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Dear Scott, et al,  

The prophet teaches us that the most difficult and important lesson for Earth humans is to come to terms with “werden und vergehen” roughly meaning: coming into, and passing out of, existence.  

I cannot continue like this on the forum, so I quit. Nothing personal.  

Your sole fellow forum moderator, Christian [Frehner], who FIGU has reportedly put in charge of the English language component of the mission, declared here on the forum, after our most recent troubles, that he does not read all the postings.  

You also stated that you do not read all the postings.  

Christian – evidently because he did not read this posting of yours – stated that you do indeed read every single posting, are doing a great job, have to decide what to post and what to reject, etc. etc., whereas you yourself freely admit the obvious that the forum is badly corrupted with uncorrected lies, uncorrected untruths, uncorrected misunderstandings, uncorrected distortions, and so on and so forth. You reiterated that your lack of ability/familiarity with the German language precludes an adequate understanding of the material which requires moderation, but competent assistance was not sought because “too many cooks ….”.  

But you also assure our readers that if a posting is not pertinent to the title of the thread to which it is posted that you will not publish it.  

What this all boils down to is a chain of responsibility which quite logically leads people who don’t know the German language material (which is almost everybody on the English language forum, of course) to erroneously think/believe that - as a salient example – Randy Arena’s most recent posting of an Earth orbital spacecraft graphic entitled “The Zeta Reticuli Incident” on your “Mission – Miscellaneous” thread, has your approval as being in line with FIGU’s material. Because you have given your OK to Randy, and Christian has given his to you and Billy has given his to Christian, it is quite reasonable and logical for the thousands of readers of the FIGU English language forum to think that Randy Arena’s posting about Zeta Reticuli is actually part of the Billy Meier contacts material.  

Maybe it is. I have not committed it all to memory. But I’m not aware of it in the context of Randy’s unreferenced and unexplained incident with near-Earth spacecraft. This is not an extreme example, but merely represents the last (small and subtle) straw. Let’s say it is a typical example.  

You know, dear Scott, that I work very hard and try very hard to help the mission in general and the English-speaking word’s inadequate understanding of it in particular. You also know that this extends beyond the forum to - for instance, at the moment – trying to iron out some of the more egregious errors of fact (for whatever reason) newly being sold as a result of Wendelle Steven’s heroic work thirty years ago - and doing translations of the FIGU German language Bulletins (in the current absence of English language ones from them) - and upcoming translations for Michael’s documentary, etc.  

But FIGU still remains only a component of our other lonely work to expose the bloodthirsty 666 rulers, at enormous expense of our time and energy.  

We are told that we can recognize and understand the laws of Creation by observing nature.  

If your ship is infested with vermin, it is not prudent to neglect your continual diligent extermination efforts, because you will ultimately find your vessel overrun, your food stores irretrievably contaminated by cockroaches, rat urine and feces and your electrical wiring chewed through. But circumstances can also arise where – in spite of your very best efforts - an infestation becomes so serious that there is no alternative but to abandon ship.  

With all of the above in mind, I think the best thing for me to do with my limited time is to turn my attention away from the English language FIGU discussion forum and – if I may introduce a more ancient metaphor - spend my time trying to sow seeds of truth in an area less likely to be suffocated with weeds.  

I don’t do this lightly, nor as a result of emotion, but as a coldly logical decision which I think will ultimately be best for the mission and its objectives, which I intend to continue to support to the best of my limited ability in other ways.  

Cheers (as ever) everybody, and all the best to those of you who strive to strive to seek the truth.  






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Hi Dyson,  

Coming in the first part of May, a new Moderator, who reads German will be voted on by the core group.  

I don't understand the reason for Randys insertion of the image you are referring to. Perhaps he or someone can point out the significance. At times I will let something come through which I don't know the relevance of, but at some point someone may be able to interpret or understand for the rest of us.  

I will have to say, there are things which I reject that you do not know about. There was an application recently from someone, who stirred up much discontent last year. I considered it for one nano second, and thought no way am I going to subject everyone to the chaos, which this individual introduced. I rejected another post from someone who was attempting to post in the skeptics corner, which contained many insults and inflammatory statements and crude language...needless to say, perhaps this additional person will aid me in my attempt to keep things on some sort of track....sorry to see you go.  

