which all willing persons would be deceived and misled to prevent them from detecting the hidden motives.

· Weak and otherwise unsuitable persons were to be gradually sorted out and murdered.

· Several of those found to be suitable would be forced into slavery to do compulsory labor as working robots on Earth for the benefit of the Giza Intelligences, who were in need of various earthly items they did not wish to acquire through their own efforts.

· Others were to found a new sectarian organization and work in a religious form for the plans of the Giza Intelligences on Earth.

"These four points were worked out by the Giza intelligences and were supposed to be used. The Earth people soliciting for this enterprise were unaware of the fact they were living in an implanted delusion.

"The Giza Intelligences have discovered that Billy's group is working on this matter and will have to seek new ways of keeping their enterprise from being thwarted. Therefore, the danger that all the misguided people will be murdered does indeed exist. The life of an Earth person is of absolutely no value to those with a mania for world power...




Chapter Nine


In connection with extraterrestrial intelligences, it is sometimes incomprehensible to us why they exhibit such unconventional habits during their visits. Some of them whiz around nonchalantly in the open, while others take all possible pre cautions to conceal their presence. Among the latter are the Pleiadians.

There are extraterrestrial visitors who never land directly on the Earth's surface, or at least do not leave landing tracks behind, but others leave clearly visible and measurable tracks wherever they land.

They establish and cultivate contacts with Earth people in a way that seems peculiar. Most extraterrestrials avoid any contact with us, so personal encounters with them are purely coincidental or of short duration. In rare cases and under very specific conditions, they choose to contact individual persons for longer periods of time. However, the great majority of contact persons merely receive impulse-like impressions without knowing how these thoughts originated, and assume it is from their own subconscious. Very few have actually experienced genuine personal contact with extraterrestrials. Furthermore, personal contacts always take place unofficially, privately and in secret. That is why the burning question for many interested persons is, "Why do the foreign visitors only cultivate personal contacts with a select few and why do they not show themselves openly? Why do they not land on the Red Square in Moscow, on the green lawn of the White House in Washington, on the grounds of the international airport in Frankfurt, or perhaps even better, in the garden of the United Nations Palace in Geneva?" To prevent a shock effect, they could use a worldwide communication network to announce their arrival in advance. Why do they not make use of any of these possibilities instead of continuing to play a cat and mouse game with us? If the extraterrestrial visits are truly taking place here on Earth -- as the argument goes -- then what could be more natural than establishing contact with the government of a superpower, with NASA or with the United Nations. They could make arrangements with influential personalities. Why do they not shake the hand of Russian or American statesmen like Yeltsin or Clinton, etc., with the friendly words, "Hello, here we are. What can we do for you?"

Such spectacular action would undoubtedly be the most convincing and effective proof for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences, a subject very much in dispute by the majority of Earth humanity. The extraterrestrials know this just as well as we do. But to this day they still avoid making an official landing, if at all possible. Their rationale may not be immediately apparent to us, but after careful consideration, a few very plausible reasons arise. To better understand the matter, let us imagine ourselves in the following situation. Assume that we are the crew of a military helicopter and have been ordered to observe an unexplored region in the primeval Brazilian forest and, if possible, to assume personal contact with the natives by landing in the middle of a village. What if we know the inhabitants of this primeval forest still live in savage barbarism, beat each other's brains out and regard every stranger as an enemy?

Based on a history of suspicion and aggression, we would expect the tribal chiefs to resist any contact with arrangers (us) for fear of losing their prestige and positions of power. So you see, without long years of preparation, a public encounter would be a daring venture involving great risk. Even with preparation, a few of those who are unable to be educated might panic and probably try to shoot down the helicopter, (although they would not have the chance with their blowpipes and poison arrows.) Others would consider the visitors to be heavenly gods instead of friends and helpers. Radical elements would possibly plot to seize control of the strange and wonderful flying object and its crew in order to take over the leadership of all tribes. Under such circumstances, a landing would certainly not be advisable unless done in a forcible manner, using all the weapons of a modern fighter helicopter.

