The Disclosure Project is a non-profit research effort that has been identifying top-secret military and government witnesses to UFO and extraterrestrial events since 1993. 

To date, around 450 such witnesses have been identified throughout the world and spanning every branch of the armed services, the NRO, DIA, CIA, the former USSR, NASA and other agencies. Of these, over 100 have been videotaped and of these 70 have been transcribed into edited testimony. A four hour videotape summary of testimony and an over 500 page briefing document is available that contains excerpts of this historic testimony. 

The weight of this testimony, along with supporting government documents and other evidence, establishes beyond any doubt the reality of UFOs, extraterrestrial vehicles and life forms and advanced energy and propulsion technologies resulting from the study of these objects. 

The testimony and evidence proves that these objects have been tracked on radar on many occasions, have landed on terra firma, have been retrieved and studied by specialized and compartmented projects and that advanced technologies have resulted which, once disclosed, will replace all currently used forms of energy generation and propulsion. These technologies will enable the Earth to attain sustainable energy use without significant pollution, energy shortages or global warming- and these technologies are already fully operational and developed within super-secret unacknowledged special access projects. In short the definitive solution to the world’s energy, pollution and poverty problems exist within compartmented projects that need a controlled disclosure in the near- term. 

The programs controlling this issue are operating outside of legally required Congressional oversight and have left Presidents out of the loop or have deliberately deceived and denied them access. Therefore, urgent action is needed on the part of Congress, the White House and other institutions to obtain the necessary oversight and control of these operations and ensure that the now-classified technologies are supervised and prepared for disclosure and the eventual near-term application for peaceful energy generation and propulsion. 

A clear and on-going threat to the national security and world peace has arisen due to unsupervised actions that have led to the targeting and downing of these extraterrestrial objects. Related covert plans are in place to weaponize space. Since it can be proven that we are sharing space with other civilizations, it is critical that a full disclosure of this subject take place and that the National Missile Defense System/SDI be re-evaluated by policy makers in this new light. 

There is no evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to humanity or the Earth per se, but the testimony shows that they are very concerned about human weapon systems, space weapons and human warfare. In light of this, a comprehensive ban on space-based or space-accessible weapons is needed and an international policy must be established to prohibit the targeting and striking of these objects. 

Urgent Congressional, White House and UN action is needed to allow these top-secret witnesses to testify under oath regarding this issue so that a full, honest and open disclosure may occur promptly. 

A US Presidential Executive Order is needed to protect these military and government witnesses, to declassify and control these secret projects and related technologies, and to complete a comprehensive review of the subject, its implications, and develop a plan to best effect disclosure. 

Please refer to the Disclosure Project’s Briefing Document and Video Tape summary of witness testimonies. Further information is available on our website;



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