The Pine Brush National Estate Scandal

First Draft without footnotes yet. Feb 28, 02


In the spirit of one's reach exceeding one's grasp, this article quixotically attempts to cast light on the sinister and obscure connections between the Pine Brush National Estate Scandal here in Northern New South Wales, Australia, and illegal U.S.A.P.s (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) now proceeding apace in numerous secret underground facilities around the world run by the privatised defence industry.


There exists locally an unshakable school of thought that, were in not for very powerful friends in very high places, your author would have been executed by a single revolver shot to the back of the head in 1997. This hypothesis posits that the local hit man who murdered our neighbour somehow got the wrong man through a case of easily mistaken identity. I'll deal with this subject matter later in this article.


We will try to reveal the incredible chain of causal connections from two directions, from the top down and the bottom up. We'll start here in New South Wales at the bottom and work our way up. This chain is very dark and disguised. And it is very ancient. We have all been brainwashed to deny it, suffer ineffable torment for it and even embrace and defend it. It is no exaggeration to say that it has poisoned our beloved planet and all who travel on Her. But this chain is also now increasingly weakened by the very toxin which has served it so well for so long.


An Australian Heritage Commission National Estate listing is our very highest domestic conservation classification. The Pine Brush National Estate Scandal as detailed on the World Wide Web on our huge (+3000 files) and popular (+1000 hits a day) whistleblower's website, is a never-ending political and environmental disaster on the Holiday Coast between Grafton and the sea, in which Australia's 492.5 hectare (1217 acre) cherished National Estate, classified as part of our National Heritage by the Federal Government's Australian Heritage Commission in 1978 (along with Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Harbour Bridge) was given to a political crony for a dollar an acre, only to have the Lower Clarence Valley's last intact old growth hardwood forest stripped of its most ancient and enormous forest giants, largely to make fence posts. Described in the Sydney Morning Herald as "untouched since white settlement", evidence points to the notion that it was earmarked as a source of 1.8 million cubic metres of gravel fill to construct the giant 1995 Ulmarra Pacific highway bypass, still awaiting commencement, now scheduled for 2009 or 2011.


Due to it's world's largest colonies of the world's most threatened plants, Pine Brush National Estate remains arguably one of the most botanically critical pieces of real estate on the entire planet. Many of it's unique and most beautiful 180 million year old Kangaroo Creek sandstone rock formations (vital endangered fauna habitat) are being illegally smashed off it's ridges and now decorate politicians' gardens, council chambers, churches, schools and even Grafton city roundabouts. Rare ancient Aboriginal stone axe grinding grooves have also been formally identified here. But the Lower Clarence Valley's last intact example of the once huge - now clear felled - riparian rainforest which used to blanket the entire broad flat valley, remains as yet undisturbed within Pine Brush National Estate, lying unprotected well outside a sham "conservation agreement area" initiated by the breathtakingly dishonest and stunningly incompetent National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales. All records of the National Estate listing were apparently illegally removed from the hundreds of official documents we purchased through the Freedom of Information Act from various New South Wales and local government departments. Even the Ministers involved tell us in writing that they were unaware of the conservation value of this Crown Reserve, long assigned by the state to become Pine Brush Nature Reserve. The wanton throwing away of our National Estate here was achieved against the advice of three government departments by National Party warhorse and notorious party rebel, the Honourable Member for the federal seat of Page, Ian Raymond Causley. A rejected Development Application for quarrying on Pine Brush makes mention that in the 50s and 60s Mr. Causley drove a bulldozer here for the then Dept. of Main Roads, although he has since denied on ABC radio any involvement in any quarrying anywhere, and on air threatened us with a libel suit for suggesting he had any involvement. He was also our Federal Parliament's recently appointed Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, and paradoxically, was recently the prestigious "Chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee On Environment and Heritage Inquiry into Public Good Conservation - Impact of Environment Measures Imposed On Landholders". In the Sydney Morning Herald he describes our National Estate here as, "ordinary" and of no special conservation value. "It is a very poor piece of land. I would like to see it emblazoned on the front page of every newspaper to show how hypocritical these people are," trumpets the Honourable Mr. Causley, then Member for the NSW electorate of Clarence and Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries in the Fahey government, having been abruptly moved from his Natural Resources portfolio. Mr. Causley told me on the telephone that the lucky new recipient of Pine Brush National Estate "is one of my oldest and dearest friends".


