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by Dyson, (page updated again in September 2007)

There has finally been some public reaction to the George Green video clip, recently surfaced on the WWW, in which he apparently demonstrates how simple it is to get a rotating force out of a simple assembly of fridge magnets and a big ball bearing. Somehow he equates this to the "Wedding Cake" beamship drive!

To call this little toy a "Hamel" motor is like calling a paper airplane a space shuttle. Please buy Richard Crandall's "The Anti-gravity Papers" if you want to know more about David Hamel's REAL achievements and you are interested in how the universe actually functions.

I recently watched this clip and was similarly astounded that it could be SO easy to make what amounts to a (free energy) permanent-magnet motor. I not only could not immediately figure out how George managed to make the the ball bearing (with the disk magnet on top of it) turn, I could not figure out why I hadn't heard of it before.      

So, using what was at hand, in less than ten minutes I duplicated his entire little demonstration device, and - with no more fiddling than George did on the video - got my ball bearing to spin quite nicely ... as long as I continually moved the upper assembly of magnets. That is the trick.

And I think that it's another deliberate blind alley in order to make people think that there is nothing to the idea that permanent magnets can be used to run motors, which they demonstrably DO. (See our opening page.)

All you need to convince yourself that George's trick is just that, is one of those round flat "doughnut" magnets shaped like a washer (a centrally perforated disk ... sold glued into magnetic cup hooks, etc) and any small round hard ball like a big marble. A steel ball is not required, but it does work better, and of course then no adhesive is required. George's more complex assembly of magnets held above the turning ball is just for show. Any simple steel or iron surface, like the bottom of an iron frying pan, also induces the effect. A much larger "doughnut" magnet wiggled above the completed assembly (with opposite poles facing each other of course) works far better that Georges' ring of little magnets glued into a PVC pipe off-cut.

How the trick works:

It's pretty simple once you think about it. The disk magnet is attracted to the ferrous metal held above it and that tilts the ball at the same time it is pulled to one side. In order to get to where it wants to go, the entire thing turns, in the same way a ball on a string does, when it is pulled at an angle across an inclined plane - the string representing the magnetic attraction, and the inclined plane representing the off-center orientation produced by moving the upper device to one side in an effort to "align" the two components properly.

Did you notice that all we got on the video were a few turns in either direction as the top part was moved in relation to the bottom part? Why not just stick the two "aligned" pieces together as a solid unit, so the spinning continues? Because it won't keep turning. It is a con job.

Still confused? Here's a hint: All conventional spinning toy tops need a sharp point upon which to turn in order to keep the thing from wandering away when spun. Precession, is demonstrated when gravity starts to make the top tip as the centrifugal force abates proportionate to the deceleration of the spin. This is why George's little top needs a BALL supporting it, NOT a sharp point. So if any attractive force - magnetic or otherwise - amounting to precession is induced, along with a longitudinal attraction, then rotation will be initiated. For a while.

This sharp point (as opposed to a ball, etc.) is so important, that the (US$50) hi-tech top here actually boasts a (very very hard and durable metal alloy) tungsten-carbide tip, enabling it to spin for 15 minutes! WOW!

Let me hasten to add that unless you are familiar with the many tricks that little magnets can do, you would be fooled, and I do think that Wendelle Stevens was innocently duped, as I was initially.

(And the contact notes mention that Wendelle was framed in order to wrongly convict him of an odious crime he never committed - obviously to discredit him and send a frightening warning to other early high-profile Meier researchers.)

Many non-German-speaking FIGU friends are seemingly still enamored of this crap, from George Green and even Randolph Winters, BECAUSE they have not read enough of the Meier material to know what is genuine, and what is filthy lies calculated to lead you up the garden path and away from the truth. And they will not take anybody's word for it - even Billy's! (See our Meier Index for info on Winters)

These two crooks are not listed on the above link from FIGU for no reason! (Where're Michael $alla and Lyssa Royal?)

Korff unambiguously dishes out stinking manure. Winters - far more perilous - is like someone who teaches you how to cook delicious meals, while you unwittingly add undetectable slow-acting poisons.  If you study his garbage, please be aware that you are poisoning yourself, and, if you ever do make the effort to read the thousands of pages of genuine Meier info, only then will you realize that you have been ingesting toxic waste which has seriously damaged and retarded your spiritual progress.


The (one) truth will liberate and empower you.

Untruths will enslave and weaken you.

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