Excerpts scanned from “And Yet ... They Fly!” by Guido Moosbrugger © 2001

(Translated from the German edition, 1991) www.theyfly.com

The wide range of illusions, errors and deceptions is far greater than any layman could possibly imagine. It is thus of vital importance for us to be able to clearly distinguish between inauthentic UFO sightings and authentic spacecraft.

Inauthentic UFO Sightings

The following examples can be categorized as inauthentic UFO sightings:


Unconscious Deception Through Suggestion from an Outer Source

This is evoked through the use of spiritual forces with or without the aid of appropriate implements, and is yet another example of how inauthentic UFO sightings can be initiated. The persons affected are firmly convinced that they have sensed or personally experienced something, which in no way conforms to the actual facts. These unsuspecting people have reported extraterrestrial encounters of the first, second or third kind, trips into outer space, and other similar stories. In reality, they were led to believe this entire hocus-pocus by unknown persons (i.e., by , way of teleprojection or real vision)* in such a convincing manner that they, unfortunately, were unable to recognize the unreality at the bottom of it all. Of course, it would not be fair to label such people as liars. They are completely unaware that unknown forces are misusing them for some reason or another.


*Real visions are controllable visions (illusions) that, depending upon the wish of the perpetrator, convey certain impressions or experiences to other persons (unaware of this for the most part). The entire incident appears in the form of illusions that are just as real and just as lasting as they would be in reality. As a rule, the real vision cannot be distinguished from reality.


Please read more about how controllable visions can be employed against us.


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