In the early days, Pine Brush did receive mainstream media attention. It was the topic of an SBS TV "Newsextra" nationally televised feature during the period of illegal gravel quarrying. It was repeatedly misreported in the local (National Party) Grafton press. It was reported again and again on local ABC radio. Local talkback radio gave it a lot of coverage as alarmed locals publicly voiced their concerns. It was then that we suffered our first (of three) devastating arson attacks when we were away overnight, the fire being deliberately lit at our front gate in 38 degree heat, single figure humidity, and gale force winds at 11AM. Heroic volunteers from five brigades risked their lives saving several houses other than ours (which sits safely in a big clearing) for 6 hours before a merciful wind shift arrived. We lost thousands of dollars of fencing, all our tree plantings and all our community support on the radio. A fire like that is lethal. Someone meant business. The next time we left for a weekend we returned to find our locked back door opened, not forced, and one pivotal document stolen from our smashed file cabinet, along with a 35mm camera containing film of the National Estate. Interestingly, aside from one small glass trinket, nothing else was stolen, not even my grandfather's gold watch, which was in the same drawer with the files. They were telling us something. The Police arrived eventually and surveyed the hundreds of muddy boot prints, which covered every square centimetre of our floor. Our chained firearms were unsuccessfully clawed at. We told the officer of our suspicions when he remarked how unusual the robbery was. We told him that we believed the Valuer General may have been behind it because the only document stolen was an illegal indemnity from prosecution I had been directed to sign (I didn't) before I was eventually driven out of that Department onto a "whistleblower's pension" for trying - along with my five co-workers - to initially expose gross sexual harassment by our supervisors and then the subsequent direction to falsify evidence for the Land and Environment Court. Our Union representative said, "They've high-jacked your agenda." At any rate, the police officer who investigated the theft here told us that a forensic detective would contact us about fingerprints, but no call came so I rang the next day to be angrily told that fingerprinting was futile because the crime scene might be up to three days old and it was far too old to take prints. I did take the hint, though. We let it slide, not wishing the distraction from our environmental struggle. The next time the police stopped by was to ask us about the murder of our neighbour up the road, another ex-patriot North American known as "The Yank" who I was (wrongly) told by police was just the same age as me. We agreed that the wrong Yank might have been silenced. And the last time we had a visit from the thin blue line was when we telephoned them when a loud and mysterious explosion shattered the peace somewhere very close between my partner Vivienne and me in our gardens exactly one month after the World Trade Centre massacre. It also exactly coincided with the time that a police whistleblower associate of ours told us on the telephone that he would be in Sydney talking to the NSW Police Integrity Commission. It sounded like a shotgun discharge at close range, but whoever may have been responsible seems to have melted away into the bush. I dialled 000 Emergency. We were told, not unexpectedly, that someone would be sent immediately. It took over an hour and another frantic telephone plea before a police officer finally arrived. We live about 15 minutes from Grafton for an emergency vehicle. The policeman apologised for the remarkable delay, explaining that he had been called out from Yamba, on the coast, not the much closer Maclean, Grafton or Ulmarra stations, because they were understaffed, and he had been stuck for a long time behind a truck on the highway that was only doing 60kph. He had not been told that we were under the impression that we were being fired upon, but merely that we had apparently discovered some evidence of our "house being shot at", perhaps the preceding night. He patiently explained that, after the long delay, there was no point investigating the crime scene. We remind you, dear reader, that the foot soldiers are often the worst victims of high-level government corruption.


