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"You go to benefit yourself and to learn and keep moving on." Randolph Winters, April 1998 (below)

"Winters ist ein Profitgieriger Schurke" (Winters is a profit-hungry scoundrel) Ptaah, 255th contact, May 13th, 1996




("In the Dark"! How VERY apt!)

Above: a slide from Winters' presentation meant to illustrate the zodiac.

"The Winters Plan, A New Vision for America. His latest book is a well-laid out plan on how we can take control of our country and make our government work for our benefit. It starts with a trip to the future to see how life could be different if we based our society on The Wisdom of Education, instead of The Force of Legislation. Taking the role of President, Randolph then goes on to explain how he would manage the country if given the chance." Website: 


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March 3rd, 2006 - Winters' trail of destruction gets warmer.

In December 2000, the U.S Food & Drug Administration closed in on Randy "you-go-to-benefit-yourself" Winters' snake oil scheme, and wrote him a two page letter about it, dated DECEMBER 20th, 2000 sent to him at Rancho Mirage (seriously).

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How many innocent dupes did Winters kill with his fake medicines because they bought his smooth spiel and his panaceas instead of going to a doctor?

An oblique reference to Winters dated JULY 1st, 2001, and another of his dead links on a page about mind control(!), can be found here.


The below represents a work in progress.  

It contains rough notes and incomplete transcripts which will be refined.

Some of this is true, some of it is not, some of it is partly true, but none of it can be sorted out by how bizarre it sounds.


Selected excerpts from Randolph (“Randy”) Winters' DVD presentation of “The Billy Meier Case” with Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (US Army, Ret.) and Herr Michael Hesemann, at the 1994 International UFO Congress, Mesquite, Nevada, U.S.A. December 1994.


The Meier Years     A Retrospective       Volume Two


(A 1998 lecture follows immediately below this 1994 lecture)



 (Numbers in transcript represent hours, minutes and seconds into the DVDs)


Winters makes no distinction between the Swiss and Germans and seemingly confuses the language, which he does not speak, with the peoples.

Please compare the two versions of the same story, highlighted in blue, told four years apart.


At the conclusion of these 1994 excerpts, eighteen minutes into his presentation, Winters proceeds to relate material about the Florida, U.S.A. "contacts" and mixes the two cases together, adding NAZI propaganda. Please scroll down right near the bottom of this page to read his subsequent (1998) explanation, in red, for the U.S. American hoax he was evidently suckered into to discredit him in a classic case of tossing the baby out with the bathwater. Winters has a lot to answer for.



(Randolph Winters begins)


