Excerpts scanned from “And Yet ... They Fly!” by Guido Moosbrugger © 2001

(Translated from the German edition, 1991) www.theyfly.com


pp . 325-326

Lucky Once Again

Not all human life forms are so peacefully disposed as the Pleiadians and their allies. Unfortunately, there are also very unpleasant subjects who still live in a dreadful and degenerate barbarism. These inhumane creatures have killed all of their feelings in the course of their evolution. They think and act only in a materialistic way. Unless they manage to remove this negative degeneration, they will die out one day and eliminate themselves. Meanwhile, they pose a tremendous danger, especially for all those who are inferior to them in military power. We should be on guard against them, because they often fight and destroy everything that crosses their paths. Such creatures also do not shy away from eliminating entire planets or leading their inhabitants into barbarous servitude as slaves. This may sound like a vision out of a horror film, but it corresponds to reality. Such a malicious punitive action from cosmic space would have happened to us Earth people, if the Pleiadians and their allies had not intervened at the right time. The population of 16 inhabited planets was in search of new, suitable living space because their system was doomed to ruin. Their three existing suns had apparently done their time. The vital sunrays were no longer able to fulfill their function to the extent necessary. The inhabitants, therefore, had no other alternative but to look for new habitations. These emigrants had taken various planets into consideration for their resettlement and our Earth was among them. Whoever thinks that they merely wanted to occupy our already overpopulated Earth in order to live here is sorely mistaken. It was planned, instead, that the entire population of Earth with kith and kin would be slaughtered in the truest sense of the word. The fact that this planned global massacre did not take place is the sole credit of our extraterrestrial friends. With tremendous extravagance, the Pleiadians and their helpers took care that these emigrants were resettled on other habitable planets.

One can only heave a sigh of relief in amazement and think "lucky once again." This striking example probably shows some of the dangers from cosmic space that have resend been lying in wait for us. Consequently, this matter should by no means be taken lightly. All of us on Earth should therefore closely band together in united forces (without the help of extraterrestrials) in order to defend ourselves from such threats.


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