$130 Billion For This?

by Michael Horn

Autumn 2004
The proposal to postpone the elections could be looked at as clever ploy to dissuade terrorists from wasting their time by attempting to upset our elections. But let’s not forget that we launched our noble war of “liberation and freedom” also so that “we won’t have to fight the terrorists here”, as if that was some rule from a book that the terrorists adhere to. How come the president hasn’t shared with us what else is in that book and why it appears that the rules have changed?

We were told that we weren’t going to let the terrorists change “our way of life” and to go about living life as usual, with additional emphasis on going shopping, great national pastime that it’s become. That being the case, why are we suddenly being told that it’s now very likely that the terrorists can and will disturb our way of life, our elections? Didn’t our spending some $130 billion dollars “liberating” the Iraqis “protect our freedom” like the president so loudly proclaimed?

With all of the nonsense about Iraq’s WMD, how come the politicians and the media consistently ignore the obvious fact that such weapons have been available to terrorists for some time through the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the unaccounted for nuclear devices which disappeared thereafter? It seems that, so far, no one has been pointing out the actual dangers posed by the existence and availability of these weapons to those who are determined to get them. For all we know, some may have already made their way into our country, not at all an unlikely possibility considering the porosity of our borders and ports and the pandering politicians who have refused to implement the will of the people, and truly safeguard our country, by restricting illegal immigration.

What would $130 billion have accomplished in strengthening the true security of our nation, and other needed applications, had it been so appropriated instead of “invested” in the illegitimate Iraqi war? And would we even be in this ever-compounding game of stick-your-fingers-in-the-dike if our national policies, throughout at least the last century, had not been devoted to sticking those fingers in the lives and business of peoples around the world to liberate them from their resources for the benefit of our corporations and, honestly, “our way of life”?

The laws of cause and effect, unlike the laws of men, cannot be cheated.


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