But I've digressed. Back to the matter of the National Estate here being thrown away and the initial attention that elicited.


The National Parks Association of NSW, Inc. did a big feature in their journal and a follow up report. For two days we accommodated here a Sydney journalist from "Snoop", the journal of Australia's so-called independent media, who also did a lengthy story about it. Mr. Chris Masters, of ABC TV's "Four Corners" fame, wrote to us that he had tried repeatedly to do a story on it but was knocked back by his producers. Mr. Peter Cronau, the forthright spokesperson for "The Australasian Independent Media" sent us a letter informing us that the mainstream press wouldn't touch this story because we has insulted them by criticising their lack of coverage. He then suddenly disappeared, only to surface some time later as an ABC TV producer for "Four Corners". Vivienne and I managed to have parts of this scandal aired in both the state and federal Parliaments THREE TIMES, with an (as yet) unfulfilled promise of a forth by Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon. NSW Premier Bob Carr conducted a Cabinet level enquiry, the promised results of which he now refuses to release. NSW Democrat MLC Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans promised us in writing that he would write the Premier about it, but now does not reply to this issue even to his local Democrat candidate, Mr. Alec York, who has quit politics in disgust because of this. Mrs Brenda Constable, the courageous and besieged corruption fighting former Deputy Mayor of our local government area managed to organise a personal interview for us with the Deputy Leader of the NSW Opposition, the Honourable Barry O'Farrell, but he did a runner with no explanation. The NSW Shadow Environment Minister, Ms. Peta Seaton, assured us that she required our silent number and would not betray our trust in her. After presumably being roasted by her leader for risking an international incident by refusing to acknowledging the growing flood of emails we urged our followers around the world to write her about refusing to follow up her misleading Parliamentary statements, she telephoned us and furiously abused me so loudly that her strings of obscenities could be heard across the room. "F - - KING LUNATICS!" "F- -KING BULLS- -T!" she screeched at me. Charming. Then she proceeded to issue a half-hearted media release on Christmas Eve. Never a mention of "National Estate" in Parliament though. NSW Opposition leader Mrs. Kerry Chikarovski, who ignored our formal complaint about the obscene phone call from her shadow Cabinet Minister, publicly stated on her Party's website that she would pursue the Pine Brush issue, but didn't, and also refuses to acknowledge further correspondence. I posted a great deal of their own correspondence regarding this particular matter on their own Liberal Party website's bulletin board, where it stayed for more than a year, but nobody ever got back to us about it. In reply to Senator Bob Brown's Parliamentary questions on Pine Brush, then Environment Minister Senator Robert Hill advised Parliament it was a local government issue. But local government sees it as a NSW National Parks and Wildlife matter, so the serving Mayor of Pristine Waters Shire here wrote to tell us that he had written both state and federal Environment Ministers for guidance, and I quote, "I will keep you informed of any information that comes forward at my earliest convenience." His Honour Mayor Kerry Lloyd wrote us that in September 2000. We have repeatedly written the entire Council personally and only received a couple of non-committal responses, but no follow-ups or action of any kind. We even personally confronted them up at a council meeting. Some high profile politicians have even assured us that they will visit us personally when next in the area to investigate our claims, but none ever have. ABC radio news manager, Mr. Haldon Boyd assured me personally that the letter he wrote to the state Attorney General, the Honourable Mr. Bob Debus, would be followed by a formal legal threat if he refused to reply to the ABC the way he refuses to reply to us. The only consequence of that is that the ABC news desk now will not even acknowledge receipt of our correspondence.


