is an asteroid which is supposed to pass about a million miles from Earth on September 29th, 2004.

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(radar image from NASA)

Some intelligent people think Toutatis might hit us, and that would be The End for us.

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Toutatis is about 2.9 miles long and 1.5 miles wide (4.6 by 2.4 kilometers).

(Unauthorised translation)



Excerpts from Existentes Leben im Universum (Existing Life in the Universe), pp. 180-183 Copyright 1978    www.figu.org


According to predictions by the Plejarans, three large space projectiles have been situated for some time in the path of the SOL system and specifically in the path of Earth.  It concerns three large objects which, to this point, are unknown to Earth scientists or are beyond their observations, but which should be discovered or rediscovered around the turn of the 80s-90s.


All three objects should be located outside Pluto's orbit, hence far beyond the planet Pluto.  One of the large bodies measures around 3.2 kilometers in diameter, another 3.5 kilometers, and the third is a "double object." All three objects have an ancient orbit, having returned to the Earth's locale over and over again, and have endangered our planet.  From the period of approximately October to December, 1992, two of the three larger objects will, in only about a 15-hour margin, intersect the orbital path of Earth at a distance of approximately 3.5 million kilometers; a range which is only just 12 times the Earth-Moon distance. Should the Earth be deviated (as it comes to that point in time) just about 15 hours in its orbit around the sun at the appropriate days in 1992, then a collision with the large objects would be unavoidable, inevitably resulting in enormous destruction and deadly climatic changes on the Earth.


Another large space projectile - a comet with the name "Swift Tuttle" - having an approximate diameter of 3.2 kilometers, should come into a collision course with Earth during the years 2125-2128 and threaten the Earth during this time period.  The exact year and month for this event unfortunately have not been mentioned by the Plejarans, yet these figures might be calculated quite well by Earth scientists when they, as predicted, will discover the comets at the start of the 90s.


The third object concerns a small double-planetoid (two objects together), which threatened the Earth several times before and which, in earlier times, had constituted a triple cometary system together with another comet; a phenomenon considered extremely rare in the entire universe.  This phenomenon means that three comets collectively travel in an orbit, beside or behind one another, thereby forming a triplex system.


The first comet of this system was several times larger in diameter measuring 11,300 meters, as declared by the Plejarans, and hurried 1.2 million kilometers ahead of the smaller ones.  It follows that around 66 million years ago, the giant entered into the direct orbit of Earth and plunged down into it, specifically in the still young and shallow Atlantic.   The impact tore a crater around 200 kilometers in diameter and about 1,500 meters deep in the ocean floor.  Through the violent energy of the impact, the comet was vaporized, as well as 120,000 cubic kilometers of water and rock from the ocean and the Earth mantel.  Rock fragments, dust, molten rock, and immense quantities of steam were ejected into the atmosphere, while simultaneously, primeval tidal waves as well as fire and storm waves broke out and the entire Earth shifted over.  The whole planet shuddered, and new and dormant volcanos erupted and produced a veritable inferno. Within only nine months, the Earthly atmosphere was saturated in a world-encompassing form through the gigantic masses of steam and highly ejected dust and soot particles in such a way that a powerful greenhouse effect developed.  The temperature rapidly climbed about 27 degrees Celsius, and again cooled off to about 32 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature prior to the impact of the comet.  The planetary temperature rise and subsequent temperature plunge was not the only aftermath of this catastrophe. The masses of steam and the dust and soot particles, which circulated in the atmosphere, grossly reduced the solar radiation and effected a global, incessant night and darkness lasting 342 years. There arose acid rains that destroyed much on the Earth right up to the buds, stemming from all the filth in the atmosphere.


