This page is devoted to the publication of selected personal correspondence regarding the UFO/free energy,etc. cover-up.

Since Vivienne and I joined the Disclosure Project as official representatives in early 2002, we have written many hundreds of letters to various important people. The vast majority of our letters - predictably - have been ignored and dismissed, presumably without examination. Some of our unanswered letters will appear here too.

But we have had a few significant successes.

Many names Australians will recognise, like adventurer / philanthropist Dick Smith, political commentators and media personalities Philip Adams and Richard Neville, and anti-nuclear campaigner and peace activist Helen Caldicott. Many others, for instance journalists and prominent "ufologists", are more obscure, but we'll be including them in the spirit of public enlightenment generally and specifically to expose to the glare of widespread scrutiny those individuals whose dangerously hypocritical inaction is not in keeping with their soothing, or sometimes disinformatively alarming public pronouncements.

"Are there good and bad ETs?"

This is a recent email exchange from my email list.

"The fact of the matter is that all ETs are strictly governed by a set of galactic rules and they have policed themselves to a point that we really have no worry." Jan 22nd, 2003

"I am very familiar with the information on Billy Meier and really do not dispute it." Jan 26th, 2003

Quote from fellow list member and recently retired Intelligence Officer and United States of America Army Master Sergeant John Maynard, who is one of the +500 courageous government deep insiders within the Disclosure Project who has come forward to testify under oath before Congress about what he knows, learned in the course of his long career, about the ET/UFO issue.

MSgt. Maynard was also one of the twenty witnesses who participated in the historic televised May 9th, 2001 Washington Press Club media conference.

Here's our recent email correspondence with SHELL OIL, which clearly demonstrates just what we're up against.
Here's a little email exchange I had with a journalist in Florida who happened to write an article about my twin sister. The timing seems to indicate that my effort may have borne some very valuable fruit.
A December '02 correspondence your website author had with Dr. Richard Boylan, a high-profile advocate for so called extraterrestrial/human hybrids. Hypertext will be added to this correspondence.

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