The monopolised mainstream media knowingly maintains the exploitation of public faith by strictly enforcing a "total media blackout" as described to your author by the new Walkly Award winning editor of the Grafton Daily Examiner, Mr. Peter Ellem. He also recently personally promised us a feature article in February 2002 about our latest effort s as official representatives of the Disclosure Project. But he told me that he does not want his newspaper sued. I might mention here that, coinciding flawlessly with the Friday evening opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the Honourable Mr. Causley's South Grafton firm of solicitors formally demanded that our Lismore based Internet Service Provider, Nornet, remove our entire website within 48 hours because we have a hypertext link on our website to another overseas based website which hosts some other police whistleblowing material, "which is grossly defamatory of Mr. Causley and many other people." We have been told repeatedly that this is related to that fact that the material in question is scathing of Freemasonry, describing it as nothing less than devil worship. (Has this ancient and honourable charitable gentleman's organisation itself been infiltrated, so even a 33rd degree mason has no idea who takes cover deep within it? This is the central link in our shadowy chain back to USAPs.) Nothing was sent to the author of the material, a fellow whistleblower who I will have more to say about later, nothing was ever sent to his hosts in the U.S., and nothing was ever sent to us. The legal threat was sent to our ISP. It worked, sort of. Now we pay hundreds of dollars a year to a foreign country for a domain name served overseas. But, in spite of escalating illegal hacking of our site, we're still out there getting hundreds of thousands of visitors. More than 160 files have been deleted, sometimes alphabetically. Lately key files remain in place but are emptied of data. Who knows what's simply being altered? I remind you that President Bush did tell the world that this, his first war of the 21st Century, would be fought on laptops. I point out here that the former NSW Police Commissioner, Reverend Brother Tony Lauer, is also the Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Free and Accepted Masons of NSW. Their Publicity Officer, the Reverend Brother Bruce Nation recently wrote me, "... any suggestion that the Deputy Grand Master has in any way been involved in any improper activity is quite incorrect and, if such statements are made, doubtless the Deputy Grand Master will take such steps as he may believe are appropriate." Certainly no such suggestion is made here. Deputy Grand Master Lauer just won an undisclosed cash settlement from the Sydney Morning Herald for a suggestion of impropriety.


It beggars belief doesn't it? But that's the whole idea. It's meant to. But now the proverbial jig is up. We now live in a new time, under a very different management, when the Internet can thwart the ancient traditional criminal secrecy, and they don't know where to run because now there's no place to hide. Strangely, a lot of our counterintuitive experiences with trying to expose the Pine Brush National Estate scandal relate to the fact that our website covers far more than this environmental scandal. Among many many other things, it also reveals Professor Gerald Hawkins' recondite Euclidian geometrical aspects of the phenomenon popularly know as "crop circles". Astonishingly, this is also a very noteworthy link in our chain.


I will endeavour to demonstrate how such an utterly incredible but demonstrably true scenario like this is by no means confined to this organised crime, but is simply the local manifestation of an inhumanly cunning modus operandi which is very successfully utilized by criminal plutocrats at all levels of our beleaguered planet's many societies.


By very deliberately engineering a fraud so totally unbelievable that it can hide in plain view, its goal is achieved and nobody can believe it. The public simply does not know that it does not know. But the one thing that makes Pine Brush uniquely perilous is its exquisitely detailed published bona fide government documentation. This stems from the fortuitous confluence of the Freedom of Information Act being introduced subsequent to government authorities casually making ultimately damning official reports and comments, combined with the advent of the Internet, where these documents can be scanned and published internationally. Of course this window of opportunity for public scrutiny of our taxpayer-funded employees has been attended to. Now most of these enlightening public records are emails, which are simply deleted, leaving no trace of their existence.


Once we started blowing the whistle about the National Estate here, we started attracting other whistleblowers. One from within the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service lost her job for revealing to Parliament and the press a mind-numbing array of serious crimes. But after sending us documents, she got cold feet after meeting with the president of the Australian Whistleblowers. But the one person who did join us, one Mr. William Steven McDonnell, is every bit as determined as we are to expose the shocking corruption his family has been victim of. It is his material that causes the Honourable Mr. Causley's legal anxiety.


