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Time's Up!

The time has come to elevate the level at which this conversation and inquiry is being conducted. And, I am happy to affirm, that at least a couple of the skeptical parties have just done so. While we may have some perhaps minor disagreements, both Tim and Ike have established their serious and sincere intentions to arrive at the truth of the matter, some initial testiness on all of our parts notwithstanding.

Sincerity and Clarity from Skeptics

While itís possible that I may yet find, to my dismay, that these gentlemen, or other parties, may still wish to have some additional hoop-jumping performed, which will be refused, I am proceeding with the acknowledgement that the overall sincerity and clarity of their recent communications entitles them to a certain respect from me, and other pro parties. With that in mind, I will contrast, for instance, Ikeís probing questions regarding Meierís prophetically accurate information on Jupiter with the "official" comments of none other than that eminent "scientist", James Randi, who, on April 15, 2003, issued this brilliant statement

"No one is "stumped" by the case. A child can see through the farce, though some adults have a problem with that. Iím always told about such things as the "prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related information that Meier published from a few weeks to more than 25 years before "official" discovery or occurrence. Oh yes, this includes the warning that he wrote and published in 1995 about the recent attack on Iraq." Hate to rain on your favorite delusion but, letís look at (a) the number of prophetic statement (sic) Meier has made, and (b) how many were correct. Bummer!"

Bummer Indeed!

First, Meier did indeed publish that, and several other specific warnings in 1995, and they came true as predicted. In addition to being published in German in 1995, they were on the internet in English in 1998 and published in the book "And Yet They Fly!" in 2001Öyears before they occurred. Thatís called ironclad, copyrighted, published, irrefutable proof.

So, bummer indeed, Mr. Amazing, write that check, your account is way past due!

Skeptics Followed Own Protocols, Proved Meier Correct

Now, I have made it perfectly clear in my rebuttal to the skepticsí Desperate Disclaimer that it is reasonably assumed that Randi, and CFI-West, have followed all of their own established, rigorous protocols for determining the authenticity of the Meier case and its evidence. No credible, reputable scientist would casually, and without due diligence, shoot from the hip and utter irresponsible, and inaccurate, comments on a matter as serious as this, to say nothing of his having to account to whomever has actually put up the (presumably existing) $1,005,000 awards that Meier obviously is more than qualified to claim and receive. So here we have Mr. Randiís "expert" findings, claims and opinions on the Meier case and the prophetic information, which is clearly shown to be incorrect, ever more so by the resulting additional inquiries I was prompted to make by Ikeís thoughtful and probing critiques of specific points in the Jupiter information of Meierís that I quoted.

While my own brief notes on Meierís Jupiter information donít include all of what he published in 1978, it can be easily confirmed that his published information precedes, conforms with, and is confirmed by, much of what is written on the pages for which Ike provided links, such as



One More Prediction

Since I have already submitted several predictions of my own, which, if proved accurate by April 15, 2004, entitle me to claim the $1,005,000 combined awards myself, I will make another prediction, i.e. that further diligent research into Meierís publication of what Randi accurately (for once!) notes that I refer to as the "prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related information" will bear out the overall accuracy and consistency of Meierís credibility, inexplicable save for the paranormal and/or extraterrestrial hypothesis.


I now invite Tim and Ike and any other people of fairness and good reasoning to not only encourage those in the ranks of the professional (and amateur) skeptics to raise their standards (and get some rehab for Randi and a few others still living in denial) but to also contribute to the efforts to get the mainstream media, and real, qualified scientists, to explore the Meier contacts as well, for the benefit of all mankind.



Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. He can be contacted through or


Mon, 12 Apr 2004 194223 +0000

To, ike forty-two <>,

russ pattinson <>,,,,

James Underdown <>

Subject When all else fails Randi tries distraction!

From Michael <>

Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 124221 -0700

Re Just keeping looking at this hand so you won't see what I'm doing with the other.

