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From: "Michael" <michael@theyfly.com>
To: "ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space" <webre@shaw.ca>; <drsalla@exopolitics.org>; "Exopolitics Deardorff )" <deardorj@proaxis.comdeardorj@proaxis.com>
Subject: Well what do we have here?
Date: Tuesday, 7 February 2006 9:16 AM

Hiya Doc,

Well, while I can understand your headlong rush to close the doors of
the discussion that you foolishly flung open, when you were almost
safely on your way to comfortably enjoying some anonymity, it seems
like the veil of mystery has been lifted as the true motivations
($$$$$$$$ ca-ching!) behind your recent attacks on me and the Meier
case are now very obvious.

It appears that you have built your particular house of cards on some
rather wild, completely unscientific and unsubstantiated premises, to
put it mildly. As someone who took me to task for what he called
"embellishing/embellishment", it seems only fitting that you be
required to explain the silly, speculative, New Age mumbo-jumbo jargon
and claims in your following commercially-oriented information. I was
tempted to highlight key loonyisms of yours but there are simply so
many, running together, one on top of the other, that it would be
redundant and foolish - just like your claims. I will, however, insert
a few notes just to make it obvious how absolutely unprofessional and
charlatan-like the following is...especially coming from an esteemed,
ahem, Dr. of something or other:

Exopolitics 102 - Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations

This course examines examines the key principles of 'galactic
diplomacy' at the unofficial level, as a form of 'track two' diplomacy
aimed at establishing contact and communications with different
extraterrestrial races. The course analyses the nature of diplomatic
representation on Earth that might be recognized by various
extraterrestrial races. Particular focus will be on the representative
status of different global constituencies such as politically organized
humanity, cetaceans, alleged subterranean civilizations, and the role
of Earth or 'Gaia' as a living organism. The course examines the need
for 'track two galactic diplomacy' as a means of complementing official
diplomatic relations between major nations and extraterrestrial races.
Finally, the course examines how national security agencies will
respond to 'track two galactic diplomacy' between private
citizens/groups with extraterrestrials in terms of four key challenges
confronting the practice of this form of diplomacy: 1. the extent of
private communications and interactions with extraterrestrial races; 2.
the coercive resources of shadow government agencies; 3. the degree to
which extraterrestrial races may manipulate citizens engaging in track
two galactic diplomacy; and 4. implications of initiatives and
agreements reached through track two galactic diplomacy.

MH: Proof? Help us out here, doc, are you simply looking for a lot of
brain dead people with too much time and money or their hands, or are
you just trying to make sure that nothing you ever say on the ET/UFO
matter is ever taken seriously? ("Both" is also a possible answer.)

Become a Galactic Peace Ambassador

There are dozens of different extraterrestrial races with a variety of
motivations that are interacting with global humanity.
MH: Proof?

These extraterrestrial motivations span the spectrum from 'benevolent'
activities aimed at uplifting humanity towards a fuller expression of
its galactic potential, to manipulative activities designed to
undermine human sovereignty.
MH: Proof?

A detailed explanation of the most significant extraterrestrial races
interacting with humanity and the role played by national security
agenices worldwide is available online (click here).
MH: Proof? You mean the dreaded Alex Collier-based info? Hysterical!

The extensive nature of human-extraterrestrial interactions indicates
that all humans communicating or interacting with extraterrestrials are
by default 'representatives' of global humanity irrespective of the
nature of the interactions. This suggests an urgent need for some form
of diplomatic training for such individuals.
MH: Proof?

A number of extraterrestrial races are assisting in the evolution of
human consciousness, and communicating with private citizens and groups
that are interested in more peaceful and harmonious policies at a
global level.
MH: Proof?

Nevertheless, the various extraterrestrial races interacting with Earth
are locked into a low intensity conflict over the direction and
potential of global humanity in the wider galactic community.
MH: Proof?

