Message from the Pleiades Vol.3 Wendelle Stevens


Forty seven years after World War II, in 1991, Vladimir Terziski, a Bulgarian immigree, came into possession of some German documentary film describing the Nazi V-7 special weapons programs. The secret V-7 projects were in fact a series of circular aircraft research designs developing radical new weapons platforms that could rise and descend vertically and fly at high speeds and very high altitudes using a new "implosion" motor design and other electro-gravitic energy conversion principles producing a self-sufficient electrostatically generated force for power. Such engines were manufactured by AEC, (Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft), the great electrical giant of industrial Germany, for this program as early as 1944. These power devices generated their own electro-gravity field which neutralized the Earth's natural gravity, in effect making them weightless. Another new engine principle used helium for fuel.

There were at least three major developments within the V-7 program. There were the Hanebu models 1 through 9, at least; and Vril models 1 through 7 as well, and most likely beyond that. Then there was the cylindrical mother-ship carrier project designed to transport the Hanebu and Vril craft in flight. Research along these lines had been carried out since early in 1941.

The Hanebu models were larger discs ranging from 25 through 40 meters in diameter. That is 75 to 120 feet. They were powered by multiple-ganged energy units working together, like the AEG System, and these units also generated their own electro-gravitic field which neutralized the natural gravity around them, thus making the craft and all it carried essentially weightless. Experimental versions of this circular disc-shaped craft carried one to three 7.5 centimeter anti-tank cannon on their underside. Photographs of such craft have been collected by Mr. Terziski, some of which also appeared in the movie documentary.

One picture shows a 2 1/2 ton military truck parked beside a Hanebu 2, a lifting crane on the far side, and 2 men under the big disc working on something. Other pictures showed the Hanebu models in flight.

The Vril models were smaller deeper discs of nearly bell-shaped configuration in appearance with 3 hemispherical protuberances underneath, very similar to the bell-shaped flying objects photographed by George Adamski in 1952 and 1953, however the Vril 2, which is closest to that appearance, was actually being tested in 1943 and 1944 in Nazi Germany. The Vril 3 models and beyond were far more streamlined and looked more like the domed discs we are more familiar with. These little ships were 10.5 to 15 meters (30' to 45') in diameter and carried crews of 1 to 5 men.

The cylindrical carrier craft were over 100' in diameter and could carry one or more of the Hanebu models and 3 or more of the smaller Vril models, all internally, and could launch and recover them in flight.

When the High Command in Germany concluded that they could no longer win the war, and some of the key leaders began leaving the country to prepare for a resurgent 4th Reich, these important programs were apparently dismantled and carried to new bases in the Antarctic and to remote places in Brazil and elsewhere in South America. Most of their key scientists went with them, which may be why we have heard so little of these programs up to now. The few scientists who remained behind were picked up by the U.S. and Russian governments and put to work on domestic programs, but our programs lacked the organization of the parent German programs that were evacuated.

Of course none of this report is proven by massive support evidence, nor should we expect it to be, given the secret nature of the work; and so this information can only stand as a speculative report - but it does raise a lot of unanswered questions.

Samples of the photographs in those documents are shown on the following pages.



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Above: the CIA's "Fluxliner"

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