Well you really have to wonder about these genius skeptics. Just when they have the opportunity to really shred this "hoax" (thatís confounded them for 30 years) they won't cough up $9 bucks to do so

"I noticed that you mentioned the blank Billy Meier page that is supposed to contain the "evidence," and decided to see if I could find it. And guess what? I did! Of course, you have to pay for it, and it's full of "techno-speak," not that I've bought and read it, but it "warns" of it. Anyway, you can find this startling discovery that everyone in the scientific world is keeping under wraps, right here

Of course, why they would have to charge to release the info, I don't know, especially as it's worth a million, right? Hey! How about I buy a copy and present it myself? Or do I have to get a fake piece of metal, too? SighÖ can't say I didn't try."

But before you get ready to pounce on that, allow me, the nemesis of all you brainless devotees of the Church of Skepticism, to point out a few wee little things

Gosh, if a document contains scientific information, is it not to be expected that it might contain some "techno-speak" or do you clowns just want some coloring book pictures?

It really shouldnít come as a surprise that I have been offering this document for FREE to any and all comers (including the writer above who will now have to get it, read it and try to understand it). Why, in my generosity I even offered it publicly to the hapless Mr. Rees of CFI-West. You may remember him and them. They're the group of bozos who, some three-plus years ago, confidently claimed that the Meier photos and films were an "easily duplicated hoax" and accepted my challenge to duplicate just one of each.

After being shamed by a national newspaper article pointing out their laughable failure to meet the challenge, they posted 6 photos of a model and claimed, voila, look, we did it! Of course, they hadnít. A slight problem arose when I pointed out that they had to submit their photos (and their still NON-EXISTENT FILM) to the same rigorous standards of scientific testing that Meierís wereÖas specified in the FREE document (

Naturally (and correctly), fearing the worst, they refused, which wasnít noticed by too many people until Mr. Rees got uppity and refused to do so on the Art Bell radio show, heard by millions across the globe. Can you say credibility down the sinkhole? My email is still reflecting the contempt for these clowns, and their completely bogus, unscientific bumbling, that they have generated in both near and distant places. Thanks, fellas, for doing in a brief moment what would have otherwise taken me far, far longer to establish.

But hold on, weíre not done yet. Letís hear from the head Poobah himself, not a man exactly known for truth and accuracy. Iíve added emphasis so you can easily follow along

"Ömy offer to pay him the million as soon as he provides the "otherworld metal" evidence he says he can produce. First, we discover that he doesn't actually "have" it. He won't say who does have it, but it's not heÖYes, we see your problem, Michael; it's been clear all along. It's that you don't have the evidence you so vehemently claim you do, and you won't directly address that fact. I can't speak for the other skeptics, but as you well know, I always commit myself firmly in advance, leaving no possibility that I could evade paying up. Just how obtuse are you, Horn? Are you trying to establish a new standard for density?"

Wow, heís really got me there, right? Now, speaking of density, let me just clearly state that Randi is a world-class liar and, by consequence, a cheat. I have never claimed to have had the metal that he just said, twice, that I "claimed" to have. Heís a liar. Prove me wrong, find where I said that.

More importantly, Randiís actually treating all you faithful followers, disciples and devotees like youíre a pack of morons. Letís recap, just for the sake of anyone among you who can recite the alphabet correctly or actually count from one to ten sequentially

1. I challenged CFI-West to duplicate the evidence.

2. They accepted the challenge.

3. They failed to duplicate the evidence, photo and film.

4. They publicly REFUSED to have their photos tested.

5. They refused, time and again (and this includes Jimmie) my offer to receive the photo analysis and testing parameters FREE of charge.

6. Their failure substantiates the paranormal nature of the evidence.

7. They are trying to distract from their failure and change the subject, especially since there are big bucks at stake.

8. Any and all other challenges FROM them will be considered upon the completion of this one, which means that they either have their photos tested or admit failure and pay up. Itís that simple, which is no doubt why itís so hard for these phonies who are not scientists but carny barkers.

So, claim what you want but prove it. Prove it and prove your slander against the one-armed Mr. Meier who has effectively made you all look like a pack of charlatans, liars and frauds. Correction! In your grand overestimation of yourselves, and the publicís gullibility, youíve exposed it for all to see, saving me untold hours of work.

We thank you.

Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts

P.S. It looks like my predictions, publicly posted, will fulfill themselves on April 15, 2004. A check please.

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