These extraterrestrial races work through their respective 'human
allies' in the form of global elites, national security agencies,
concerned private citizens, and/or non-government organizations to
promote their respective 'visions'.
MH: Proof?

Competition involving extraterrestrial races and their 'human allies'
on Earth mirrors conflicts at the galactic level between major
extraterrestrial races.
MH: Proof?

This makes the extraterrestrial rivalry over the Earth's population and
resources something that has interest to the wider galactic community.
MH: Proof?

'Second track' or 'citizen based diplomacy' offers the opportunity for
private individuals or groups to open communication channels between
conflicting parties. It has been shown to be effective in developing
suitable confliction resolution strategies for difficult or intractable
MH: Really? Well, how come you're not doing that work in some
legitimate context instead of trying to find every easy mark in the New
Age-UFO community to con out of their dough?

Individuals trained to be Galactic Peace Ambassadors would fill an
important need for communicating with extraterrestrial races, mediating
between different extraterrestrial races and global humanity, and
establishing second track diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial
MH: Proof?

Enroll in a Galactic Peace Ambassador Seminar

Cost: $2599

To be included in this 12 Day Seminar Package:
• 12 nights accomodations at Sky Ranch (2-3 guests per room);
• 5 boat swims to meet with the dolphins and establish
multi-dimensional communications;
• 5 lunches aboard boat;
• 12 buffet breakfasts and 12 gourmet dinners;
• Transportation to/from all Seminar events
• Snorkling lesson from shore
• And the most recent information regarding current extraterrestrial
activities on planet Earth

MH: Say, pardon me, doc, but it looks to me like you've mislabeled this
course. While I had a thoroughly delightful time on my little swim with
the fishies facilitated by Joan, Lisa and friends, this last line here
about info re current ET activities sure seems a little vague, wouldn't
ya say, I mean what's it doin' in there with all the other stuff? And
since when are you presenting info on the Meier case, which is the only
one that I know of with "information regarding current extraterrestrial
activities" here? I mean NOWHERE have you established anything other
than your huge desire to $ell some mumbo-jumbo - with not one shred of
proof for your entire premise, credentials to make such claims, etc.

Oh yeah, and by the way, upon rereading your absolutely brilliant bit
of double talk at
http://www.exopolitics.org/Report-ET%20Motivations.htm, I can fully
appreciate why you must be staying fairly close to the bathroom these
days, as you've created a really huge credibility problem for yourself.
In a document where you liberally acknowledge Meier's genuine status as
a true, ongoing contactee, you also insert an abundance of nonsense
from "Collier", whom Meier himself has referred to as a fraud! Wow,
nice goin' doc!

And since you point to only one item (regarding black holes) that you'd
like us to believe validates all of Collier's claims, for one thing,
sound waves as we know them don't propagate through space. For another,
if this had happened, and if astronomers could view the particular
color that was supposedly emitted, they wouldn't be able to view it for
countless years, since the known black holes are over thousands of
light-years away. So why should Morenae tell Collier about it? "Color"
only propagates with the speed of light. And why, given all the other
innumerable civilizations in the galaxy/universe, should this unique
event happen in our lifetimes when it could have happened any time in
the past million years, say? For this reason, I'm sure that astronomers
and Hawking wouldn't buy the statement for a second, and also because
of the implication that there is a single "time" throughout the whole
universe -- that March 23, 1994 occurs at the same "time" everywhere in
the universe.

Doc, it sure seems to me that you've bitten off more than you can chew
here, what with your absolute refusal to address, let alone defend,
Collier's abundance of hallucinatory, delusional and downright, already
proven wrong statements, and your clearly financially motivated,
snake-oil pitches for courses and trainings on basically non-existent,
unproven premises and abilities...and for which, naturally, there
neither are, nor do you have, any appropriate credentials.

Would I be correct that, next, you're going to make this a multi-level
marketing program and have a whole line of Galactic Peace Ambassador

Now that just might be a more fruitful career for an intergalactic
$ale$man such as yourself.




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