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Michael Horn April 2006




For most of the world the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials is a fantasy, either in the form of sci-fi entertainment or the product of people with overly imaginative, or disturbed, minds. Despite a record of thousands of years of depictions and descriptions, on everything from cave walls to medieval paintings, from ancient Indian and Sumerian texts to the Old Testament, etc. with abundant historical evidence of some very real, frequently observed phenomena, the various convoluted explanations offered are more illogical and unreasonable than the obvious reality.


But just saying that it’s obvious isn’t proof of specific extraterrestrial visitation, let alone existence. This is one reason, along with lack of tangible evidence, why most of today’s so-called UFO cases result in much runaround and little substance from which firm, verifiable conclusions can be drawn. And when people bring up Roswell as the best example of such proof, I can only imagine the ripples of laughter and expressions of delight on the faces of those who would like to keep the whole UFO matter discredited and/or controlled to their liking. If you want to dwell on Roswell you might as well nail your proverbial foot to the floor and stagger around in circles as you try to make your case for something for which absolutely no available evidence exists, or should I say remains.


For while I have no trouble accepting the reality of Roswell (I first heard about it in 1958, from a fellow high school student whose father was in the Air Force and told him about it), as well as other possible crash events, there is nothing of substance left to refer to as conclusive proof, and I am one for whom the idea of extraordinary claims demanding extraordinary proof is quite reasonable.


So when people who are interested in the UFO field want to discuss the Billy Meier case with me and, after being presented with the real, and quite abundant irrefutable evidence in the case, still give me illogical objections or outright skepticism – but are nonetheless willing to discuss so-called Reptilians, Greys and abductions as if all of these were absolutely established facts – I have a tendency to become quite impatient.


Putting the Doubts to Rest


There is now sufficient documentation and information available to put to rest any doubts that the Billy Meier UFO contacts are real. And to say that is to claim that the most important event in all of human history, contact between an earthman and extraterrestrial (human) beings has not only occurred but is still ongoing for more than 64 years. Of course, it is up to each interested person to decide this for himself or herself. And rather than focus the discussion on the six categories of fascinating and still irreproducible physical evidence, since all of the attempts by skeptics to debunk and/or duplicate Meier’s evidence have failed (http://www.theyfly.com/newsletter/march06/march06.htm#failed), it’s time to address the underlying, more important questions, such as why is this happening, why are the extraterrestrials (Plejaren) here and what is their message to us? In other words, what does it mean to us, individually and collectively?


Cause and Effect


While this, too, has to be ascertained by each individual, there are certain core principles expressed in the information in the Contact Reports, the transcripts of the conversations that Meier had/has with the Plejaren extraterrestrials, which convey the essence of matter. This information has far less to do with UFOs and extraterrestrials than it does with helping us assure our future survival, facilitating a smoother transition through a dying age of beliefs into an age of knowledge and clarifying eternally true operating principles for human races which, according to the Plejaren, are ubiquitous throughout the universe and subject to virtually the same evolutionary laws, and challenges, that we are.


One of the most recognizable of these principles is the law of cause and effect, which we have largely forgotten about, or thought we could ignore in favor of petitioning some god or other to absolve us of the consequences of our own self-created negative actions. By neglecting to acknowledge, understand and abide by this law, and trying instead to pray away our problems (make someone else responsible for them), we reap predictable results that are nonetheless confounding for many people. We hear people wondering “how could this happen to me/us?” when all too often the causal relationship is not that difficult to discover. But since we have largely abdicated self-responsibility, an absolutely essential principle without which we are truly lost, and sought instead to let someone or something else “fix” things for us, we see our world falling apart before our very eyes, clueless as to why it’s happening.




To understand that we’re not speaking about vague or esoteric matters here, consider how abdicating self-responsibility and ignoring cause and effect leads us into some very apparent and pressing problems. At the root of many of our current societal and world problems is overpopulation, despite what illogical and uninformed people would have us believe. One source of overpopulation is unbridled birth rates which, in certain countries, are encouraged by illogical, delusional religions that prioritize having an unending source of financial wealth generated by unquestioning masses of uneducated, basically superstitious people, whose fear of offending an imaginary god supersedes their rational thought and true self-interest.


When a society of poor, overburdened people find themselves incapable of taking charge of their individual lives, and incapable of recognizing let alone reforming the excesses and corruption in their own country that help to perpetuate their plight (along with their religious dependence), many turn to illegal immigration as a means of improving their lot in life. In doing so they can, through shear numbers, bring imbalance to the country into which they go for their own economic benefit. Their willingness to trade their time and labor for less compensation than has been established by/for the natural citizens of the host country is a contributing factor that leads to conflict and strife that appears, sooner or later.




For example, because of the overburdening of the medical system health facilities are closed down, eliminating services for the very citizens who have paid their taxes to establish and maintain them. Likewise, the educational system is overburdened and compromised and, since over-breeding is an unquestioned behavioral pattern of the immigrants, their numbers increase exponentially, overwhelming the host society, crime increases and a break down of society occurs, which brings us back again to the (religiously encouraged) irresponsible behavior of overpopulating that set these events in motion.