Kind Regards


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Sunday, 29 April 2007 11:06 PM
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Subject: Posting

Hi Dyson, 

I don't know Rarena very well, so I can't really fault him as a person, but as time goes on, I can't understand him and some of his postings as you have pointed out numerous times. Recently he has been posting the peace sign all over the place...I sometimes either think he is drinking too much Napa Valley Wine when he posts, or he swallowed a Randy Winters pill somewhere along the line. You have mentioned a few times that he had made some weird comments towards you, which I think has given you a  bitter taste towards him, aside from his postings. Needless to say, I do wish that you continue to post,  because you do tend to add a dimension to the forum that is needed...I don't know if you know, but there is a person who reads German and has been recommended by FIGU to aid in moderating duties for the English Forum. They should be voting on his acceptance at the May 6th Core Group meeting. You and Vivenne are great individuals, don't be discouraged by a few imbeciles, the planet is full of them...

 Here is a post from Bob, 


I don't understand why you are redundantly posting the peace sign.
What is your point? And I question whether you even understand what
you are saying when you refer to the "commandments, directives, and
advice" as "semantics". A great deal of time and effort was expended
to introduce them to Earthlings sans doute for you to flippantly refer
to them as "semantics". And why do you use this forum as a billboard
to advertise a book about the Zeta Reticuli Incident?

I think you just like to chase rabbits and want others to chase them
with you.




(reply to above from Dyson)


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Subject: re: Posting

Dear Scott, (Copy to Michael and Christian for their information)

Thanks for your email.

I'll try to give you a little review, and then address the specifics.

My many postings in late March attempted to clarify the nature of the teachings regarding the NEED for judging and respectful disputation (logical argument). While at the same time I tried to remind my many vocal critics there that the truth must be delivered without greasy diplomacy while also one must be careful that it is not done in such a way that people are either 1.) burned by it or 2.) that they consume it unthinkingly so it passes through their systems without digestion or nourishment. I continually stressed the need for striving.

I also pointed out that Jmmanuel did not come to bring peace, but the sundering sword of truth. Truth is the ONLY true path to true and lasting peace. Calling for peace before the truth can come out is like binding an infected sore so it cannot drain itself of puss. It is lethally counterproductive. And it is the broad easy road which leads to damnation. This is the core of the renewed teachings of the prophet.

Scott, I have tried without success to tell people on the forum that - for the same reason that Billy has had 21 attempts on his life - there are enormously powerful and unimaginable shrewd attempts in other spheres (like your forum) to destroy the truth. There is a loose grouping of people who are - in general - behind this push and they highly value their "reckless audacity" and interconnect with semi-secret coded symbols and numbers which can be learned through sufficient study. The number 11, stars with various numbers of points and in various orientations, the colors blue (or violet) and gold, etc. This is not my opinion. Anyone can logically prove it to himself with the required research.

Your board has been overrun by these people and I even notice the predictable progress of the thin-edge-of-the-wedge of disinformation in the very short time since I left.

You write,"I don't know if you know, but there is a person who reads German and has been recommended by FIGU to aid in moderating duties for the English Forum."

No. I didn't know this.

But anybody who tries to moderate the FIGU English language discussion board adequately will have to be prepared to pass difficult and final judgments on others. S/he must be fluent in English (and very familiar with the many falsified translations and/or interpretations) as well as German (and of course the teachings!) and must also not be some parochial babe-in-the-woods who - wet behind the ears - is not sufficiently aware of the covert methodologies, signatures and goals of the ancient and monstrous global forces which conspire and work hard to cunningly derail the mission. These unimaginably wicked humans are the subject of Ptaah's recent revelations from SB34, which should be read and understood as true. It is also important to see that this pattern by BEAM & Co. of revealing more and more terrible truth as we (SLOWLY!) become ripe for it has a VERY long way to go in dealing with - for instance - the material here

Now to address the Randy Arena problem more specifically.

Evidently you, and many others on the forum, took the advice I gave to those who were distraught with the nature of the true teachings when I told them if they didn't like my postings of them they weren't being forced to read them.

Please let me just draw your attention once again to the below.

My posting #584 March 20th, 2007

(snip) I do not have a gripe with people who do not "have a firm grasp of the truth", nor do I have major problems with people who sometimes "don't understand what they are talking about". [I was quoting one of my many critics] We all - me included - make mistakes. That's how we learn.

One more time . I do not have a gripe with people who do not "have a firm grasp of the truth", nor do I have major problems with people who sometimes "don't understand what they are talking about". We all - me included - make mistakes. That's how we learn.

But I do have a very stubborn objection to people who continually pass off serious false religious teachings here as Billy's, so these serious false religious teachings remain uncorrected, to mislead sincere students forever.

You may have noticed that I managed to avoid getting sucked into this forum's herbal thread where dangerous carcinogenic vegetation was recommended [by Randy] as medicine? I don't want to be everywhere, Scott, but it is not part of my composition to sit back quietly and watch BILLY'S work being, to use your own words, "bastardized, changed, altered, slandered, distorted, falsified etc." [by Randy and many many others on your FIGU forum] without me picking up my broadsword of truth and swinging it with whatever force the situation demands.

