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Billy Meier and the Ships of the Pleiades


Billy Meier is a farmer in Switzerland who claims to have been in on-going contact with aliens from the star cluster known as the Pleiades. He has taken over 1000 photographs of the aliens, their spacecraft, and locations where they have taken him, including the future. Meier also claims to have video of their ships and rock and metal samples given to him by the aliens. Also as evidence he has shown the landing tracks that the alien spacecraft have left behind. Billy Meier's case represents the largest body of evidence to document the longest reported contact between humans and aliens.

The Skeptical Viewpoint

Billy Meier's story has prompted a great deal of research into his claims, both by skeptics and those within the UFO community who expected to confirm his reports. What was discovered is that the Billy Meier story actually represents the biggest UFO hoax in history. Upon close examination it was discovered that not one of his alleged photographs were original prints, but all had been airbrushed or otherwise altered. Models of some of the spacecraft seen in his photo's were found in his house. In one video of an alleged flying saucer, the spacecraft can clearly be seen to be swinging pendulum style as if it were suspended by a wire. The photograph of an alleged Pleiadian alien was discovered to be a photocopy of a model taken from a Sears Catalog. Under close scrutiny, all of Billy Meier's alleged evidence has been shown to be false.

Yet, Billy Meier's claims survived for many years within the UFO community, being touted as the best evidence for the reality of alien visitation. There are still those who will not admit the entire case is a complete fraud. Meanwhile, Meier has made a great deal of money from the sale of his book and other material in which he discusses his hoaxed contact with aliens.


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