Owing to the vast technical superiority of such weaponry, a landing among these savages could indeed take place. But what would be the sense of doing so if the helicopter crew intended to cultivate contacts on an absolutely friendly basis in order to stimulate progress -- not by using brutal force, but through teaching?

The situation is similar for extraterrestrials, whose spiritual evolution is substantially higher than ours and come to Earth with good intent in order to help us in our spiritual development. For the Pleiadians and other extraterrestrial races, there are compelling reasons why they do not land publicly and do not contact governments, preferring instead to deal in great secrecy with a few select persons who have absolutely no political, military or financial ambition.

However, we should also ask ourselves whether it is possible for extraterrestrials to set foot on our planet without endangering their health. We must consider that not all human life forms in the universe have exactly the same physical constitution as we on have, since the conditions of life on their home planets can be quite different from ours. This may be due to atmosphere or gravity. Consequently, there are those who would suffocate in our atmosphere. They would not be able to leave their spacecraft without a space suit because our atmosphere would be deadly. A further problem is the possibility of mutual misunderstanding. It would be downright impossible for communication to take place if the extraterrestrials only communicated telepathically or used languages that are unknown on Earth.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other extraterrestrials that would certainly be capable of landing publicly and establishing contacts at the highest political levels. The reason why they have not is because Earth has not met their necessary requirements at the present time. Here are a few reasons why

In 1976, the Pleiadians tested many people of Earth, especially the ufological circles to determine their respect for and acknowledgment of truth. The results were devastating and brought the bitter knowledge that Earth humanity is quite obviously not mature enough for a public landing. According to Semjase

SEMJASE "The spirit of many Earth people is still confined and pressed into religious slavery. Some of them (after the landing) would honor us extraterrestrials as heavenly gods, just as they did in earlier times."

In fact, whenever and wherever extraterrestrial intelligences have landed on Earth, they have been honored and worshipped as godly beings. In this manner, Earth humans turned over all responsibility for their own destinies to the presumed astronaut gods.

As taken from the Contact Report of October 2, 1976, the ufological circle received the worse grades imaginable by Semjase and I cannot refrain from quoting an excerpt

SEMJASE "... It is this circle which is guilty of turning the fact of the Pleiadians existence into an object of ridicule in broad public opinion and has caused us to be regarded as figments of fantasy and hallucination. This does not mean that all UFO groups cause us trouble, but most of them do. The misguided ones search for fantastic explanations in technical, paranormal and purely spiritual realms. The most impossible theories arise from, their foolishness and ignorance. They primarily focus on technical possibilities and ways of constructing our ships. They pay no heed at all to our mission or the values connected with it. This is typical of the people of Earth, since they almost always reach for material (worldly) gains and fully overlook basic values ... namely spiritual values. They dream up the most incredible fantasies and even claim that beamships are operated through spiritual powers and are constructed according to spiritual models. This is also a malicious, misleading claim, just like the idea that we would move within paranormal spaces.

"The greatest insanity along these lines comes from those who occupy themselves with inexplicable matters which they do not understand in the least. They are known as parapsychologists, etc. It is this very group that carries out malicious and misleading subversive activities that effectively hide the truth. Their errors are only exceeded by those scientists and pseudo-scientists who, for purely material reasons, occupy themselves with the search for possible clarification and explanations of the existence of our flying devices and even proof that we exist. Still the parapsychologists' actions are only illusions because, in truth, they are possessed by illogic and are still enmeshed in very materialistic, earthly and misleading forms of thought therefore, they are incapable of acquiring any knowledge. They condemn everything as lies and deception, enabling them to feel very self-satisfied and have great delusions of grandeur. Among their kind is also the one you call [The name of the culprit war deleted from the contact note as a means to legally protect Billy], whose stupidity and primitive behavior should not upset you. This person possesses no lasting valuable spiritual knowledge -- as little as those who function in hierarchies for worship, as well as in related fields. They proclaim that we simply know nothing of spiritual matters. In fact, this attitude only points out their spiritual poverty. These people have not yet discovered for themselves the genuine concepts of reality and truth.