I think I’m wired up. Am I on? OK? Um. Hi everybody. This …this is a really wonderful evening. Y’know it’s been twenty years since we started hearing about these Pleiadian case pretty much here in America. It was in January 1975 when Billy got that first cooling sensation (rubs his forehead) and the phone rang ten times and he hopped on his mo-ped and headed out for that first sighting out there and the pictures start coming out. So then of course because of Wendelle, and Lee Elders, and Tom Welsh, and Jim Deletossa and all the other wonderful people in the early days that were gathering all the information a few years after that it started filtering in over here in America. I think I first heard about it – ah –’78, ’79 – somewhere back in there when, ah, Wendelle was leading the CIA all over Europe, and, ah, the pictures were starting to come back a little bit, and I saw these pictures and I thought to myself – uh, my gawd. If there are really human intelligences coming from another world that are humans that are that advanced, imagine what we could learn from them. Well I had an import company at the time I was kind of running back and forth to Europe anyway, going to Italy and I kept trying to find a way to get over and find out more about this but , ah, it didn’t work out. I even tried once – I was in ah, Italy and Rome and I called over to the house over there. Actually I called Lee Elders first, and says, “Lee is this a good time to go over to the farm? I’m in Rome right now. I can run right over there.” And he says, ”Nope. Don’t go right now. There’s been another attempt on Billy’s life.” I says, “Your kidding!” He says, ”No. Some woman thought he was the antichrist or something and took a shot at him.” I says, “Took a shot at him because (she) thinks he’s the antichrist?” He says, “Ya. It’s really the damndest story you ever heard." The Pleiadians warned him about it and Billy – he’s got so much energy – he’s a character alright – he put a metal plate in his coat pocket and, got a – went into the ship and had the Pleiadians explain to him that, “This woman is going to walk right up to you and take a shot at you right in the chest.” He says, “Well, where’s it gonna happen?” “So right here. (points to heart with index finger) She’s gonna shoot you right in the chest.” Billy put a metal plate in his coat and walked right up to where he was supposed to stand and waited for her to walk up the driveway. When the woman came up she takes a shot at him – hits him right in the chest. He, of course, just stood there. The woman probably though he was the antichrist then. (laughter from audience). (She) took off runnin’ down the road. Billy hops in his car and starts chasing the lady down the road and to make a long story short, he catches up with her and has a conversation with her. They become friends and she winds up joining the group. So I – heh, heh, heh. (laughter from audience) Y’know, the nice thing about Billy is – and there’s a lotta things said about him. I had a really good time bein’ over there myself in the short time I could stay there. It’s a little bit kinda like meeting Santa Claus. I think Wendelle and Michael would agree with me. If he were here tonight, you’d like the guy right away. He’d just kinda walk up here to the microphone, (swaying back and forth grinning foolishly, adopting putting on a stupid sounding, heavily accented voice, waving his hand slowly) (He’d say,) “Hallo effrybody. Derr.” He’s just – as soon as you’re around him you just know you’re around somebody who’s spent a lifetime pursuing the spiritual side of life and wants everybody to just share and love each other. He’s a really peaceful little guy. My first trip over there – I finally decided to go, and I wrote a letter – wrote a lotta letters, heh, heh. And I just wanted to kinda find out. I was just kinda on my own path of discovery wanting to know what’s going on over here in Schmidtrüti. I had already been around the country. I’d worn out three passports. I’d been through China. I’d been to Japan. I’d done a lotta the things most people do. I’d been to Egypt and scouring the north wall of the Kings’ Chamber and see if Billy Meier had been there or the Pleiadians had been there. They haven’t. Heh, heh, heh! Least as far as I know, at least in the Kings’ Chamber, so I – ah – finally winded up going over – ah – to the farm. Previous to that – ah – through the courtesy of Wendelle and Less Elders, I had a set of slides. We are actually gonna show you a set of slides tonight, but I also said there’d be a slide show. (looks at watch) We’re getting a little bit off so I’m gonna talk just for a few minutes and then we’re gonna give you a chair break and then we’re gonna have a slide show for any of those of you who would like to stay for it, we’re gonna be about thirty, forty-five minutes, gonna show you all the Meier photos, or many of them anyway. I got over to – ah –Schmidtrüti, and you’ve heard all the stories about trying to find it and they’re all true. I – ah – heh, heh. I had my trouble finding it also, but I took the train to Wintertur and then got off and went to Wila and, y’know, got off at the train station, and, ah, I’m standing there, and, I’m thinkin’ - ah - how do I get my way up into the farm? I’ve got a map of instructions that was given to me by a fella named John Vandervin(?indistinct) who