Jmmanuel did not say, (10:43-47) "I have come to bring the pixie-wand of peace, so let's all have a nice group hug." He said, "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on Earth. Truly, I have not come to bring peace, but the sword of knowledge about the power of the spirit, which dwells within the human being. For I have come to bring wisdom and knowledge and to provoke mankind: son against his father, daughter against her mother, daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, servant against master, citizen against government and believer against preacher. The people's enemies will be their own housemates. The path of truth is long and the wisdom of knowledge will only penetrate slowly."


Posting #604 March 24th, 2007

(snip) I have not "changed" [I was quoting one of my many critics], but I have a growing problem with the person [Randy] who tricked me into revealing a lot of deep German-language-only info in numerous long personal emails, with the premise that he had just found, and was really keen on, the FIGU stuff and couldn't wait to get all the books, etc. He kept my emails (he publicly refers to them as, "my notes") and then started publicly doling out corrupted versions of what I had told him, in such a way that people are tricked into believing that he has deep knowledge of Billy's German language works. I was done like a dinner! [utterly deceived for the purpose of fraud] When will I learn? He even took it upon himself to privately email Wendelle Stevens to politely inform him that Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of had told everyone not to read any of his material.


That's what prompted this:
(Bear in mind that we actually have one of Wendelle's books on line on our Meier index.) We wrote Wendelle a long clarification of Randy's vicious lies to him, but we never got a reply, as the damage had presumably already been done.

It is called "WEDGE POLITICS", and it works. And the wedge is lubricated with oily words.

There is much more in this vein. He
[Randy] wrote Michael Horn and told HIM that I had told him that I "didn't believe in reincarnation", etc, etc. But that should serve to clue you in to the sort of Earth human we nurse at our bosom here on this forum. (I say "send him packing", Scott.)

This just so you all know - in the spirit of the truth, which is the only way to enduring peace.

Peace in love/wisdom,



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My earlier March 16th, 2007 posting # 568 in reply to Randy's "Tell me the truth Dyson, what's really bugging you?" question may be worth reviewing too

Scott, I guess you didn't read the forum contribution where Randy admitted that his father (who he reveals was not like a father, but more like a brother and much more than that) was a NASA official who attended work-related sex orgies, etc. Named after the RAND CORPORATION, Randy also told me privately all SORTS of other things (FAR too numerous to mention!!!) like he is related to Nikola Tesla whose patents he had on file (he said he has ALL of them), he has a range of astounding (paranormal) abilities and technical accomplishments, and also has top secret files from his father which pertained to ET contact and he insinuated that he had ET artifacts from the same source. At the mention of the stolen classified documents I told him I valued my life and he had reached the stage where I would no longer accept his emails. He kept telling me how much he loved me and refused to stop sending me very long personal emails and it was only when I told him, "If you love me let me go" that he finally desisted.

He is NOT stupid. He is VERY crafty, as are several others of his ilk on that forum who know they must tread lightly to avoid arousing suspicion. They do their work individually and often in harmony, collectively. Subtle psychological warfare is employed and it's hard to recognize unless you know what to look for. Truth is more damaged by subtle contamination than by obvious falsification. "Nice guy" Randy Winters promoting pleasant stupid Billy is FAR more dangerous than Mad Dog Korff condemning evil cunning cult-leader/fraud Billy. Do you get my drift?

Randy disarms people of their swords of truth with his cries of peace (hence the symbols) and "love" while he and his many co-workers, in turn, bleed the truth to the point of exhaustion with the death-of-a-thousand-cuts, whereby no single incident - removed from the contextual whole - can be cited as an adequate example of perfidy, and the pig-ignorant and reductionistic mind-set of the list members (combined with a very low knowledge of reality) derails logical conclusions about what is going on before they can be formed.

You write, "You have mentioned a few times that he had made some weird comments towards you, which I think has given you a bitter taste towards him, aside from his postings."

I have written again and again that this is not a personality conflict and appearances to the contrary are very intentional on the parts of my antagonists. These people need a mask to hide behind, and generally there is yet another mask under that one, and so on. Denials must be plausible or their cover is blown. It is simplistic to imagine that all of these many people are merely stupid or ignorant, although naturally there is that too, at one level or another.

I hope this has helped a little in your understanding, Scott, of the reasons why I reached the sad conclusion, and made the painful personal decision, that the FIGU English language forum was no longer the most efficient place for me to direct my efforts to assist FIGU's mission.

Ultimately, those who will be misled by that place will be misled, and those who have what it takes to see over the high wall of bullshit will still glimpse the empowering truth.