"The result of all this is, Earth people today are not able to regard us and the existence of our ships in an honest, open and real perspective. The ufologists who were selected to spread the truth and prepare the way for the arrival of extraterrestrial intelligences have instead, lowered themselves to the level of a primitive, half-scientific sect and promoted their own unintelligible and filthy nonsense of self-construed theories and lies. Because of them, Earth people throughout the globe have been influenced further and further away from truth. This fact proves that Earth people are not yet rational enough to recognize the truth through a purposeful explanation, which could empower them to easily prepare for the coming of extraterrestrial intelligences."

Note As already mentioned, Semjase's criticism does not pertain to all ufologists.

· An official landing of a Pleiadian or other extraterrestrial spacecraft may not cross the stage of Earth without sufficient preparation of the population. Otherwise it would only be irresponsible and also purposeless. Therefore, Earth humanity may not become acquainted with the existence of extraterrestrials while in our present evolutionary stage. If Earth humanity were confronted all at once by the presence of extraterrestrials, we would all have to acknowledge them as a merciless reality, and unless previously prepared, the population would panic and provoke a catastrophe whose extent would not be foreseeable. Semjase was also of the opinion that we would have to reckon with a panic and those uncountable millions would become fully hysterical and "mentally ill." In this connection, one only has to think of the fictional invasion of the Martians from the radio program, "War of the Worlds" by Orson Welles, which was broadcast in the USA in 1938 and caused panic among numerous Earth citizens.

In this author's opinion, it would be extremely embarrassing for most of our contemporaries if they were to unexpectedly learn the untainted truth "with a bang," using the sledgehammer method. Their traditional view of the world would shake and inevitably collapse like a house of cards. They would possibly also discover what has been going on behind the curtains on our globe and how the populace has been deceived and used as dummies since time immemorial by power-hungry, money-craving powers. Since the majority of people would be unable to endure this sudden revelation, they would most likely attempt to hold accountable the leaders who are mainly responsible for such deception. This would not happen without riots and bloodshed. Putting it plainly, there would be a bloody revolution against those in power and, hence, an outright global civil war.

· Suppose a crew of extraterrestrials were determined, in spite of all reservations, to land publicly on Terra. The next difficult question to answer is, which country should be honored with their visit? Which nation may be granted this privilege without angering the other nations? The way things are here on Earth, the diplomatic skills of the foreign visitors would never be good enough to prevent a flood of jealousy and envy from all those who were not chosen. This dilemma could presumably only be prevented if there were something like a single government here on Earth. At the present time, there is no existing institution or higher authority so powerful that it could speak for all of Earth's humanity and represent the interests and well. being of the entire planet. A unified, global government is for this reason, among many others, necessary for us. But the time for this has not yet come, because what government today would be willing to hand its power over to others? (And what recourse would a citizen have if they do not approve of this single world government?)

Some people, who do not have the slightest doubt that extraterrestrials are far superior to us in every respect, wonder why these visitors do not say hello by appearing in public. Naturally, in view of the technical superiority of their weaponry, they have no reason to be afraid of us. What they fear, and rightly so, is the large probability of being exposed to an embarrassing situation if a spacecraft crew should dare to step on our territory, with or without permission. According to the statement of the Pleiadians, our governments are presently still too untrustworthy to make a sincerely friendly arrangement with foreign planetary inhabitants. In any case, fame-addicted, money-craving and power-hungry people are not in demand as partners -- and commands to attack UFOs build little confidence, just to mention one example. According to Semjase's information, military circles or criminal elements would try to capture an extraterrestrial spacecraft under the guise of friendship and peace. That, of course, would be the coup of the century, since whomever possessed this brilliant technology could rule the entire world. And anyone who knows the methods of any of our secret services to some extent can imagine everything these secret agents would do if they were able to take or leave whatever technology they find useful. Should the foreign guests be so careless as to leave their spacecraft unarmed and without security, then they could certainly speak of luck if they happened to escape unscathed. At any rate, who would let the unique opportunity to gather such powerful knowledge of every kind slip away? As we know from the Pleiadians, the, extraterrestrials may not reveal their progressive technology as long as humanity like ours misuses every new discovery for power, political or hostile purposes. We can assume that the foreign visitors strictly heed these regulations and would decisively rebuke all requests or demands for advanced information. Otherwise, the resulting complications can be pictured by anyone -- any additional commentary is superfluous.