Some years ago Bill was employed as a sugarcane cutter on one of the Causley family's plantations. While burning off prior to cutting, fuel from Ian Causley's drip torch ignited his clothing and he panicked. Bill, a giant of a man - ethically as well as physically, I hasten to add - leapt on Causley and selflessly injured himself extinguishing the flames with his own huge bare hands. He saved Causley's life, and has been persecuted by this multimillionaire ever since for his bravery. The penultimate event took place one evening when four local uniformed police in full riot gear were sent unannounced by Causley to Bill's remote homestead to beat the living daylights out of him. Bill bellowed, "Come on! I'll fight ya! And then I'll see you lot in court and testify under oath about what I know about a certain rape case!" This turned the tables and they became frightened, saying, "We don't want to know!" They left as quickly as they arrived, their truncheons unbloodied.


Bill fearlessly pursued this crime and continues to. He made a formal written complaint and refused local police conciliation, instead exercising his right to receive conciliation with the state Ombudsman. But the Ombudsman simply did not respond to this formally enshrined right, and the matter is clearly so grossly illegal that nobody wants to know about it. We assisted in publishing the documentation on a secure overseas website, where it remains to this day. Reliable sources suggest that serial rape and no less than five gangland style murders may be related. So Bill contacted our new police Commissioner Peter Ryan, and the next day two thugs punched Bill's wife to a bloody pulp at 8:30 in the morning in a public park in Maclean, leaving her for dead, but not before telling her to tell her husband to lay off the police, and not go back to the Commissioner. At the cost of his marriage, Bill doggedly continued to pursue this with Shadow Police Minister the Honourable Mr. Andrew Tink, who wrote his government counterpart the Honourable Mr. Paul Whelan. All efforts on our part to have this matter pursued further have failed. Independent Parliamentarian, the Honourable Mr. Peter Breen, president of the NSW Law Reform Society wrote a dismissive letter to us in reply to the documentation we sent to him at the behest of the Manager of our ISP who tried to arrange a meeting. The Honourable Mr. Breen wrote us, "I have perused the attachments to your letter and I note from a letter to the Premier dated 11 January 1999 that Bill is 'at a loss to understand the poor response I have received and the continued passing from one department to the next.' Bill has reached this position after his allegations have been widely ventilated and fully investigated by the authorities." Such a breathtakingly disingenuous response to the documented fact that the Ombudsman in the first instance refused to even acknowledge the formal request for conciliation told us all we had to know. It was suggested to us that in personal interviews, the Honourable Mr. Breen had a mysterious change of heart and became very fearful.


But let us turn away from this unhappy topic and examine the connection from the other direction - from the top down.


Illegal USAPs are the devil's spawn of the "Military/Industrial Complex" that U.S. President Eisenhower warned us about in his famous farewell speech in January 1961.


"In the councils of Government we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defence with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together."


These USAPs include insane, international, grotesquely immoral, grossly illegal, rogue, "black", above top-secret, corporatised, compartmentalised, military/industrial projects which have now successfully escaped all legal oversight, even both Congressional and Presidential. One can deduce from our publications that they have duped or suborned our corporate and moral leaders at all levels of society, and our democratically elected political officials and legislators at all levels of government in Australia, as well as our mainstream media, social justice activists, environmentalists, "Ufologists", academics and ordinary, peaceful, law-abiding citizens around the world. High on the list are the self styled "Skeptics" and "debunkers" and similar professional "whistleblowers" and almost all mainstream scientists. USAPs are rapidly destroying Earth's ecosystem. They employ lethal force against us with a wide variety of bizarre 21st century weaponry to advance their illegal agenda for global and interplanetary domination.


