It's Not My Role To Instigate any Enquiries Says Victorian Member for Parliament, Steve Herbert



"His employment history, in teaching and as an adviser to governments, has placed him in the unique position of knowing how to listen to the needs of the community and how to deliver solutions to meet those needs."

(from the Steve Herbert Official Web page)


In the beginning of October 2003 Dr Reina Michaelson took the terrible story of the police/Ombudsman - protected elite pedophile/pornography group to her Member for Parliament, Steve Herbert, for assistance in pushing for a parliamentary enquiry. She sums up the story to date well in a recent letter to Interpol (International Police).

"I met with the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon APM, to present the information and evidence I have collected, in December 2001.

Since that time a number of investigations have been put in place, including an investigation by the Ethical Standards Department (which was subsequently cancelled due to unethical conduct), an investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman (which has seen two investigators removed from the case for unethical / corrupt conduct), and most recently, a criminal investigation overseen by the Assistant Commissioner for Crime. ..... Unfortunately, serious concerns have arisen in the early stages of this investigation, with previous reports of this same criminal network made independently of my own now 'unable to be located'".

Dr Michaelson provided Mr Herbert's office with a massive amount of evidence of the blatant corruption surrounding this issue. She and her colleagues did not meet with Mr Herbert himself (although they requested such a meeting). They met with the Electorate Officer, Andrew Butler. Armed with a box full of evidence (as requested) they discussed the whole case over about one-and-a-half hours, highlighting the main areas of concern. Dr Michaelson is surprised and disappointed that, given the seriousness of the issues raised, Mr. Herbert made no subsequent effort to meet with them himself personally to follow up the meeting with Andrew Butler.

Mr Herbert did not even bother to respond personally to Dr Michaelson's requests for assistance for two months but rather delayed responding effectively until shortly before Christmas, apparently considering this matter to be a very low priority, not to mention, as Dr Michaelson points out, demonstrating a " lack of professionalism and striking insensitivity" . He wrote,

"I am not in a position, nor is it my role, to instigate any enquiries into ongoing investigations by both the Police and the Police Ombudsman. At this stage I am satisfied that the Department has the matter at hand and the appropriate people are well aware of your concerns."

And yet the Police Department and the Premier's Justice Department have simply left the matter in the hands of the Ombudsman's office. This is despite the overwhelming evidence of entrenched corruption (repeated acts of sabotage, incompetence and outright perversions of the course of justice) and the Premier's Legal Department representative, Ian Killey, telling Dr Michaelson that they have never received a case against the Ombudsman's office that is "so substantial". The Ombudsman's report is not due for some weeks. Apparently regardless of the Ombudsman Office's track record, as detailed by Dr Michaelson, it should be left to carry out it's investigations.

It has been already many months since the Deputy Ombudsman (Police Complaints) was removed from the investigation after describing as "incompetence" the blatant sabotage and corruption performed by one of his investigating officers. (This officer still remains a member of the Police Ethical Standards Division.) No change is apparent in the ongoing investigation. Meanwhile the current police enquiry is being run by the new head of the infamous Sexual Crimes Squad which was responsible for horrific abuses of trust and protection of pedophiles as reported elsewhere in these pages.

Not the least of the issues covered by Dr Michaelson with Mr Herbert's office concerns the Department of Education and Training. Dr Michaelson has approached Education Minister Kosky with her complaints. They are also touched upon in the following points provided by Dr Michaelson in a letter to Premier Bracks recently requesting a Parliamentary Enquiry into this whole affair.  


  "7. The continued protection of teacher Dick Newman, who has been proven to have committed repeated acts of serious misconduct (sexual and physical) against multiple students at multiple schools. Dick Newman is currently employed at Essex Secondary College and continues to pose an ongoing and serious risk to the safety of students.

8. The proven corruption on behalf of the Department of Education to continue the appointment of Dick Newman, including the existence of a leaked document demonstrating the Department's conclusion that Dick Newman's invitations for young students to stay back after school and "meet" his penis were not sexual, and thus to exonerate him..."

In addition to this Dr Michaelson asserts that the recently appointed Disclosure Officer (under the Whistleblower's Act) for the Department of Education and Training is himself currently under investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman for corruption and the protection of this pedophile within the DE&T! This person actually signed off on the decision to exonerate the pedophile teacher on the basis that none of the witnesses Dr Michaelson provided could verify her concerns, when in fact only one was contacted, and she not only verified Dr Michaelson's concerns but highlighted others. (The Ombudsman's office has been provided with a copy of that correspondence as well as a detailed description of Dr Michaelson's concerns surrounding the issue).

Some of the victims of the elite pedophile/child pornography group clearly being protected by Victorian Police and others have reported being taken to various locations where they have been subjected to ritual and sexual abuse*, including Eltham, Mr. Herbert's own electorate. While these delays continue the child-victims continue to suffer horrendous sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

Apparently Premier Bracks, Police Minister Haermeyer and Member for Parliament Steve Herbert feel there is no reason to take special measures to ensure that due process is now being followed by those self same entities whose actions so recently have demonstrably protected this elite pedophile group. At a departmental level they simply choose to wait for the results of the corrupt Ombudsman's office "investigations" into itself. However increasingly alarmed members of the international community can see that there is no will among the lot of them to seriously investigate the most basic outstanding matters and await the outcome of the Ombudsman's investigation with very keen interest.

According to Mr Herbert's web page, "Steve's passion is education both from his time as a teacher and in his previous position working for Lynne Kosky, Minister for Education."

Well, Steve, our passion really is education, and the public, in particular your electorate, needs to be educated about your willingness to allow this abomination to continue.


* A number of victims Dr Michaelson is representing have reported being taken to Masonic temples and ritually and sexually abused there. Such allegations are not peculiar to this case. Please continue to our supporting pages and links including this one reporting on other cases of Masonic sexual/ritual abuse.

Make sure you read the main overview of this terrible abomination based in Victoria, Australia.

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