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The consequences of a claim that something is true are entirely irrelevant to the issue of whether the claim is true. 

I am a generalist, not a ufologist, and was initially aghast at this community’s apathy towards the emergent colossal database PROVING extraterrestrial participation on our planet. But I had stupidly lost sight of what "U.F.O." means, and its study - for some - is apparently not a means to an end but an end in itself, and is now going the way of Eighteenth century North American exploration. 

I welcome the Twenty-first century’s growing recognition of the importance of interdisciplinary scholarship. But many of today’s scientists, as well as intelligent laypersons, are still unaware of the yawning chasms of ignorance between and among various specialities. There are many reasons for this ignorance, but the time-honoured sin of pride (currently detestably characterized as a virtue) seems paramount. 

Furthermore, which professional will chose to ruin her career with a scientific study of UFOs? After all, everybody has to keep food on the table. The grieving children of obscure pioneers who died tragically and unexpectedly - usually of cancer - publish a distressing number of seminal papers posthumously. There is welcome safety in the harsh glare of public scrutiny. If you study the apparently disparate fields of history, quantum zero-point physics, and comparative theology, a stark picture emerges. It reveals the mind-boggling magnitude of an international cover-up, which is proportionate to the scale of the immanent destruction of our beleaguered planet’s existing power base. The truth of knowledge is proclaimed to those who seek it. No fool’s paradise can last forever. But on to ethics. 

Among highly technologically advanced life forms, we observe a proportionately advanced moral code. This unearthly brilliant and gentle way of averting panic stems from a principled revulsion of denying individuals their freedom to choose NOT to believe. This is achieved by intentionally furnishing enough uncertainty as to make this feasible. Out goes the baby with the bathwater if ANY data are suspect. It also relies on limited subtle ET influences on a chosen several thousand morally laden individuals, as well as a calm illumination by "mouth to ear", so get busy! Anyone who is prepared to SEEK, (and this is the central element of it) will discover a brilliantly well-coordinated Plan now rapidly unfolding which enlightens those with eyes to see, but keeps the traditional power base safely in the dark where they belong. 

In other words, in spite (or because) of these ET’s profound awareness of the transcendent reality and sanctity of Truth, we Earthlings are quite deliberately met with ambiguities peppered throughout the vast database of utterly incontrovertible scientific and testimonial evidence. This explains why ufologists "in the know" might show a laughable homemade video of a hot-air garbage bag, followed by a distant glimpse of a security-sensitive "above top secret" reverse-engineered, terrestrial military electro-gravitic vehicle. 

To reject ALL evidence if ANY evidence is suspect is the way we were trained to think, and it still serves us when dealing with our fellow Earthlings, but we are not dealing with Earthlings now. If I told the average blinkered "UFO skeptic" that I was going to give her $1000, and then handed over ninety-nine, clearly genuine, $10 notes and one counterfeit which I had drawn myself - with a crayon - this person would see only the fraud, and not be $990 richer. Clever, eh? 

Similarly, our friends and relatives from other planets wish us no harm, and "cover stories" would naturally be in place to protect us from information too dangerous for us to currently handle. Just as with our military, some of these stories might be deliberately ludicrous. And these ETs ARE our friends. Aside from a few well-documented reports where combatants simply disappear en mass, if these ETs wished us harm, I’m sure we all would have been ionised a long time ago, and in a nanosecond. Likewise, were we to simply be slaves or party snacks, why didn’t we go that way a couple of centuries ago when our weapons would have been less of an impediment to conquest or collection than our current awesome thermonuclear capabilities? 

Whether we like it or not, the overriding theme is that, collectively, we require the long and difficult process of natural spiritual evolution in order to get where we’re going. This entails recklessly free will, innumerable individual incarnations, and no small degree of suffering along the way. Above all are the Creational Laws and Directives - also known as common sense conscientiousness. For instance, those of us blessed with the knowledge of Creation, and not deluded by false religious teaching, must always stand beside the others with advice and guidance. Within this philosophy is Natural Barbarism, an initially puzzling concept that describes the hardness of heart required to advance. Examples are animal experimentation to develop life-saving medicines (when no other options exist), meat-eating, etc. Without this understanding, we would simply be TOO humane to evolve. Correspondingly, the application of Logical Force is required to appropriately deal with criminals - who are by no means only confined to Earth. 

It is delightfully ironic that the integrated circuitry which assisted the composition of this article is the result of reverse-engineered technology stolen from ETs shot down by the U.S. military, and paid for by taxpayers, and of course the Internet, which my research depended upon, was initially created for and by the same military. It’s true.


By Dyson Devine




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