had been there before that I was there. And, I’m lookin’ at the map and a little station wagon car pulls right up in front of me and I just stand there lookin’ at it and it’s Billy in the car. Someone else is driving the car, and I look down and the lady drivin’ the car kinda just looks over. (bending down) “Hello. You are Randy?” And she’s -“Yeah, yeah. I’m Randy.” And she says, “OK. Take zee bus in ten minutes. Vee vill see you at zee farm.” ZOOOOOM! (gesticulates with hand violently) heh, heh, heh. Shoots off just as I’m getting’ ready to say, “HELLO!” (stretches out hand) “G’bye.” I’m thinkin’, OK. I’ll havta think about workin’ into this place I guess. But, er, ah. The bus came. I went up there. I - I was working at the time in a bank and I had only three weeks vacation, and as I got there out in front of the farm out there what they call the Star Center there’s a visitors’ patio. And on the visitor’s patio that’s where they have everybody sit down and they show you all these beautiful pictures and there’s a guest book and I’m flipping through it looking at all the names of all the people from many different countries all over the world that have come over there to do visits. I’m signing it and there’s this blonde haired lady sittin’ over there at the table over there in German just – just (lifting arm, fist clenched) pounding on the table and yelling things. I don’t understand what she’s sayin’ (with mocking guttural gibberish) “JES MURG AUF JEH JEH!!” She’s just goin’ at it. And somebody come over (mimes shaking hands) and says, “ Hello. You are to meet this woman. She’s greeting the visitors here.” And I go, oh boy! It’s gonna be a good day, isn’t it? Heh, heh, heh, heh! And I sit down and she goes, “Hello. My name is Bruni Zimmerman, unt I am greeting the fissitors here today.” OK. I says, “What is it that you’re so upset about?” And she says, “Americans. Americans. Ve haff great trouble.” (audience laughter) And well, I says, “Well I’m from America.” OK? And she says, “We know. We know all about you.” So we proceeded to talk and they were quite upset over the difficulties they were having over certain people using the material and not getting paid for it and this and that, and I said, “Well, what seems to be the difficulty?” And she said, “Well, you know over the years people would come here from Hollywood and they come from this place and that and we give them pictures and we give them that and they never come back and we never hear anything about it and they just kinda come here and use it and they call us names, and they go home and they write articles and they say we’re this, and they say we’re silly farmers and fools….” And I’m thinkin’, yeah, I’ve head a lot of those. I guess that really has happened. And she’s goin’ on for about an hour explaining’ this and he kinda calms down and she wants to know why I’m there and I said, “Well I just came over to learn. I’m just wanna know what’s going on. I don’t want anything. I don’t need a contract or the rights to anything. I just wanna know what’s happening. So after I heard, y’know, about how bad this guy was (counting on fingers) and that guy and this guy and so forth, she says, “Well come to dinner with me.” OK. So we go down the hill. She lives in Wila. Most everybody at the Semjase Silver Star Center what they call it. It’s about fifteen people live there. Ah. That’s where Billy lives and Poppi and the kids and so forth. They have a nice big farm there.  Nice big home for everybody. But Bruni was the only one who lived off-campus as I called it. She lived down the hill. Bruni lives in Wila. It’s about ten miles down the mountain, where the bus just brought me back up from. So I go down there to Bruni’s house and I’m playing this real slow. I’m having to adjust to the fact that this rather strong, ah, German personality that I’m not used to. I’m from Kansas where it takes about thirty minutes just to say howdy, y’know. (polite laughter) Things are a little slower. So I kinda – I spend the evening with Bruni and I slowly find out that she’s just a genuine wonderful person. She really cares about what’s going on there. All of them do. But they’re having all kinds of difficulties because they’re very a small-town people. And they don’t socially understand really how to interact with us. They’re not carrying Visa cards around and they don’t, y'know, buy fancy cars and they’re very close to nature and they live a lot differently than we do. And when  come over there with our big ideas and deals – hey, we’ll put you on the silver screen. We’ll do this and we’ll do that – it doesn’t mean much of anything to them because they’re missing the point. The Pleiadians have made contact with Billy and any number of people over the past several hundred years to make us aware that we are not alone in the universe. They’re trying to stimulate our consciousness so some time in the future we may be able to actually interact with them and other races. They’re trying to find ways of pushing visions and ideas into us to stimulate our thinking so we can pull ourselves away from the material realm and begin to lead a more spiritual life. Well to make along story short I stayed there for three weeks and every night I would go to Bruni’s house and Bruni was teaching me all about these things and she would always tell me (waving index finger), “Now you can’t