These spoken of events were the reason the dinosaurs died out on the Earth as well as all animal life that weighed more than 36 Kilos (75 lbs.). Countless microscopic life was also destroyed in the waters and sandbanks, as well as manifold plant life on land and in water. The acidity of the acid rains also destroyed the plankton in the seas and other waters, as well as certain types of rocks and deposits of lime. The food chain of those creatures, that was dependent on the plankton nutritionally, was also destroyed by the death of the plankton and other diverse vegetable life-forms. The same also happened in the animal-world: Many types perished because of the eternal darkness and drop in climate, while others subsequently starved because their food-source, lower animals through which they had nourished themselves, had died.


This, therefore, is the history of the giant comet that had in its trail back then those companions which will emerge regularly again in short intervals from the early 90s on and from which the Earth can be threatened anew, as it was already many times before in the last 66 million years.  It frequently endangered the Earth and shrouded it in its tail haze several times, causing temperature changes which often sustained a long time.  Its speed amounts to about about 150,000 km/h and might enter into the Earth's region around the month of September, 2004, whereby a definite threat will be present that must be taken seriously, because, as the Plejarans state, the likelihood of a collision course exists.  This, however, should not be cause for a global decline in morale as much can change before the year 2004, i.e. the comet can be pushed out of its orbit if, for example, responsible Earthlings focus their efforts in such matters.  A detonation of the comet through nuclear bombs, etc., would be possible, yet maybe the comet will be guided elsewhere, for instance, through the gravitational influence of the larger Sol system planets, and so forth.


As already explained, this approaching planetoid is still unknown by astronomers and other scientists.  It has a very long orbital period and, therefore, a very long frequency cycle and has not yet been registered and recorded in any historical record up to this point.  However, at the end of the 80s or in the beginning of the 90s, it should become discovered, after which it will receive the name of "Toutatis" by Earth people, in all probability, as the Plejarans state.


The danger with which these comets, meteors and planetoids can threaten the Earth does not involve a prediction that must irrevocably come to pass, but a probability calculation of 62%.  Such a probability can naturally receive a higher or lower value through various factors based on what transpires through the course of time, thereby resulting in a rise or fall in the danger of a cometary collision with Earth. Through all kinds of cosmic influences alone, the threat of a collision can be mitigated or completely removed, or the threat can increase or come to fruition. However, this will be confirmed in the following years, from which will emerge how everything develops concerning these comets up to the year 2004, respectively 2125-2128 or even up to 1,000 years later.


(A .jpg scan of the pages of the book from which the above translation was made can be found at the bottom of this page)

(The below is an informative email correspondence which Michael Horn forwarded to us on August 13th, 2004.)

Dear Mr Horn,

I got your email address from the rense web site posting of 4/2/04 where you responded to a sceptical person
named Stephen who tried to downplay Billy Meier's amazing prediction of the name of Toutatis 10 yrs before it was
discovered. I completely agree with you that Meier has demonstrated to more than a legal standard that his predictions are accurate. It is in this regard that I wish to ask you a very important question. I noticed a few days ago on the James Randi web site that he (Randi) claims that Billy Meier has predicted that Toutatis will hit the Earth on or around this Sept when it makes its close approach. Given Meier's accuracy in predicting the name of Toutatis, I think one must give any prediction he makes about the asteroid a great deal of weight. So I must ask you, has Meier actually predicted that Toutatis will hit the Earth on or about this Sept 29th? I have not been able to verify that he has made this prediction and I thought that you would be a very good person to ask. I look forward to your reply.

Pete (surname withheld)



Dear Pete,

Meier said that Toutatis "may threaten the earth" in September of 2004. He also stated that there were several factors which could mitigate against it actually striking the planet, among them an earth-based defense system utilizing missiles, nuclear explosions, etc. or the gravitational pull of the larger planets. Meier NEVER stated that it WOULD hit the planet. (I even have this on my DVD, which was in production last year and released this year.)

However, the Plejaren and Meier have indeed stated that there IS a deep impact scenario coming to the planet, which may now be unavoidable due to our collective lack of creating the aforementioned protective measures. They refer to this as the Red Meteor and have not revealed the date, which they claim to know, but have said that it will strike (if I recall correctly) in the area between the Bering Sea and the Black Sea (I'll have to look this up again to be accurate, my geography may be off).