Naturally the extraterrestrials will see to it that they do not expose themselves to such a dilemma.

The Pleiadians, in accordance with their noble intentions, do not want to make use of their power. If possible, they would avoid any situation that might force them to use their weapons to protect themselves from unpleasant conflicts and dangers. If they were threatened or in any way attacked by us, they would have no alternative but to use all available weapons for their defense. They would by no means be invulnerable or even immortal in a conflict, as presumed by many.

· Furthermore, there is a Creational Law according to which every man, regardless of his race or origin, has the right to physical, psychic and conscientious freedom. No person may be forced, but should be completely free and unrestrained to decide their own course of action in all areas of life, everywhere and at any time, and the same naturally holds true for the entire human race.

This principle of non-interference is very well known to the extraterrestrials. It is of such great importance that they avoid, if at all possible, the violation of even an iota of this principle. Now, perhaps we wonder what this has to do with our topic. Well -- it would be nothing less than a form of undue influence if the fact of extraterrestrial existence were forced upon Earth's inhabitants. This is because knowledge about the existence of foreign planetary inhabitants has still not penetrated deep enough into the consciousness of Earth people.

· According to the Pleiadians, another effect not to be underestimated is the resultant sense of mystery that is lost. In other words, Earth people would rapidly lose interest in extraterrestrials if their existence were 100 percent confirmed overnight by a public appearance. Such is the nature of Earth people that they need the magic of mystery and the inexplicable if their interest is to endure on a long-term basis. In contrast to earlier times when it was permissible to convince people of a matter by means of miracles, today it is advisable to find truth through one's own thought processes instead of with demonstrations that can be seen and heard with one's own eyes and ears. There are many things between Heaven and Earth, which exist despite the fact that they can neither be seen nor heard.

· The Pleiadians and their allies who have been working for years in various matters of the Earth people, are more or less subject to the recommendations of the High Council, which cannot favor a public landing until the requirements for such have first been fulfilled. But we have not yet reached the necessary evolutionary rung for this to take place. Furthermore, we are socially incapable of being integrated as a partner with, equal rights in a cosmic confederation. Our own efforts and growth will determine when a landing in grand style can take place. Until then, it is probably wiser and more effective if the foreign visitors cultivate contacts only with select individuals. In this way, the knowledge about extraterrestrials and their arrival can slowly but surely penetrate and grow within the consciousness of Earth's people and prepare us for the event. The more open to the new discoveries we are in this matter, the faster we will develop a positive attitude and the sooner the extraordinary event of a public landing will take place.

Incidentally, in the year 1979, the Pleiadians declared themselves willing under certain circumstances to establish contact with a government of Earth, but only through their mediator, Billy. The secret service of the chosen country then took over the role of mediator. Unfortunately, the event could not take place because of the irresponsibility of a few high government officials who were either too cowardly or simply unwilling to accept the conditions set by the Pleiadians. The enormous benefits that a few power-mad and greedy politicians let slip away through unreasonableness; shortsightedness and self-glorification cannot even begin to be measured.


About the Meaning of Human Existence

Although Creation is the highest form of perfection known to us, Creation must nevertheless continue to perfect and develop within itself. For this reason, Creation requires the experiences of all people, no matter how absurd this may sound. That is why the spiritual energy of Creation constantly creates new spirits, which give life to every human body in the form of an immortal spirit (erroneously called immortal soul) and makes it capable of life, for no man would be able to exist without it.