tell anybody that you were here at the house.” And I said, “Why?” (She) said, “well, you’re not in the group, y’know. You’re, you’re - we’re not supposed to give this information out to just everybody and they will be quite upset if they know that you’re coming down here every evening.” See, she would drop me off about two miles before the guest house about midnight each night and I’d hafta walk (miming marching) through, y’know, the forest in order to get back up to the guest house. So I wasn’t supposed to say anything, and I thought, well, that’s kind of an unusual sort of situation. As it turns out, ah, Bruni did have a lot of difficulties because, like I say, she had her own place off-campus living down, ah, at the town and that made it a little bit difficult for her. Three weeks there, um. Billy was there all the time but he wouldn’t speak to me. And I was told that he’d had enough of Americans, he wanted no more questions and there I showed up and that’s what I came for. An American with a lotta questions, right? So I – heh, heh, heh. Exactly what I came, so I thought, well I’ll just kinda stick this out. And I was stayin’ at the little guest house right close to the farm there and they have these little bitty rooms, ah, if any of you ever go over there there’re these five little rooms, A, B, C, D & E up there on the second floor and you walk down the stairs and use the rest room and so forth and nobody speaks any English and you hafta kinda go in the kitchen and get your own food or point at it or something like that. (polite laughter) And I’m lyin’ there one night just kinda thinkin’ - I’ve been there about a week – thinkin’ about all the things that have happened and I hear somebody call my name, and it’s not by anybody that I recognized. And I thought, that’s kinda strange. And I got up because I thought it was somebody at the door. So I walked over to the door and I opened it up and I looked up and down the hall and it kind of dawned on me I’m the only person staying here at the guest house. Then I heard my name again and I couldn’t get any direction to it and it  - it’s inside of my head somehow. So the – there was no more sounds. Instead there was the idea to lay down and pay attention. OK. So I just laid down on my and paid attention. I started getting what I now know to be real-time vision. Ideas and dreams were starting to come in. Somebody was sending me something. And I was getting indications about the seriousness of what was going on over in Switzerland, what there is to learn, and to stick it out and to learn, and to pay attention. So I did. I hung on for two more weeks, painted the barn, fixed the fence, did the kitchen (mimes shoveling), I did just about everything around there including working in the garden, and, um, I remember one day, ah, I’m up on the north, um, side of the, the farmhouse and I’m workin’ up there. And the altitude is so high I’m just about to pass out anyway from workin’ out there in the heat, and Billy’s sitting down on the patio in front of the house which he, he usually does in the afternoon and I’m up there workin’ away (mimes shoveling) all by myself, just, y’know, and I look down and I see Billy kinda walk out in front of the house (bends over and mimes surreptitious looking) and he’s looking up at me. It’s like a half mile down the hill. Y’know, so I kind of stopped and waved (waving widely) at him down the hill like this (audience laughter) and he saw me and turned (miming startled running), and dashed back into the house. He was doing all he could for a couple a weeks, y’know, just to kinda, y’know, try and pretend not to see me at all. We, we would have dinner every evening but he wouldn’t talk to me. So I thought, well, y’know, this is something for me to learn, y’know. I’m just gonna have to try and hafta get used to this. So I stayed for the three weeks. The day I was supposed to go, everybody come out, y’know. We were all kinda becoming friends and I - actually was learning a lot. They gave me all the notes and so forth, and I found them to be really to be really, really very nice people, very loving people but you have to get used to the style. Their way of doing things is much different than ours. And they really have a lotta pressure on ‘em. They have a lot of concern what to do with the information, who to give it to, how to handle the information, and it’s a pretty difficult position to be in. Well I left and went back home to L.A. and a couple a weeks later the phone rang and it was Bruni. “Billy likes you. It’s OK to come back.” (pauses for  loud audience laughter) Ah, heh, heh. I said “OK. Heh, heh. Ah, that makes sense to me.” And, heh, heh. So I did. I – I went back – ah - it was a few months before I could go back and did and that time I stayed for pretty much all the whole summer. I forget how long it was. Something like that. And when I got back this time it was a whole different situation. Billy was very friendly and, ah, we hung out every day. There was hardly anyone around the Center during the day. Usually just he and I and we’d go to the mall and I had him all to myself for at least a couple a months, just ask questions and talk about things. And to be quite honest with you (fidgets with ring) most of the things he, ah, wanted to talk about – spiritual things – and life and how the planet works and what reincarnation