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Die Art zu Leben


The Nature of Life (or) The Manner of Living (or) How to Live



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Die sieben Stufen der Bildung




The seven steps of formation/development




Das Geschehen der Welt hängt von den Gedanken ab.


The world's events are dependent upon thoughts.


I) Als erstes muss der Mensch die Wahrheit suchen und finden und daraus das Wissen lernen und erweitern.


I) As the first step, the human must seek and find the truth, and, out of that, learn knowledge and expand it.


II) Als zweites muss der Mensch seine Gedanken kontrollierend korrigieren und auf die Wahrheit seines erlangten Wissens ausrichten.


II) As the second step, the human must rectify his thoughts in a controlled manner and bring them into line with the truth of his acquired knowledge.


III) Als drittes muss der Mensch durch sein Wissen und durch seine Gedanken seine innere Harmonie erschaffen.


III) As the third step, the human must create his inner harmony through his knowledge and through his thoughts.


IV) Als viertes muss der Mensch aus seiner inneren Harmonie hervorgehend seine eigene Persönlichkeit korrigieren, ordnen, formen und harmonisieren.


IV) As the fourth step, the human must, out of his resulting inner harmony, rectify, order, form and harmonize his own personality.


V) Als fünftes muss der Mensch seine direkte Umgebung, sein Familien und Verwandtschaftsleben korrigieren, ordnen, formen und harmonisieren.


V) As the fifth step, the human must rectify, order, form and harmonize his direct environment, his families, and the lives of his relatives.


 VI) Als sechstes muss der Mensch seine nähere Umwelt der Freunde, Kameraden und Bekannten korrigieren, ordnen, formen und harmonisieren.


VI) As the sixth step, the human must rectify, order, form and harmonize his closer environment of friends, comrades and acquaintances.


VII) Als siebentes ist der Mensch dann fähig, eine Gruppe Menschen, die Masse Menschheit, den Staat und die Welt zu korrigieren, zu ordnen, zu formen, zu harmonisieren und zu führen in weisheitlicher, menschgerechter und schöpfungs-naturgerecht-gesetzmässiger Form.


VII) As the seventh step, the human is then qualified to rectify, order, form, harmonize and lead a group of humans, the mass of humanity, the country and the world, in the form of being wise, observing human rights and in accord with the creational, naturally-just laws.





Two brief, but important, excerpts from the Talmud Jmmanuel which pertain to the above:


Chapter 7

The Spirit of Judgment

1. "Judge not falsely, lest you be falsely judged.

2. "For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged, and with whatever measure you measure, you will be measured.

3. "Judge according to the logic of the laws of nature, which are from Creation, because only they possess its truth and correctness.

4. "Why do you see the splinter in your brother's eye and are not aware of the beam in your own eye?

5. "Or, how dare you say to your brother: 'Wait, I will take the splinter out of your eye!' And behold, there is a beam in your own eye.

 6. "You hypocrite, first take the beam out of your own eye, then see how you can take the splinter out of your brother's eye.

 7. "Learn first the laws of nature and of Creation, their logic, before you judge and condemn and wish to see the faults of your neighbor.

 8. "Through the laws of nature and of Creation learn first how to recognize your own faults, so that you can then correct the faults of your neighbors.

9. "You shall not give sacred things to the dogs, nor throw your pearls before the swine, lest they trample them with their feet and turn on you and tear you apart.

10. "Truly, I say to you: Do not throw your spiritual treasure into the dirt and do not waste it on the unworthy, because they will not thank you and will tear you apart, for their understanding is small and their spirit is weak.


Chapter 19

The Errors of your Neighbor

14. "Search for the meaning and truth in my teachings. Since I am human like you, I, too, have had to search and perceive.

15. "Since I am human like you and have gathered my knowledge, you are also capable of learning, searching, perceiving and knowing; in so doing you may grasp and observe the laws of Creation.

16. "If your neighbor errs and embraces a falsified teaching, go and reveal their error in private.

17. "If they listen to you, you have won your neighbor.

18. "If your neighbor does not listen and continues to be enslaved by a lack of understanding, leave that person be, for they are not worthy of your teaching, once you have done everything possible.

19. "It is better to let an unreasonable person walk on the path of misery than to bring confusion to one's own consciousness.

20. "Truly I say to you, the heavens will collapse before an unreasonable person can be taught reason; therefore, beware of such persons.

2 1. "Sow the seeds of wisdom on fertile soil where they can germinate,

22. "because only the germinated seed will bring forth fruit."




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