As for James Randi, he is a pathetic liar and coward. Of course it must be noted that he withdrew his claim that the case is a hoax and that the international professional skeptics' organization, CFI-West, not only failed (after three years) to duplicate even one of Meier's photos or films as they claimed they could do but they publicly refused to have their quaint little photos of model UFOs tested as Meier's were. End of credibility for the skeptics.

Since I referred to Randi as not only a coward but a liar, let me give you a recent example. Within the last couple of months I did a radio show and, following my appearance, Randi was on to rebut my statements (he wouldn't face me on air). I happened to hear the tail end of his comments as I was asked to come back on the show after him. He stated that the analysis of the UFO sound recordings (made in 1980 by Meier and his wife, outdoors, on cassette machines with 15 witnesses present, including an undercover policeman) were not really examined by credible sound experts but only brought to various studios until the investigators could get someone to say they were from unknown sources and irreproducible.

You can find an excerpt from the Sound Analysis document on my site which contradicts that, of course. I have repeatedly offered these impotent bunglers the opportunity to duplicate the sound recordings themselves, with all of the scientifically determined complexities contained within them, but they have - naturally- refused.

When you deal with people such as Randi and the other poseurs, who have been great at character assassination for many years, and put their feet to the fire all they can do is weasel and attempt to distort and distract from the truth of the case.

And, while they failed to duplicate the photographic evidence, and declined to even attempt to duplicate the sounds, they certainly can't explain the abundant, specific, prophetically accurate information that Meier has published for decades. Neither can they explain how Meier's first public coverage of his story and photos of up to 8 of the UFOs at a time date back to 1964, some 40 years ago, facts not only in evidence in the press but confirmed recently by a rather reputable retired UN diplomat...who witnessed the Meier, the UFOs and the extraterrestrial woman as well. Of course how can one compare the credibility of a retired member of the UN to a man whose career is based on illusion, deception and performing parlor tricks?

Add to all this the skeptics being at a loss to account for the fact that, after Meier lost his arm, his physical evidence INCREASED in quantity, quality and variety.

These poor bozos should stick to pulling bunnies out of a hat for kids instead of their clumsy, unsubstantiated and profoundly inept criticisms of what is the most important story in human history.

Best regards,

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

Psychic Vibrations
Toutatis Threatens Totally

Robert Sheaffer

Heads up—the End of the World is coming again! This time it’s the asteroid 4179 Toutatis, which, according to no less an authority than the celebrated Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, is in danger of slamming into Earth on September 29, 2004 (see http://archives.zinester.com/40491/15876.html). According to NASA, Toutatis will make a close approach to Earth on that date, passing within approximately one million miles, which is nothing on a cosmic scale (see http://echo.jpl.nasa.gov/asteroids/ 4179_Toutatis/toutatis.html).

But Meier is in contact with the space people from the Pleiades (he calls them “Plejarans”; I suppose that “Pleiadeans” sounds too unwieldy). And according to Michael Horn, who says he is the officially authorized media representative of Meier in the United States (which so far as I know Meier has never disputed), the Plejarans have warned that when Toutatis is closest to Earth, it will suddenly veer off course and head straight toward us. Horn says that it will require a “pre-emptive nuclear strike” to keep this multi-kilometer-sized asteroid from slamming straight into Earth. Before you dismiss this prophecy as the ravings of a demented man, be forewarned that Meier claims a long list of successful predictions (no doubt selectively culled from a much longer list of unsuccessful ones—Meier reportedly has written thousands of pages of predictions). Horn says that Meier predicted back in 1987 that Islamic fanatics would destroy the World Trade Center in New York. If true, this information will be of great interest to the current Congressional investigation into the September 11 attacks: What did Meier know, and when did he know it?