is and so forth – he was overwhelming me. Ah - these weren’t the questions I was quite ready for because I soon found out that knowledge, you have to take it when you’re ready for it. If you don’t have a foundation for things then they don’t mean much to you, they’re just facts that we kinda , ah, just stick away someplace. Billy could sense that. So instead he started giving me all of his note and we’d go in the office and he’d say, “Well, read this and read that. See Bruni.” And I did and I started kinda getting up to speed pretty fast. Well I - I spent a lot of time there and then one day he kind of surprised me and he says, “C,mon. We’re going to town", and we went to town and we went to, ah, to their equivalent of I guess a court house or city office or something like that. And I s(ays), “What’re we doin’?” And he says, “Well, I’m having some problems and I want you to be my power of attorney.”… “I – power of attorney? What are we doing?” And he says, “Well, I have a lotta contract problems and things with different things going on and I signed too many contracts I don’t understand hardly any of them, and I want you to help me kinda clean ‘em up and work with Bruni.” So he went in and signed over his power of attorney to me, and got me a little badge and hand me a card says, “You’re now a special member of the FIGU.” And I says, (suspiciously) O – K. I was pretty hesitant right there because I, ah, suddenly I was finding myself getting into things I might be getting’ in a little bit over my head y’know. There’s a lot of FIGU people living right there that looked, that didn’t exactly appreciate this. And they’re not very fond of Americans anyway and I was just warming up to them and now I’m getting special privileges. It didn’t work out too well. I was a member for about two years and I had a lot of difficulty being the only guy in America trying to get along with all the decisions that are being made, y'know, in Switzerland, and I went back one other time, ah, after that, and spent some time there and then I dropped out of the group. I’m not a very good follower. That wasn’t my reason for going over there anyway. I just, ah, kind of wanted to learn things. I learned a lot. Ah. He’s a very special man. It’d be - I was hoping some time in the future, if his health permitted maybe he would feel like coming out on the trail and talking to people, because he’s missing out on what could be maybe the most important part of his life. His name means “keeper of the treasure”. And that’s what he’s done very well. He’s recorded a lot of wonderful information - taken a lot of wonderful things down so that we can all share it. But he doesn’t know about you guys. He doesn’t know how well he would be accepted and how we would care just to have him come over and talk. I tried to get… (thin scattered applause) … I tried to get him to do that once and he was ready to do it and he says, “I can’t. I’m in jail with the women here. What will I do?” And I says, “It’s alright, you can take a boat and come on over for a tour and c’mon let’s do some talks.” And he says, “I … I can’t leave the farm. They, er -  I can’t do that.” So we talked about it a lot, and he almost did it. I almost had him talked into it but it didn’t work out. The Pleiadian contacts … I have a book out called the Peiadian Mission and, ah, in the book - this is something I’m gonna hafta clear up … it states that Billy Meier’s contacts had ended in October of ’78, and it isn’t quite clear in there what I meant. He had a series of contacts from ’75 to ’78 which were specifically for the people of Earth, and when those contacts came to an end … when the Pleiadians decided to stop those contacts, because it was no longer in their interests, It wasn’t that Billy’s contacts ended. Billy had contacts for years before that even when he was a child, and they’re still going on [December 1994]. As a matter of fact, there’s another group now … ah … Wendelle mentioned to you earlier, that there are different group of Pleiadians coming here and having contacts with different people. Ahhhhh. Billy’s having contacts again with another group. There’s another group from Alcyon. The pictures we’ve seen over the years and the information we’ve heard over the past 20 years have largely been centered around the group which was from Taygete. About a month ago I was in Florida giving a talk, and ah, um, ah, and a man approached and says, “I’m the fellow who called you to arrange the talk.”  I says, “Very nice to meet you. Thanks for having me down here, and, ah, he was kinds smiling and says, “ I have special gift for you.” And I says, “OK. What is it?” And he says … we get to talking, And he says “I’m having contacts with the Pleiadians. It’s been going on for a long period of time, and I want to talk to you now about going public with what’s happening here.”  And I was listening, y’know, because quite often people will tell you they’re having contact with someone and usually it doesn’t lead to much of anything, right? So we begin to talk and he says, ”Six years ago…” – um – excuse me. Lemme back up a little bit. He said his contacts had been telepathic for over 15 years. He was aware of when Meier’s contacts started, and he was having contacts from another group from Alcyone. And the reason he was having those contacts was because he himself was a Pleiadian.



