241 Chapter 34

Teaching about Creation

J. Jmmanuel preached powerfully, saying, "Behold, Creation stands above humanity, above god and above everything.

2. "It appears to be perfect by human comprehension, but this is not so.

3. "Since Creation is spirit and thus lives, even it must forever perfect itself.

4. "But since it is one within itself, it can perfect itself by way of its own creations, through the generation of new spirit forms that dwell within humans, give them life, and evolve towards perfection through their learning.

5. "The newly generated spirit is part of Creation itself; however, it is unknowing down to the smallest iota.

6. "When a new spirit is created, which is still unknowing in every way, it lives in a human body and begins to learn.

7. "Persons may consider the unknowing spirit as stupid and say that the individual is confused.

8. "But it is not, because it is only unknowing and devoid of knowledge and wisdom.

9. "Thus may this new spirit live a life within a human being in order to gather knowledge.

10. "Then, when this spirit enters the beyond, it is no longer as unknowing as it was at the time of its beginning.

I I. "And it returns into the world and lives again as a human being but is no longer quite as unknowing as it was at its beginning.

12. "Again it learns and gathers further knowledge and new wisdom, and thereby increasingly escapes from ignorance.

13. "So, after many renewed lives, the time comes when people say that this spirit is normal and not confused.

14. "But this is neither the end of the spirit nor its fulfillment, because, having become knowing, the spirit now seeks the greatest wisdom.

15. "Thus, the human spirit perfects itself so extensively that it unfolds in a Creational manner and ultimately becomes one with Creation, as it was destined from the earliest beginning.

16. "Thus, Creation has brought forth a new spirit, allowing it to be perfected independently in the human body. The perfected spirit returns to Creation to become one with it, and in this manner Creation perfects itself within itself, for in it is the knowledge and wisdom to do so.

17. "Truly, I say to you, the time will never come when Creation ceases to create new spirit forms and to broaden itself,

18. "However, Creation also requires rest, a characteristic of all that lives, and when it slumbers it does not create.

19. "Just as human life has day and night and is divided into work and rest, so Creation also has its times of work and rest.

20. "Its period, however, is different from that of people, because its laws are the laws of the spirit,

21. "while human laws are the laws of material life.

22. "The material life is limited, but the life of the spirit lasts forever and knows no end.

23. "Creation, however, is subject to the laws of Primeval-Timelessness and Primeval-Creation, which is the Absolute Absolutum and the beginning and endlessness of everything. And it was created out of itself.* (* Absolute Absolutum: Most basic Creational level or most basic Absolutum level, respectively, of which there are seven. From the highest Absolutum level down to the lowest the following sequence is valid: BEING Absolutum, Zohar Absolutum, Super Absolutum, Creative Absolutum, Central Absolutum, Ur-(= primal, original, prime) Absolutum, and Absolute Absolutum. Out of the Absolute Absolutum the first Creation form of the lowest kind was created--the material universe, the universal consciousness or universe in which We exist. This universe, universal consciousness, or Creation form, respectively, which is the first and lowest of all 1049 Creation forms, has created out of itself all Creational energies, i.e., all spirit energies and Spirit forms. It is therefore the creation of its own Ur-source. The Absolute Absolutum is the idea-related procreative power only, out of which the lowest Creation form that is our DERN Universe has come forth.)

24. "Its secret is that which is immeasurable and is based on the number seven, which is counted in 'times.'

25. "This is one of the secrets and laws the human mind will solve only when it reaches perfection.

26. "But let it be said that the laws of life are not hidden from the wise man, hence he can recognize and follow them.

27. "Thus the wise understand that the secret of Primeval-Creation lies in the number seven and in computations based thereon. Thus they will gather and retain the knowledge that Creation has a time for work or rest that is also based upon the number seven.

28. "Creation rested in a state of slumber for seven Great Times when nothing existed, not even the universe.

29. "Only Creation itself existed in slumber, and it brought forth no creature nor anything.

30. "However, it did awaken from its slumber through the seven cycles of seven Great Times and began to create creatures and everything.

31, "After having rested for seven cycles of seven Great Times, it is now creating living organisms and everything else, and it will do so for seven more cycles of seven Great Times, until it requires rest again and reposes anew in deep slumber for a further seven Great Times.

32. "When it will rest again and lie down in slumber, nothing will exist except for Creation itself.

33. "There will be neither creatures nor any other thing.

34. "Only Creation itself will exist during the seven cycles of the seven Great Times, because it will rest and slumber until it awakens again and brings forth new creatures and everything else.

35. "Just as Creation is one within itself, however, so is all life, being and existence one within itself.

36. "It is by the law of Creation that all humans, plants, animals and all life are one in themselves.

37. "A person may believe that everything is two or three, but that is not so, because everything is one.

38. "Whatever people believe to be two or three is actually one, so they should make everything that is two or three into one.

39. "Since the spirit in a person is part of Creation, it is one with Creation; consequently it is not two.

40. "And since the body is a part of the spirit in a different form and matter, it is therefore one with the spirit; consequently it is not two.

41. "The teachings state that there is a unity and not, in any way or form, a duality or trinity.

42. "If it appears to people that there is a duality or trinity, then they are the victims of deception, for they do not think logically but according to human knowledge.

43. "But if they think according to the knowledge of the spirit, they find the logic, which is also in the law.

44. "Only human thinking can be incorrect, not the laws of Creation.

45. "For this reason, it is said that everything emanates from a unity, and a duality seems apparent only because humans, in their limited thinking, cannot grasp the truth.

46. "Since everything is a unity and everything emanates from it, no duality or trinity whatsoever can exist because it would violate the laws of Creation.

47. "Therefore people should make the two or three into one and think and act according to the laws of Creation.

48. "Only in ignorance does a person fabricate a duality or trinity and give offense to the laws of Creation.

49. "When a person aligns everything into this unity, making everything into one, and then says to a mountain, 'Move away,' then it will move away.

50. "When everything is one in Creation, in its laws, in the creatures and in matter, it is without error.

51. "When a wise man says there are always two of everything, he means that they are one within themselves and one together.

52. "It is only two in appearance, because in itself and also together it is always one.

53. "Therefore evil is one in itself because it is also good in itself. Likewise, good is one in itself because it is just as much evil in itself.

54. "Since even when apart they are one and a unity, together they are also one and a unity, for this is the law of Creation.

55. "Thus the result is that there are two parts in appearance, but they are both one in themselves and one when together.

56. "If, therefore, people say there exists also a trinity, then their consciousness has been addled by some cult, falsified teachings or confused thinking.

57. "A unity always consists of two parts, which are one in themselves and are a duality only in appearance.

58. "Since a person is a unity of two parts, the spirit is a unity of two parts, but both are one in themselves and one together.

59. "The body cannot live without the spirit and conversely, because spirit and body are a unity despite their seeming duality.

60. "The spirit, however, lives according to the same law, because in itself it also consists of two parts and is one in each part; thus it is one in itself.

61. "The two parts of the spirit are wisdom and power.

62. "Without wisdom of the spirit, its power cannot be utilized, nor can any wisdom emerge without spiritual power.

63. "Hence, two things are always required that are one within themselves, so there is a oneness within the unity but not a duality.

64. "Thus the law says that a human being is a unity in itself, which consists of two equal parts that form a unity, both within themselves and also together.

65. "And the two equal parts in the human being, each of which constitutes a unity within itself, are the body and the spirit.

66. "So when the scribes teach that a person lives in a trinity, this teaching is erroneous and falsified, because it is not taught in accordance with the laws of Creation."




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