Now it must be clearly stated that there are many wonderful and hardworking people who are among the illegal population, nonetheless, the fact that they have broken the laws of the land in which, and from which, they desire to derive economic benefit – while doing nothing significant to correct the underlying problems in their home lands – is an enormous abdication of self-responsibility, as well as quite nakedly selfish. And while it may seem quite coldhearted to point out the harsh facts, it is not, it’s merely bringing the principles of cause and effect and self-responsibility into prominent focus. For like it or not, the consequences of our actions cannot be avoided, delayed maybe but not avoided. And the longer the delay, the more likely the negative consequences will be compounded and made harder to remedy than if the unpleasant, unpopular but necessary recognition and rectification had been undertaken at the first discernable signs of imbalance or disharmony.


Do Unto Others


If we truly understood, valued and lived by the old biblical adages “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “as a person soweth thus shall they reap” most of our problems wouldn’t exist. These are two perfectly pure and succinct explanations of cause and effect. So is it any wonder that a country such as the U.S., which has interfered in the lives, political and business affairs of so many people around the world, and committed so many unprovoked acts of violent aggression, would reap an “invasion” itself, albeit in this case (so far) a less overtly violent one than it characteristically delivers at its own whim (http://www.theyfly.com/news2005/aug05/aug05.htm#war)?


It’s really no more unlikely than is the good will that has also been bestowed upon us as a consequence, if we can say that, of the good that we have also done to and for others. Cause and effect, it works both ways, of course. For us to gauge what the proverbial balance is, we should take stock of the effect our policies and actions have on others and the way we’re viewed in the world, without of course basing our conduct on some international popularity contest, nor in reducing everything to simplistic tit-for-tat thinking, it doesn’t necessarily work that way either. But it works in its own time, and in its own way, and it would be of value to us to try to observe and understand things more objectively and comprehensively with greater perspective.


We might question why we think that it’s okay to invade and bomb people’s countries and try to force “democracy” down their throats, when we know how unacceptable that would be if some other country attempted to do it to us. Reduce that further to a more personal level; how would you feel about someone down the street from you kicking in your door and attacking you and your family because they didn’t like your religion and/or because they wanted to steal your property? It’s called crime when that happens here, it’s called “protecting U.S./our interests” when our – or any other – country does it somewhere else.


What About the UFOs?


Now this might seem very far a field from our discussion of the Meier UFO case but it really isn’t. The Plejaren didn’t attain their enormous abilities in all areas of science and spiritual development by ignoring immutable laws or acting on faith and superstition (http://www.theyfly.com/PDF/The%20Fatal%20Flaws%20of%20Faith.pdf). They too had to overcome many challenges in their evolution and, still being far from perfect, continue to learn, even receiving advice from far more advanced beings than themselves. While most wisdom is gained through our own experience it can also be gleaned from observing and learning from others.


One of the ways that the Plejaren have sought to assist us has been in the form of 55 years worth of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information (www.theyfly.com). Some of the information pertains to events and/or discoveries that occurred decades after Meier published it. While it may seem like magic to us, in fact, the remarkable prophetic information demonstrates what is possible when people are intellectually, technologically and spiritually highly developed enough to enable them to determine many of these future events. This is due, in large part, to their understanding of  – the law of cause and effect.


As utterly amazing as that is, it made me wonder why they had done that. What I concluded was that they wanted to establish a firm foundation of impeccable credibility without directly interfering in our world and our lives. Those who would find the information would have ample opportunity to discover its consistency, as well as itsaccuracy. This would result in their being more willing to seriously consider the warnings regarding our future (http://www.theyfly.com/prophecies/prophecies.htm), should we not change our thinking and actions in time. And, along with the prophecies, the Plejaren provided very precise information regarding human conduct and spiritual laws, such as we have just touched upon above.


While there is so very much to learn from their teachings, most of which is, unfortunately for many of us, still in German, there is still sufficient information in English to assist those of us who really want to take full self-responsibility for our lives (http://www.theyfly.com/spiritual/spiritual.htm ). Self-responsibility is a core teaching and, once we truly learn and embody it, most everything else we need to find, learn and put into practice can, and will, be available to us. By acting consciously and responsibly we can take back our individual and collective power from all illegitimate and destructive leaders and forces. We can then redirect it towards assuring our future survival, rather than self-destruction and, in time, become true universal citizens, flying around in our own little…UFOs.




Note from gaiaguys: having worked for the Disclosure Project we do not share the points of view represented above regarding "alien abductions". We think that there is very compelling evidence that many - if not most - of the people who have apparently had "ET" abduction experiences have actually been the victim of sadistic and grossly illegal hoaxed "ET" abductions by corporatized Unacknowledged Special Access Projects working in conjunction with the military. We have no reason to doubt that, as FIGU stated recently, there have only been two genuine ET abduction in the modern era.


Please see www.gaiaguys.net/DPETC-AllthatGlitters.htm , www.gaiaguys.net/lammer.htm and the Disclosure Project witness documentation available free linked from www.gaiaguys.net/ufology.htm


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