(to be continued)




 “The Pleiadian Mission”

with Randolph Winters

 April 1998

©1998 Gavegin Production


SHIFT stands for Sharing Information on Fringe Topics.


(The National ESP Program material is in green)

See 51:27 for FIGU calumny


(Randolph Winters begins)


Can I have ‘em now? They’re all mine? (off camera) “They’re all yours.” They’re all mine? OK. Thank you. (applause) Well, it’s nice to be back at SHIFT with all you fringe people. I kind of enjoy that. I never knew exactly what SHIFT stood for so now that I know that it’s fringe folks I feel right at home. (waits for laughter) Heh, heh, heh! I - I got in – someone asked me a while ago how I got interested in UFOs and what was the interest and I had to – my mind kinda jumped back real fast. I was standing on the Great Wall of China. Anybody ever just have the urge to roam and China an so forth? I was in China, wondered what was on down the road, followed the wall for a while, wound up going west to Shih-nan, out western China. And as you keep, y’know, searching for things in life, your questions get bigger. You go out there like to solve a few things like who am I? How do I fit into the scheme of all this you know. And you find out that there’re – every time you cross a border somebody’s got a whole new set of answers, knows everything about it, and thinks they have a the answers, so you cross another border and almost have to start all over again. So there was the journey out through China and into Tibet and down to Japan and over into Egypt and so forth, and after running through a few countries I had heard that there was a gentleman in Switzerland who apparently was having contacts and conversations, if you will, with someone from another planet.  And I thought (rubbing hands together in the universal sign of greed), oh! Heh, heh. Here’s some good stuff. Let’s go check that one out. So I saw the pictures. These beautiful clear daytime pictures of these craft that were supposed to be from another planet, and it occurred to me if someone was really visiting us from another planet, and they were human, and we could speak to them, imagine what we could learn from these guys. Ahh. So I set off to go to Switzerland, got there and there’s was a, a farmer that lived there named Eduard Albert Meier. Most people called him Billy. Turns out he got the nickname Billy because he likes, ah, like a lot of people in Europe, they like to watch our Western movies. He was very fond of Billy the Kid, and he used to carry (slaps the right back side of his belt) a gun with him, and, ah, kind of saw himself as a cowboy type. So he got the nickname Billy, and people started callin’ him Billy. Ahh. Most all the people who know him though, call him Eddi, ‘cause his real name is Eduard. So I got to this little small location up in Switzerland called Schmdtruti, which is about 45 minutes outside of Zurich and I’m looking for this guy’s place. It’s not on the map anywhere and I stumble into a little post office, and there the postal guy says, ”Well, you’ve found it. This is the Schmidtrüti Post Office.” And I says, “Well, where’s the home of Mr. Meier? And he says, ”Oh, he lives behind the Post Office in HinterSchmidtrüti.” So I been lookin’ on the map for this Hinterscmidruti and it wasn’t there and it turns out that he lives right behind the post office so I got on down the road. To make a long very short I went lookin’ for him at the farm and turns out he’s become kind of a recluse – didn’t want to talk to anybody. Ah. He’d had contacts for several years. The European press had just, y’know – heh, heh, heh, - done nothin’ but almost ruined his life through ridicule and drawing attention to him and calling him names and so forth, and so he’d had a very difficult for a while and he’d kind of closed himself off to the outside world. He’d pulled about fifteen people around him to ah, um, kinda help him with his information. They’d been drawn to come to live with him. So they were all there, and I had a little chat with them and they were all very angry and upset. How dare I come to the farmhouse, y’know, blah, blah, blah. And I said, “Well, I wrote youse a letter.” (And they said,) “What is your name?” I says, “ My name is Winters. Randolph Winters.” “Haw! (waves index finger in the air repeatedly and angrily) We been waiting for you. We have some things to talk to you about!” (So I) says, “OK. Let’s talk.” Heh! Turns out they were interested in me and, ah, wanted, me ah, to know if I could stay for a while, which I did, and, and, um, I stayed there for three weeks and I painted the barn. I went out and worked with the cows, and did fencing. Had an accident on a tractor where the tractor fell over. Had a great fun as the tractor tumbled down the hill and misses as the tractor fell over my hills (sic) (head?). Had some exciting times for  weeks. I found out we had a secret underground pyramid they had built underneath the building over there. A very large full frame copper pyramid, that you could go down into the chamber, crawl up inside of  and sit down on the thing and I tell ya - you go off the planet right there………




1986 was when RW went there first.



17: 50 History really picks up about 386,000 years back. At that point when they return , 144, 207 Lyrians came here to hide out from wars that were going on at the time in the constellation Lyra where they lived. You may have heard that figure before. It’s presumed to be the number of light workers which will restore the Earth back to a spiritual path. Well, it apparently refers to these ancient Lyrians who came here to hide out. When they came here, after they’d been here for a short period of time. It was discovered that they were here. They came from the home planets, found them here, took their technology ad their ship stranding them here, leaving them here so they couldn’t return back to Lyra. In doing so, all of them lived their lifetimes out, passed over and their spirits passed into the other side around Earth. They were stuck here. They say historically that’s how the white genetic got to Earth. The original Earth humans were the brown skin race. The Lyrians brought the white skin race here. Two thirds of the white people on Earth are of Lyrian or Vegan descent. The other third of the white race they’re not sure about. It comes from too many different areas. They can’t figure it all out. The Asian genetic on Earth is the oldest in incarnation cycles. It’s five to seven percent older, they say, than the rest of the people here on the planet. From Sirius we had a black race come approximately twenty some thousand years ago. A very highly developed one, brought that genetic here. We have a blue skin race that lives underground. They don’t like sunlight, They have a slight blue tint to their skin. They have a large community under France. And there’s a large city in the Gobi Desert where they live. It’s a very old race. It’s been on Earth almost for thirty thousand years. Every now and then some of them are seen. They come out of the ground in India. Every now and then you might here strange reports about these peculiar blondes, blue-eyed, blue-skinned people, which really stands out in India. (scattered nervous laughter) So we – heh, heh, heh. (loud audience laughter) We have quite  a mixture of people on our planet. Ahhhh. If you ever wonder how we all wound up here, it’s quite obvious that we all didn’t come out of the same monkey (laughter) if you want to follow that line of thinking. So we’re moving closer and closer perhaps to understanding our heritage. And with some of the tool sets and things that we’re learning about going inside, and finding out more about our past lives, we’re beginning to find out more and more that the Pleiadians are probably correct. We come from a variety of different places around our galaxy, and Earth then finds itself in a very unique situation of diverse people all trying to make it on one little planet 20:17




24:29 Ah. I’ll dash through some of these pictures so you can see them. Here’s Billy’s got them parking the disk by trees. He was constantly being asked if he could they put them by known objects so that they could get test them out, so he had them, y’know park by tree, fenceposts, over lakes, anything that he could. Here he had the craft overhead and he was recording the sound of the ship, so that they, ah, could check out the sound of the ship to see if there was something about it that they could figure out and it didn’t turn out to be so. It’s a terrible sound anyway. Notice this craft … 24:59


26:00 private contacts?!