Human existence is, without exception, incorporated in spiritual evolution after the example of Creation. Every spiritual form housed within a human body must first work its way through innumerable incarnations from a completely unknowing, new spirit toward spiritual perfection in order to return to its origin some day and become one with Creation. Creation then further perfects itself and becomes ever more powerful. Therefore, we humans are not spared the difficulties encountered while treading the path of spiritual evolution paved as it is with numerous challenges. On one hand, truths and knowledge already existent, but possibly slumbering in our subconsciousness, must be newly awakened and developed. On the other, things not yet existent must first be created and brought to fruition. Despite bonds with all other human life forms, since every individual is unique, and at a different evolutionary level, each must climb all rungs of the evolutionary ladder one at a time, without excluding a single rung.

It is self-evident, that the destination of spiritual evolution can never be reached within a single material lifetime; on the contrary, innumerable rebirths are necessary.


SEMJASE: "When it (referring to Earth humanity) has achieved the necessary technology to fly to other planets, then it must not do so light-heartedly and in the hope that Earth will always be the winner. Numerous dangers of varied magnitude are lurking in the cosmos itself, and inhabitants of other worlds are not simply helpless when attacked by another race. This could lead to deadly defeats and complete enslavement for Earth people, which would be comparable to falling back into the primeval age. It could also happen that the planet Earth would be completely destroyed. The technical requirements for this have been worked out to maximum perfection by many human and non-human races throughout the cosmos. If Earth people wish to carry their barbaric domineering ways and lust for power out into the cosmos, they must reckon with their own total annihilation and no other planetary creature would rush to their aid. Other races in the universe do not senselessly fight one another or banish, enslave or exploit othes, as is done among the peoples of Earth, but they do know how to defend themselves and, if necessary, can do this by radical means.

"These races continue to be vastly superior in their technical possibilities for quite some time. And wherever this is not the case, they are often under the protectorate of other more highly developed intelligences whose technology has reached maximum perfection."

This, alone, should serve as a serious warning for the future... that we cannot carry our unbridled lust for power and plans of conquest out into the cosmos without being punished


The Necessity of Barbarism Without Degeneracy

The Earth is presently in a very critical phase of development. This gives us sufficient cause for concern, especially with respect to the near future of our planet. The negative factors have for the most part been brought to the light of day in this chapter. Perhaps I have given the impression that Earth people do everything wrong and by no means live correctly. That is not true. Earth people, from the very beginning, have been no worse than any other human civilizations that must more or less suffer the same "labor pains" and "childhood diseases" and go through just about the same stages of development as we. A certain barbarism is part of this course of development and quite necessary for progress in a natural form without descending into degeneracy.

With regard to this, Semjase revealed the following:

SEMJASE: "... the Earth people go the way required for their evolution. Certainly, they are barbaric and, consequently, are impetuous and often unscrupulous in matters of research. However, barbarism is characteristic of many life forms for it is contingent on nature and is an expedient way through which life can first be guaranteed. Because of that, I shall refer to this as 'natural barbarism' which is free of degeneracy. This also applies to far more highly developed races than those of the Earth people and does not subside until higher spiritual perfection is achieved and the required realizations have become part of the spirit. There is absolutely no cause for Earth people to feel defamed and degraded as evil monstrosities.

"They are the descendants of wild ancestors and have to follow their own path of development. Their way leads over much need, misery and toil to reach realization and knowledge. This requires the hardness of a certain barbarism without which there would be no urge to forge onward toward something new and better. Barbarism first allows for research and development. The necessary hardness to disregard certain conditions that would hinder progress is continued within it. That is to say, barbarism can nip in the bud the strict religious delusions that hinder progress to all intents and purposes. Human creatures are capable of carrying on fruitful research only if they have set aside religious delusions and seek the truths where they are actually concealed. This does not detract from respect for life or even from esteem for Creation itself. Quite the contrary, esteem for Creation and for life will first be roused through the discoveries of research. Earth people may recognize this is really so. For example, no life could be freed from disease if life had previously not been destroyed experimentally in order to analyze the germs of a disease and then find its antidote. To destroy life for the purpose of research requires the hardness of barbarism. All forms of the evolution of barbarism create the necessary hardness. Therefore, a person suffering from strong religious delusions is never capable of bringing about a decisive, life-supporting development because they are too one-sided and think and act too humanely, and therefore degenerate one-sidedly as well." (Of course, animal experiments can be replaced with better methods as soon as such methods are available.)