I do not know why FIGU has decided to take the course they have by letting that forum go to the dogs like that. But I have great confidence in Billy's love/wisdom and (very) long-term sly tactics and ultimate goals. I surmise that the forum will someday be cited as a bad example of what happens when various FIGU people shirk their personal responsibility. As I've said more than once on that forum, the prophet teaches that a chronic problem must be brought to an acute stage so it can be recognized and thus properly dealt with. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons. Certainly it has been a rewarding and very strengthening experience for me. I made some good friends who I'll sorely miss. And if, sometime in a brighter future, qualified pest-exterminators can fumigate the place, I'll return. (Or pull up some weeds, if you like.) For now, it is no longer represents time well spent for me since I am not in a position to do the weeding, and my seeds will bear better fruit elsewhere.

TJ Ch 15 The Meaning of the Parables

The Weeds among the Good Fruit

43. But he put before them another parable and said, "The spiritual kingdom is like a man who planted good seeds in his field.

44. "But while he slept, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the good seeds and went away.

45. "As the plantings grew and bore fruit, the weeds also appeared.

46. "Then the servants came to the sower and said, 'Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where have the weeds come from?'

47. "He spoke to them, 'An enemy has done this.' Then the servants said, 'Do you want us to go out and pull up the weeds?'

48. "He replied, 'No, lest you uproot the good fruit when you pull up the weeds.

49. " 'Let both grow together until the harvest, and near harvest time I will tell the reapers: First gather the weeds and bind them in bundles, that they may be burned and the ashes strewn over the field so that the soil will be nourished; but gather the good fruit and stack it for me in my barn.'

50. "For behold:" said Jmmanuel, "both grow side by side, the weeds and the good fruit.

51. "The weeds hinder the good fruit from growing, yet later the weeds will become compost and nourish the ground.

52. "Were it not for the weeds being made into nourishment for the soil, the good fruit could not grow, since it needs nourishment."

Please feel free to publish this email in full, dear Scott, if you think it might be of any further assistance to others who maintain similar misunderstandings to your own.



From: "Scott Baxter - FIGU" <>
Tuesday, 1 May 2007 10:03 PM
Subject: Re: Posting

Hello Dyson, 

Thank you for your lengthy reply, you sure can write with the best of mentioned there are enormously powerful and unimaginable shrewd attempts in other spheres (like "my" forum) to destroy the truth. You can choose to think that way or not, it really is a matter of perception in my opinion. I am not trying to sound naive, but I think its easy to start to view everything as a conspiracy, and then before you know it your suspicous and untrusting of everyone and everything, which is a hard way to live. Yes, I agree there have been certain people that have chosen to make it difficult, but in time hopefully they have been and will be weeded out. It's really hard to know who your working with when you can't look them in the eye or check out their body language plus your own gut reaction to them. This is a very limited medium, but it is the only one available to us at this time. It seems you have set such high standards for yourself and others, that it may be hard to live up to without some form of degenration occurring at some point. I have found this true for myself, and almost had a nervous breakdown as a result, so I try and keep things in some sort of balance the best way I know how. 

Like I said I know very little about Randy. I met him a few years ago at a UFO conference and sold him some FIGU Booklets which apparently started him on his merry little journey into the forum and beyond...I find it really insulting to have some one write to you and say the things he did to you...what a whack job...whew..he writes in such a disconnected way, that its hard to know where he is coming from, so its hard to understand his real motives if there really are any.....Based on some of things he has said and done which have cast you in an unfavorable light with regards to Wendelle and the statement to Michael about your beliefs in reincarnation I would say in the long run he is doing himself in...Yes defend yourself, but know he is truly digging himself in deeper with each mistatement of truth and fact. 

I am really only a beginner in much of this but I do truly appreciate the long hours and devotion you and Vivenne have put forth to bring Billy and the Plejarens teachings to the English speaking world. The forum member known as "Junior" or Badr is the one being reviewed by FIGU for the alternate moderator position. Apparently some of the people at the center know him and his mother speaks Swiss German. 

Hope you guys have an enjoyable week! 



(reply to above from Dyson)

Dear Scott, (Copies to Michael and Christian for their information)

Thank you for your warm expressions of appreciation, and concern, albeit misplaced, for my mental health. I agree with you that thinking that, as I wrote, "for the same reason that Billy has had 21 attempts on his life - there are enormously powerful and unimaginable shrewd attempts in other spheres (like your forum) to destroy the truth" is of course a matter of one's own individual perceptions.