31:00 Ah. Here’s some more of Billy’s regular sized ships. You’ll notice the two on the top are smaller? These are remote vehicles. They’re in our upper atmosphere. Hundreds of them all the time. When you talk to people that claim they’re having visions or ideas, they think they’re psychically connecting with the Pleiadians or the Arcturians or something like that, in most cases it’s with these little remote disks. They pick people, twenty or thirty thousand at a time, and they broadcast visions and ideas to people. They’re generally never from Orion or Arcturus or Sirius or whatever or like that. Ahh. They find out that people are far more interested in listening if they think they’re making the connection with a far-off ET than they are just with a metal disk that happens to be just a mile over their head, So understanding our mental capacity, these little remote disks fly around the planet quite oftenly sending out their ideas and visions you pick up in sleep, and listening to your thought patterns. They’re intrigued with out thinking because they’ve discovered that the average person on Earth an live seventy-five years and spiritually only grow six or seven months. They look at us as a spiritually dormant planet. That our lack of understanding about nature and how things really go make us a more of a study than anything else. We are so misled by all of our belief structures and things that exist on our world, by the time we survive through our kindergarten grades, our schooling and our parent that mislead us, y’know, unfor – Not on purpose, but they do just how they were taught, By the time we get to be ten years old there’s so much stuff in our head that we can hardly get life straight. 32:31



41:20 Meier’s contacts ended in’78.


41:40 rose garden 50 yrs


42:55 Lab experiment.


46:00 Change the world through mental processes


47:26 Billy on Erra


47:50 They have brought people there (to Erra). 8th & 15th week, the spirit signal comes into mom’s DNA. ??????????


49:00 brain acid transplant 24 hrs. choose your personality. Mental acceleration. Evolution shortcuts!?