Indications and Warnings For Cosmic Events

The Destroyer Comet

For the first time, a gigantic comet called the Destroyer grazed our Earth about 75,000 years ago, causing devastating destruction. Approximately 10,000 years ago when that particularly powerful comet reentered the Sol System, Venus was tipped from its original orbit around Uranus. Thereafter, the comet left the Sol System but invaded it again in the year 16,098 (before our time calculation) and from that time on has returned to us at more or less regular intervals. This cosmic fiend has already caused great calamities on Earth and will continue to do so if we do not succeed in putting an end to. Among other things, the Destroyer Comet is also responsible for the catastrophe of the great biblical Flood (6,613 years before our time calculation), just to name one concrete example. (See - Chapter 11 for more detailed information. Also see - Semjase's Fantastic Moon Story - in this chapter)


In a conversation between Billy and Quetzal, we learned the details about the Destroyer Comet's dimensions:


BILLY: "You have always spoken of a gigantic comet with reference to the Destroyer. I therefore would find it interesting to know what dimensions this guy actually has."

QUETZAL: "Its mass equals 1.72 times that of the planet Earth and its specific gravity varies in comparison to the mean average of the Earth. The entire mass of the Destroyer is somewhat denser than the Earth. If the Earth has a volume of 1,429.9 billion km3 with a medium density of 5.5 1 grams/cm3, then the Destroyer is a giant in comparison with its volume of 1,083.3 billion km) and a medium density of 7. 18 grams/cm3, if I may give you the data according to earthly understanding.

BILLY: "Interesting -- and does the Destroyer also have a rotation of its own, like the Earth, for example?"


QUETZAL: "That is correct, but it rotates more slowly than the Earth's 465 meters per second (1,535 ft. per second) at the equator. The rotation of the Destroyer only amounts to 314.7 meters per second (1,039 ft. per second) on the very same line."

BILLY: "Therefore, its spin is approximately three quarters of the velocity of the Earth's rotation."

QUETZAL: "That is correct. The Destroyer's velocity has been increasing for quite some time -- as a result of our efforts, in fact. We are endeavoring to send this wandering star off course in order to guide it into regions far away from the Sol System where it can no longer do any harm.

BILLY: "Fantastic -- then terrestrial humanity will no longer fear that it will threaten the Earth again, if you succeed in your undertaking. (The next great danger would otherwise threaten us in the year 2255, when the Destroyer penetrates our Sol System again.)"

QUETZAL: "This is correct, and we are quite confident."

BILLY: "I have a question to that: Why are you allowed to meddle into the affairs of the Destroyer, when on the other hand, you are not allowed to undertake anything against our other impending dangers, such as the anticipated red meteor? "

QUETZAL: "As an act of vengeance, the Destroyer was partially deflected from its natural course by our early ancestors and, consequently, caused damage in the Sol System which was not of natural cosmic origin. Since we do not know the exact circumstances, we cannot give any closer details or explanations about it."

As the following example illustrates, the Pleiadians have very exact instructions about when they are permitted to help us and when not.


The Red Meteor

QUETZAL: "The Red Meteor named in the prophecies is enormous in size and will cause extremely vicious destruction on Earth and, in addition to climatic, tectonic and other changes, will also split the Earth's crust from today's Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. It will swoop from the depths of the cosmos into the Sol System and then on to the Earth."

BILLY: "Do you mean that we are not dealing with a known comet which always comes through our system in its orbital path?"