If one perceives that the FIGU forum is magically invulnerable to, and somehow inexplicably immune from, the same group(s) behind the 21 assassination attempts on the prophet's life (and the various other much more successful sabotage efforts of the photographs, etc. and every other internet forum) then I put it to you that that perception is very illogical. Of course a good definition of "perception" is "the invention of a feasible reality in order to cope with the immediate future". You mentioned, "(I) almost had a nervous breakdown as a result, (of my high standards) so I try and keep things in some sort of balance the best way I know how." You mentioned your illness on the forum. When one endures a nervous condition, the immediate need to cope can easily over-ride a logical perception of the terrible truth (which will ultimately set you free) as described by me since I started my discussion board contributions and recently confirmed by Ptaah in Special Bulletin 34. But your advice to me, "don't be discouraged by a few imbeciles" shows me that you still miss my critical point and seem to be fooling yourself about the facts in order to cope. My reading of the renewed teachings confirms for me that the ONLY path to (inner and outer) peace is the path of truth. And the door is narrow and the path is hard and stony and very lonely, because only very few will travel it, but it is the only way that goes to a life in harmony with Creation, and only through honoring Creation in this way can fear be overcome.

In you last communications you reiterate, "I am really only a beginner in much of this." Regarding our respective "high standards" as they apply to the forum: on March 19th, you wrote there, "I do not have a grasp of the German language to the extent needed to know and understand the teachings in any depth. Yes, things (on my forum) have been bastardized, changed, altered, slandered, distorted, falsified etc." My standards are not unrealistically high, Scott, and all I ever wanted was what the others - yourself included - said we should reasonably expect. That is, a FIGU forum where people can find the truth, not things that "have been bastardized, changed, altered, slandered, distorted, falsified etc." and are left that way uncorrected.

I was quite surprised to read, "I met him (Randy Arena) a few years ago at a UFO conference and sold him some FIGU Booklets which apparently started him on his merry little journey into the forum and beyond." I was surprised because you disclosed this now in direct reply to this, "Posting #604 March 24th, 2007 (snip) I have not "changed" [I was quoting one of my many critics], but I have a growing problem with the person [Randy] who tricked me into revealing a lot of deep German-language-only info in numerous long personal emails, with the premise that he had just found, and was really keen on, the FIGU stuff and couldn't wait to get all the books, etc." I also asked Randy, on the forum, just prior to that posting, what he read of the FIGU literature, and he didn't mention those booklets you sold him, nor did he contest my March 19th statements about his history with me, which started with me and the forum fairly recently, unless he was using another name. Can you see that there is something here that doesn't add up?

Can you please define the expression, "whack job"? (Sorry. I left the USA in the 60's and I'm not up on current USAmerican slang.) I'm concerned that - in spite of my ongoing efforts to set you straight - you continue to perceive that the problem with Randy Arena and his many supporters on the forum is a personal one I have with him. All I can do is try to tell you again that Randy is NOT stupid, nor is it a simple clash of egos. This inappropriate perception is also shown when you write, "but know he is truly digging himself in deeper with each misstatement of truth and fact". He and his co-workers are simply ENTRENCHING themselves, Scott, and if the facts as they have been published about his duplicitous activities (with Michael and Wendelle, for instance - which Randy never denied) still have not rung any alarm bells for you, then that demonstrates why I think that I can help the mission more efficiently elsewhere.

Please let me quote from Aldous Huxley's 1958 Brave New World Revisited, "It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act. The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective."

As with my previous reply to your unsolicited questions to me about Randy, please do post this on the forum if you think that it may serve the truth.


Dear Dyson, 

Perhaps you are right, and I am in denial regarding what you say concerning the narrow path to truth. If indeed what you say that there are people who are intent on destroying the message of truth, by what is occurring on the forum, who are these people? You have mentioned Mr. Arena but who else would you classify that falls into this category. Perhaps if you could site some very specific examples, this would open my eyes. I know in the past there have been a number of individuals, but to my knowledge they have been expelled. By the way the mention of my illness, was just a bad cold. Why are you sharing our e-mails with Christian and Michael? I was under the impression this was just correspondence between me and you?..just curious. 




(Response from Michael, to which I then reply, along with my reply to Scott’s above comments.)

Dear Dyson, 

I don't know the details of your correspondence with Randy Arena but I do have some comments. First, I will get to meet Randy in person at the center in a couple of weeks and get a sense of him myself. 

Based on the little I know, I don't perceive Randy and his communications with the same level of concern that you do. Maybe I am naive, quite possibly. But there are a few things, in no particular order, that I'd like to point out. The FIGU Forum is still relatively small in terms of the number of participants, whereas awareness of the Meier material and it's actual contents is largely being created by your translations at your site, as well as mine, and of course the various FIGU material and sites. Randy's comments have not gone unopposed, as you have been the first person to do so and have created a residual effect among other members, some of ALL of which I've found to be over the top. 

