FIGU Ref: Those Who Lie About Contacts pg.2,26,27
The Pleiades Project: http://www.netsv.com/pleiades/www.timelink.net
Department of Health & Human Services - Public Health

"Billy: ...Tell me: On February 13, 1996, Florena
mentioned to me you're your investigations showed Randy
Winters is not the only guilty party in matters pertaining
to the fraudulent, purported contact story in Miami,
Florida, and that there actually exists a man who makes
these deceitful contact claims. Furthermore, this Adrain
collaborates with Randy Winters who, in turn, cheats him and
capitalizes on this liar and fraud by commercially
exploiting Adrain's material for profit.
Ptaah: That is correct --- this is precisely what is
actually transpiring. Winters is utilizing the falsified
material of this Adrain, as he calls himself, in order to
enrich himself although he basically knows exactly that the
entire matter is nothing but lies and deceit. Winters is a
profit-hungry scoundrel, and the same holds true for Adrain
who makes every attempt to introduce himself to people with
whom he can collaborate and capitalize from his fraudulent
story. As for Winters, he now exploits this Adrain in the
same manner he has applied to your material, albeit with one
big difference: Your information and contacts are the truth,
of which he is fully aware, while the Adrain story is a
ruthless lie, fraud, deceit, and charlatanry --- and
Randolph Winters is fully conscious of this fact as well."


The Pleiadian Data Book
1996 Pleiades Project

The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness
1994 Pleiades Project, ISBN 1885757077

The Winters Plan: A New Vision For America
2000 Pleiades Project, ISBN 1885757085, 204 pages


Our First Contact With Other Worlds

Video [Randy Winters lecture excerpt April 1998]


The Miami Contacts Intensive [90-minute workshop]

Pleaidian Contacts In Miami (Adrian) [45-minute lecture]

Pleaidian Mission: Billy Meier [2 tapes, 120+ minutes]

The Pleiades Project: Demystifying the Billy Meier

UFO - The Pleiadian Contacts [16 90-minute tape set]


Journey Of The Spirit: Life Cycles According To The

Life In The Pleiades: Beyond This World

The Meier Years: A Retrospective
[with Wendelle Stevens & Michael Hesemann]
1994 International UFO Congress; 2-tape set, 168 minutes
[tape 1=1:53 (Stevens' presentation=1:33;
Hesemann presentation=16'; Stevens intro to Winters=4');
tape2=1:55' (Escandon peddling=30';
Meier slideshow=1:25']; UFO Collector Series volumes 78
and 79;
Compiler's Note: 30 minutes of Winters' presentation
concerns the fabrications of "Adrain"
[see Manny Escandon in the "Con"/internet section];
e-mail: ufocongress@msn.com

Miami Contacts: Extraterrestrials And Humans

Mission Pleiades
1998 Gateways Media Group Inc., ASIN 6304969163

The Pleiadian Connection: The Extra Terrestrial contacts
of Billy Meier
1988 The Pleiades Project; 1998 UFO Central Home Video;
ASIN 6304952589;
co-produced by Randy Winters & Michael Horn

Pleiadian Contact
[with Wendelle Stevens]
1995 International UFO Congress; 120 minutes; UFO
Collector Series
volume 126; also available as audio cassettes;
Compiler's Note: Winters' presentation concerns the
fabrications of
"Adrain" [see Manny Escandon in the "Con"/internet
e-mail: ufocongress@msn.com

Pleiadian Mission [lecture September 11, 1998 Dallas TX]
2-DVD set


Pleiadian Mission: UFO: are UFOs real?

Space Cities: UFOs around the world


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