51:27 (in reply to inaudible question from audience) Well I was there in ’86 or ’90. Ah. Billy – all these pictures were taken ’75 through ’78. The last photo session you saw, the last ship was in ’81. Ahhh. After that he has had a few (looks down, gulps audibly, waves hand dismissively and shakes head from side to side) sporadic contacts, but not much of anything. Ah. When I over there (fidgets, looks at shoes) Billy told me that they weren’t coming by anymore. He was not having any more contacts. He would have what he called social calls. Every now and then he would feel them in his head, or they would talk to him in his head. (waves index finger quickly over his head) Or he might see them over the house for a few seconds. They would just kinda check in on him. But the organized ongoing contacts for his education or our benefit were all over. They weren’t going to do that any longer. They had stopped doing that part. While I was there I did get to see ships a couple of times. In the last two or three years the people that live there with Billy say that he’s had a couple of more contacts and they’ve been written down in notes. I read them. Frankly I don’t believe them. (fidgeting) Ah. I don’t think they’re written by Billy for one thing. I think people around the house who have more of a vested interest financially are trying to proliferate the contacts. Ahhm. Billy - No-one’s met Billy. You wouldn’t know if he wrote it or he had not. No-one would know unless you understood him and his personality and how, what he’s really like. Ahh. A sad situation has kinda fallen in over in Switzerland. We have a group of twenty-four people who own the rights to Billy now. They have since 1984. It’s an organization called the FIGU. I was a member for three years. The FIGU is in charge of all of the information. Billy doesn’t read the mail or do anything anymore. He’s just not that healthy. They have gotten into a situation where that have discovered that they can make money by selling the information, and now it’s ten thousand dollars for a franchise fee if you want to start a FIGU study group and $680 dollars a year for members to pay dues to pay over to Switzerland, and when they found out that they could get into that and the money started coming in (points to temples with both index fingers) things have shifted, and we have this situation where the human element has come into play and we don’t have this warm, cozy little spiritual environment over in Switzerland any longer the way it used to be ten, fifteen years ago, so it’s become kind of a machine now. It - it almost seriously borders – I hate to use the word cult, but they’ve gotten so close-minded about things, it’s going that direction. There’re no longer open to other people’s interpretations. They’re mad at everybody and it’s – it isn’t a real healthy situation any longer. I - I kinda gave up communicating a couple of years ago. I was – all I was gonna do was getting’ in arguments with people. Either they’re mad I don’t come over any more, or they’re mad I wrote a book, or they’re mad I’m doing this or that, and that’s not why I went there to begin with. I was just a traveler on the road stopping for my own personal experience and education, much like you go to the pyramids or the Great Wall. You go to benefit yourself and to learn and keep moving on. And they were mad at me for stopping in and moving on. I, ah. Heh, heh, heh. (waits for laughter. One member of audience responds) I ga- I resigned from the group in 1990. I wasn’t mad at anybody. I just didn’t wanna be part of this group (touches temples with the tips of fingers of both hands) attitude any longer. I started getting nasty phone calls just because I would talk to other people, or they didn’t want me doing this or that. I says this is getting really out of hand, y’know, I says – I am not a follower type. Quite plainly. I’m a - a road traveler. I’m a - a troubadour if nothing else or a vagabond, so you got the wrong guy to try to control and put the screws on. So then they sent me like a five page contact to sign that I wouldn’t talk to anybody, and only do what they told me (one man laughs heartily) and blah, blah, blah. And I just kinda chuckled and laughed and said, last ditch effort of a desperate group. Ha ha ha. So I made a nice video tape set down in the living room (waving hand) an’ thanked them very much for the experience and resigned from the group and thanked them very much for the experience but resigned from the group and thanked Billy for the experience and haven’t been back over there since, so – so – I’m just still goin’ on down the road still lookin’ for thing, y’know. Anything else - you wanna chat about? (taking an inaudible question from the audience) I did at Billy’s. And – um – they were in such an unusual way, er, that it sounds (looking down, fidgeting with mike cord) pretty strange. I can’t do it on my own. Um. When I was young, my mom – my mom was part of what was called the National ESP Board in the ‘60s. We had a guy named Harold Sherman in Little Rock Arkansas was teaching the government what ESP was. My mom was one of those five people they brought in who was clairvoyant. And underneath it all was he government tryin’ to see if we had these unique people who could see what the Russians were doin’ or whatever or y’know. My mom could see what was gonna happen tomorrow. She couldn’t see beyond that, like short range clairvoyant type. (looks at floor) And because she could do things and was very into it, at an early age my mom taught me all about the crystals and floating things, and (points to temples with index fingers) where the different areas of the mind are, so I knew a few things when I got out there and Billy recognized that right away, and when he did he says, “How much do you know?” And he set down and we begin to talk and I found out he knew a lot more than I did. Ahhh. But I understood the basics of it, So he said, “Try doing this.” And he would give me some mental gymnastics to do with symbols to see how strong I was, then I would get in the pyramid to try it to see if I could cause things to (moving hand from side to side) happen and so forth. Well I got to a point after a little while that I, ah. He would say, “Well, I’ll meet you tonight. You go to bed and I’ll give you the symbol to use, and I’ll meet you and we’ll go aboard the craft.” 56:14


1:00:20  (Question from audience) “Hopping the Atlantic. Ah. Ah. What’s your current feeling on the Florida connection, and can you, can you report a little bit on that, and if you’re still in contact, and feel good about the connections in Florida, has there been any kinda mental communications come through the ….?” He’s referring to a case I looked into in Miami Florida a couple of years ago there was a fella came forward says he was having contacts with the Pleiadians and had some pretty good pic … Some of them the pictures were good and some of the others looked very homemade. Ah. The pictures that I liked ... I listened to his story and put a video out called THE MIAMI CONTACTS, then, (rolls his eyes) as things will go sometimes in life, made a little error there. The tape had only been out about six months when I discovered that three of the pictures at the end were fakes and that the craft that was supposed to be flyin’ along beside ‘im on the freeway wasn’t a craft at all. Instead it was a blimp from Virgin Lightships in Orlando Florida, so I kinda stepped in it there. So when I found that out I confronted him with it and things didn’t go well from there. They went downhill even more. Ahhh. As I found out the person who helped him put together the videotape he supplied me came forward and he said he cut out the strings and the other part and did the video effects. Those were fake. As it came down, it looks more and more like the gentleman had one or two contacts, the early pictures which I liked to begin with, and I don’t think they ever came back and after that I think he’s taken like some people will do to manufacturing them for personal gain or for personal (fidgeting intensely) recognition or whatever, and I, since I’d gotten to that point, where I just told him – I left it kinda open, said, “ I would love to examine your case more if you can supply genuine negatives and so forth and proofs we need to really look at the case, but at this point it looks your just manufacturing things and make it up, so, I’m not wastin’ any more money on it until … y’know, whatever.” So I’ve just kinda left it open and nothing’s happened for the last year or so ... so.



(to be continued)








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