Yes, the forum numbers will grow, mostly from people who are familiar with the best translations, as well as the critiquing of Randy and others who, deliberately or not, misrepresent the information and teachings. And sometimes a cigar's just a cigar, and an idiot is just an idiot and not a Manchurian Candidate plunged into the midst of presumably gullible types who, miscalculating their own strengths, have their minds and lives slowly taken over by a stealthily spreading virus. 

I don't get my information on the teachings from the members of the Forum, I get it from the translated information and teachings and I read and think about, and occasionally contribute to the comments. There is of course the risk of inaccurate, damaging information being passed down, something which Vivienne and you have been vigilant to point out and it's true that it's better to err on the side of caution. 

But what if all of the vehemence and deliberate, underhanded, negative motivation that you've pointedly accused Randy of simply isn't true? What if your own mental ability, and familiarity, knowledge and concern about mind control, secret societies, etc. has overshot its target in application in this instance? You can rightly ask, "What if it hasn't?" but is it not possible that Randy is actually showing effects, not so much of a kind of "evil" brilliance, but of a wannabe "spiritual dude" who's parading an adolescent ignorance that he presumes is far more of an elevated understanding than would be the case? 

In that light, pointing things out to him is certainly appropriate, firmly if necessary, as has certainly been the case. 

And should it turn out to be the case that Randy is indeed NOT quite, or even remotely, the MK Ultra mind slave that it seems that you've portrayed him to be, then the truth itself - and Randy _ have been somewhat damaged. Do you have a contingency plan in place SHOULD that be the case? 

As I said, I will meet him and get a sense of him myself. I should add that I can, and have been, fooled by people in the past. But there will be a lot of other people at the center too and we'll see how it plays out. 



(reply to above from Dyson)

Dear Scott & Michael (& Christian) 

Thanks for your replies. I can put my responses into a more logical order by taking them out of chronological order, so I’ll start with Michael. 

I’d like to make a very stark distinction between 1.) cause and 2.) effect. 

If a food is dangerous to eat, alerting consumers to that fact must naturally be the prime consideration. The next consideration is - essentially – utterly irrelevant if the first one is communicated inadequately. Randy’s (and a host of others’!) motives (cause), upon which I can only make educated guesses, are not relevant to the effect of his uncorrected false teachings (being passed off as FIGU’s) on the FIGU forum. This is like when you poison you dinner guests. It is not - in the first instance – relevant whether they have been poisoned because the soup was accidentally prepared with toadstools instead of champignons, whether the vegetables didn’t get the insecticide washed off them, or some homicidal manic has added rat poison to the dessert. All that comes next. The first consideration is getting your guest’s stomachs pumped out. So my task with you guys should not be misunderstood to be an attempt on my part to prove to anybody that so-and-so is working for the CIA and so-and-so is a Mossad agent, whereas so-and-so in a poseur and so-and-so is an imbecile, etc. Besides, as we know, I can’t “prove” anything to you. You can only do that for yourselves … with work. 

My task is to try to point out that there are uncorrected false teachings (being passed off as FIGU’s) on the FIGU forum, and there are no disclaimers to that effect. If there was a disclaimer, I’d have fewer grounds for objection. 

It is not my first concern if there is no competent moderation because: the untranslated material remains out of reach of the uninformed moderator – or: the informed moderator is too busy elsewhere and has not told people that, so they assume that someone is supervising competently. Those are causal agents, not the effects. The misleading of people at two hierarchies is the result (effect). They will not learn the truth, and they will not learn the truth that they are not learning the truth. Meta-ignorance: they won’t even know that they don’t know.  

Creation is truth. Truth is everything. Its importance cannot be overstressed.  

Usually Billy’s teachings are simply steered subtly away from the truth, in hardly perceptible increments. But - for some reason – not only is the false teaching which prevails on the forum often wrong, it is often 180 degrees out of phase wrong. Instead of respectful argumentation being a necessity, it is conveyed (as Billy’s teachings) as a disagreeable vice, likewise, that our blessed guru teaches that harsh truths are similarly unloving, as are attempts to correct others’ mistakes, as is the proposal that all humans are not equal in every single regard. Likewise it is believed that Saint Eduard decrees that we must turn the other cheek and at all times practice canine humility. This nauseating toxic waste is churned out – albeit in a very saccharine and circumlocutory manner – in industrial quantities on the feral forum, and I find myself trying to not only argue with the sole moderator that it happens, but that it CAN happen and that there might even be a logical reason for it. 

Oh you conspiracy-doubters, when was the last time you read the introduction to the Talmud Jmmanuel? 