In his book, "Extraterrestrial Contact, The Evidence and Implication", Disclosure Project director Dr. Steven M. Greer states on page 42, "We have learned, by investigating the ties, proclivities and beliefs of a number of people connected to (hoaxed "alien") abduction programs, that there is a clear eschatological bent to their endeavors. This means that part of the agenda is serving the bizarre, religious purpose of resurrecting Satan in the form of an ET, and fanning the flames of a future 'holy war' against them, to coincide with the end of the world." The 2002 Encyclopaedia Britannica defines the 31st of December 2001 as "the End of Time" and only that insane paradigm satisfactorily explains the outrageously audacious behaviour of the greed crazed plutocrats who stripped their companies assets and lied and cheated their way into public office with no thought of the consequences 2002 would bring. Sound loony? If you examine the facts you'll see that a remarkable number of fundamentalist Christians and Jews are strict believers in "The End Times" coming about now. Even very high-ranking world leaders like former President Reagan and the current Pope have gone on record as holding these creepy ideas. Paranoid-Schizophrenia is DEFINED by delusions of the above scenario. If you really want to taunt the men in the white coats, (or more recently, black camouflage combat uniforms bearing no identification) then start seriously publicising the so-called "international Zionist / Freemason / UFO / CIA / pederast conspiracy". If that doesn't sound crazy enough to you, you obviously haven't been paying attention. The only way it exists is by hiding in plain view. A useful analogy I employ to attempt to explain how it works in your mind is the comparison to one of those children's picture puzzles you see in family magazines and newspaper sections. You know the ones. There are six animals hidden somewhere in this picture. Can you find them? The line-drawn upside-down horse grazes peacefully in the foliage of a shady tree, but you simply CAN'T see it until you DO see it, and then - and this is the important part - you can no longer NOT see it. Soon you still see the scenario I outline even when you close your eyes in your bed at night. Especially then.


Let's examine the substance of the nightmare. The following gives you a small idea of the sort of weaponry we may be having directed against us, and is excerpted from the "Space Preservation Act of 2001 (Introduced on October 2, in the USA's 107th CONGRESS, 1st Session, H. R. 2977. SEC. 7. DEFINITIONS. In this Act: (1) .... (ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)-- (II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or (III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person. (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as-- (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; (ii) chemtrails; (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; (v) laser weapons systems; (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons. (C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space."


Quite an eye-opener. "Information war, mood management, mind control" That says it all. "Tectonic weapons" ... earthquake generators. Chemtrails ... aerosols released by unmarked high altitude aircraft; a complex and deadly cocktail of pathogens reported over US population centres and increasingly Australia here in Northern NSW and the Queensland Gold Coast. If you search the Internet you'll read how they've filled our hospitals in W.A. with pneumonia victims. How are you feeling now?


The long string of qualifiers that describe USAPs reveal the nested layers of secrecy that conceal them from scrutiny. On a strict "need to know" basis, individuals work within a top-secret illegal project buried within a top-secret legal project being done by one of our trans-national defence industries. Even the people ostensibly running the company wouldn't know what was going on. Almost nobody does. That's the idea. That's how it works. We're talking about a single sheet of paper with about fifty names on it. That's how fragile it all is.


So why are we lonely whistleblowers still running around? Because the cosmic cops have arrived.


After millennia of suffering and spiritual evolution, there finally seems to be a new group of gods/overlords overseeing our species for the Age of Aquarius, and now that it's their turn, they have a very different programme. Put simply, it appears that instead of using falsified religious teachings and the terror weapons detailed above to reduce the likelihood that we could someday achieve interplanetary mischief, they employ precious spiritual instruction to achieve the same end ... much to our advantage, for a change. Not only do they offer non-polluting quantum zero state free energy and electrogravitic propulsion devices which can end poverty and environmental destruction, more importantly, they've come to set the record straight about the New Testament.


I told you it was weird. For the apocalypse adherents among us, you were partly right. As prophesised, the materialists' world as we know it is ending in great tribulation, The Old Age is finally passing away. Get used to it, and join us to build the new one if you can.


by Dyson Devine