(Michael Horn replies:)

My, my, the poor skeptics are/were at it again. Since this (above) was just forwarded to me, a couple of comments are in order.

First, Meier said that Toutatis may threaten the Earth in September 2004. May threaten. Nothing was said about it suddenly veering off course, etc. I reported what Meier said on the DVD "The Meier Contacts - The Key TO Our Future Survival", released in February 2004. Please note the difference between what is clearly said on it and what the typically lying and defaming skeptics, such as Mr. Sheaffer, say. Meier is actually one of the earliest, and most unlikely, sources warning of the need for a defense system for incoming objects. Now why, I wonder, didn't Sheaffer mention that?

And let's look at this claim by Sheaffer, "...be forewarned that Meier claims a long list of successful predictions (no doubt selectively culled from a much longer list of unsuccessful ones—Meier reportedly has written thousands of pages of predictions)." Here the pathetically devious and small minded Sheaffer makes an unsubstantiated claim, i.e. he lies, about a "much longer list of unsuccessful ones" despite copyrighted, witnessed, documented proof to the contrary. Since the predictions that Meier has published are already on record, and contained in books and documents owned by many people, perhaps Sheaffer would back up his lie about them being "no doubt selectively culled from a much longer list of unsuccessful ones..." Where is this longer list of unsuccessful ones, what were those unsuccessful ones? Surely we are entitled to see proof from this liar, Sheaffer, who's the only one making unsubstantiated claims here.

But don't hold your breath, this is a tactic characteristic of these liars and defamers, make a claim as if it's a fact and build your faulty towers upon it. Of course, Meier's prophetic accuracy is well substantiated, you can do your own homework on it and find out for yourself. For starters: Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (www.theyfly.com)

As for the great interest that one would only hope the U.S. Congress might have in Meier's information, the U.S. government was offered contact with the Plejaren in 1979 and turned it down. But, more importantly, the information pertaining to future events affecting the U.S. and the rest of the world (some of which are unfolding right in front of us now) is now easily available in the Henoch Prophecies (linked through my site, also available on the DVD and in the new book). It is my hope that the media, the government and the people of this country will indeed take a look at what is foretold for the dead end course we are on and have the collective intelligence, and will, to alter it to a more positive direction, one that assures our future survival instead of our mutual destruction.

So, before you dismiss Sheaffer's distortions as simply the ravings of a demented and bitter man, understand that he is part of a network of "professional skeptics" who have been publicly, soundly defeated and and humiliated by their now well known failure to duplicate even one of Meier's supposedly "easily hoaxed" UFO photos or films. Having accepted the challenge to duplicate (and thereby debunk) Meier's evidence, they then went down to a rather inglorious defeat when, after producing six photos of a little UFO model (it took them three years for this epic accomplishment) they then refused, in front of an international audience (Vaughn Rees of CFI-West on Coast to Coast AM radio show, March 7 - 8), to submit their photos for the same test that Meier's were and which authenticated his.

Also note that James Randi retracted his claim that the Meier case was a hoax, a retraction that he sometimes tries to retract, which further mires (no pun intended, maybe) this charlatan and illusionist in more muck of his own making.

Add to that new confirmation of Meier's prophetically accurate information regarding Jupiter, as well as his entire body of impeccably accurate information, and it's easy to see why the skeptical snake oil salesmen, who try to masquerade as "scientists", resort to further lies and distortions about Meier.

While I'm at it, how's about a bit less cowardice from Mr. Knapp, i.e. might he dare to post both sides of the story, not just the unsubstantiated defamation? Lest one think that I am waiting for such unlikely courage to surface from him in order to bring attention to the Meier contacts, please see my recent list of national/international media appearances (which have been extended) at www.theyfly.com. And let the skeptics take heart, these appearances have given me an even greater opportunity to spread the word of their incompetence, failure, chicanery and deceit to an international audience.

Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

 Sydney Morning Herald

 Asteroid could hit earth

September 25th, 2004

By Deborah Smith, Science Editor

The only thing feared by Asterix and his comic book friends during their adventures in ancient Gaul was that the sky would fall on their heads.

For protection, they regularly called on the Celtic god Toutatis.

So when astronomers in France discovered a mountain-sized asteroid that is a good candidate to one day slam into Earth, they decided to give it the same name.

Next Wednesday, the peanut-shaped Toutatis will whizz by just 1.5 million kilometres away - four times the distance to the moon - and near enough to see with a pair of good binoculars.

"Toutatis is a most appropriate name for an asteroid that comes so close," said Nick Lomb, curator of astronomy at Sydney Observatory. Its visit next week will be the nearest fly-by this century of such a large space rock, at least of those we know about. And it is the closest Toutatis has come in more than 600 years.

Although its eccentric passage through the solar system brings it within Earth's orbit every four years, it has not been this near since 1353 and will not be this close again until at least 2562.

At 4.6 kilometres long and 2.4 kilometres wide, 4179 Toutatis, as it is officially known, would overshadow the CBD of Sydney. "It's about the size of Mount Kosciuszko," Dr Lomb said.

The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and left a 180-kilometre wide crater in Mexico, was about eight times as big.

"So if Toutatis were to hit it might not actually wipe out all life on Earth, but it would probably destroy several continents. It would be extremely catastrophic," he said.

Following its discovery in 1989, scientists were waiting in 1992 to take radar images of the passing asteroid which revealed it has large craters and ridges, presumably from past violent impacts. Rather than spinning smoothly, it slowly tumbles forward, like a badly thrown football. Its orbit is so chaotic the asteroid's position cannot be accurately predicted in the distant future, Dr Lomb said.

For someone standing on Toutatis, Earth would look about the same size next week as the moon looks to people on Earth.

The best night to see it, preferably with a telescope, will be Tuesday, when it will be high in the southern sky and moving about twice the width of a full moon in an hour. On Wednesday night it will be fainter and lower down, near the bright pointer star, Alpha Centauri.

Sydney Observatory will hold viewings of the asteroid on Tuesday night. Bookings are essential.

Sydney Morning Herald

Asteroid to make closest pass in 651 years

September 29th, 2004

An asteroid named for a Celtic god of war will come as close to Earth this week as it has since 1353.

The space rock known as Toutatis will come on Wednesday within 960,000 miles (about 1.5 million km) of Earth, relatively close by cosmic standards, Astronomy Magazine said today.

Toutatis poses no danger to Earth. However, if it did hit our planet, it would create a blast with the energy equivalent to one million tonnes of TNT.

Measuring about three miles by 1.5 miles (4.5km by 2.4km), Toutatis will speed by Earth at 22,000 miles (35,000km) per hour.

This asteroid makes a roughly four-year trip around the sun that swings from just inside Earth's orbit to outside the orbit of Mars. Because both Earth and Toutatis are in continual motion, the distance between them at closest approach every four years varies greatly.

On Wednesday, Toutatis will be 250 times brighter than it was two months ago, but it will still be 16 times dimmer than the faintest stars that can be seen with unaided eyes.

Normally, Toutatis could be spied with binoculars from locations away from city lights, but the brightness of the nearly-full Moon on Wednesday will make the asteroid harder to see.

No observer in or north of such cities as Denver and Pittsburgh in the United States, or Rome or Madrid in Europe or Beijing in Asia will be able to see Toutatis on Wednesday because it will be below the horizon. Those at these northern latitudes might catch a glimpse of Toutatis on Tuesday, before its closest approach.

Observers in the Southern Hemisphere who use six inch (15.24 centimetres) or larger telescopes will be able to follow the asteroid's fast motion across the sky on Wednesday.

It should move at the rate of almost three Moon widths in an hour.

At close approach, Toutatis will be in front of the stars of the southern constellation Centaurus.






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