Scott, if you cannot identify the differences between the sheep and the wolves in sheep’s clothing, I’m not sure that anything I can say to you will help, and I’m not going to provide you with the list you asked me for. But there are some telltale signs. Are there contributors who seem to lie a lot? (Or their combined contributions are markedly logically inconsistent.) Are there people there who either outright refuse to answer polite and logical questions put to them or continually slyly avoid them? Are there people who use expressions like, “A certain person…”? Are there people there who continually misquote others or otherwise put words in people’s mouths in such a way that meanings are twisted? Are there people there who are just TOO stupid and seem utterly incapable of ever understanding even the most nakedly simple logic and/or information? Are there people who use old, incorrect (and subsequently corrected) English translations in such a way that the opposite meaning to that which is intended by Billy, etc. is put across? Are there people there who pretend to have read and understood the German language material when they have been shown to have not? Are there people who seem to work in teams to attempt to discredit people who try to convey the teachings? Are there people who attack, mock, scorn, ridicule or deride those who have the courage to try to put the true teachings into practice on the list and are they then attacked for their “unloving” approach? Are there sanctimonious expressions of concern for the mental stability of people who doggedly defend the truth? Are these defenders of the teachings compassionately advised to “lighten up” to “just let it go”, to “chill out” etc. etc? Naturally, none of these signs need be anything other that plain old Earth-human stupidity and religiously deluded ignorance. Of course. A cigar is often only a cigar. But a bit of semtex needs to be disguised as a cigar if it’s ever going to make it onto an airplane, and the FIGU airplane has already had more than enough attempts made to ground it for any logical person to be aware that further attempts to keep it from taking off are only logical. 

The next item I wanted to address concerns materialism, as it is described and condemned by FIGU. 

Scott, you wrote, “It's really hard to know who your working with when you can't look them in the eye or check out their body language plus your own gut reaction to them. This (forum) is a very limited medium, but it is the only one available to us at this time.” 

Michael, you wrote, “I don't know the details of your correspondence with Randy Arena but I do have some comments. First, I will get to meet Randy in person at the center in a couple of weeks and get a sense of him myself. Based on the little I know, I don't perceive Randy and his communications with the same level of concern that you do.” 

Operative word, above: “little”. 

I’d like to remind you that we are taught that cold hard logic is the true key to knowledge, which can then be processed into love/wisdom. More primary lower material perceptions based on appearances, touch, aromas, sounds and so on can be helpful of course. Is the person’s hand hard and calloused or soft and smooth? Is s/he lean and fit or morbidly obese? Does s/he smell strongly of heavy perfume or stale sweat? Is s/he loud and boorish, interrupting and shouting others down or is s/he silent and glowering? But the restrictive medium of a forum has a huge advantage because all those less trustworthy physical perceptions are denied so that only the words (ideas) and their logical or illogical configurations can be analyzed and evaluated. This forces the highest cognitive functions to come into play and it is much easier to be deceived by the coarse-matter realm of a disarming grin from a “nice guy”, or a warm embrace than the fine matter-realm of abstract ideas and cognitions. It is not logical to think that the conclusions I came to after studying the enormous volumes of detailed written material Randy Arena emailed me, in order to let me know (to psych me out) who he is, will be the same conclusions he wishes you to form about him in person. Beware the pitfalls of the material realm, which is the opposite of the spiritual/intellectual realm. The fruit is the ideas which go onto the forum. The physical stuff is just leaves. 

Now I know that all three of you men believe that I am a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and I understand and accept that. And it is an indefensible position I have been put into and I understand and accept that too. But I ask you to please study carefully the events “post 9-11” in light of the corresponding contact notes and don’t forget to re-read the TJ intro. 

Michael, you write, “I don't get my information on the teachings from the members of the Forum, I get it from the translated information and teachings and I read and think about, and occasionally contribute to the comments.” I was the only very active FIGU English language forum contributor who has read and is familiar with all of BEAM’s openly published written work as well as the various English translations and (mis)interpretations, not to mention geopolitics, comparative religions and various abstruse technical matters, etc. Because of that, that forum is now by far the largest publicly available resource of FIGU’s otherwise inaccessible German language material in hundreds of lengthy and very detailed and referenced replies to hundreds of questions put to me and answered in many hundreds of hours of effort on my part, done in a sincere and loving attempt to help those who came there seeking the truth as delivered by FIGU. Unless FIGU pulls the plug on this unique source of info it can remain there for millions more enlightened future truth-seekers, who can see whose contributions are in line with the renewed teachings. 

In closing – Scott, your email was not private in the sense that you wrote private things about your wife and children, etc., which are nobody else’s business. You wrote to me seeking general clarification about the situation on the forum and that is everybody’s business. It is your choice whether you think that this discussion of ours is of enough value to share with others who are/were in denial about the threats to the forum as you are/were, just as it is also my right to share this, as upsetting as it might be for you and Christian if what I have written is seen as exposing mistakes on your part or mine. If we are to put our money where our mouths are as far as the true teachings are concerned, then we must walk this difficult road together. 



