Forcible Forcelessness

October 2007

Below  is part of a reply I, Dyson, wrote to a FIGU friend who suggested we flee the country to escape the legal system here in Australia which is corrupted by secret societies, etc.

> A few people have also written to make what they hope to be helpful suggestions as to how we can escape the situation we have very deliberately entered into with our eyes wide open, and – so far – it seems that not a single solitary person actually understands why we are doing what we are doing, or even what we are doing. This is not very surprising from the non-FIGU types, but it’s a little sad that not even our FIGU-friends seem to understand. Since we are causing so much damage to the corrupt system, [for example] 

we have no intention whatsoever of quitting, even if leaving our home of 30 years here in Australia and migrating (again, for me) to New Zealand was an option, which it is not anyway, for a wide variety of reasons. 

Here are a couple of excerpts where Billy explains this principle that we are following. 

Therefore, efforts should be prominent to produce concepts, ordinances, laws, guidelines and principles, and so forth, according to creational-natural values, which completely take hold in acceptable frameworks and convey to the human that an urgent change to the better is necessary. So, if this chance can be successfully grasped, then it is also necessary that it actually is grasped and worked upon so that its reification succeeds. To that end, however, the human requires criteria, which he is taught, so that he can understand and recognize how to distinguish between evil force and enforced non-violence; that terrorism – also if it is practiced by power-hungry and insane state powers – is not the way to peace, love and freedom. So, also in political and militaristic occurrences, ways and means have to be found which are not built on blatant force and power-greed, in order to create and maintain order, peace and freedom. Enforced non-violence is, to that end, the way of passive, logical force, because, in other words, enforced non-violence means active forcelessness, with which forcelessness is practiced and carried out forcefully, respectively, actively. Enforced non-violence, however, also means passive resistance, whereby passivity, in this sense, describes a strength, respectively a power, or even passive force, because power, might and force, even in a forceless, passive form, represent a form of forcibleness which is, however, practiced in enforced non-violence. Thereby, however, this forceless, respectively, passive, forcibleness may not be understood in the sense of the usual Earth human understanding of negative force, rather only in the sense of a positive, pacifying, harmonizing, balancing, uplifting and order-producing implementation in the form of passive resistance which offers power, might and influence, and so forth, in logical ways.

The ability of a human being to create and also gain love, peace, freedom and harmony, rests on the human being's unfathomable wisdom as well as in his/her actions imbued with thoughts and feelings laden with reason. These are values that actually leave no traces because they are formless elements and remain unaffected by everything and are invisible to human beings. Yet as lofty values they are capable of working wonders in the human being and the world if they become effective within and without. However, the wise human being conceals these values in their inner inscrutability, so that they are withheld from the fellow-human being's observance and are effective in their formlessness, and cannot be destroyed by others. The human being is in this way able to be immensely delicate and subtle with his/her thoughts, feelings, hopes, yearnings, ideas and desires, and to reach the boundaries of formlessness without coming to harm. Thereby he/she remains infinitely mysterious and is able to extend to the boundaries of soundlessness without being heard and understood by his/her fellow-human being or opponent, and cannot be harmed and unfairly treated. In this way an advantage is gained, which can open the way to instruct the fellow-human being in forcible forcelessness, or to defeat an opponent without war, terror, murder and manslaughter taking place. So that the words "And there shall be peace on earth" can finally become truth among mankind.

As I wrote to the FIGU forum on May 20, 2006: You ask for a summary of the Eastern Templar scandal here. VERY briefly, a fellow activist here, (who similarly survived a pistol attack meant to silence him) alerted us to “Sarah’s” story which David Icke had just published. We found it there and published it here: in full knowledge that 1.) the dragon would find us, 2.) he would try unsuccessfully to swallow us, 3.) he would try unsuccessfully to spit us out, 4.) he would start to choke, 5.) he would eventually die, and finally 6.) we would cut ourselves out of his carcass and emerge into the sunlight again. At the moment we think we’re approaching stage 5. It’s all very calculated, but it’s a big dragon too, and rather lonely work. We have a little index here: and this is an interesting letter we wrote to the corrupt tribunal where we are being put on trial AGAIN (once already in Canberra for defamation) this coming November, this time for having a “hate” website!


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