QUETZAL: "This is correct, because this meteor flies in an orbit which will direct it to your Sol System for the first time. In earlier times, it was never in your region of space."

BILLY: "And its flight is to end on Earth! Aren't you able to undertake any action against it?"

QUETZAL: "You know very well that we are not permitted to stop this event. The cosmic forces themselves have programmed this event in advance, and it can only be stopped or warded off by the Earth people themselves. In their materialistic and misguided ego-centered isolation and discriminations and in their delusions of grandeur, they disregard all warnings and prophecies, so this event will inevitably come to pass as a rebuke and retribution, if you wish to see it so as such. And because this admonition and retribution must occur, we are not permitted to undertake any actions to ward off this event. Earth people should listen to your words and warnings, but that is precisely what they do not do. You are standing watch for a lost cause, as a voice crying in the wilderness, and only a few are willing or shall be willing to listen to your words, to grasp them, think about them and learn to act in the right way. Therefore, the non-listening will experience many deaths when the meteor does its deadly work and creates a new part of the Earth through a violent Earth rift, from which red hot lava will gush forth, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea"

BILLY: "You said that so dramatically and non-scientifically. By the way, it would be of interest to me where this Earth rift will emerge."

QUETZAL: "it is our way to also remain human by offering scientific explanations without using a scientific language. Scientific terms prevail primarily only among the Earth people who believe they must distinguish themselves with this language. This is a degeneracy of callous megalomania, and furthermore, it leads to the belittlement of all dangers. This is one of the reasons why we -- and all other intelligent and truly thinking life forms -- never allow ourselves to fall into using special scientific language, but use easily understood language, instead, which purposely is somewhat dramatic because the developing drama of the abominable event actually exists. A purely scientific means of expression is always misleading because it is detached and impersonal, thereby belittling and minimizing the dangers.

"With reference to the Earth rift to be expected, I can tell you that it will divide the land between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Red-hot masses of lava and natural gas and so forth, will also produce a deadly wall of sulfur which will cover the land, drifting westward and creating additional death zones.

pp . 325-326

Lucky Once Again

Not all human life forms are so peacefully disposed as the Pleiadians and their allies. Unfortunately, there are also very unpleasant subjects who still live in a dreadful and degenerate barbarism. These inhumane creatures have killed all of their feelings in the course of their evolution. They think and act only in a materialistic way. Unless they manage to remove this negative degeneration, they will die out one day and eliminate themselves. Meanwhile, they pose a tremendous danger, especially for all those who are inferior to them in military power. We should be on guard against them, because they often fight and destroy everything that crosses their paths. Such creatures also do not shy away from eliminating entire planets or leading their inhabitants into barbarous servitude as slaves. This may sound like a vision out of a horror film, but it corresponds to reality. Such a malicious punitive action from cosmic space would have happened to us Earth people, if the Pleiadians and their allies had not intervened at the right time. The population of 16 inhabited planets was in search of new, suitable living space because their system was doomed to ruin. Their three existing suns had apparently done their time. The vital sunrays were no longer able to fulfill their function to the extent necessary. The inhabitants, therefore, had no other alternative but to look for new habitations. These emigrants had taken various planets into consideration for their resettlement and our Earth was among them. Whoever thinks that they merely wanted to occupy our already overpopulated Earth in order to live here is sorely mistaken. It was planned, instead, that the entire population of Earth with kith and kin would be slaughtered in the truest sense of the word. The fact that this planned global massacre did not take place is the sole credit of our extraterrestrial friends. With tremendous extravagance, the Pleiadians and their helpers took care that these emigrants were resettled on other habitable planets.

One can only heave a sigh of relief in amazement and think "lucky once again." This striking example probably shows some of the dangers from cosmic space that have resend been lying in wait for us. Consequently, this matter should by no means be taken lightly. All of us on Earth should therefore closely band together in united forces (without the help of extraterrestrials) in order to defend ourselves from such threats.

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