(emailed reply form Michael)

Hi everyone,

While I still want to go over Dyson's latest email thoroughly, as
soon as time permits, I have a couple of comments re the Forum.

It seems that one of the main problems is that certain people try to
"teach" the material with which they are actually unfamiliar and/or
they may deliberately attempt to distort it, as Dyson has said.

I think that people should be clearly and openly INSTRUCTED to use
phrases such as, "As I understand it", "It seems to me", "My current
interpretation/understanding is", etc. The purpose of this is to make
clear to any and all present and future readers that - unless
affirmed by a FIGU-approved moderator - ALL that is being expressed
admittedly (or at least actually) in spiritual kindergarden.

There is always a temptation among some people who are first learning
something to prematurely try to "teach" it to others. We can see that
there can be very unwelcome results if this spreads unchecked, what
ever the motivations of the "teachers" may be.

And I think that this step is doable as well as necessary.




From: "FIGU - Christian Frehner"
To: "Michael"
Cc: "gaiaguysnetNET" ; "Scott Baxter - FIGU"

Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: Forum, etc.

Hi Michael,

I agree with your proposal.

Scott, do you think this is doable? This would mean that probably quite
a number of postings would have to be returned to the sender with a comment.


(emailed reply from Scott)

Hi Guys,

The thing is you cannot reject a message and insert a comment. The message
just goes away and does not go back to the sender. In my opinion this would
take more time to evaluate each message. In my own experience, I always try
and preface something I am not sure of with something like " I
believe......". If I am making a statement of fact, I will always try and
sight the reference if possible...The only thing I can suggest is we
continue to allow people to post, with possibly an inserted comment in the
body of the post, asking them how do they know this etc...This can be done
before the message is posted, or we can add a separate post after the post
has been posted...I guess we have to determine how strict we need to be with
this...For instance Jacob has stated many things on the forum, and many
things he wrote about he did not mention a source, but he was given the ok
as I understand it.


Posted (on the forum by Michael) on Friday, May 11, 2007 - 08:31 am:

I would like to make a general suggestion regarding all posts that discuss the spiritual teachings and other specific information from Meier and the Plejaren. There is a tendency among many people, myself included, to sometimes speak about aspects of the information and/or the teachings as if we really knew what we were speaking about, i.e. in a "teaching" manner on our part.

That has been an issue here and I think that there's a way to reduce, even perhaps eliminate, that which can turn out to be misleading and potentially damaging to the turth and the mission. Please consider the following.

When speaking about the spiritual teachings and information from Meier and the Plejaren, we should qualify our statements, in the beginning with words such as:

"It is my understanding...", "In my opinion...", "As I understand it now...", etc. There are obviously other words and phrases that can also "protect" against what anyone writes here as being taken for the actual teachings and information unless they are quoting and referencing specific information.

I try to remember to do this in my own lectures and media interviews, etc.

What do you think?

Michael Horn

Posted (on the forum) on Friday, May 11, 2007 - 07:59 am:


I have been informed by Christian that the FIGU Core group has announced the addition of a new English Forum Moderator. You may remember him by his user name as "Junior" - Badr, one of the forum participants. Welcome to the FIGU Moderating Team.


Posted (on the forum) on Saturday, May 12, 2007 - 12:13 am:

Hello Everyone,

I hope you guys were not disappointed with the announcement, as you might have thought one of the core group might become a moderator. Well I would just like to say that I offered my help to moderate to help out Scott, since he was under a lot of pressure at times. And I will probably become more active on the forum since I decided a while ago that I would be passive on the forum. There are many here that know much more then I do, so please remember being a moderator doesn’t mean any thing.

I would just like to ask for one small favour, that before posting something double check the topic area and decide for yourself whether you might have gone off topic and might be better suited in another section. And you could always mention that you moved to another section with just a couple of words..

Salome, Badr

Posted on Saturday, May 12, 2007 - 03:33 am:


I see how a lot of people tend to give their own methods to what ever it might be, like at this point the ability to heal with the power of the spirit, please don’t forget that you are typing under the topic Spiritual Teachings (Geisteslehere), and if you insist to give your own version of how things are done, then please state that it has nothing to do with the Spiritual Teachings (Geisteslehere) given to us by Billy. And if you do mention something from the Spirit Teachings (Geisteslehere) then you should be able to provide the page number.

This is a very important point to separate the Spiritual Teachings (Geisteslehere), from personal experiences or achievements… remember I am just suggesting here and nothing more, please take it into consideration, for every ones benefit…

Salome, Badr


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