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Subject: Icing on the cake

Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2005 4:57 PM

Having been quite busy in the *media bringing the Meier case to the
public, and missing no opportunity to roundly thrash the failed
attempts by the incompetent "professional skeptics" to duplicate even
one of Meier's photos and one of his films, I thought that this would
be a good opportunity to ice the cake regarding Meier's abundant,
specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related

The very idea of prophetically accurate information so disturbs the
skeptics that they go to incredible, and illogical, lengths to attempt
to discredit it.

Since the skeptics were so proud as to trot out Ike's attempted
debunking of Meier's prophetic information re Jupiter, which ultimately
rested on Ike's despicable, completely unfounded and unsubstantiated
insinuations regarding virtually any and everyone who played a part in
the lengthy and expensive investigation (a trick learned from Randi,
one might guess), and the bizarre and impossibly convoluted proposition
that Meier was somehow retroactively inserting information at dates
long after its "official" discovery (with the alleged and
unsubstantiated fraudulent complicity of Wendelle Stevens), I offer the
following information, from Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer in Switzerland:

"Contrary to opposing voices, a falsification of the statements and
prophecies through retrospective insertion in the contact reports by
Billy Eduard Albert Meier is highly improbable and quite impossible. On
one hand, namely, the official contact dialogues with the
extraterrestrials are most exactly numbered in their order (since 1975)
and are read by the core group members, and on the other hand, the
contact conversations stand always again in relation to each other in
some form. Through the numbering it is therefore also not possible for
Billy to retrospectively insert some sort of fictional contact reports.

A possible retrospective manipulation of the contact reports, through
the extent of the several thousand pages of contact conversations in
question, would require such an unimaginable and proportionally great
and extensive expenditure, with necessary adjustment, alterations,
additions and adaptations, that Billy would not be able to manage it.
Beyond this, through such manipulations he could not be believed by the
core group members and the readers of his writings and books because
this would be recognized through the publications. Were it the case
that theses predictions were a malign fabrication then Billy would have
to have a super memory and contain many thousands of pages in his head.

Made more difficult yet is that Billy, in the year 1984 did not in any
form or way have a computer at his disposal, because the PC plainly and
simply entered his office for the first time in the year 2002. Billy
had, however, up to the year 2002 diligently written the contact
reports with a mechanical type writer and, despite the urgings of the
group members, had long avoided using a computer. A falsification of
the contact reports and the prophecies would also mean that he would
have had to have prepared countless typed pages with gaps in the text
to make the retrospective inclusions possible. In the case of a
falsification he also would not have knowledge of which coming event to
insert in which contact report, so it would not be possible for him to
determine the free place for the insertion. Quite aside from this, it
is generally known that by inserting (something) the text can be
disrupted over several pages away. Falsifications or retrospective
inclusions would therefore mean that, in the meanwhile, he must have
had to have repeatedly, with his typewriter, copied uncountable,
already available pages.

Viewing the facts that, next to the 360 spirit teaching study
periodicals, the many information and action-texts, the contact
reports, as well as the bulletin and WZ articles, he has, in the
meanwhile, written or published, 3 novels, 1 story book, and over 35
books, it can be concluded that the necessary time for the named
manipulations and falsifications on the contact reports could barely be
found. Further, must also be born in mind that a possible falsification
or retrospective insertion would require the withdrawing of the already
available and distributed (to the group members) contact reports after
they had been sent out which would not be possible and also is not
possible without critical voices from inside the group. As a matter of
fact, however, quite aside from the correction work on the texts that
is clearly declared, no manipulatable copies in various versions of the
contact reports exist. The original contact reports of his first copies
are still always available and can also be looked at by the group

For anyone both reasonable and deep thinking enough to appreciate the
foresight of such a mechanism having been built into the case at least
30 years ago, the impossibility of a hoax is quite apparent. For
others, such as the cultic skeptics, who quickly succumb to
manufacturing impossible conspiracies (requiring ruthless and phony
libelous claims) rather than relying on logic and reason, it should
present a delightful and confounding little puzzle...or simply more
food for unfounded conspiratorial speculation.

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts



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